Amazing Grace

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

As many of us know, Easter began in ancient times as a pagan celebration honoring Nature’s awakening from the slumber of winter and the beginning of the cycle of renewal. In fact, the word “Easter” comes from the names of the pagan goddesses of spring, dawn and fertility, Ēostre and Ostara. But for many Christians around the world today, Easter holds the heart vibration of several thousand years of religious symbols and rituals based on the significance of the crucifixion of Christ Jesus. Our focus is on the significance of the resurrection

In The Way of the Heart we read, “You already know what crucifixion is all about. You have done it to yourself a million times in ways far worse than a mere nail driven through the hand. Hell is nothing more than the state of being rutted or stuck in the process of crucifying one’s true Self, which God has created out of Love.” It was the powerful effects of the resurrection that made possible the brief visible appearance of the full and total Light of Christ on Earth. The Christ Light was so powerful at that moment that even today It shines so brightly that anyone on Earth that chooses to can more easily find It within themselves. The Christ Light then is the same Christ Light now. It is the One and Only Light that can save us from the confusion of false identification by illuminating our true Self, which God has created out of Love. If we follow that Light within our own mind we, like Jesus, can live on Earth as the Divine Being we’re created to be.

Ernest Holmes wrote in The Science of Mind, “Science of Mind does not deny the divinity of Jesus, but it does affirm the divinity of all people. It does not deny that Jesus was the Son of God, but affirms that all beings are children of God. It does not deny that the Kingdom of God was revealed through Jesus, but affirms that the Kingdom of God is also revealed through you and me.” We’ve been trying to change the world for so long we may have forgotten that all change begins with us; that we see the world not as it is, but as we are. We read in A Course in Miracles, “Spirit is in a state of grace forever. Your reality is only spirit. Therefore you are in a state of grace forever.” What a view of the world it must be from a State of Grace. We transform our view of life by transforming our view of our self, not by trying to make a more acceptable and lovable self, but by loving the Self we already are, the Self that is Christ, the Self that remains forever alive in us beyond all created things—beyond our physical body, and beyond every concept we have about the world and everyone in it.

Easter is the perfect time for us to remember our true identity, to remind our self our reality is only Spirit, and that we are in a State of Grace forever. Easter is the perfect day for us to feel our oneness with the Christ in us, to become more aware of our Inner Spirit or Inner Being, to feel the Pure Source Energy in which we live that lives in us, and to feel the Holy Vibration of Creation that is all that is real and true about us. It doesn’t matter what we call the Holiness that is the Creative Power of Love above, beneath and within all that Is. What matters is that we experience that Presence as our Self. The spiritual teacher, Mooji, said, “The Divine lives inside you. If God is infinite, then surely God must also be in you. God cannot be infinite everywhere else except in you!”

Easter can be an opportunity for us to finally decide to stop defending unloving thoughts, words and actions caused by our being stuck in a human cycle of spiritual self-denial, a denial that gets us nowhere we want to go and attracts to us unwanted experiences over-over again. We may feel bad that we let old habits of thought cause us to be unhappy and unloving, and to live without the grace of forgiveness in our life. But feeling bad won’t help us to feel good. We need to stop beating our self up and start loving our Self up, so we can rise within our self to meet the Divine Love that is loving us already. As we rise in our awareness that we are not only easy to love, but that we are Loved by Love, Itself, we can’t fail to discover that Love lives in us as us. We come to understand that there is enough Love within us to love all God’s children of the world—not just the little ones, but the big ones, the grumpy ones, and the mischief-makers of the world. The Nature of the Spirit within us is to rise and shine in new Self-expression through our increased and expanded awareness that no matter what we’ve done in this Earth life, no matter how confused we’ve been, no matter how many times we’ve denied our ability to change, and no matter how long we’ve been crucifying our true Self, still Amazing Grace falls upon us in this very moment like gentle rain and flows to us from within us like an eternal spring.

Mooji said, “Somehow, out of nowhere, unexpectedly, Grace appears and removes the dirt from your eyes and a thorn from your heart.” Amazing Grace saves us and sets us free from the belief loving us isn’t easy. When we don’t love our self, when we don’t love who we are, there is a thorn in our heart that prevents us from truly loving anyone else. As Jesus walked the Earth he felt Divine Love alive in him. He knew he was the Son God, the thought of Love in form. Because he did, Amazing Grace flowed from him to everyone around him and miraculous healings were natural everywhere he went. He wasn’t fooled into believing that anything other than God and God’s Creation were real. The Grace that flowed through him healed every manner of disease, craziness and lack. There is no evidence that he believed there were diseases, mental problems, lack, or poverty that couldn’t be healed. Right up to very end of his Earth life, the Grace within him allowed Jesus to forgive his enemies—not just those who were disappointed he didn’t come to Earth to be their king, not just those who wanted him dead, but even those who did everything they could to try to make that happen.

He said to everyone, without exception, “Truly truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing and even greater things than these”…because I am going back into the purely non-physical. If we have been waiting for the second coming of Christ in the flesh, we don’t need to wait any longer. Christ is already here “in the flesh” as you and me. That Christ, the Christ within us, is the One we must experience if we want to view the world from a State of Grace. The Grace that healed 2,000 years ago, and continues to heal today through anyone who believes in the Presence of the Pure Positive Source Energy of Christ, is Present within you and me. But we have to believe It to see and we must choose It to use It. In The Way of Transformation we read, “Nothing limits you at all, or at any time. The power of the freedom of choice is the essence of Christ. The very power that you have been using to try to convince yourself of your limitations is exactly the same power that I used to overcome death. There is no difference except a wink of an eye, an intention, a commitment, a recognition. That is all. In reality, nothing is impossible to you and nothing is unavailable to you.”

Are we ready to make it our intention to discover the Christ in us? Are we ready to make a commitment to live as Jesus did when he walked the Earth, free, peaceful and unafraid? Are we ready to own our true identity and let the Light of Christ rise and shine through us? Since nothing is unavailable to us, are ready to claim the unlimited possibilities for healing our self and whatever seems to be sickening our world? Are we ready to stop complaining about what isn’t working in our life and in the world, and let Grace remove the dirt from our eyes and the thorn from our heart so that we can see and feel the loveliness within us and around us? Easter Day is the perfect Day, and any day is the perfect Day, for us to rise in our awareness of our true Self, to decide to awaken from the slumber of a long winter of spiritual self-denial, and to let the Amazing Grace of God flow into our mind and heart, and make new everything we see.

Generosity, Goodwill and God

Though the title of this message is “Generosity, Goodwill and God, there is no “and God” because there is nothing that exists that isn’t God. There is no world and God, no thing in the world and God, no us and God. If there is an “and” next to God at all, it’s “and nothing else.” The God in you is you. The God in me is me. Every time we feel good, we feel God in us. Every time we extend good will toward others, we extend God through us. In the Book of Isaiah we read, “I am the LORD and there is none else; there is no God besides me.”

Our Inner Being—the One Self, the Lord, the Christ in us, the out-flowing Energy of God’s Love—is who we are. But even though God is all there is, without our awareness of who we are, God could not be expressed in the world because no one besides each of us, individually, can express the God in us. No matter what else appears to be, there is no God outside of you and me, and God is Good and so are we. Our spiritual journey on Earth, then, is to become aware of God in us, and expand and extend that awareness in all that we do.

As we all know there is nothing we can do about the weather even while it’s happening except to decide whether it is going to affect our enjoyment of the day or not. As the saying goes, “You can’t judge a day by the weather,” even though we often do. But unless we decide to enjoy any day because we want to, we won’t enjoy it no matter what the weather may be. Happiness, as they say, is an inside job. Like the weather, there are so many potential conditions, situations and events that can affect our joy if we can let them. There are so many happenings that come about in our individual life and in the world that we worry about because we can’t predict what might happen next. Life often seems so random, as if what’s happening is happening out of the blue. Unless we decide we’re going to enjoy our life as it’s happening in the moment it’s happening, we won’t. There is just too much to worry about in this world.

When give our worried attention to a condition or situation, as if our keeping an anxious eye on what might happen, and stressing ahead of time, will somehow keep it from happening, we forfeit the positive energy available to us in the present moment. Our fears, worries and anxieties about a future outcome that we don’t want for our self, a loved one, or the world not only causes us to miss the gift of joy today, but fear, worry and anxiety have the power to affect a future outcome in a negative way. Abraham-Hicks reminds us, “Give your attention to what makes you feel good now, thereby releasing your attention from what makes you feel bad.” Feeling bad today isn’t going to bring about a future we feel good about!

Our life, all life, exists in the present moment. How we experience the present moment, whether we feel good about it or bad about it, affects what we’re attracting next. How we think and feel about our life now is an on-going process of creation for us. Every time we think, the invisible vibration of our thoughts is attracting to us a match to it that will appear in some visible physical condition or situation in our life. As the saying goes, “Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.” If we truly believed that, we’d give up worrying in heartbeat. Most us were taught by well-meaning parents that if you love someone, you worry about them, their health, safety, and success. But when we worry we put whomever we’re worried about in a vulnerable “anything can happen to you” place in our mind, which isn’t helpful for them or good for us!

If we truly understood the power of our imagination, we’d imagine a good outcome every time. We’d imagine only God outcomes for our future, the future those we love, and the future of the world. Since the present moment is the only place we can imagine anything, and the power of our imagination is right here with us, it’s a good idea for us to choose carefully the thoughts we focus on. Rather than worrying about a bad outcome, we can imagine the best outcome and then peacefully await its appearance.

But whether or not we believe our thoughts have the power to create, they still create. Whether we believe it matters how we feel, how we feel matters. How we feel is our spiritual guidance system, our spiritual GPS, our “God Positioning System.” How we’re feeling about what we thinking right now is letting us know whether or not we’re in sync with our Inner Being, the One Self, the Lord, the Christ Energy in us. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling, every single time.” Now is where our power lies because now is where the creative process in our life is taking place. Now is the only time we can change our thinking and change the evidence of our life as we move forward. We can’t change yesterday’s thoughts, even though we’re living the evidence of them today. But we can begin today to change all our tomorrows by choosing the thoughts that cause us to feel good now.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, “When the mind is free of fear, free of guilt, free of anger, and more centered, then it holds the power to heal any ailment.” We can’t remind our self enough that the thoughts we focus on emit a vibration that stimulates the creation of our future. Unless we free our mind, by shifting our focus from bad feeling thoughts to good feeling thoughts, what we’re sending out is headed in a direction we don’t want. And depending upon the momentum of the emotional energy our thoughts carry, their vibration will quickly, or eventually, bring a corresponding condition or situation into our experience. We can’t experience the future until it gets here, even though we’re creating it now. When it gets here the future we’re thinking about now will be the present moment. And it is our attitude now that will attract what we experience then.

“Don’t worry be happy” is sage advice if we are looking for a good outcome to the situations in our life. Our happy thoughts affect our body now, affect our relationships now, affect our resources now, By giving our attention to what makes us feel good now, we feel God now. Despite the evidence before us of what we may have been thinking in the past, our mind, freed from fear and worry, has the power to heal any condition, and create a future of good health, happiness and abundance in all the happy forms and expressions we’re looking for in our life.

Does Your Cork Float?

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Dr. Isaiah Hankel, author of The Science of Intelligent Achievement, wrote: “Complaining doesn’t solve problems, it attracts them. The more you complain, the more problems you have, and the more you infect other people with your problems. Don’t be an infection. Be a cure.” We can either choose to add to the problems in our own life and the problems in the world, or we can choose to be part of the solutions. Every moment we have the opportunity to be part of the fear, or part of the cure, wherever we are.

Since all complaining does is make any situation feel worse than it would feel without our complaining, and attracts more to complain about, it would seem to be a good idea for us to learn how to maintain a more positive way to express our self. Complaining about how life is treating us, or how others are treating us, weighs us down and oppresses our spirit. It keeps us from feeling the joyous free-flowing Energy of being alive in a free-flowing Universe of Love. Rather than having a spring in our step, we walk through our days as if we have weights on our feet. When we let go of our insistence that Divine Intelligence needs our advice about what to do with this world, as well as our demands that others behave as we think they should so we can be relaxed and happy, we lighten our mental and emotional load. We free our self to experience the joyously peaceful God-Waves of Love that are always flowing in the direction of our bliss.

Does your cork float or are you holding your self-expression down with the force of your resistance? Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You can hold a cork under the water, but when you let go of it it’s going to bob back up. And that’s the high level of consciousness. So when you stop practicing the thoughts that hold you away from your buoyancy, you BOP!” We are created to BOP, to live in the Bliss of Positivity! As spiritual beings, even while we are experiencing this condensed version of our self as a human, we are naturally buoyant because for the most part, and the eternal part, we are made of the Pure Positive Energy that created Universe and us within It. That Creative Energy is Light, Itself!

What we see of our self in our human form is like the tip of an iceberg peeking out of an Infinite Sea. In Truth we are created to float like a happy cork on the Unseen God-Waves of Love that fill this Universe, and flow into visibility as our human expression of Love on Earth. Pure Positive Energy courses through our veins, and if unobstructed, It causes us to stay physically healthy, energetic, and filled with high vitality throughout our Earth experience. It courses through our emotions, and if It isn’t suppressed, It causes us to be enthusiastic, wholehearted and passionate in all that we do. It courses through our mind, and if allowed to, It causes us to be curious, fascinated and delighted by our relationship to all life.

There is nothing in the Universe that could or would prevent our buoyant, joyous flotation of self-expression in this world except the negative force of our own resistance to our freedom. Our resistance to letting go, and letting God, pulls us down and can hold us down for the count if we don’t learn to let go and go with the Flow of Love. In The Way of Knowing we read, “This resistance occurs in many ways. It can be the result of not feeling a feeling to its completion, withholding a simple Truth, and more often than not from denying the impulse of the heart.” There’s not one of us that hasn’t felt angry, resentful, insecure, and unworthy. As part of this human experience, we’re intended to feel any and all emotions. Nothing we feel is wrong. Emotions are our Guidance System that lets us know if we’re holding our self back from experiencing our power and freedom, or if we’re going with the Flow of Blissful Positivity.

It’s not feeling a negative emotion that causes resistance to our natural free-flowing Love. It is our not feeling it to its completion. It’s our holding onto a negative emotion and not allowing it to move through us that holds us down, and can make sick, tired and depressed. In The Way of Knowing we read, “Depression can only occur in a mind that has been denying its pathway to joy. Depression, then, is the result of a resistance to the true flow of life through out the body-mind.” Once we feel a feeling that doesn’t feel good (even if it feels justified), and we acknowledge that it is what we’re feeling and it’s okay, that’s the time to let it go! If we do, we’ll experience its completion. It will flow right through us. It was there to guide us, to let us know we had a thought that was contradicting the Love that we are. And, that if we want to feel good, it would be a good idea to spiritually rise to better-feeling thought. Mooji said, “You are human and divine. Your human troubles help you discover your divine nature.”

But so often we continue to remind our self of why we’re feeling angry, resentful, insecure, or unworthy. We want to remember the who-what-when-where-how that brought our negative feelings about. Ever woke up in the morning feeling a little down, or a lot down? And, instead of looking for an uplifting thought, you spent some time trying to figure out why you were feeling weighted down and unhappy? Then when whatever it was from the day before, or weeks, months or years before, came to mind, you thought “Yes, that’s it!” But remembering and justifying a negative emotion doesn’t make it feel any better. If we continue to remind our self of the reason for an unhappy, heavy feeling, rather than feeling it to its completion by giving it a place to end, we’re adding to the resistance within us that keeps us from happily floating on the God-Waves of Love.

If we withhold a simple Truth, as The Way of Knowing put forth, if we don’t speak up for our self and what we desire in life, for example, and instead do what everyone else is doing or what everyone else is telling us to do, or if we deny the simple Truth that we are a powerful spiritual being in charge of own life experiences and choose to blame others instead, we hold down and suppress the powerful being we are created be.

And, finally if we deny an impulse of heart, whether it is a resistance to forgiveness because we’re not ready to let go, resistance to taking a step toward a love relationship for fear of rejection, resistance to leaving a job or relationship we don’t like for fear of losing our only financial source, or whether we let fear cause us to ignore the impulse within us that is calling us to do something new, we hold our self down and suppress our life expression.

If we let go of our focus on what’s wrong in our life, we will experience a bounce upward in our mind and emotions no matter what seems to be limiting our joy and happiness. If we’re willing to let go of our grip on trying to control or fix whatever it is with our inadequate human efforts, we’ll naturally rise from a health condition, a family situation, a work complication, or a financial restriction. Just by letting go of our “fix it” mentality, and trusting that Love is taking care it by taking care of us, we’ll naturally rise into that High Holy Vibration of Love within us that brings peace and a sense of well-being as It resolves all that has appeared to us to be unresolvable in our life.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, “Our faith must be deep-rooted. Once we realize we are blessed, complaints and insecurities disappear.” If our footsteps these day have been feeling heavy as we walk our Earth path, if even the thought of forward movement in some area of our life seems exhausting, the good news is a spring in our step is only a step of faith away. The moment we turn within, eyes turned upward ready for a lift off, we feel lighter. Anticipation of something better, while appreciating our life just as it is right now, lifts us up so that we can experience the blessing of being our self in the world. It uplifts us to that high vibrational place within us where we have no doubt our life is intended to get better and better forever. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You can be fully satisfied with where you are, understanding that you’re eternally evolving. When you get into that place of feeling appreciation of where you are, and of who you are, and you accept that you are a never-ending, always unfolding Being, then you can stand in that delicate balance of being optimistic about what is to come without being unhappy about where you stand.”

Our appreciation of, and focus on, what’s working in our life right now will put a spring in step that automatically causes us to spring forward in life. If we’re willing to let go of practicing the very thoughts that hold us away from our buoyancy, we’ll naturally shoot to the top in our spiritual vibration and BOP! We’ll experience that high level of consciousness, that high level of awareness, that high level of Love that allows us to feel the Bliss of Positivity in our life.

Well, What Did You Expect?

Doesn’t March feel like such a special month? It seems to be filled with hope and the promise of a warm positive change after the cold, dormant winter. It seems to be saying with its windy entry that it is blowing the old away so that new life can come in the Spring. Before March ends, bright green beginnings will be covering everything, and a song of new life will fill the air.

This time of year we’re often inspired do a little Spring cleaning, to get rid of the old and musty so there is more room for new and fresh. The inspiration for Spring cleaning can sometimes be so powerful that it includes not only our house and garden, but our mind as well. Our Spirit is all about the fresh and new. That’s why forgiveness feels so good! The Energy of Spring touches a deep place of resonance within us that pulsates and vibrates with a passion for newness. It is that Place in which our Inner Being resides all the time. It is a Space of Pure Positive Energy that makes all things new, every moment, when we allow it to.

In the Book of Revelation we read, “He who sat on the throne said to me, ‘Behold, I make all things new.’ And He said to me, ‘Write: These words are trustworthy and true.’” Our Inner Being sits on the throne within us emitting a Pure Vibration of Love that is renewed every moment because every moment is new. It is this Self-identification that is trustworthy and true because it is who we truly are. Our Inner Being isn’t limited by the past seasons of our life. It is ready for Springtime, anytime we are, because It exists in a Flow of Love that washes away what was and reveals the freshness of what can be. It breathes within us and beats our heart anew each moment. In The Science of Mind we read, “Know this in your own thought, always expect to see with fresh eyes; have enthusiasm for life’s power to make all things new; and always have a consciousness of love, that is, a radiant feeling flowing through the personality at all times.”

We have to be willing to allow the story we’re writing about our self in our Earth Journal to reflect more than just repetitive history. But, to discover more of the One we are created to be, we must let our self blossom from within with freshness and beauty in ways we haven’t yet experienced as our Self. The Science of Mind goes on to say, “If one doesn’t have a radiant feeling flowing through him at all times, he should work within himself until he does have it, for without it he is diseased in mind.” Which is say, uneasy in mind, dis-eased, un-peaceful, restless, anxious, and fearful in mind. No matter how tired we may feel living what seems to us as the same fearful life day after day, if we quiet our mind and body, we’ll feel the unseen Energy of Hope that springs eternal, no matter what our chronological age and no matter what our life situation has been so far.

Just as no one can write our life story for us, or change that story but us, no one can discover for us that Place of Peace and Renewal at our Center because It is there for us to find. No matter what the past winter has felt like to us, no matter what the last year or last decade has felt like to us, every aspect of our life is filled with potential and possibilities for something new right now.
It is our openness to that Inner Energy of Hope that makes newness possible. It allows us to be in alignment with the vibration of our Spiritual Greatness, and to embrace the opportunities for bright new beginnings that are covering everything, every moment, wherever we are.

If we are willing to allow more of the spiritually new and divinely true to come into our mind, we’ll grow in our awareness of the Awesomeness that desires expression as us. If we are willing to begin to open like a bud, we’ll blossom in no time and attract blessings into our life we haven’t imagined before. We don’t need to make our life beautiful, we just need to open to the Beauty within us and let It bloom in world. Poet, Mark Nepo, wrote: “The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes.” Let us be willing to explore how we can open up from within us and blossom like a flower in our life. Let us be willing to consider how we can make ready the soil of our mind so that as we plant new thoughts seeds of health, happiness, peace, worthiness, and prosperity, they will easily grow and become the beautiful garden we call our life.

Abraham-Hicks tells us “Expectation is a really powerful word. You get what you expect.” A good question to ask our self is “What do I expect in life. What is it I expect to get from life—more of the same only better and better, or more of the same only worse and worse?” If things don’t seem to be going our way where our health, happiness and prosperity are concerned, the question is: “Well what did you expect?” Abraham-Hicks goes on to say “The Universe has to give you what you expect, and always does, but you have to train yourself into positive expectation.”

Our expectations need to be intentionally positive because so often we have negative expectations floating around in our mind that we don’t notice, or even if we do notice we don’t think it matters so we don’t take the needed time to train our mind to think in a more positive way. For example, if we have negative expectations about our health and safety, we may be the one to catch whatever disease is going around or to develop a disease that is in our family DNA. Or we may be the one who is tricked by whatever scam artist is lurking in our phone or on the internet. Then, when we get sick or when we get scammed, we believe it’s proof of the way life must be. As a further example, if we have negative expectations about how life will treat us, and how others will react toward us, it may seem to us that we’re always misunderstood or that things never go our way. Then, as we experience more misunderstandings than harmony in our relationships, and more disappointments than triumphs in our life, we believe it’s proof of the way life must be.

If we don’t train our mind into positive expectation because we believe no matter what our thinking may be, positive or negative, we can’t prevent the haphazard nature of drama, chaos or catastrophe from coming our way, then when drama, chaos or catastrophe comes our way, even though the Universe is simply giving us what we expect (and always will), it will appear to us as proof that life happens to us without our mental involvement. Abraham Hicks tells us, “Don’t try to support a theory for a life you don’t want to live. Always support the feeling and the energy and the emotion for the life you do want to live.” A radiant feeling of love and joy flowing through us because we expect good from life is essential if we want to experience the life we want to live. A depressing feeling of hopelessness surely isn’t going to do it! Abraham-Hicks goes on to say, “You don’t get the good stuff through suffering you get the good stuff through savoring.”

We could say that expectations fall into one of two categories, “boohoo or woo-hoo.” If we expect our life to be filled with pain and sorrow, we’ll continue to suffer until we change our expectations to something better. If we expect our life to be filled with solutions and celebrations, it will be, and we’ll continue to savor our life until the end of time and beyond. Our expectations here and now are the plans we’re making for the rest of our day, and the rest of our life. That’s why it’s essential for us to train our mind into positive expectation

If we’re not as healthy, happy, prosperous, or satisfied with our life as we’d hoped to be today, and if we’re looking for a new experience of our self physically, emotionally and mentally, rather than reviewing our current situation with the retrospective question, “What did I expect?” (because that’s already happened), a better question that can actually bring about change today and tomorrow is, “What do I expect now?” Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem. Expect abundance on every level. Expect to grow spiritually. You are not living by human laws.” We live, move and have our being within Spiritual Laws. We live in a spiritual-vibrational Universe that is governed by the Law of Attraction that brings us what we expect, and always will, because It responds to the vibration of our expectation.

The good news is it doesn’t matter what we’ve expect up until now. It doesn’t matter if even a few minutes ago our mental attitude was a fearful negative one. We are all capable of training our mind, if we want to, into positive expectations that allow the radiant Flow of Love to wash the unwanted away, and to flow through us with life experiences that are new. When our life experiences become healthier, happier, more prosperous, and more fulfilling, we can rest assured it’s not a Cosmic glitch or that we haven’t slipped under the Universal radar. If we are experiencing good in our life it is exactly what we expected!

What Do You Enable?

The month of February has come and gone. Did we notice how it felt coming and going? Did we feel at the end of it any different than we did at the end of January? Do we feel more hopeful, more happy, more at peace right now? Did we utilize the opportunities for spiritual practice that were available to us everyday in those fast past 28 days. Did we practice meditation to relax our mind and open our inner awareness? Did we practice positive contemplation by taking time to reflect upon what’s working in our life that uplifts our spirit and raises our vibration of attraction? Did we practice setting a happy intention for our day before it even begins?

Andy Warhol said, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” A good question to ask our self is: “Have I been waiting for time to change me, or am I making changes for myself, positive mental changes in my attitude towards my self and life that are improving how I experience life?” If we changed only one word in our mental vocabulary, if we changed fear to Love, and then focused our thoughts, words and actions upon Love’s expression, we would enable the healing power of Pure Positive God Energy to flow into all areas of our life. We would experience noticeable changes in the joy-level of our participation in life, whether we stay home or venture out into world.

Changing what we focus on in our mind, from thoughts of fear to thoughts of Love, enables more joyous feelings to arise in us that change the way we experience our self in life wherever we are and whatever we’re doing. We feel positive within us even before we see any physical manifestation of change around us. We feel an Inner change even before we experience a physical healing in our body, even before a relationship becomes more harmonious, and even before the thing we desire becomes a thing in our physical life that we can touch and hold.

It’s been said that when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. Abraham Hicks put it this way, “I like knowing that as I look for the best things around me where I am, those things become more prevalent in my experience. It is fun to know that things are always working out for me, and as I watch for the evidence of that, I see more evidence of that every day.” For example, if we decided to change the way we look at our body, to love it as it is and care for it because we appreciate having it, that change of mind would likely become more evident in the energy and well-being we feel as we go about our day. If we decided to change the way we look at our “lovability” and to feel good about our self wherever we are, that change of mind would likely become more evident in happier, and more pleasurable encounters with others. If we decided to change the way we look at our worthiness, by forgiving our self and others for whatever, that change of mind would enable us to see more opportunities to express our self in positive and satisfying ways.

We read in The Science of Mind, “Man’s individuality enables him to make such use of the Law as he desires. He is bound not by limitation, but by a limited thought. The same power which binds him will free him.” In other words, change your thinking, change your life. Allowing our self more freedom and less limitation in our mind enables us to express our self with more freedom and less limitation as we move through life. When we experience more of what is beautiful within us, we are able to see more of what is beautiful around us and attract more and more of it into our life. Wherever we are, if we choose to, we can create a positive enabling vibrational atmosphere that causes the things we look at, and attract, to change for the better.

Spiritual teacher, Alan Watts, said “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” In these past 28 days did we decide to take the plunge and get out on the dance floor of life (if only in our mind) and have fun consciously moving and grooving with the rhythm of change? Or did we choose to remain a mental wallflower? Either way, with our every thought we were still attracting our life experiences.

So often we’re told not to be an enabler. But that is in reference to our participation in, and encouragement of, the negative thinking or behavior of someone else. We are all enablers when it comes to our own individual experience of life. The definition of “enable” is to make able; to give power, means or ability to: to encourage or support. Whatever we decide to focus on in our mind and speak about in our conversations with others, whether it is positive or negative, loving or fearful, we give power to that. Through the vibration of our thoughts, we give whatever it is the means through which to enter our life in form, expression and experience.

Nothing comes into our life uninvited by us or without our consent. It is our mental encouragement and vibrational support that allows whatever comes our way to come our way. Through the vibration of the thoughts we give power to by focusing on them, we tell the Universe, “Bring it.” What do we enable? What are we intentionally, or inadvertently, asking to experience? We read in The Way of the Heart, “Never, ever believe that your thoughts are neutral. Events are neutral, but your thoughts are not. For your thoughts literally are imbued with the power of creation. They do not create neutrally. That is, every thought reverberates a quality of vibration that spreads out from you, touches the shores of manifest reality, and comes back to you. That is what you experience as the positive and negative events of your life.”

There is no such thing a dormant thought or idle conversation. We can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought in own mind or through our enabling the negativity of someone else. Every thought has a vibration. Once we think it and believe it, once we support it in someone else, we give it creative power. When we do, it’s on its way, and like a boomerang, through the Law of Attraction, it will not fail to come back to us in some form as a perfect match to the quality of the vibration we sent out. What we put out mentally and vibrationally, we’re inviting back into our life in physical form and expression. As consenting adults, what is it we’re consenting to as our life experiences? What we enable, give power to, and support through our mental focus will continue to show up in our life unless we give power and support to another focus. We are creating what’s coming next in our physical experience with the thoughts we are thinking right now. In this very moment we are enabling what will appear in physical form at some point in our life unless we change our mind.

What appears to be unchanged in our life has nothing to do with the neutrality of our thoughts. It is our enabling the same thoughts to entice our focus again and again. That can be a good thing if we’re enticed by thoughts that cause us to feel good. It’s a good thing when our thoughts reverberate a positive vibration that spreads out from us, touches the shores of manifest reality, and come back to us. But how will we know what it is we’re sending out that’s going to come back to us if we’re not paying attention to our thinking?

We live in a Universe of God-Energy, a Pure Positive Stream of Life that is always on the move. Because we’re fully immersed in that Stream, we’re moving with It whether we want to or not, and whether we feel the movement or not. If our life seems to be going nowhere, we’re not paying attention to where we’re sending it! Nothing in our future will happen out of the blue, but it will happen out of oblivion, out of our inattention to the focus of our mind and the nature of our thoughts.

The ancient Chinese mystic Lao Tzu said, “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” We won’t know if we need to change direction if we’re not aware of where we’re heading, if we’re not paying attention to the nature of our thoughts and noticing what our thoughts have created so far. Unless we look around us to see where we are, unless we care enough to take the time to notice what’s become prevalent in our experience and what we’ve enabled that we don’t want, and unless we change our mind and give power and means to what we do want by focusing on that, we’ll remain oblivious to the evidence of an unwanted direction and continue to attract more of the unwanted in our life every day.

In The Way of the Heart we read, “Here is the doorway of wisdom. Do not create unconsciously and then just walk away. But learn ceaselessly from your creation. For in this way you begin the process of dissolving the creation of an unenlightened being and you begin to build the creation of a Christ—here and now, this moment.” Here and now, in this very moment, we can choose to enable the power of Christ in us to create through us as us. We can enable the good we want to flow to us from the ever-moving, ever-lasting, God-Stream of Life. Let us choose to pay attention to the direction we’re heading, so that if it doesn’t look like Heaven ahead, we can make a mental U-turn!