Peace Like a River

All learning takes practice. For example, we can’t learn to play the flute by carrying one around with us so that we look like a flutist. And, we can’t learn to play the flute simply by reading a book on how to play one. We can learn a lot about the history of the flute from a book—who designed it, how it compares to a trumpet or clarinet, and the names of all the great flute players—And, we can engage in fascinating conversations about what we’ve read. But unless we pick up a flute with the intention of learning how to play it our self, and then practice playing it our self, we’ll simply carry flute facts around in our head, and actually playing the flute may remain something we want do, but we still can’t do because we don’t know how to do it our self. (Read more…)

Are You Sitting on Your Assets?

In this world (where we look so human) it is easy to forget that we are powerful, creative beings able to create the life we want to live…or to create the life we don’t want to live! Sacred texts tell us that life is “done unto us” as we believe. But, it is important for us to remember that “the doing” is self-inflicted. We are free to decide what thoughts we will focus on in our mind, and what emotions we’ll allow to run the conversations, conditions and situations in our life. (Read more…)

Service With a Smile

It is likely that “somehow, somewhere” all of us (if only for a brief moment) have made a deliberate choice to allow Unselfish Love for someone to be alive in us even though we were unaware the Love we were allowing was the Love of God. When we unselfishly love someone—whether it’s a human being, a furry animal being, or a furry human being—we don’t see our interests as apart from theirs because all we are interested in, all we want, is for the one we love to be happy, feel secure, and lack nothing. There isn’t anything we wouldn’t give to that one!

God is a Four-Letter Word

If we don’t give full attention to the moments of our life—if we are distracted by the demands each day seems to make upon us, and if we are busy thinking about what’s just ahead us and don’t take time to enjoy where are—our days can pass by in a blur, with moments that are unnoticed, unappreciated and unexperienced.

Defend or Extend

Because there is only One Power in the Universe in which live, that Power lives in us right now. And, because It is Universally unopposed and always has our happiness Mind, there can be no opposition to our happiness except our own resistance to it. We get to choose whether we will react with fear or respond with love in the world. We have Divine authority within us to decide how we will look at life—What we will see, the meaning we will give it, and what we will create for our self out of that meaning. (Read more…)