The Womb of the Mother

Mother’s Day is a beautiful opportunity for us to remember our earth birth mother in a special way. Whether she stayed to raise us or she had to leave us, there was a powerful bond in that singular mother-child relationship. For roughly nine months we shared one body with her, and no matter what she did after we were born, and no matter how many times over the years we may have disagreed with her, it is important to acknowledge and honor the one agreement that was the most important one we shared with her: From the moment she felt our heartbeat within her, she said “yes” to our request to be born into this world. (Read more…)

There Is No Spot…

We are exploring “tolerance” as the practice of non-judgment; as our mindful capacity to choose to love, respect and accept the diversity of the forms, bodies and expressions that make up life on earth, and make us unique and precious to one another.

Tolerance isn’t about enduring our perceived ignorance and flawed behaviors of others. It is about living in loving relationship with each other without the self-righteousness that would judge the thoughts and behaviors of others as less spiritual, inferior, or wrong because they differ from our own. Spiritual Tolerance is based on an awareness that everyone (no matter how they appear to us personally) is born of the same Flawless Universal Energy of Love and given the same Divine Right to be who they are created to be, and not as we think they should be.

Even so, why should we bother practicing tolerance and non-judgment when all we need to do is look around us at all people, places and practices that need to change to improve the world?!… Why? Because judgment gets the way of our ability to express our spiritual power, that’s why! It blinds us to the Truth that lives in us, and prevents us from accessing the joy, peace and power to live as we are created to live—as an interwoven, yet unique expression of the One Life and One Universe we share with ALL life. (Read more…)

An Emotional Wake-up Call

William Diedrich, an exceptional author, speaker, and spiritual teacher spoke at The Life Enrichment Center on Sunday, April 29th. The title of his talk, which you can hear below, was “An Emotional Wake-up Call.” He asked the question “Are you awake to what feelings are creating your experience?” Then he explained, “Our deepest feelings are our point of attraction in this life. Unmet needs, unforgiven events, and feelings of unworthiness become our vibration and manifest as experience. Likewise, confidence in self, faith in God as Source, and feelings of value also manifest as experience.” Several books by Mr. Diedrich are available in our Spiritual Awakenings Bookstore.

I Swear to God!

How often have we said “I swear to God” and considered it a harmless expletive because we weren’t about to do the thing that followed those words and, besides, we were certain that God doesn’t pay attention to such meaningless oaths as: “I swear God if my husband doesn’t stop snoring, I’m going to shoot him!” We think of our “swear to God” fantasies as harmless because they only exist in our mind. But, we actually have no private thoughts because no thought remains “secured” within our head. Every thought is a living thing and goes forth into creation. We can’t stop that thought as long as we are thinking that thought! Even if it is a fantasy we don’t act upon, the emotional vibration of it still affects us and everything around us. ALL our thoughts emit a vibration through us that affects our body and our life experiences. (Read more…)

Thoughts from “Behind the Scenes”

I’ve always said that if one person shows up on a Sunday morning, I will be there, too. And, for nearly eight years, through literally rain, snow, sleet, and summer heat we’ve had a Sunday Service! Today’s decision began and ended with complete trust in the Guidance of Spirit that is always there (and always aware) “Behind the Scenes”—the title of the talk, by the way, that I’d planned to give next Sunday! However, since I truly want to share with you the talk I’d prepared for today, “I Swear to God,” that will be our topic next Sunday.

Rather than focusing on the ever-changing weather outside the window and on the weather maps, or reading the dramatic details of the winter storm warnings, in order to decide what was “best” for our congregation, the clear answer to cancel our Service today came as every True Answer comes, from looking within for Guidance. As I released my need for conditions to be a certain way, I was able to surrender to the Inner One—that Presence of Awesome Wisdom and Powerful Love that is always there, Behind the Scenes, and always knows right where we are. (Read more…)