Now and Forever

Our world today seems to be dreaming up some pretty scary nightmares. Yet, because Life is ever-expanding, our world (in its contrasting ways) is expanding, too. So at the very same time some beings are expressing more violently as they look at a world of dreams and see only nightmares, many more beings are looking within and awakening to a deeper inner peace, and experiencing more loving encounters and greater coexistence than ever before. (Read more…)

Steady as She Goes

Often during a storm at sea, the command of a ship’s captain to his helmsman is “steady as she goes,” which is to say, “stay the course.” A Course in Miracles tells us that “Faithfulness doesn’t deviate.” In other words, “faithfulness” stays the course no matter what challenges may arise in our life. Our spiritual compass is set in the direction of the Christ within us, and if we consciously move deeper and deeper within we become aware of the Power that lives within us, and creates through us, the life we desire to experience here on Earth. We are the helmsman of our Individual life journey. It’s up to us to stay the course. Nothing—no condition, situation, or challenge—can take us off course unless we let it. It’s been said “Our faith can move mountains. Our doubt can create them.” (Read more…)

The Hungry Ghost

The weird, but wonderful life cycle of the Monarch butterfly offers us a wonderful “ego lesson.” When the caterpillar breaks out of its egg, the first thing it does is turn around and eat its egg. It’s apparently not going back, at least not the way it came! Then the caterpillar eats all the leaves in sight in order to have enough energy for the long journey ahead. It eats and eats and eats until its one hundred times bigger than when it came. When it’s ready it pushes against its outer skin by wiggling its inner body underneath until the outer skin splits. Then the caterpillar sheds that skin and actually digests that part of its former self while building up its inner new self. The goal of the caterpillar isn’t to live its life as fat caterpillar, but to get what it needs from its outer environment to prepare itself for a whole new experience of itself in the world. (Read more…)

A Disappearing Act

While we’re waiting for a “particular good” to appear in our life, it’s important for us to take time to appreciate and feel gratitude for all the good already present around us—to feel gratitude for the courtesy of a driver, to appreciate a smile from a stranger, to be thankful for a warm place to be on a cold night, feel the joy of a hot shower or warm bubble bath, to acknowledge the calm beat of own heart. (Read more…)

Stuck in Story

Did you know that the dictionary defines Patience as “a willingness to suppress restlessness and annoyance when confronted with delay”? In other words, if we don’t freak out when we don’t get what we want when want it, if instead we hold back expressing the restlessness and annoyance we feel, according to Merriam-Webster we are being patient! (Read more…)