It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day

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As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are individually independent and free to live as we choose to live in this world—in the harmlessness, love, joy, and peace that creates a life we enjoy living. We can choose to be independent of the need to please those around us, especially when that pleasing doesn’t feel good to us or true about us. And, we can choose to be free from asking others to change in order for us to feel better. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “About other people’s opinions about what you should be doing and your belief that you should somehow be pleasing them, it’s impossible to please them, even if it’s just one of them. You can’t unravel your life. You can’t become less than you are. There’s no moving back from what life has caused you to become.”

Everything in this world changes every day. But sometimes changes in the world, and in us, are so subtle they’re hardly noticeable unless we’re paying close attention. But we would have had to be living with our eyes closed, ears plugged, and humming not to have noticed the drastic changes that have taken place in every way in the past year and a half. Even though some things may appear the same in the world, or in us, there is no going back to “the way it was” for the world, or the way we were in it, no longer is. The ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus of Ephesus wrote, “No man ever steps in the same river twice for its not the same river and he’s not the same man.” Life flows. We can’t step into the same world today as we did yesterday for it’s not the same world and we’re not the same human being stepping into it. For better or worse we are forever changed by the intense human condition the world has been manifesting for almost two years. And what comes next, for better or worse, is up to us.

There is no going back to normal, whatever that was or how comfortable it may have felt, because like a river, life doesn’t move backwards. Life is ever-expanding and becoming new as It expands, and we are part of that expansion. But it’s up to you and me to let that newness be what we see in our self and others, to let the innocence of a new day, like a new born baby that’s never been before, heal our hindsight of what was and allow our vision to become clear with new, unlimited possibilities of what can be now. The past has no power to bring itself up. It’s life depends on us and how we remember it. We can let unhappy memories of yesterday make our heart bitter and contracted today, or we can let happy memories expand the joy we feel now. Living as a spiritual being is living in the freedom of here and now. It’s choosing who we want to be, and how we want to live this day no matter who we’ve been or how we’ve lived until today.We can’t change what happened yesterday, but we can change yesterday’s thoughts today. In fact, it’s the only place we can make that change. And, if we do, we’ll create something beautifully new for today and for all our tomorrows.

Everyday is a new dawn in which to create life in new way. Spiritual independence is allowing our self to tell a new story about our self. And, spiritual freedom is allowing others to do the same. So often we miss the new moment by expecting someone to behave in the same old way, and expecting them to bring out the same old reaction in us. And, sure enough they live up to our expectation, just like they always do! Do we brace for the unwanted experiences in our life even before they happen or do we embrace what we want by allowing our heart and mind to stay clear and open to newness? When we keep thinking the same thoughts over and over again, things appear to be the same over and over again, even though it is we who are bringing the old into a new moment that’s never been and letting the old cover up the new.

What if newness is God’s gift to us every day and we’re throwing it away on yesterday’s thoughts? When we hold others, or our self, in a non-changing perception in our mind, newness is impossible to see. Our old expectations make things foggy even on the clearest day. Spiritual freshness is a gift each day, but we can’t experience that freshness while we’re following the old rules others have made for us, or while we’re expecting others to follow the ones we’ve made for them. Spiritual freedom is following what feels true, good and pleasing to us in the moments of our life, and letting others do the same. When we do, through the Law of Attraction we discover that what feels good to us brings good to us. When spirituality becomes our reality we find we’re able to more freely express our self as the Love we are without placing conditions on our expression of Love. A Course in Miracles tells us that love is the absence of judgment.

Loving without conditions doesn’t mean we need to feel warm and fuzzy about everyone we encounter. It simply means that we need to stop judging them! Love is the highest vibration of freedom. The absence of judgment keeps our view clear of the residue of resistance. Without judgment, Love flows like a clear, sparkling river that reflects the sun. When we love without judgment, it brings clarity to our mind because our mind isn’t cluttered with shoulds and shouldn’ts about our self and others. It brings a feeling of well-being because we’re free of the mental and emotional conflict of deciding who we should love and why, and who we should condemn and why.

There are probably as many rules of human conduct as there are religions that seek to impose them on their followers, and to use them to condemn anyone who doesn’t follow the rules. It’s been said , “Religion is belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience. Spirituality does not come from religion. It comes from our soul.”  Rules are about controlling others or being controlled by others Spirituality is about mastering our self. To feel free to live from our soul, we must trust that the Universe in which we live wants us to be happy. Otherwise we won’t even ask for what we want, much less expect to get it.

When we’re guarded and self-protective we live in the fear we’re not worthy enough to be Sourced by Love with all we need to live the life we want to live. Sri Sri Rave Shankar said, “Know that there is a supreme power who loves you, is behind you, and accepts you totally. Feeling secure comes with this sense of belongingness.” Unlike social security, Spiritual Security is priceless, endless freedom. We qualify for it at any age, and it goes a whole lot farther in sourcing and supporting a life we enjoy. The good news is that we can’t out live it. In fact, it increases the more we feel It and live from It.

We’re created to become more and more of the Love we already are. We might as well start today. In fact, now is always perfect time! The more we sense our belongingness to a Universe of Love, the more we want to express that Love for our self and others, and the more we discover we have to give. What if we choose this day to see our self and others as if we’ve been reborn just this morning? What if we’re willing to awaken us to a greater appreciation of being our self and being with others as we truly are. When we feel excited about being our self, we feel our oneness with a Universe that loves us, is behind us, and accepts us totally no matter what we do. There is no greater independence or freedom than that!

The Mystery of the Creator

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Father’s Day is a wonderful time for us to celebrate the one who was willing to walk the uncharted territory of being our father in this world. It probably wasn’t as easy as he made it look either. In fact, sometimes it may have felt to him like a position above his pay grade because while a mother is expected to “feel” stuff and never explain why she feels what she feels, a father is expected to “know” stuff and often to explain what he knows and why he knows it, especially to the mother!

Yet, what expresses the ideal of fatherhood more than a dad who is able to present both worldly knowledge and unerring guidance (the proverbial “fatherly advice”) to his children. It has to be difficult to get it right every time, or even very often, so it’s likely that every dad, in his attempt to live up to that fatherly ideal, decided on more than one occasion that sometimes you have to fake it, and hope that what you’ve said will be helpful to your child anyway.

However, as we’ve all likely experienced, faking it even with good intentions doesn’t always bring about the result we’d hoped for, though often we believe it’s all we’ve got to work with. It’s not just dads that look for wisdom to guide decision-making. In a world that presents so many contrasting choices, we all want to know how we can choose wisely so that we can bring about the results we want. Fortunately we all have a Wise Inner Guide that is in constant conversation with the Father of all Wisdom. Our Inner Being is full and running over with Fatherly guidance, and if we’re willing to quiet our mind and listen, our choices become more clear.

The term, Father, in its broadest sense means “to originate, to be the creator, founder, or author of.” Is it any wonder that Jesus Christ called God “Abba” (Father). In The Way of the Heart we read, “Always remember that the Father looked upon His only creation and said, ‘Behold, it is very good.’ That goodness has a name. It is yours and, behold, it is very good. For Christ is the sons and daughters of God.” There is only One Creation and It is us. We are, collectively, One. We “is” the One Offspring of One Divine Father. And like Father like son, like Father like daughter, we create, too, even though at times what we make doesn’t look so good!

Even if we can’t figure out how it could be so that we’re the creator of our own experiences of Life, our spiritual awakening begins with our acceptance that It Is So. We read in The Way of Knowing, “When I say that you were born to create, that you were created to create, I mean that being made in the Creator’s image, your only function is to serve as a conduit through which the unfathomable mystery and beauty of Love can be expressed in ways that can be seen in this world.”

We all carry within us, as our inheritance from our Father, the very same holy, nonphysical, spiritual, vibrational lineage of pure love and goodness. We are beautiful siblings of One Pleased Father Who is happy with the diversity of our individual creations within the One Holy Family we share. We are here in this human experience to make the Mystery of the Immeasurable Unknown Source of Life known through our demonstration of Life. We’re here to see what we can be, and to let others see us being that.

It is what do through our individual choices the makes all the difference in what we see and experience in the One Life we share. We can only demonstrate as much joy, love, peace, clarity of mind, emotional well being, and manifested abundance as we become aware of by getting to know the Father within us. No one can say, in words, what God is. But, we do say what God is to us through the thoughts we focus on, and through our words and actions in the world.

No matter how much we talk about Love, It remains unknown to us until we feel It within us because Love isn’t an idea to think about, It is an experience to feel. We may take Love personally, and feel It for our family and a few of our friends, but until we feel Its Unconditional Nature we’re not able to express the depth and breadth of Love’s beauty in our life. The Mystery of Love becomes known through us as It becomes known within us. Love isn’t lip service, It’s service from the Heart. The Way of Knowing tells us, “An artist can do that with brush, a singer with a song, a writer with a word, a gardener with a garden, a friend with a smile.”

When we talk about a spiritual journey to find God, we’re not talking about looking in books or traveling to sacred places around the world where God might be hiding. Right where we are is already sacred because we are the One who is created to allow the boundless, immeasurable, eternal Mystery and beauty of Love to express in ways that can be seen in this world. A spiritual journey is an Inner journey of awareness that allows us become aware of our Oneness with the Unseen Originator of us, so that Holy Presence becomes known to us as who we are. Only then can we demonstrate that knowing in the world.

We’ll never know all there is to know about the unfathomable Mystery and beauty of Love that fills the Universe. But we can look within us and express more and more of what we find there in ways that can be seen. We read in the Lamsa Bible, in the Book of 1 John, “My beloved, now we are the sons of God. And, as yet, it has not been revealed what we shall be: but we know that when He shall appear, we shall be in His likeness for we shall see Him as He is.” Our Father’s Love is everywhere life is, in every dimension of existence, including this three-dimensional world. It Sources all life with whatever is required to live in happiness. But we have to let the Love within us be known to us before we can let our Father’s Love express through us in ways that can be seen in this 3-D world.

In the Aramaic Bible, in the Book of John, we read that when one of his disciples asked Jesus to show God to him and the rest of the disciples, Jesus said: “How can you say ‘Show us the Father?’ He who has seen Me has seen the Father. Do you not believe that I am in my Father and my Father in me?” It’s a good question for us to ask the one we see everyday looking at us in the mirror. Like father, like son. Like father, like daughter. Our Inner Being, the One we really are, is in perfect resonance with the Father, and there is no mistaking the resemblance

We are made in the Creator’s image. Our only purpose in being in these human forms is to provide a place through which the beauty of Love can be expressed in ways that can be seen. We read in The Way of the Heart, “You will never leave this plane, filled with conflict and suffering as it seems to be, until you have lived the experience of walking this Earth wholly as the thought of Love in form, with no other allegiances, but to Love.” When our only allegiance is to Love, when expressing that Love becomes the conscious intention of our Life no matter what conflicts and suffering appear in our life, we will begin to see a Holy Family resemblance in everyone around us because we will see one another through our Father’s Eyes. And as we do, we will make known through us our Father’s pleasure in His Children.

Let It Be

Someone said the other day: “I love waking up to the smell of the Universe conspiring on my behalf.” Life is good when we let it be. We’re here to enjoy it and bring our joy to it. We’re not here to be confused and miserable, or to do what we don’t want to do until we die or we’re old enough to retire. Our life theme song doesn’t need to be “Poor Poor Pitiful Me.” It can be “Alleluia.”We live in a Universe that loves us and all that is required of us is to allow It to; to let it heal us and reveal to us all that is good, beautiful and true within us and the world around us.

But, we must “let it be good” before we experience the good in our life in form. We must let the good times roll before they roll! It’s been said, “You can spend a lifetime trying to be One with the Great Spirit, or simply focus on Love and realize You already Are.” The Pure Energy of Love that flows throughout the Universe in which we live, lives in each of us because there is nothing else alive in the Universe, or in us, but Love. Our purpose at The Life Enrichment Center is not to teach anyone how to be a spiritual being. Our focus is on the spiritual practices that allow us to experience our self as the spiritual being we already are.

When we’re not experiencing the Love that we are, when we’re not feeling Love for our self or someone else, life is hard. It’s a struggle to try to be who we’re not. There isn’t going an accumulation of heavenly points for struggling on Earth that we’ll receive later on, after we gone. All we get for all our struggles here is more struggle. Our struggling and efforting keeps us from feeling our Oneness with the Great Spirit of Love and from experiencing the Power of Love that would easily bring to us beautiful experiences of Love in form and expression. Struggle causes us to lack motivation and interest in life because it wears us out. We feel sick and tired, and tired and sick, because we’re not letting Love, and the Joy, Gratitude and Ease that arise from It, to fill us with the Energy of own true nature. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Any struggle you ever feel is because you’re out of resonance with who you really are.”

We’re not going to become a spiritual being through our human efforts, or by learning about spiritual practices. We’re spiritual beings right now even while we’re clothed in these physical bodies. But what learning can do is teach us how to stop struggling, and fighting against our self and life. What spiritual practice can do is help us to stop resisting our magnificence so that we can live in resonance and vibration with who we really are. That alignment allows the powerful creative energy that is already within us to heal our body and relationships, to bring clarity to our mind, peace to our emotions, and joy to everything we do.

Through our positive vibrations we call to us a life we enjoy living every day, a life that brings us happily-ever-after moment-to-moment. When we’re in resonance with the spiritual being we really are, we don’t just experience relief from our struggles once in while, when things don’t seem so bad—when there’s not quite as much pain in our body, or there seems to be a tentative truce in some relationship, or we managed to make ends meet. Relief isn’t only on rare occasions when our attention is momentarily drawn away from our self-induced unhappiness to something beautiful and precious that distracts us. We experience a life we enjoy being alive in every day.

If we’re not feeling the Love we are, it’s because we’re not letting Love Be Love in us. We’re letting something else be there instead, judgements of our self, others and life that make Love seem absent. We are spiritually free, right now, to think thoughts of love that cause us to feel It present within us. We’re free to create and experience whatever we want to create and experience. So why don’t we? Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You are here to create the world around you that you choose while you allow the world as others choose it to be to exist also.” And therein lies the rub! We’ve got to mind our own spiritual business of creating through our focus on Love a world that we love to live in.

So often we let our opinions, judgments and fears of what others are creating keep us from paying attention to own creations, as if what we create depends on the behaviors of others. What gets in the way of our being a Master of our life, at the helm rather than somewhere below deck seasick, is our resistance to letting life happen around us while we focus on where we want go and the joy of the journey. We fight against things around us because we’re convinced they should be different than they are, or rather different than they appear to us to be, so that we can be happier than we are. We stick our nose into someone else’s business, and our focused frustration on changing what is not ours to change keeps us from changing the only thing we can, our point of view. We cannot know, because it isn’t ours to know, what anyone else is thinking or what they’re truly asking for in life. But if all suffering is a call for Love, then what we can do is Love, and there is no judgment or a need to control in Love.

Eckhart Tolle wrote, “Accept, then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” So often we think we know what others should be doing, our family members and just about everyone else. We want others to behave according to our view of what’s right and appropriate so that we can feel better. When we try to convince someone else they are wrong and we are right, or we want someone to understand why we said what we said or why we did what we did, we prolong experiences that are conflicting. We perpetuate feelings we don’t want, and out of those feelings we attract more conflict.

When we fight against a situation, rather than letting it be better, a disagreement often leads to an argument that didn’t need to be. A mistake by us we refuse let be often leads to defensiveness and embarrassment that didn’t need to be. A mistake by someone else we refuse to let be often leads to frustration and anger that didn’t need to be. Whatever happened yesterday, or five minutes ago, if we can let it be, any negative emotion we feel will dissipate. No one but us needs to change for us to be happy. Whatever any moment contains, in Truth, we have chosen it, or rather we’ve chosen to see it the way we’re seeing it. And, we are free to see it differently.

We become a Master of our life by letting go of our need to change or control the world around us so that we can feel better. We can only feel better by choosing to feel better, by finding a thought that feels better to think and focusing on it. We don’t need to fight for our good, we just need to stop fighting against it. We let good be, and allow it entrance into life, by letting good thoughts make a home in our mind. A good thought isn’t dependent upon anything but our choice to think it.

We let our self be the Love we really are when we let go of our need for anything outside of us to change before we choose Love. In this way we allow the Power within us to create for us, out of our very own thoughts, the world we choose to experience around us. As we decide to live as the spiritual one we already are, and practice our power of choice, we find being happy is easy or easier. We free our self from being a victim of conditions and situations. We’re no longer interested in joining in the conflicts and dramas around us. We become a lover, not a fighter. We live in alignment with the Power of Pure Positive Energy and we embody who we really are even in our human form.

Our resonance with Pure Positive Energy naturally brings to us as much health and well-being, as many loving and harmonious relationships, and as much abundant good as we let flow into our experience. Matt Kahn wrote, “As I accept that I am worthy of my highest fulfillment and of my highest abundance, of my highest health, wellness and joy, my highest ecstasy, bliss and integration, my highest consciousness and partnerships, my highest love and highest potential, I bring that to life to show me how miraculous, powerful and infinite I am.” How miraculous, how powerful, how infinite are we willing to let our self be? How happy are we willing to give our self permission to be in this Earth life? How much freedom to be fully alive are we willing to allow our self to experience?

It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been estranged from our relationship with the God of Love, we didn’t leave home without Love because we’ve never left our home in the Heart of God. We live in a Universe of Love that loves us, and we are free to let Love be Love in us!

Are You a Spiritual Lollygagger?

Image by Merio from Pixabay

June is such a wonderful month with its graduations and weddings celebrating the next step many are taking in their life. Graduates stepping forward with new knowledge to share as they interact with the world, and newlyweds stepping forward with the hopefulness and trust in love that comes with joining in union with another. And, of course, June always brings us to the mid-point of each year. Right now we are midway through 2021. January of this year didn’t seem to hold much promise for a positive next step for the world, and for a while we may have all been wondering if and when we’d be free again. With all the fearful confusion and conflict in our country, alone, as the year began, it didn’t seem to foretell the positive changes that are taking place right now as we’re suddenly experiencing increased freedom to interact with one another.

In fact, even at the beginning of last month, the changes that are unfolding so rapidly now seemed to be much farther away than they apparently were. That is one of the characteristics of change. It can happen in an instant, or it can often seem to take more time than we have patience for. When change takes time, it’s important for us to decide to keep a happy attitude while we’re waiting, keeping in mind that our mental and emotional anticipation that something good is on way creates the vibrational path for its physical arrival. If we lose hope before what we want comes about, discouragement and resignation often find a welcome mat at the door of our mind, and can become a habit of thought that becomes a way of looking at life. Pessimism is a mental repellent that emits a toxic energy that prevents our good from coming into our life.

Though it may be true that the only constant is change, it’s easy for us to forget that’s true when things appear to be going nowhere in our life. Perhaps our health hasn’t improved, that situation is still unresolved, that relationship is still disturbing, or we’re still have problems making ends meet. If physical change seems slow in coming it’s because it must happen first invisibly within us before it can appear in physical form in our life. It’s been said that we must learn to trust in the greater good that is being fulfilled in the midst of every change. Whatever change we’re looking for in any area of our physical world, it’s important for us to constantly remind our self that our greater good is being fulfilled in the invisible spiritual-vibrational energy within us. As we change the focus of our thinking in positive ways, we’re allowing visible positive change to occur for us.

We postpone any healing when we insist upon thinking about and talking about the pain of a problem. Whether it’s pain in our body, pain in a relationship, or pain anywhere in our life, the more we focus on the pain through our thoughts, words and actions, the more painful our pain becomes. What we focus on feels real to us. What we feel in any moment is our experience of life. We can’t separate what we’re thinking about Life from the life we’re living. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling, every single time.” Happy anticipation of healing is an affirmation. Complaining it hasn’t happened yet is an affirmation too. A positive affirmative shift in our thinking allows positive change entry into our physical world. When stop focusing on a problem, and start anticipating a solution, we make room in our mind for the acceptance of something new that creates space for something new to come into view.

As the saying goes “Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it,” which is, of course, because we can’t. All we can do is adjust our attitude. The same can be said about our problems. Many of us talk about our problems, but few of us do anything about them, even though we can by adjusting our attitude. If we’re not happy with something in our life, we can decide to simply be happy we’re alive to be experiencing life at all, and then start building happy momentum from there so that we become a happy match to something better. Our life is going to change, one way or another, because nothing in this world stays the same. How it changes is up to us and our creative point of view, i.e., the attitude we’re look from and what we looking for. It’s been said that change is inevitable, but growth is optional. If things change in our life before we do what we need to do spiritually, which is to say, mentally and vibrationally, to grow within us into the changes we want around us, our life may change in ways we don’t want.

The word, “Lollygag,” means to spend time idly or to loaf. Are you a spiritual lollygagger or are you consciously and intentionally living a spiritual life? Living spiritually isn’t about keeping our nose to a religious grindstone. We don’t need to spend hours reading a stack of sacred texts unless it brings us joy to do it! Living spiritually is about living powerfully. It’s about extending the love that we are, living in the joy that is ours, and choosing the peace that is Present within us no matter what is going on around us. How often do we waste moments of love through our judgments, as if we have no choice but to be disturbed and offended by others? How often do we waste moments of joy by complaining about problems, as if we’re powerless to do anything about them? How often do we waste moments of peace by joining in the drama around us?

The belief we’re humans searching for a spiritual connection causes us to put off living as the spiritual being we already are. It causes us to be powerless in a life in which we’ve been created by God to be a Master. To believe life happens to us without our participation and direction (whether our participation and direction is intentional or not) is like running into a stationary object barefoot, banging toe, and then blaming the stationary object for running into us!  We can swear at it, but it had nothing to do with our experience of running into it, or the pain we felt when we did. In the same way, even though others we meet may be not be stationary, no one else is responsible for our experience of them or the pain we may feel from any encounter.

To practice being spiritual is to live with the awareness that our life happens through us, and that we create our experiences through the thoughts we choose to focus on in our mind. To practice being spiritual is to know, without a doubt, that no matter what may come our way we have the spiritual power to move through it any way we choose. In A Course of Love we read, “It is about moment-to-moment knowing exactly who you are, and acting out of that loving identity. It is about knowing that, as you do so, you are in accord with and enjoying the full cooperation of the entire universe.” We live in a spiritual-vibrational Universe of Pure Positive Energy that responds to us, and would arrange for every good thing to come to us if we’d simply mentally and vibrationally cooperate with our good! We must become a cooperative component in the life we desire to live.

To ignore the Powerful Truth of who we are, and base our self-perception on separation from the very Source of our life, is to live at the mercy of the world. And we all know that this world can often appear to be merciless, uncaring and unkind. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “The more connected to Source you become, the more STABLE you are, and the more able you are to roll with things, and what others are doing or thinking or feeling becomes a non-issue.” Our attitude may be self-adjusting, but it isn’t automatic. It doesn’t adjust itself! An attitude is nothing more than a habit of thought, and no one can break a habit for us. Just as drinking can be a habit, so can “stinking thinking.”

Are we ready to break the habit of blame and take responsibility for our life? If we’re not ready now to make the positive changes in our mind and attitude that will bring about positive changes in our life, then what’s it going to take for us to get a round to it? What are we waiting for our life to show us before we get motivated and dedicated to living our life based on the powerful spiritual Truth of who we are so that we can create a life we enjoy living?

When we decide to focus on good-feeling thoughts, the energy of thoughts that don’t feel good dissipates. We feel better about life in general. And, when we feel better about life we don’t feel like thinking about and talking about what’s wrong with our life or the world around us. When we’re anticipating positive change, even if a physical situation hasn’t seemed to budge an inch, the positive energy we emit takes on so much vibrational speed and momentum that physical change, when it comes, can seem instantaneous, even miraculous. Henry David Thoreau, “All change is a miracle to contemplate; but it is a miracle which is taking place every instant.”

We’re about to graduate, to take the next step forward into a world that, even if it may look the same to us as it did before the pandemic, will never be the same as it was and neither will we. There is no going back to normal (whatever that was) because life doesn’t move backwards even though sometimes we may wish it would go back to a time when we felt happier and healthier. But we’re not spiritually designed to become less today than we were yesterday. Becoming less is a choice, not a Divine life sentence. We’re created to become more and more of who we already are, the Self of God in form and expression on Earth, forever One with a Universe of Love that loves us.

Bernard Berenson wrote, “A complete life may be one ending in so full an identification with the One Self that there is no self left to die.” Are we ready to be fully alive before we die? If we are, then we need to choose to start living as the powerful spiritual being we are already. Then we can start calling to us a life so filled with joy that when we leave this world, we’ll leave with peace in our mind, love in our heart, and a smile on our face.

Be Still and Know

What a welcoming feeling to feel safe around each other again. With so many worldly restrictions lifted, maybe now we can bless and release whatever it has taken for us to awaken to a greater appreciation for each other. In some ways, this Memorial Day is a lot like the first Memorial Day celebrated after the Civil War because it seems as if the smoke is clearing on at least some of our human battlefields. It may not be blowing away all at once so that we’re experiencing a global renaissance of Unconditional Love for each other, but it’s happening in so many heart spaces—a Love Fest here and a Love Fest there until, as one-by-one we become aware of how precious we are to each other.

If we’re not feeling the Love, yet, because we’re so used to feeling the battle, Memorial Day is the perfect day for us to remember we were birthed together like stardust bursting from One Infinite Light, and that even now we’re alive together in a Universe of Love that is loving us still. Whether our conflicts this past year, or in many years past, have seemed to be with others or our self, we are free now to let the smoke clear from our mental battlefield. We can choose to put down our weapons of what’s right and what’s wrong about our self, others, and the world, and end the conflict in our mind. And, if we do, just like that, without our doing one thing more, the fog of fear in our thinking, the clouds of gloom in our emotions, and the murkiness of self-preservation in our actions will begin to clear. The Light that birthed us will begin to shine more brightly through us and into the world. If we are willing to give up everything that would stand in the way of our remembering who we are and why we’re here, the Love that we are will become crystal clear.

We are as spiritual right now as we’ll ever be, we just need to know it. We’re capable right now of creating good things in our life and in the world, we just need to choose to think in positive ways. If we truly knew, without a doubt, that our thoughts have the power to create our life experiences, we would know how essential it is for us to watch what we’re thinking. We’d understand how very important it is for us to observe our thoughts as we’re thinking them so that we can notice when a thought feels good and when it doesn’t. It would be clear to us that a good feeling thought creates a good-feeling experience, and a not-so-good-feeling thought creates a not-so-good-feeling experience.

In the Book of Psalms we read, “Be still and know that I am God.” It may seem to us that there is so much going on in our mind that when we try to be still so that we can truly know what is there to know, our mind just seems to get noisier. There is so much we think about that doesn’t feel good to think about but we do it anyway—words and actions we regret, words and actions of others we don’t like, conditions in our body we’re afraid of, situations “out there” we want changed. How can we focus on what we want when so much of what we don’t want is having such a loud conversation in our mind, and occupying so much mental space that we can’t seem to find a quiet zone to commune with our Inner Self. Yet, it is the most important thing we can do. But, if we believe we can live without God because we’re separate from God, we won’t look for, much less find, that place within us that is God and realize God lives in us. We may want to believe that God is all there is, but unless we know that’s true, we’re unable to consciously use our Spiritual Power in a positive way to create a life that is a joy to live, that comes with that knowing.

There is no getting away from our creative power because it lives in us. There is just deciding what we’ll create with it. In The Way of Knowing we read, “There is only God and you are That. God extends creation without ceasing. You will, therefore, always continue to exist as the One who creates experience. This is why there is only one question worth asking: What do I truly want?” Do we know what we truly want, or are we so used to thinking about, and talking about, what we don’t want that we’ve lost sight of what is possible for us to create as experience in our life? If we want good health even if we’re not experiencing it now, if we want happy, loving relationships even if we don’t have them now, and if we want more satisfying accomplishments and greater abundance, we need to think about those things, and talk about those things, and feel the joy of those things, so that our creative energy is emitting a vibration that matches those things.

We’ve all heard the saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” but the Truth is we must believe it before we see it. If we keep arguing for human limitation and separation, we can’t experience the power of our spiritual liberation. Remembering who we are doesn’t need to be difficult. It isn’t about what we don’t know. It’s about what we’ve always known, but have forgotten. Remembering won’t cause us to suddenly become more spiritual than we are in this moment, but it will cause to be more aware of the powerful spiritual being we’ve always been and to use our spiritual power more effectively in our life.

Mooji said, “Who reminds you to breathe and to beat your heart? Something is there, taking care.” If we’re here, alive on Earth, that Something is here too, within the within of us, causing us to be able to live this outer experience of life as we choose. That Something lives in our Soul as the Eternal Awareness of who we truly are, and It won’t forget! It is always there no matter what our outer circumstances may be. It keeps us breathing and our heart beating even while we’re busy beating our self up with thoughts of unworthiness. It is there, taking care, even while we’re raising our fists and voices at each other.

When that Something within us feels real to us and we experience the Power of Its Presence alive in us, we have no doubt that we can experience anything we choose to in our life. We know that we know, and like a balloon that has been blown up, no matter how many times we may let the air out of our life, there is no going back to a shape we’ve expanded beyond. We lose our fear of outer circumstances because we know as we change the vibration of our thoughts, we can change any experience for the better. We live in calm confidence that whatever we want to experience—vitality, clarity, balance, happiness, fulfillment, love, financial abundance—is up for grabs within us. And, all we need to do is rise to meet it so that we can touch it with our mind and call it into our experience..

We can only experience what we expect to experience, and what we expect to experience has everything to do with who we believe we are and what we believe our relationship to God is about. If we pray for something good but we don’t expect to receive it because there’s a whole lot of unwanted crowding our mind, we’ll be right! We won’t receive it, but not because Life isn’t always giving to us what ask for, and not because that Something isn’t there always taking care to answer every prayer, but because our experiences can only come to us through the vibration of our expectation. We need to look towards our good, and for our good, with happy anticipation of receiving it. We can’t stand in the Grace of Answered Prayer if we don’t open the door to Its Presence.

We could say, “Knock-knock. Who’s there? Who do? Who do who? Who do you expect to be there?” If we want to know what we’ve been expecting in our life so far, if we want to know what we’ve believed is true up until now, all we need to do is look at the expectations that have already come through the door of our mind and into forms, expressions, and conditions of our life. If every time we open it, what’s behind door number 2 hasn’t been what we wanted, but what we expected because things in our life always seem to happen that way, hen it’s time for us to open a different door and welcome the Presence of what we want into our life.

We don’t need to figure it all out, we don’t need to know everything there is to know about Life, and we don’t need to read another sacred text in order to remember that there is only God and we are That. But, we do need to focus our thoughts, and choose the words, and feel the joy that supports what we want to experience. Living as the powerful spiritual-vibrational creator of our life experience doesn’t need to be difficult because we are already that. We just need to be still and know that.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “This is the most important thing for you to know. And as you hear these things, these very few things, you’ll be all set. There is a physical world, you live in it and you can see it, that is an extension of a nonphysical world. The nonphysical world is the basis of the physical world and it is all good. Teach yourself, in whatever way you can, to be based first in the nonphysical world.” Pure Positive Energy is the basis of our life. It is vital that we think as a spiritual being first before we make a decision or try to figure anything out in this world. God is all there is and we are That because our life is an extension of God and It’s all good!

How will we know that we truly know who we are? How will we know that we’re not just whistling in the dark, repeating affirmations we don’t believe, and keeping our fingers crossed we might actually experience what we want in our life? Abraham-Hicks tells us how we’ll know: “You’re happy. You’re balanced. You have vitality. You are coordinated. You have clarity. You have humor. You have interest in life. You feel love. You want more. You feel eager. You feel ready. And, you are willing and you are able of accomplishing anything that comes to you. Let that be what you show yourself first, and once you’ve tuned in to these emotions that feel like that, then move around your world.”

We give the Pure Positive Energy of Creation direction through us by asking for what we want and then living in joyous expectation as we wait for it to appear to us. We send our good on a wild goose chase when we focus on what we don’t want, and we know when we’re focusing on the unwanted because we don’t feel good physically and emotionally. When our vibration of expectation matches what we want, when we feel good about our life because we feel good about all Life, we’re right up there with the high Energy and Vibration that allows our good to enter our life.