Every Second is a Second Chance

How does March seem to you so far? Did you know that we’re already 1,641,600 seconds into it, and that every second has been a chance to decide what you want to think, and how you want to feel in each moment? Whether March, so far, has seemed more like madness than sanity, and you haven’t taken advantage yet of the million+ chances it’s offered to you to change your thinking and change your experience of it, March is still marching on, minute-by-minute and all the seconds within them. It’s never too late for you to decide to move along with it in a happier way.

If up until this very moment you haven’t been having the time of your life because you’ve forgotten that your life experiences are only as good as you allow them to be, you can start remembering that right now, this very second, and allow more good to flow into your experiences, not only this month, but in the times to come. Eckhart Tolle wrote, “The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment. You create a good future by creating a good present.”

Every present moment is another chance to choose again, to choose a better thought, a more positive thought. We’re never stuck in a bad situation, just a bad mindset. It’s been said, though it’s up to each of us to prove it for our self through experience, that you can rise up from anything. You can completely recreate yourself. Nothing is permanent. You’re not stuck. You have choices.

Have you ever felt like you’d blown it in some situation with someone, and felt stuck in regret? That’s when it’s important for us to remind our self that even though every second is a second chance, time doesn’t go backwards. We can’t rewind, and redo, the past so there’s no point in giving our Energy to it. But we can create better future experiences by creating a good present.

If we feel stuck and we don’t make the mental-emotional changes that will “unstick” us, we’ll attract even more to regret. That’s the way the Law of Attraction works. The good news is we can decide to withdraw our attention from whatever isn’t pleasing to us and doesn’t feel good to us, and put our attention on something that is pleasing and does feel good to. If we do it again and again until we feel pleased within, through the Law of Attraction pleasing things will begin to come our way because we’ve eliminated our negative attraction factor from our vibration.

We have a chance this very second to think of a new, positive thought to focus on. We can practice a new response now that creates a new habit that becomes much more a part of who we are than our old reactive habits ever were. Every second is a second chance to make that decision and practice it. If we want to create a happy future, we don’t have a second to waste being unhappy.

We all love movies where there are scenes in which the actors seem to deliver their lines and convey emotions perfectly and effortlessly. But we know that, more often than not, the finished scene we’re looking at required take-after-take-after-take to get it just right. That’s why the director has a movie prop that allows him or her to say “cut.” Life is a lot like a movie in which we’re the main character. But we also write our own dialogue and direct as well. As the director of our life story, if we’re not happy with our performance, and our interaction with others in a particular moment, we are free to say, “Cut! Let me try that again. I know I can do better.” In this way we can stop the moment of a negative situation while it’s still in its infancy.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “The purpose of your life is Joy. Your objective is to seek joy. Your objective is to find appreciation or pleasure or a positive thought from wherever you stand, no matter how you got there, and when you align with that Energy, you are fulfilling your purpose.” Since it is natural for us to feel good, if we decide not to seek higher ground when we’re feeling low and contracted with emotion, which is to say, if we don’t choose to look for appreciation or pleasure or a positive thought that uplifts us, we’ll feel worse and worse as time goes on. In fact, every second will count.

Sometimes we may think that if we push hard enough against something unwanted—something that makes us feel frustrated, impatient, grumpy, or angry—that it will go away. (“I don’t like this one bit, and I’ll keep saying I don’t like it until it goes away!”) But anything we give our attention to, positive or negative, becomes more and more. Because the Law of Attraction is taking action, the harder we push against what we don’t want in any moment, the more that negative vibration is activated in us about whatever it is, and the less likely it is to get better. The negative vibration we’ve activated in us will attract more and more for us to feel negative about until we decide to create a good present.

A frustrated, impatient, grumpy, or angry mindset will always seek out a way to express itself, and in this world such a mood is never disappointed. There is plenty to look at, if we’re looking for it, and to feel negative emotions about as we focus on it. But even if we feel justified in “snapping” at someone or being rude to them, it never makes us feel better, or makes the situation better. The only thing that will, because it’s the only thing that can, is for us to answer the Call of Joy within us.

That doesn’t mean we’ll immediately jump for joy, but our being able to answer that Call at all begins with a peaceful mind and calm emotions. It’s up to us to seek a positive thought that allows us to rise until we feel like saying “yes” to happiness. Every moment is a chance for us to think a thought that feels better or to respond in a different way that feels better. When we’re willing to let go of a moment ago (or a month ago, or a year ago, or a lifetime ago) it’s like saying, “Cut, I don’t want the way that felt to be included in the story I’m telling now.”

Good actors don’t sit around moping on the set, feeling bad about past performances. They know that every take is a chance for them to do better. No matter how long we’ve been thinking negative thoughts, and feeling their bummer effects in our emotions, the joyful purpose of our life has never changed. Every second is a second chance to align our self with our true nature and feel the amazing Energy of our Divine purpose.

When we find a way to focus on a positive thought in our mind, no matter what’s going on in a particular situation, that good feeling inside us overflows into how we experience that which appears to be outside of us. Ramana Maharshi said, “Whatever you see on the outside is your own reflection. Your mind is creating all of it.” And every second is a second chance for us to create a better reflection of our self, others and life.


All Things Being Equal

As we’ve talked about before, and we’ll talk about some more, our experience of life throughout our Earth days, and all the moments that fill them, is up to us. No matter what the weather, and no matter what other events may come our way, we get to decide how we’ll think about whatever is going on, and how we want to feel about whatever it may be.

If it were always Spring, if there was no “this weather and that weather,” we’d have no contrast to inspire our preferences. This world is full of contrast for a reason. Nineteenth Century poet, Anne Bradstreet, wrote: “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” If every environment and culture around the world was the same, if everyone in our neighborhood was just like us, there would be no visible distinctions for us to see, and no diversity to for us to choose a thought or feeling about. And, we wouldn’t realize we are thinking and choosing beings.

But we are, and we know we it, and it’s important for us to keep in mind the power our thinking and choosing has in our life and experience of the world. As we make a choice about anything, and we notice the external results of our choice in our life, we become aware we’ve been created with the Power to create our own individual life experiences, or our own version of Reality as the physical forms and expressions we see. That’s Power!

Our life is spiritual first, fueled by creative spiritual Energy. That’s why it is important for us to connect the dots between our choices and our experiences, why it is essential for us to notice that what we think and focus on in our mind takes form in some way, if only as a feeling, and affects our experience of our self and the world. If we don’t notice the relationship between thought and experience we’ll mistakenly believe we are a victim of circumstances. It will seem that life happens to us, often chaotically, and that events outside of us hold power to have an affect on us without our agreement.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “The only freedom that exists in all the universe, and it is everything, is in the knowledge that we create our own reality and that we can feel the way we choose to feel.” We’ve all been created equally to express our self in this Earth life in our own individual way. We’ve been given Self-Direction through our freedom of choice, and opportunities for self-correction through the external life experiences our choices create. We read in The Science of Mind, “Self-choice would have no real meaning unless it were backed by the power to externalize this choice and experience the effect of it.”

All of us, not just a chosen few, have been given self-choice, with the power to externalize our choices and experience the effect of them as our life. No one has been left out. To paraphrase a portion of the United States Declaration of Independence: Spiritually we hold this Truth within us that must become self-evident to us, that all beings have been created equal, and endowed by our Creator with unlimited and unalienable rights, among these are individual life expression and absolute freedom to pursue happiness through self-choice.

We’ve all heard the expression “all things being equal,” and maybe even used it our self when declaring our preference between things that appear to have the same traits. A simple example might be two sofas that are the same size, shape, fabric, quality, and price, and only differ in color. All things being equal I might prefer the green one. If there were only green sofas everywhere, there would be no opportunity for me to make a choice.

The physical world is like a rainbow, and the beauty of it is that all colors are distinctive but equal. In A Course of Love we read, “We exist in the embrace of love like the layers of light that form a rainbow, indivisible and curved inward upon each other.” Our preferences and choices don’t separate us. They add to the diversity, curiosity and multiformity of individual expression within the One Inseparable, Indivisible Life we share.

There are no bad colors or good colors. There are just colors for us to choose from and create with individually. All colors being equal, someone might prefer a purple sofa. Preferences and choices are personal and individual. Conflict, anger, self-righteousness, and a desire to control those around us stem from the misunderstanding that our own preferences and choices are gospel, the only ones that have value for everyone. We might not openly argue with someone who prefers a purple sofa, but we might quietly hold an opinion about their taste.

But an opinion is just an opinion. It’s only when we place value on our opinion over the opinion of someone else that problems arise. We read in The Way of the Heart, “The result of many, many minds choosing to value the right to judge is the effect you call your world, in which everything seems to be expressing conflict, struggle, butting of heads, and the Armageddon of opposite ideas running into each other. Listen well and carefully: All events are neutral. You are the one that places the value upon it.”

Beneath this visible world of appearances of “this and that,” one Power backs every unalienable right to choose. The Law of Attraction that brings choices into manifestation never says, “Whoa, you sure you want to see that in action?” The Universe doesn’t judge us or have an opinion about our choices. It simply gives us what we’ve asked for through the vibration of our thinking. Even if our focus has been on what we don’t want, we get to experience the effect of that focus.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “The true Secret of the Law of Attraction is not ‘how to learn to attract what you prefer,’ it’s how to learn to let go of what you don’t, so that you can let in what is trying to get to you automatically.” Another secret is for us to mind our own business, to mind our own mind and stop focusing on what others are thinking, choosing, and doing. There are many, many minds choosing to focus on either what they want or what they don’t want and calling experience to them.

We all experience Life differently, a little differently or a lot differently, even when we believe we are seeing and experiencing Life in exactly the same way. Everything that appears in this world of physical form is the externalization of a thought. But a thought in form is just a thought in form until meaning and value is given to it by us. If we believe our physical eyes can tell us all we need to know in any moment, if we believe that they can tell us what is spiritually true, and we draw conclusions and create interpretations of events based on what our physical eyes show us (and then we insist that our view is the only right one), we’re simply adding to the “conflict, struggle, butting of heads, and the Armageddon of opposite ideas running into each other” in this world.

When we ignore the Spiritual Truth that all beings have been given self-choice, and that everyone of us is  endowed by our Creator with unlimited, unalienable rights, then we might seek to limit the absolute freedom to pursue happiness individually that belongs to someone else. And, when we do, we lose our own individual happiness because conflict won’t make us happy. That’s why A Course in Miracles asks, “Would you rather be right or happy?”

We don’t know what anyone else came into this world to learn. Our only responsibility is to discover why we’re here. A good question to ask our self might be: “If all events are neutral until I declare what they mean to me, what do I choose to give value to in this world?” We are never so right that everyone should agree with us. We’re only as right as our agreement with our Inner Being causes us to be, and our Inner Being gives value to all life.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You have a core vibrational frequency. It is purely uniquely you. It’s a beacon. It’s like a lighthouse. It shines. It radiates purely that signature frequency of your unique being. It never stops radiating that light, that frequency, that energy, never.” Learning to trust beyond what we see isn’t always easy. But, it is much more powerful and rewarding than believing there is nothing more to Life than physical forms. Where there is no fight, there can be only Peace. Where there is no judgment, there can be only Love. And when there is acceptance of equal freedom for all, there can be only Joy.

We’re not here in this Earth Life full of contrast as a penalty. We’re here because we are blessed as living creative beings. We get to use this human experience to expand and extend our individual expression of the Love that created us; to become a greater and greater individual expression of that Love. The life around us is our BEING, all of it, because it is the life we are individually seeing and giving meaning and value to. All things being equal we can choose to value only to Love, Peace, Joy, and abundant good, and let the radiance of the pure signature frequency of our unique being light up the world!


It’s My Party!

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

Thank God we can’t judge anything by the weather but the weather! It feels good to know that how we experience our day, each day, depends on how we choose to experience it, no matter what the weather. However there is a Chinese Proverb that might help us to put the whole weather thing in perspective: “Better the chill blast of winter than the hot breath of a pursuing elephant.” Almost all the time that’s going to be true! If we get the urge to complain about the weather, we can keep that proverb in mind. Compared to “the hot breath of a pursuing elephant,” any weather is going to be okay with us—Blizzard? No problem! In fact, that proverb could be a rule of thumb no matter what we’re tempted to complain about. We can ask our self, “Is this worse than the hot breath of pursuing elephant!” Most of time the answer is going to be “no”!

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “The only freedom that exists in all the universe, and it is everything, is in the knowledge that you create your own reality and that you can feel the way you choose to feel.” We could say that when it comes to our experiences in this Earth Life, we are the party planner—the decorations, music, and invitations. Even if some things, or a lot of things, haven’t seemed to go as planned in our life so far, if we can remember that we create own reality and it’s our party until “lights out,” we’ll realize that we’re free to change our mood (and tell Alexa to change the music), and get our Earth party going just the way we like it right now. We might want to ask our self, “Do I want to be a happy party planner or an unhappy party pooper?”

The lyrics to the chorus of the 60’s song, “Its My Party,” sung by Leslie Gore, went like this: “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…you would cry too if it happened to you.” We’ve all had events in our life that seemed to happen to us that felt bad, sad and unfair. There’s no right or wrong reaction to those happenings. It’s natural to cry if we want to. In fact, it’s a good idea to cry if we feel like crying because it can be healing. But at some point we’ll need to change our mood if we want to attract happy experiences, once again, into our life. If we spend our time pointing out why we should continue to cry because of what happened to us, if we make a sad song the background music for our life, we won’t create a party that anyone wants to come to, including our self. Our sad emotions are like a “vibrational soup” that runs through us, and around us, and remains with us until we’re healed.

I briefly worked with a young woman years ago. Colleen was such a positive person that I enjoyed talking with her whenever we got the chance. One day as we were having lunch together, she pulled a black and white photo out of her wallet and showed it to me. It was the picture of a beautiful little girl who looked to be about 5-years-old. She was playing outside, smiling, and sitting on a tire hung from a tree. Colleen said, “That’s my little sister. She died when I was 10-years-old. It was the worst time of my life. I didn’t think I’d ever stop crying. Over the years I’ve used that pain as a benchmark when other sad events have come my way—a break up with a boyfriend, losing a job, or some other awful, unexpected thing. I always ask myself, ‘Does this feel as bad as when my little sister died?’ And, the answer is always ‘no.’ That question, and that answer, have helped me to stop crying over a lot of things and to get on with being happy in my life.”

Eckhart Tolle wrote, “Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.” It’s our party. We can cry if we want to, for as long as we choose to. But since we create our own reality out of our mood and attitude, there comes a time when we need to let go. Even if we feel justified in continuing to feel sad, and even if everyone agrees they would continue to cry too if it happened to them, since our life multiplies according to the emotional direction we’re heading, it’s important for us to decide whether we want to increase our sadness or increase our gladness. It’s our party to plan!

The Scottish essayist and philosopher, Thomas Carlyle, wrote: “Every day that is born into the world comes like a burst of music and rings the whole day through. And, you make of it a dance, a dirge, or a life march, as you will.” What do we will to make of this day that has already burst forth like music? What party do we want to plan now? Will we allow happy music to play in the background for the rest of our day, and set a mood that makes us want to play and dance? The nonphysical Flow of Pure Positive Energy that has created us is hard to resist. Maybe that’s why we feel so tired when we do. If we’re struggling against Life’s Holy Currents, it is impossible for us to make any headway in our self-discovery of the joy, peace, love, and abundant good that awaits our true Self.

We read in The Science of Mind, “Each one of us is today the result of what has gone before, either consciously or unconsciously, no matter what kind of a condition we may be in. When we realize that what we now have, and what we’re now experiencing, is the result of what we have thought, we realize that the answer to what we shall be is contained in what we now are, for we can change our thinking.” No matter what has happened in the past, even if we’ve been wearing black as a symbol of grief our whole life, we can change our thinking. We can decide to put on our party clothes and change the mood of the music anytime.

Joy is already given to us by the Source of our creation. It’s a party gift that we get to share with others. The answer to planning a party that’s more fun than the one we planned yesterday is to choose how we want to feel now. Rumi wrote, “We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” A chance to party in physical form to the music of our nonphysical soul, in concert with the whole Universe, isn’t a party gift to pass up!

We are free, right now, to throw the party of a lifetime. When we focus on thoughts that uplift us because we want to feel uplifted, when we feel inspired just being alive, we know it’s going to be a great party because the plans are contained in what we are and how we feel now. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “If you can trust that all you want is alive and well and waiting for you, and that the entire Universe is working to bring you into alignment with it, then your joy can start today.”


Find the Feeling Place

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

At the Life Enrichment Center every Sunday, no matter what the talk title may be, our focus is on Love—because Love is what we are, even when we’re not feeling loving; because Love is all there is to be, even when we’ve taken on a temporary unloving identity; and, because Loves all there is (period) here, there and everywhere, no matter what appears to be.

We read in The Way of Knowing, “Reality is the Love, which is God. It is the Creator’s Will to extend Love. You were created out of the Will of the Creator and, therefore, your will to express Love is the Will of God. They are one and the same.” Every time we feel Love, every time we express Love, every time we’re willing to choose Love above every other choice, we are expressing the Will of God in us! It’s there, or else we would not have a will to express Love at all, no matter how big or small that Love feels within us.

Despite appearances that make us look separate from God and each other, despite appearances that cause us to feel the way we feel about our self and others, there is not one of us that doesn’t want to feel Love and express It in some way. When we feel Love, or any of the feelings that Love gives birth to—compassion, kindness, patience, tenderness, understanding, unselfishness, and generosity—we feel good, and when we don’t, we don’t! When we express Love freely we feel peaceful, happy and filled with a sense of well-being, and when we don’t, we don’t! Even if our head tells us that we have good reason not to feel Love or express It in any moment, and even if we agree with our head and feel justified withholding Love, we’re in conflict with our heart that beats in Holy Rhythm with the Will of God, and that conflict never feels good!

You would think that the Will to Love would be so powerful within us that it would be impossible for us to be unwilling to love everything and everyone; that our head could never get in the way of that. But when an unloving thought comes to mind, and we give that thought the time of day by evaluating it, and deciding whether or not it has merit, our focus and attention gives that unloving thought creative power to manifest in form and expression in our life. And as it does, as it manifests as unloving forms of experience, the more convinced we are that we have good reason not to be willing to Love.

The power we give any thought is our power, and that power is the Power of God in us. They are one and the same. We don’t have personal power, but we are so free that we can use that Power in any way we decide to, including to block our awareness of the Love that we are. We read in The Science of Mind, “Talk, live, act, believe, and know that you are a center in the One. All the Power there is; all the Presence there is; all the Love there is; all the Peace there is; all the Good there is and the Only God that is, is Omnipresent; consequently the Infinite is in and through man, and is in and through everything.” We don’t have the power to change Love because God is Love. We don’t have the power to prevent Love’s Presence from being everywhere all the time. But we do have the power to choose whether or not that Presence is expressed as us.

When we try to manipulate Love by trying to convince others to behave in a certain way so they’d be easier for us to love, when we try to behave in a certain way that doesn’t feel authentic to us because we think it might make it easier for someone else to love us, when we limit our willingness to Love to a set of ideas as to what Love should look like, and to rules that determine when and how It should show up and how others ought respond, we’re trying to make Love happen with our head, and that is not the place where Love originates.

Emerson wrote, “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” What lies inside of us is that feeling Place where our will is one with the Will of our Creator, the Place where the Will to Love lives as us. When we live from that Place we are guided by Love. We know exactly how to express It. There’s no judgment or fear no matter who or what is before us.

No matter what we’ve been thinking in our head about Love, no matter what we think next about anything, that feeling Place in us won’t change or disappear. Thoughts change, emotions change, but Love isn’t a thought or an emotion. Love is Reality, and Love is what we are eternally. Thoughts come and go, thoughts can be quieted, thoughts can be revised and replaced. But that doesn’t make what we think unimportant because what we focus on and think about creates the vibrations that create our life experiences. Emotions come and go depending on what we’re thinking about because we feel the vibration of our thoughts. Still, how we feel is important because as Abraham-Hicks reminds us, “How you feel indicates your point of attraction.”

If we’re feeling good emotionally, then what we’re thinking is attracting something good. But if our thinking is in conflict with the Will of Love in us, we’re not going to feel good emotionally or attract anything good into our experience. Our thoughts cause a vibration we can feel emotionally. The good news is since our thoughts can be changed, we can change our thinking and change how we feel.

But sometimes we can have an unpleasant feeling without knowing what we’ve been thinking because we haven’t been paying attention to our thoughts. We’ve been on mental auto-pilot. Our thoughts can become so habitual that, just like any other habit we don’t notice we’re doing, we don’t notice the thinking that is causing us not to feel good emotionally. Ever try tracking down a thought because you suddenly felt emotionally uncomfortable and you wondered why? Then, when you tracked it down and felt a little better (“oh that’s why”), you left it there rather then deciding to change that thought about whatever it was? It’s easy for us to believe that how we’re feeling has nothing to do with what we’re creating. But that thought that didn’t feel good will go on creating experiences that don’t feel good until we change that thought to one that feels better.

Last summer a friend embarked upon what appeared to be a huge undertaking and it’s still ongoing today. The project has a whole lot of moving parts, and it seems that those parts all move to the beat of different drums. Some are moving more slowly than she’d like them to, and some are not as steady as she’d prefer them to be. It appears to those who are observing the situation that she has plenty of justifiable reasons be impatient and frustrated. But she’s remained amazingly calm. The other day I told her how inspired I was by her patience. She responded, “Every day, and sometimes several times a day, I get to choose between being patient or not, and feeling good or not. I like feeling good in my life. There’s far more to my life than this project.”

How often do we give some project, or some person, or some event power to cause us to feel bad, and then blame whoever or whatever for how we’re feeling when feeling good or bad is always up to us. Every moment we’re given the opportunity to choose how we want to feel, no matter what’s going on in our life or the world. It’s not pie in the sky thinking, it’s not fantasy or magical thinking, and it’s definitely not a lack of caring. It’s knowing the importance of caring how we feel; it’s understanding how the Laws of the Universe work; it’s caring about our point of attraction by paying attention to what we’re thinking. Then we’re able to change our thinking if we want to change our point of attraction.

If we’re not enjoying life and what we’re attracting to us, it could be time for us to care about how we’re feeling moment-to-moment, and intentionally join our will with the Will of our Creator that lives in that good feeling Place within us. Then we’ll attract a different life experience. When we intentionally think our way into feeling good with whatever thoughts cause us to feel good, and we don’t let up until we find that good feeling Place, we discover our purpose for being created. The Way of Knowing tells us that “We’re here to celebrate the Reality that we are already ‘in Love’” (because Love is all there Is) “and to celebrate the Reality that we are already “as” the expression of Love” (because Love is all we are).

In every moment, no matter what may be happening around us, even if those around us think we should be going crazy, we get to choose how we want to feel. If we choose to feel good, Love and all that Love gives birth to—compassion, kindness, patience, tenderness, understanding, unselfishness, and generosity—will flow into our life experiences without impediment, without obstacles, and without mistake. The Love that created us requires nothing but our willingness to Love. When our willingness to Love doesn’t require the world to show up in any particular form, we realize we’re already “in Love” because there is no other Place to be.

An Overflow of Joy and Love

The Love we felt and shared on Valentine’s Day will stay with us as long as we allow our self to feel It, all the way through February and beyond! Love causes us to feel light, happy and free. Love lifts us up where we belong, into that high holy Energy of Positive Creativity where our life seems to beautifully and effortlessly unfold without our trying so hard. We can stay uplifted as long as we choose to because Love is always present to uplift us when we choose It.

Love is without beginning and without end. It is always present without a particular day to call It into expression and without any opposing power to cause Its suppression. We know Love has Power because God is Love, and that Love flows through time, all the time, and timelessly beyond time. Love is present wherever you are right now, taking form as the one you call “your self.” Rumi wrote, “Every moment is made glorious by the light of Love.” Our purpose in this human environment of time and space is to let Love shine through us, to give It as many ways as we can to manifest in form through us and lighten and brighten our experiences of life.

We read in The Way of Knowing, “You were created to create. You were created out of an overflow of joy and Love. Therefore live joyously, live lovingly of yourself. Dare to consider that your Self is so important that you have an obligation never to settle for less than your own authenticity.” Whenever we feel unworthy or undeserving of abundant good in life, the amazing thought that we were created out of an overflow of joy and Love reminds us that we are worthy and deserving of every good thing. We don’t have earn our worthiness because its always been with us. There’s nothing we could ever do that would cause us be more deserving than we are right now because we are already all that we would ever want to be.

We are the consequential creation of the Unstoppable, Uncontainable and Irresistible Joy and Love of God, which means that we are unstoppable, uncontainable, and irresistible too! We were just born that way! We are a Love Child created by the same uninhibited Impulse of Love that causes any love child to be born, even in this world. We are beings of Love created by Love to love. We came into this physical human environment for no other purpose than to give Love expression as our Life on Earth. Rumi wrote, “Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in Ecstatic Motion.” We are the rapturous expression of Boundless Ecstatic Joy in motion, the Eternal ecstasy of Love being Love in form. We are created to create from that Overflow by living joyously and lovingly as our Self.

Putting our self down isn’t humility, it’s blasphemy. We are obligated to our Divine Inner Self never to settle for less than our own authenticity because our Spirit won’t. Charlie Chaplin wrote in his autobiography, “As I began to love myself I found that anguish and emotional suffering were only warning signs that I was living against my own truth. Today, I know this is ‘authenticity.’” Living in the flow of own Truth causes us feel light, happy and free. Once we let go of all the reasons not to live joyously and love our self enthusiastically, we feel the Reality of who we are. Once we do, if only for brief moments at time, we won’t settle for less. If a negative thought or feeling arises, we’ll love our self so much we’ll recognize it as an imposter and not our Truth.

When we remember who truly are, we can’t help being happy being who we are and loving our self. Even if we don’t experience our true Spiritual Reality all the time, the feeling of that experience stays with us like shimmering residue throughout our day, no matter what we’re doing or who we’re with. The poet, Nikki Govanni, wrote, “Once you know who you are, you don’t have to worry anymore.” Once we know who we are, we can stop worrying about who we’re not. We can stop trying to discover who we are and just Be who we are. We won’t emotionally suffer from the confusion of false identity.

When we were in school, studying math for instance, we all experienced, at some point, that math was true and reliable. Once we made that discovery we didn’t worry it wouldn’t be true and reliable the next time we tried to solve a math problem. We didn’t doubt the validity of the multiplication tables even if we couldn’t remember them all. We still trusted that even if we had to count it out on our fingers and toes that twelve times twelve would always be one hundred forty-four. We use our trust in math to create in our life, whether we’re measuring ingredients for a cake or building a house. Once we’ve discovered the Truth of who are, once It has felt real to us in a way that we know It’s so, even if from time-to-time we need to metaphorically count it out on our fingers and toes, we know the Truth of who we are is reliable and won’t change. We can use our trust in that Truth to create whatever we desire to create in life because we’re created to create.

Despite our earthly birth certificate, despite what we were told by others, despite the human choices we’ve made that caused us to temporarily think and act as if we were less, despite all our human efforts to deny It, the Truth is we were all created from an overflow of joy and Love and there’s nothing truer than that Truth! Dr. Seuss put it this way: “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! Shout loud ‘I am lucky to be what I am.’”