K.I.S.S. Keep It Spiritually Simple

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

This new year began just a little over four weeks ago. We might want to take time to notice if it still feels new, or if it seems to have aged prematurely! Are we still excited and curious about new possibilities for experiencing Life this year, or have the same old thoughts and the same old ways of doing things taken the shine off of its symbolic newness?

Our LEC theme for this amazing time in our Earth life is “It’s 2023 I’m free free free,” and even though that remains true every year no matter what the date, unless we intentionally remind our self that we are free to be our self Now, without worldly restrictions that don’t apply to us spiritually, we might let all the supposed to’s and not supposed to’s, and all those should do’s and shouldn’t do’s invented by the world keep our self-expression small and limited through our agreement to go with the world instead of going with the Flow.

The most simple way for us to live a spiritual life, to live each moment with spiritual awareness that brings joy, health and peace of mind every day, is simply to know this one thing: God is all there is to you and me, and all that exists, and God is Love. When Jesus was asked about the Greatest Spiritual Law, he said: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your power and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest Commandment. And, the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than these.” There aren’t a lot of complex rules for living a spiritual life. We’re simply directed to Love. We are free to think this and that, say this and that, and do this and that, and all that’s required of us is to Love as we think, say or do it.

We can spend this lifetime, or many lifetimes, reading about the meaning of life. We can get good at quoting those who seem to have discovered it. Or we can simply give meaning to own life by being the Love that we are, wherever we are, no matter who shows up for us to Love, including our self.  Love sets us free to be more of the One we’re created to be, more of the One we are NOW—Love. It sets us free to accept each other as an expression of the One Love that is all there is, the One Love we share, no matter what appears to be.

In our focus this year on our feeling our spiritual freedom, we have been talking a lot about the Present Moment. We’ve been talking about It as if there were nothing else to talk about, as if the Present Moment is all there is, because It is. It’s the only place Life is happening. It is the timeless time and spaceless space in which we can love Love with all our heart, soul, power, and mind, and share the Love that we are together.

The mystical poet, Rumi, wrote: “Pure Love offers us clemency from every previous thought we entertained that we want to change now because It holds no record of wrongs.” The Present Moment is Pure Love, untouched by anything that has occurred in the world at anytime, and when we’re in the Present Moment so are we. We experience forgiveness of our self and others because the Present Moment, Pure Love, doesn’t contain the past. Only our human mind can hold such a record. The Holy Emptiness of the Present Moment is Full of Love and Infinite possibilities for Love’s expression that haven’t been expressed before.

And, even though we can all get there from here because we’re already there right here, we can only become aware that we are aligned with It, and open to all the good that arises within It, when we observe the Present Moment without an opinion or conclusion. We can’t have a judgment, or reach a conclusion about anything without something from the past to base it on. Judging is thinking the Present Moment is something we’ve seen before or fearing what might happen next based on past experience. Judging requires a past thought that we are deciding to hold onto that the Flow of Life has already moved on from.

In his book, Wherever You Go, There You Are, Jon Kabat-Zinn defined mindfulness as “awareness that arises through paying attention on purpose in the present moment, non-judgmentally. He called it a “Radical Act of Sanity.” His research proved that mindfulness can “help relieve stress, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, and alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties.” There’s a whole lot of Power in the Now, and that’s just what It can do for our physical body! The Present Moment offers us health, peace of mind and a sense of well-being because It doesn’t carry a record of the past to painfully regret or a fated future to stress out about or lose sleep over.

Like a new year, like a new day, the Present Moment is new. It’s never happened before. It holds nothing we no longer need, yet It holds all we want right now. It’s full of new possibilities between what was and what might appear next. No matter where we’ve been, and no matter where we’re going, here we are right now. Whatever has happened, has already happened. Whatever we’re thinking right now, that is what’s on our mind. And, whatever we wind up doing next, that will be what we have wound up doing.

It is one of the conundrum’s of this human experience that no matter how much we want things to be different, and no matter how hard we try to forget about the self that’s been shaped and molded by our past, there’s just no getting away from who we believe we are, wherever we are. We can go vacation and there we are. We can win the lottery, and there we are. We can move across town or across the ocean, and there we are. And, wherever we are we’re looking out of the same pair of eyes that reflect what we believe is true based on the past, unless we choose right now to see things differently.

Often we’re so tired of experiencing the same old life, and feeling like the same old us in it, we try to distract our self rather than change our point of view. Our mind is like a “drunken monkey,” as Buddha called it, doing its best to distract us by jumping from a thought of fear to another of drama to another of regret and to another of worry. In the Book of 2 Corinthians we read, “Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” Now is the only time we have to choose to change the direction of our life, to choose thoughts that cause us to feel joyful and free in the Present Moment, and will attract more joy to us as our life unfolds.

The only thing that keeps our moments from feeling new, the only thing that keeps us feeling like we’ve been around the block more than a few times, is thoughts from the past that muck up our view of the new, in us and around us. If we want to be someone we want to go on vacation with, spend our winnings with, move somewhere with, or stay right where we are with, we need to see our self with new eyes so that we enjoy our own company.

That newness can only come from the Holy View within us. We read in A Course in Miracles, “Listen and learn, and do not judge. It is to God you turn to hear what you should do.” When we listen without judging, without an opinion of what we should hear, or if we’re worthy to hear anything at all, we’re able to hear, soft and clear, the Voice of our True Self speaking to us of the Love that Is, of the Love we are, of the the Love that is right where we are. And, since wherever we go, there we are, there must be Love there too.

If we find it difficult to love our self or someone else in any moment, it’s likely because we’re not keeping it simple and simply loving Love, and loving to Be Love with all our heart, soul, power, and mind. If we find it difficult to forgive self or someone else, we’re trying to forgive with the ego and it’s not capable of forgetting the past because it is the one that holds records of wrongs! Because the ego believes itself to be separate from all others, it can’t love another as if that one is one with it. But when we’re in the Present Moment on purpose, non-judgmentally, ego thoughts can’t enter. Then we’re able to hear our Inner Being as It speaks to us of our Oneness with all that is and that All-That-Is Is Love.

The world becomes magical and new when we’re intentionally in the Present Moment because when we see it mindfully, we see it and hear it and taste it and smell it and touch it as if for the first time. We’re without preconceived ideas of what should or should not be there—no rules or restrictions, simply Life being Life, and Love being Love, in us, through us, and all around us—And, we are free free free to let It be.

Choosing to focus on the Present Moment, intentionally, on purpose, and without judgment, means accepting that we will never be someone other than who we are, and that who we are is absolutely wonderful, just as we are right NOW. We are as free in this mystery of Life as our Creator, as free as we’re created to be, boundlessly free. When we keep our mind clear of confusion and fear, we simply know that God is all there is to you and me, and all that exists, and God is Love. And, all that we want to do is KISS the world with that knowing!

Who Did, Who Didn’t, Houdini

Image by Лечение наркомании from Pixabay

Whatever the year, month or day, it is always NOW. Our entire life is always happening right where we are Now because there’s no other place for it to occur, no matter what the date or time of day. Eckhart Tolle wrote, “Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.” If we remember what we were thinking about or what we were doing yesterday, we’re remembering it Now. If we remember how we felt when something painful or embarrassing happened yesterday, or last year, or the year before that, we’re remembering it Now.

As saying goes “The past is rolled up behind us.” It’s no longer there, but we are. We’re where we always are, right here Now. We remain a living expression of Life right now with nothing behind us except the Power of the whole Universe that has our back, Now and forever, and is ready to create for us. We create our Life experience by thinking. We call our experiences “the past” when they’ve already occurred in our physical world, and “the future” when they haven’t yet occurred. But our life unfolds with our every step in the present moment.

When we’re experiencing something good, we want the moment to last forever, and when we’re experiencing something unpleasant we want the moment to pass as quickly as possible. Yet the Now moment doesn’t go anywhere no matter how we’re experiencing It. There’s no place for It to go. It is always Now because Now is Life and Life is Now, even when we’re not paying attention to our life. Or as John Lennon put it, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Now is the timeless gap of Pure Unconditional Life between our thoughts. It’s there no matter how fast our thoughts seem to cross our mind. It’s there between what was and what will appear next, even if there doesn’t seem to be a pause in between.

The idea of time and space that is the basis of this human environment allows us to measure and evaluate our progress along our eternal spiritual journey of Love—where we are now and where we want to be in the future. But when we get “there,” the future will be Now. Time and space give us the chance to make changes in our direction, if choose to, but we can only make those changes Now. Time and space offer us opportunities to assess our mental-emotional-physical movement from there to there, and to decide if we want to move in a different way by taking advantage of the present moment to change our thinking and change our life direction.

Now doesn’t change, we do, or rather our experience of Life changes because our mind is the master of the thoughts that create our experiences. We are free to choose, and choose again, how we’ll experience each moment. We are free to try on a new way of seeing our self and Life right Now. We are also free to hold onto thoughts of what was and focus on them right Now. But, either way that will be our experience of Life for now. The good news is that when we think about the past Now, we’re free to think about it differently. That’s how the past loses its hold on us. Nothing is written in stone. Life is fluid, changeable, and always in motion. We are immersed in a Sea of Love that is always moving us in the direction of Love’s expression. We only get seasick when we resist going with The Flow!

The only reason we don’t believe we are free to see the past differently is because we think we’re a done deal, solidified by our past—filled with habits we can’t seem to break, and ways of responding to life that keep us glued to past performances, ours and those of others. Nothing keeps us from feeling free more than judging our self and others by past performances. Rumi wrote, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” That field is Pure Love, the Holy Vacuity or Emptiness that is forever “full” with infinite possibilities for Love’s expression. It holds no record of wrongs because Now holds no record of the past. In the Now we are unconditionally free. There’s not one thing we can’t change Now. Not one thing we can’t think, say or do differently Now, and everyone else is free to do the same.

I don’t read the details of most news headlines, but one day my curiosity got the best of me. As I was halfway through reading some news report, it became obvious to me it was impossible to know who was telling the truth, and who wasn’t (as if it was any of my business anyway). I felt so exhausted I stopped reading because both sides sounded right to me and both sounded wrong. Then the words “Who Did, Who Didn’t, Houdini” came to mind and as I said them out loud with a sigh, I felt better. Then I laughed (for a long time). The more I laughed, the better I felt, and the better I felt, the lighter I felt, and the lighter I felt, the less I cared about who did or didn’t do something! Houdini was a great escape artist who could escape from almost any pair of handcuffs. Nothing keeps us handcuffed to negative energy, nothing holds us down more than holding onto ideas about who did or who didn’t do whatever. It’s not possible for us to feel light within us, and at the same time worry about who’s right and who’s wrong around us. When we feel light, we know everything is alright, and we can let it be.

Nothing makes us feel lighter than laughter. We love to hear babies laugh. We love to be around people that we can laugh with. Joy is the Key to living a Life we love to live because It is the elixir of our soul, and the best medicine on Earth to remedy sadness, sickness, boredom. Norman Cousins, an American journalist, professor, and world peace advocate, wrote the book Anatomy of an Illness after he laughed himself well. He’d been diagnosed with a degenerative disease that left him in almost constant pain, and motivated his doctor to tell him that he would die within a few months. But Norman Cousins learned that negative emotions, such as frustration and suppressed rage, were linked to his illness. So, he was sure the opposite would be true too, that positive emotions like love, hope, faith, laughter, and confidence would heal him. To combat his pain, he watched Marx Brothers films, Candid Camera, and anything else that made him laugh. He discovered that ten minutes of belly rippling laughter would give him two hours of pain-free sleep when nothing else, not even morphine, could help him.

Alan Watts wrote, “Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun. The only thing that could be bad is taking it too seriously.” We were in on the joke before we came! Are we having fun yet, or are we spending our life bemoaning the past—thinking about, wondering about, worrying about, and talking about who’s right and who’s wrong, and who did or didn’t do something. Now is the perfect time for us to lighten up and live as we are created to live, in joyous boundless freedom. Now is the time for us to stop taking our self and Life so seriously and just let our happiness shine into the world. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, “Measure your success by the number of hours you smile.” Every smile breaks a link in the chains that keep us down in negativity and allows us to be happier and more free.

Coming Home

Our theme this year, “It’s 2023 I’m Free Free Free!” feels good when we say it aloud or silently to our self because it resonates with the Truth that lives in our heart and soul, the Truth that has already set us free. We were born of the Spirit in Love and Freedom before we were birthed on Earth. The Christ energy of God’s Son, the Pure Positive Energy of Creation, lives in us as our true Self. It is the Holy Energy through which Love creates. It is the Holy Way through which the Universe is extended now and forever. In the Aramaic Bible, in the Book of John we read, “If the Son therefore will set you free, you will truly be the children of liberty.” We are already the spiritual children of liberty. Whenever we choose Love over fear, happiness over being right, and peace over conflict and confusion, we are expressing the freedom of the Holy Life in us.

We remain free even while we’re here in human form. But in this human environment freedom is a choice. The happiness, joy, peace, and love that belong to us are moment to moment choices because we are so free, we can choose not to be. We can choose suffering and sacrifice, confinement and self-restriction. That’s how free we are! Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You are so free you can choose bondage. You are so free you can allow wellness or disallow wellness and end up with illness. In other words, the choice is so much yours as an individual, that only freedom could be the way of expressing it.”

As an essential part of creation, each of us has been set free on a journey to expand creation through our choices. And, even when it seems we’ve chosen poorly, even when we’ve chosen bondage over freedom and obligation over desire, Abraham-Hicks tells us that “we can’t get it wrong and we can’t get it done.” We can’t get it done because we are on a journey of spiritual design that has no end. It extends through eternity with our every step. We can’t get it wrong because choices that lead to struggle, suffering and difficulty only take us on a temporary detour from happiness.

Detours don’t lead to dead ends. We get back track, eventually, and more often than not, a little wiser for having taken one. We read in The Science of Mind, “God’s plan for man is a perfect one, and when we harmonize with it we will become free from all bondage.” Every detour, no matter how bumpy or long, will lead us, one way or another, to God’s perfect plan for us. It’s inevitable because it is our destiny. Since bondage and fear are contractions that cause us to withdraw from Life, and we are part of God’s perfect plan for the eternal expansion of Creation, nothing we do can make fear, and all that fear gives birth to, last forever.

We read in The Way of Transformation, “You remain perfectly free to choose to perceive differently. You remain free at all times to see that you are not the victim of circumstance, and not the victim of a relationship, a career, or being born into a certain nation.” We are not the victim of our parents, childhood, or education because we remain perfectly free see our Self differently now. Though we are absolutely free to focus on the physical forms of this world (including our own) as if it is all there is to them (and to us), as if there is nothing beyond what we see, we are also perfectly free to choose to perceive differently. We are free to maintain a positive view that allows us to enjoy God’s plan for Creation while we’re here in the world.

This human experience offers us opportunities that we can’t get anywhere else to use our power of mind to focus on thoughts that feel good, and to ignore thoughts that don’t. Our experience of life is up to us. No one can force us to believe what we don’t choose to believe about our self or the world around us—not our parents, teachers or churches, not our family, friends or the news media. We decide the thoughts we accept as true and which we will focus on, and it is our focus that determines how we react and respond to Life.

No matter what anyone says or does, no matter what the event or situation may be, there is nothing outside of us that can cause us to act against our own freewill. We are free to let go of yesterday’s thoughts, words and actions no matter how right they seemed at the time, or how righteous we felt at the time. We can choose to greet each day as brand new, as if it has no past to compare it to, which is true if we let it be. How free would we feel if we met each moment throughout the day with a mind open to ideas we’ve never had before, and to a deeper knowing we’ve not known before? We read in The Way of Transformation, “This is the time in which you can turn away from the past and look back upon it no longer. This is the time in which you can step into the light of the future of your own personal destiny, held in the hands of a perfectly loving Creator that already has a plan for you, or you would not have been birthed. For you are certainly not an accident!”

The definition of “destiny” is a lot or fortune (our treasure in Heaven). Destiny also means the inevitable or irresistible course of events (God’s plan for us). It’s not a paint-by-number plan in which we have no choice. It’s a blank canvas upon which we are free to choose how we will paint our unique creative expression of Creation. Our personal destiny is to expand and extend God’s Love by being that Love in the world. Our contribution matters because we are part of All-That-Is. We’re not an “accident!” We are God’s on purpose! Our perfectly loving Creator’s plan for us is that we be happy, joyous, peaceful, loving, and free as we express our self.

Why would we choose to be miserable forever, or even for one moment, when we are free to choose to perceive life in a happy way now? If we don’t notice what inspires our thoughts, i.e., which thoughts cause us to feel good and which ones don’t, we’ll postpone our experience of the moments of love, joy and peace that are part of the journey of eternally extending Creation one moment at a time.

Eternity might seem exhausting to think about if we think of It as a long, long time. We may even wonder if at some point we might get tired of creating! But eternity isn’t about time at all. It is the timelessness beyond time. It’s the space between a moment ago and the next moment; between what’s happened and what can occur. It’s a space of unlimited potential and possibilities that have yet be thought of or experienced. It is the Unchanging Space in which all change occurs Eckhart Tolle wrote, “Your entire life only happens in this moment.”

We can think about the past and wonder about the future, but when we do, we’re doing it here and now. We can regret the past and fear the future, but when we do, we’re doing it here and now. There is certainly no changing the past, it’s over and done. But there is no possibility of changing the future unless we make changes now. We are always right where we are, and we are always creating what’s next even if our thoughts are elsewhere. Eckhart Tolle continued, “The present moment is life itself. Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have and make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” We are Home only in the Present Moment. Eternity is that one moment standing still forever. It’s always there and so are we.

My new iPhone offers a home screen with a picture of an illuminated Earth in a night sky. The picture is at an angle that shows the northern hemisphere and North America. And, because my iPhone knows where I am at all times, there is a green beam pulsating from Grand Blanc, MI. At the top of the picture is a clarification of the destination I’ve reached: “Home You’re already there.” That picture serves as a reminder to me that I’m always Home. It helps me to remember that I’m already there, immersed in the Love of God, still part of the Holy Plan. I don’t need to struggle to get there or anywhere. I don’t need wait for anything happen before that’s true. All that is required of me is to remember where I am and make the Now moment my focus. As I do, I’m free to create something new with no regrets about the past and no worries about the future. All I want, or would ever want, is where I am because my destiny lives in me as God’s will for me to be happy, peaceful, joyous, and free. All I’ve yet to know, even that which I don’t know I don’t know, is where I am because there is only here and now eternally.

There is a beautiful song by Prashanti Paz that I listen to often. It begins: “In this changing life, so much pain we find, trying to control the river’s flow, caught up in between fears and dreams, holding onto what’s already gone.” There is nothing permanent in this world. When we look out at the world of appearances and try to control what we see, the very thing we wish to change continues to appear to us only because we’re choosing to focus on it—whether it’s a lack of health, money, joy, peace of mind, or freedom. And, all the while we’re still on the Holy Path of God’s Plan for more and more holy experiences that will extend the good, beautiful and true.

Prashanti Paz goes on to sing of a way to see life differently: “In this Holy Life, so much love we find, You have given me the eyes to look inside,You have opened up my heart to shine Your Light, You have set me free, I can let this be. And, I’m coming home to you and I’m coming home to me.” As we realize we’re already Home in God, we realize that we are living a Holy Life, and that our only purpose is to extend the Love of God in the present moment no matter who is standing before us.

The master teacher, Mooji, wrote: “You are already the One Self. You will purchase the map, Only to find you are already Here.” We are already Here because there is no other place to be. There is nowhere else but here and now. No other Life available to us. All Life is happening now. Every moment we make NOW our primary focus, we come Home to our perfectly loving Creator and to our true Self. Ram Das said that we are just walking each other home. But we can be there in a twinkling of an eye if we choose to be because it is a timeless journey without distance.


Burning With Desire

Image by Marabu from Pixabay

It’s a new year, a new month, a new day, and a new moment. It doesn’t get any newer than that! Maya Angelou wrote, This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before. We could say that about 2023, it’s a wonderful year, we’ve never seen this one before! And, the wonder of it all is that we are here, right in the middle of it, alive in the boundless potential of the yet to be known, breathing in the unlimited possibilities of the yet to be asked for.

As the lyrics to the song, “We Are Free,” by Harold Payne so beautifully express: “We are free, we are righteous, we are worthy, we are free. We are boundless, we are joyous, we are free. There’s a new day dawning, our souls have been longing, we are free.” Our souls have not only been longing for freedom, our souls have been burning with desire to share that freedom together on Earth. We get to choose to be free, and express our spiritual freedom in this human experience. It’s up to us. We’re the decider of our life. We’re the chooser of our choices, and we always have a choice. We are free to choose to be a victor or a victim. We are free to choose to be a Master of how we experience our life, or to be subordinate to the appearances of this world and to circumstances that may come our way.

In The Way of Transformation we read, “How will I decide to use my time? Finding myself here in this moment, can I remember that I am free to see things differently? I am free to look lovingly upon the world.” Can we remember that’s true? Not if we keep reacting in the same old way to the same old things. Can we remember that’s true when those around us, and those we hear about and read about in the media, continue to say and do those things we don’t want them to? We can if we choose to, and as we remember that’s true, we free our self to see things differently. If it’s our intention, and we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, this year will be truly new.

A loving view of the world comes into our view through eyes that look upon it with a mind that desires to be clear of judgment, and a heart that desires to offer only Love. We’ve heard it said, “We see world not as it is, but as we are.” We see things differently when our mind and heart have been opened first by self-love, self forgiveness and self maintenance that inspire and uplift our view. Rumi wrote, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” If we experience barriers to Love, we alone built them with reasons, opinions and judgements, and only our burning desire to see things differently can remove them. If in retrospect we’re feeling like 2022 could use a demolition crew, we’re the only one we can hire for the job.

When our mind is free of barriers to Love, when our heart is open to Love, we can’t fail but to realize that we truly are righteous and worthy, boundless and joyous, because we realize we are Love and nothing else. Leonardo da Vinci wrote, “Life without love is no life at all.” Without Love there could be no life at all because God is Love, the Creator that is Life and the Creator of all Life. The only thing that can keep us from that realization are all the stories we keep telling our self about who we are (that we’re not). Someone said the only day, “I’d like to be a shake-it-off kind of person, but I’m more of a cling-to-it-and-focus-on-it-until-it’s-irrevocably-woven-into-my-psyche sort of person.”

Does that sound even vaguely familiar? Maybe we don’t feel that way all the time. But how often when something unpleasant occurs, and we feel a reaction silently, do we shake it off as quickly as possible? How often when something is said or done that we feel momentarily angry, resentful or defensive about, and verbally express our emotions, do we choose to get off it? On the other hand, how often do we cling to whatever it was, focus on it, talk about it, and make it part of the story of our life? The longer we think about something, the longer we feel bad about something, the more weaving power we give it to become woven into our psyche. Our focus becomes the warp and weft that turns the thread of our thoughts into the fabric of our life.

It doesn’t matter how tightly we’ve woven the barriers to Love in our mind, it’s how willing we are to loosen the weave of resistance that is holding them there, and how patient we are with the process of undoing the weave so the barriers can fall away, so that Love weaves a whole new design for us to experience as our life. A mild interest in who we might be won’t loosen a thing. A casual curiosity about what we could create if we put our mind to it isn’t going to do it. And an uninspired suspicion that there may be more to us and the world around us than we see won’t get us there. We must be burning with desire to know the reality of our Self and Life in order to stay the course that will get us there.

Mooji wrote, “ Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.” Our desires burn within us as the Holy Flame of our True Self. We are that fire and fire doesn’t burn fire. All we’ve ever wanted throughout our many lifetimes, all we want to experience in this lifetime, and all we want to take with us when leave this human experience burns within us right now, stoked by our soul’s passion. We can’t help but feel it, but so often when we do we fear it. We try to extinguish It with reasons why we need to play it safe in life, to appease and please, and to withhold and withdraw.

Often our arguments about why we can’t have what we want and live as we desire to live are based on the fear that the familiar will disappear and the Unknown may be full of things we’d rather not know. But we’ll never know what that holy Flame of Divine Creative Energy in us can do unless we let It, unless we stop ignoring or resisting the burning desire for freedom that Flame creates and step into the fire of self-discovery. We must truly desire to seek and find where we have placed barriers of resistance to Love within us, so that we can let them fall away and experience a clearer view of our true Self that eternally looks lovingly upon the world. We read in Book of 2 Corinthians, “From now on my brethren rejoice; be perfected and be comforted, and harmony and peace shall be in you, and The God of love and of peace shall be with you.”

Happy New Year! Happy True You!

All I Want for Christmas

Are we willing to give birth in our mind to the idea, and birth in our heart to the feeling, that the same Christ that lived as Jesus on Earth, the same Christ of Christmas so long ago, is within us right now? If we allow It to, that same Christ that already lives spiritually, energetically and vibrationally as us in the non-physical realm of our Inner Being will shine through our physical form on Earth as well.

The Christ is the Infinite Son of God, God’s One Eternal Creation. It carries within It the Power of God’s Will. God creates everything through the Energy of The Christ. “It’s all in His Hands.” Everything that is created through our life is in the hands of the powerful spiritual energy of our Inner Being. Abraham-Hicks tells us of our relationship with The Christ through which God creates worlds upon worlds, including our world: “You’re not manifesting; you’re creating the environment that allows the manifestation. You create the vibrational atmosphere which equals your vibrational point of attraction and then the Law of Attraction matches you with the things like you.”

Without our awareness of our oneness with the Creative Power of Christ in us, in our ignorance of our need to maintain a positive attitude that creates a vibrational atmosphere that allows our good to manifest in our physical life, we may inadvertently create a mental-emotional environment that keeps our good from coming into our physical view, one that pinches us off from what we want and causes us to see and experience what we don’t want instead. It’s all in our vibrational hands—2022 has been up to you, even when it seemed at times to be up to someone else, because no matter what appears to us physically, as we read in the Book of Hebrews, “Things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

What appears to be (to us) depends on what we’re looking for, and the awareness with which we are looking. Our mood and attitude about our self in life, our feelings about self and life, the way we believe things go for us, and whether or not we trust that things work out for us, all affect how experience of life. We see what we expect to see. It’s not what’s there, but how we feel when we see it that creates our experience of whatever it is; it’s not what we think but how we feel when we think it; and, its not what we do but how we feel when we do it that creates our mental-emotional atmosphere. A good question to ask our self may be: “Do the things ‘like me’ that the Law of Attraction has matched to me, which I perceive and experience as my physical life, reflect a being who is positive or negative?”

Much of what occurs in this world is generated by fear and by the desire to protect “against.” Fear is resistance to the natural Flow of Well-Being that is natural to us. When it comes to experiencing the good we want, trust keeps our mental-emotional pathways clear and flowing, while fear blocks our view and keeps our good from coming through. Optimism and pessimism are habits of thought. Optimism is a habit of intentionally choosing to feel good about our self and life no matter what. It’s a choice to look for the good and praise it, even before we see it. Pessimism, on the other hand, is a knee jerk reaction without concern about, or an awareness of, how our default mood and attitude affects what we experience.

There’s a wonderful Christmas story about the parents of twin boys who set about to prove the point. They’d noticed that the only resemblance between their twins was their looks. Otherwise, they were totally different, even opposites. It seemed that no matter what was going on, one twin was always optimistic and happy, while the other had an attitude of doom and gloom. Nothing the parents said or did seemed to affect either one of boys’ moods, so the dad decided he could at least try to make things interesting: On Christmas Eve while the boys were gone with their mother to a Christmas pageant at church, just to see what would happen, the dad packed the pessimist’s room with all the latest toys and games. Then, he loaded the optimist’s room with horse manure borrowed from a neighbor. (He piled it high on a vinyl drop cloth so his wife wouldn’t object to the experiment!) When the boys got home, the dad told them that Santa had left presents for them in their rooms, and they ran off to discover what Santa had left for them. It wasn’t long before the dad heard unhappy sounds coming from the pessimist’s room. When he walked in he found the boy sitting in the middle of all the new toys and games, crying bitterly. “Why on earth are you crying?” the dad asked. The boy whined, “Because I’ll have to read all these instructions (& he tossed them in the air for effect) before I can do anything with this stuff!” The dad nodded his head, and as he left the room he heard giggles coming from the optimistic twin’s room. When he walked in he found the boy dancing for joy in the pile of manure. The dad shook his head and asked, “What are you so happy about?” The boy said with a smile, “There’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!”

If this year so far has looked more like a pile of manure than all the good things we wanted, the good news is there’s a pony in there somewhere, and it’s not too late for it to show up. God creates everything through the Energy of The Christ, and God is Love. Everything we’ve asked for, everything we’ve prayed for, all we want and desire has been answered with a “Yes” by Love, Itself. We read in the Book of Corinthians, “Love never fails,” but often we fail to see that’s true.

So where is that “Yes” that hasn’t appeared to us in physical form this year? Right where we left It. Right where it’s always been, within us—the perfect vibrational response of Love to us that matches who we truly are. Love never turns us down and never turns away from us. If we haven’t experienced all we wanted this year, we’re the ones that have turned away and spent our precious time focusing on the lack of whatever it is.

In order for us to experience physically what we want, we’ve got to cooperate with the “Yes” of God by creating a vibrational environment that allows it to come into our life. We create that atmosphere by feeling the joy of answered prayer, by feeling the inner presence of what we want, by feeling the fulfillment of our desire, by anticipating its arrival in form and expression, and by looking for it in every moment. Then we are being a vibrational optimist, which is another way of saying that we’re being a cooperative component in our own life. We can’t wait until we see it to believe it’s ours, or we won’t see it because we must believe before we can perceive. We have got to give whatever we want the power of our belief so it can manifest before our eyes. How do  we give what we want that power? We start by believing in its possibility, then by allowing for its probability, and then by opening to its reality. It’s up to us to let our desires through.

The Creative Power of the Universe is generated by Love. All we want is given to us because Love wants for us what we want for our Self. No matter how uncooperative we’ve been with the Truth of who we are, no matter how much we’ve allowed our thoughts to pinch us off from experiencing the Joy that belongs to us as a spiritual-vibrational being, still the Law of Attraction never fails to match up our Inner Being vibrationally with something good. In this very moment our Inner Being holds our gifts. All we want for the rest of this year and into the new year, and in the years to come is there for us in perfect vibrational condition, secured for us by our Inner Being. How much joy, love, peace, creativity, financial abundance, health, laughter, ease, and well-being are we willing to allow to express as us while we’re here?

Next Sunday, January 1st, we’ll be offering a burning bowl ceremony as part of our Service. It’s a beautiful ritual to help us decide what old thoughts and attitudes we want to let go of and symbolically see go up in smoke. It can help us decide what new thoughts and attitudes we want to cultivate and practice in order to create a higher, more free-flowing vibrational atmosphere in which to live. The Way of Transformation gives us a beautiful resolution to consider, powerful affirmation that we can live by: “From this moment forward, I walk and live as one who chooses to use the power of mind, the power of awareness, the power of intention, the power of clarity, the power of being itself, to know the Truth that sets all things free. I choose to be the Truth that allows freedom to be extended to all others. I choose to walk upon this plane, while yet the body lasts for a little while, as that One who has been sent forth as a ray of light to shine light into a world that has feared it.”

2022 is not the only year that will be up to you!


Go Tell It on the Mountain

Image by Shad0wfall from Pixabay

On Friday night at our Holiday Sing-a-Long, our Santa who, in addition to sharing his bag of candy, shared uplifting words with us about the meaning of Christmas. He said it is season for giving and for sharing the Love that we are with others. And, throughout the evening with us, he demonstrated just that! But Santa wasn’t finished for the night. The following story was related to me by the sleigh driver who transported Santa to and from LEC: As the sleigh driver was preparing to take Santa home, Santa asked if they could stop at Big John’s on way so he could buy a steak and onion sandwich for Mrs Claus. As he stood in line at Big John’s, Santa continued his goodwill-to-all message to everyone around him, and they seemed convinced he was the real deal. After all he was jolly, friendly, filled with kindness, and his white beard that grew right out of his face!

When he got to the counter, Santa asked the employees if they’d been good. But before anyone answered, a young man, about 13-14 years-old, who standing to his left at the counter, said “Santa I’ve been good, really good, all A’s and B’s this year.” Santa said, “That is good! What school do you go to?” The young man said “I go to school in Lansing, but I’m here this weekend visiting my dad.” So Santa reached into his generous pocket, pulled out a twenty dollar bill, and gave it to the young man as he said “Merry Xmas.” The young man’s eyes got really big as he said, “Thank you so much!” and tenderly put it in his pocket. After the young man left, while Santa waited for his order, a tall man walked into Big John’s with a “neck gaiter” pulled up so just his eyes were visible. He towered over Santa as he walked up behind him, tapped him on the shoulder, and said “You’re the guy who gave my son the money, right? I want you know that it meant lot to him, and to me. Thank you.” Then he left.

But this story doesn’t end there. Before Santa paid for his order, he asked how many employees were working. A young woman behind the counter said, “There are four of us tonight.” Santa, feeling the spaciousness of giving, said “I just happen have four $20 bills in my pocket, and he handed one to each employee with a jolly “Merry Christmas.” After Santa and his sleigh driver got back into the sleigh, the sleigh driver asked him how he felt. He said, “Wonderful! There’s something that happens to me when I put on this suit.”

There is something wonderful that can happen to all of us in any moment we see our self differently, in our true Light, when we feel more free and more spacious as a being, i.e., when we feel The Christ rise up in us and we see Christ in everyone around us. Anytime we feel Joy bubbling within us, and anytime we let Love inspire us, we are feeling The Christ in us. We read in The Way of Transformation, “Then we walk this Earth as one who is free, and one who is the spaciousness through which only Love abides and is offered.”

Words don’t teach. Example lives, where only Love abides and is offered, teach. When we live by example, when we walk-the-talk, when we speak from inner experience rather than words we’ve read or heard, we proclaim Christ on Earth. We “Tell It on the Mountain,” so to speak. Something wonderful can occur in us, and through us, as we give birth in our mind to the idea, and birth in our heart to the feeling, that the same Christ that lived as Jesus on Earth so long ago is there in us to live as us on Earth as well.

The Christ of Christmas is The Christ of Creation, the One Creation that includes all who live. The holy birth of Jesus, and the life that followed, was an example Life that proclaimed for all of us that the holy Son of God can walk the Earth in human form. The Christ of God’s Creation is the Pure Positive Energy and Power of Heaven that is also the essence of every temporary physical manifestation on Earth. The Christ is everywhere, including right where we are, and as we become more aware Its there, the Christmas story of Christ on Earth, and the givingness of Santa, become our story as well.

The Christ, God’s One Creation, fills the whole Universe with Joy in every moment as It always has since the beginning. That’s a call for celebration! Ours is a shared identity with the whole Joyous Universe, with All-That-Is wherever It is, and that’s a call for celebration! One Creator, One Creation. One Father, One Son. We are all One with that One, or we wouldn’t be here or anywhere else. Of the Creative Power of The Christ that belongs to all of us to demonstrate the good, the beautiful, and the true; of The Christ in us, as us, whose purpose it is to expand and extend Creation forever, we read in the Book of John, “God created everything through him and nothing was created except through him. Everything was in his hand, and without him not even one thing was made that has been made.” In our human confusion about our true spiritual identity, through the choices we make we can make a mess of our individual human life and the world we live in. But The Christ in us can only create the good, beautiful and true because we’re created to create for God as God. Nothing else has meaning in the Universe. Nothing else is real in the Universe. And THAT’S a cause for celebration!

When we consciously join in our mind and heart with Universal Joy, Love, Peace, and goodwill to all, when we live with the awareness we are a spiritual being, we speak from that awareness and act from that awareness, so that whatever comes through us is a creation for God, and the whole Universe is blessed. It is necessary for us to open our mind and heart to the Truth that we are God’s child, to mentally “put on our Spirit,” so to speak, so that we feel just like the holy One of God’s Creation.

We’ve got to want to claim that Truth and unconditionally focus on that Truth if we are to live that Truth and by example proclaim Christ on Earth. We read in the Book of Romans, “For the creation eagerly waits with anticipation for God’s sons to be revealed.” That revelation is a moment to moment choice of Self-expression. The Christ is always there for us to choose to Be, and for us to see. Its that unchangeable place within us where all that is beautiful, good and true lives without judgment; that place where all are fully loved by us because All-That-Is is forever unconditionally Loved by God, and we are created to create for God as God.

All that we need to do to feel the Joy of the Season, to share the Love that we are, to feel more free and more spacious as a being, is to put on those Holy Clothes that can only be found within us. If we decide It is what we want to feel, and then focus on thoughts that cause us to feel that way, thoughts that inspire forgiveness, compassion, generosity, sweetness, and kindness will direct our words and actions.

Every thought imaginable, every feeling possible, every action feasible is available to us, ours for the choosing. We are free to choose to shout our judgments of displeasure from the bowels of Earth, but we are also free to allow the high holy Vibration of The Christ to rise in us. And, if we do, we can’t help but shout out our joy from the mountaintop of our highest thoughts. Every moment is a choice for Love or not. And, every choice we make affects how we interpret and the Energy and Vibration of The Christ we share. We read in The Way of Transformation, “You are the one who holds dominion over all things. What does this idea of dominion mean? It means that you are the one who is the source of the power that can choose how you will see what is around you, how you will perceive it, and what you will believe most about it. You are the one with the power to penetrate the illusory veil of the world and see the heart, the essence, the truth, the Christ Child in everything—a blade of grass, the cry of a child, the barking of a dog, or the coming of the mail with the bills.”

Let us tell our Earth story from the mountain top of our mind and the immeasurable love of our heart, so that everyone we meet will know (if they choose to) what we know to be true: The Christ has been born on Earth as us.