C’est La Vie Spiritually

Image by RÜŞTÜ BOZKUŞ from Pixabay

We read in The Way of Transformation, “As you sit in your chair in this moment, remember this: You are wholly dependent at all times on the pervasive reality of Love, which has given you existence out of its desire to extend its treasure—joy. This is the reality of who you are in this moment. You are as the wave that has arisen from the ocean of God’s perfect and holy Love. You could not for a moment be cut off from it.”

So often we live the moments of our life waiting to become spiritual enough to feel like a spiritual being so that we can live spiritually, when in Reality we already are the very one we want to be right now, the one we’ve always been no matter who we appear to be. We’re immersed in Spirit, even in this world. We are an individual wave appearing in form in the ocean of God’s perfect and holy Love. We don’t even need to learn how to swim. Our spirituality comes naturally!

In any moment that we remember who we truly are, we access the Power that lives in us, the Power that allows us to rise as an individual living wave in the ocean of Eternity. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, “When the wave remembers that it is the ocean, it gains the strength of the ocean.”

“C’est La Vie Spiritually” is a phrase that, if embodied, will help us to remember who we are. Even though we may not know what “c’est la vie” means exactly, it’s helpful to know that it translates differently from French to English. In French when you say “C’est la vie,” if it’ s about something unpleasant or unwanted, it means “life is life, get over it,” which is to say, don’t let the human experiences in this human environment get you down. Life is for living in Joy.

If you are talking about something you love over all, more than anything, you say “Ca c’est la vie,”meaning “This thing is all my life!” The French may say ca c’est la vie about a lover, a cat, or fromage (cheese). But when we say “spiritually” after c’est la vie, it means so much more. It means that living life spiritually is all there is to our life no matter what human experiences we may have. Then, when something unwanted comes along and we want a more positive, uplifted, or spiritual view, we can say “c’est la vie humanly,” things happen in this human environment but they don’t change who I truly am.

This human environment offers us experiences so that we can become aware of what our thinking is calling to us and change our thinking. Every moment offers us lessons that can help us to grow in our awareness of life spiritually. Pema Chodron wrote, “This very moment is the perfect teacher, and fortunately, it is with us wherever we are.” Every moment can teach us that, no matter what, we can’t lose our identity as a spiritual being or the power of choice that comes with being who we are wherever we are.

The power of choice allows us to change the way our life is manifesting (if we want to), and to see things differently (if we want to). Then we’re never stuck in the English translation of c’est la vie, which translates to “That’s life.” As Frank Sinatra sang, “It’s riding high in April, shot down in May.” But “That’s Life” is often used to express resignation, much like Oh well…that’s life. This human life is full of contrast, highs and lows as our wave peaks and flows, and not every moment is a peak moment. Some moments we enjoy much better than others. But we don’t have to let the dips keep us down.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You can literally script any life that you desire and the Universe will deliver to you the people, places and events just as you decide them to be. For you are the creator of your own experience. You have only to decide it and allow it to be.” Every moment of our life we’re either proclaiming “c’est la vie spiritually” or we’re affirming “c’est la vie separately.”

In any moment we believe we’re just a human being separate from the spiritual being we’ll become at some point, it’s easy for us to believe that no one else is at that point either. Then it’s easy to react to people, events, conditions, and happenings as if everything and everyone needs fixing until they become fixed enough to be spiritual. And, until that happens (in our eyes), we feel justified in forming an opinion about what or who needs fixing, and in taking a side against those who (in our view) aren’t fixed yet.

Our affirmations of “c’est la vie separately” help to perpetuate a world that appears to be doing whatever it’s doing on its own, on dry land, separate from the Spiritual Flow of Life. It perpetuates the idea that the world, and most everyone in it (including our self) is cut off from the ocean of God’s perfect and holy Love.

It’s a hell of a thing to forget that God is all there is to Life, because along with our spiritual amnesia comes the side effects of anger, frustration, vulnerability, victimhood, and powerlessness. We allow our self to be knocked off our feet and tossed about by life, a victim of a chaotic world that can’t seem to get along. When we believe we’re not spiritual enough yet to live spiritually, we wig out when something seems to go wrong in personal life because it feels like life is coming at us and happening to us, rather than through us.

What say you? Are you remembering the Power of who you are and consciously affirming “c’est la vie spiritually no matter what I see.” Or are you proclaiming “c’est la vie separately” as if you could for even one moment do anything on your own—whether you see your actions as good, bad or ugly. We can never be cut off, or separated, from the Source that is causing our existence. Even when we’re beating our self up for our behaviors, our Inner Being is right there soothing us whether we feel It or not. Even Jesus, who likely performed more miracles than we have so far, said “I can do nothing of myself, it is the Father in me (the Energy of God’s perfect and holy Love) that does the works.”

We have to want to stop complaining about how things ought to be and ought not to be. In those moments when it’s especially hard to remember, we have to want to remember that all that exists including our self exists by the Grace of God’s Love in order to extend Love’s treasure—joy.

If we’re not living with spirituality as our only reality, our good is hard to see especially if we’re believing that something unwanted is there to punish us, or to confirm our separation from Spirit and that we’re not spiritual enough yet. In such moments we give away our power of choice and allow the world to have its way with us. We resign our self to live with the unwanted, and while we’re doing that, we create more of it. Just because we forget what we truly are doesn’t make us become what we’re not. Forgetting who we are doesn’t stop us from creating. It just stops us from creating something good.

There’s not one more thing we need to do to make our spirituality true, but to let it be true for us. Paramahansa Yogananda wrote, “Eternal life of God flows through me. I am immortal. Behind the wave of my mind is an ocean of cosmic consciousness.” And that’s true about me and you, too!

The Sea of Adventure

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Virginia Woolf wrote: “I will cut adrift; I will sit on pavements and drink coffee; I will dream; I will take my mind out of its iron cage and let it swim…this fine October.” How are you doing this fine October? Are you enjoying it, exploring it, and becoming more aware of who you are created to be in it? Are you laughing more, and sighing less? Are you nodding “yes” to life’s positive possibilities more than you are shaking your head at negative appearances? Have you taken your mind out of its iron cage of fear, worry and what ifs, and freed yourself of negative habits of thought that have been holding you back from dreaming and living as freely and joyously as you’d like to?

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “The basis of your life is absolute freedom, the goal is joy, and the result of that perfect combination is motion forward, or growth. If you were allowing your cork to float, all good things would flow to you.” If we allowed our cork to float, which is to say, if we let our self feel the natural Joy and Lightness of our true Being, nothing could stop us from seeing and experiencing good things in our life, effortlessly and worry-free.

The singer, songwriter, and penultimate storyteller, Jimmy Buffet, wrote in his song, Son of a Son of a Sailor: “As the son of a son of a sailor; I went out on the sea for adventure; Expanding the view of the captain and crew; Like a man just released from indenture.” We are here in this human environment for adventure. We are here to expand our view of our self and life by living fearlessly free as we step out from within and experience all we can be.

Nothing feels better than when we let our cork pop up to the surface of Life’s sea of adventure and we breathe in the fresh air of freedom. Nothing feels so good as to release our self from being bound by commitments, chained to obligations, and indentured to the need to control things around us and fix things in the world. We expand our view of what’s possible when we let our self be unbound by the conditions and events of this human environment.

That doesn’t mean we have go anywhere physically, but it does mean that we have to free our mind of negativity so that we are more aware of the love, joy, beauty, and peace that can be seen everywhere when our mind is free to see it and we’re uplifted to the vibrations of Joy and Freedom where good things naturally flow to us. We all know that things happen in our personal life and in the world that can, and sometimes do, bring us down. No one is exempt from such happenings. It’s part of the contrast we use to choose, and through our choices become a unique expression of Life. But, how long we stay down is up to us.

Imagine a cork floating on the water, bobbing along with the currents. We could call that happy floating surface a “high vibration.” If a cork is held under water, it won’t float. But the moment it’s freed, it’ll bob right back up again. It doesn’t need to be pushed, pulled or forced in any way. It’s naturally buoyant, and so are we!

The low vibrations of worrying about this and worrying about that, and feeling fearful and anxious, hold our cork down beneath the happy floating surface of the high vibrations that are natural to us, and where our good flows to us unresisted. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You can’t watch out for bad things and allow good things at the same time. It’s vibrationally not possible.”

When we continue to focus on things that don’t bring us joy, as if our being unhappy and worried is going to improve our life and the conditions and situations we’re concerned about, life feels heavy because our cork stays submerged in the low vibrations of unhappiness and lack of energy. We’ll feel pressured by life wherever we are unless we release the negativity that is bringing us down. When we let go of our bag of reasons for not feeling Joy, no matter how justified we feel holding onto it, and when we release our resistance to the Joy of existence, our cork will pop right back up. We’re naturally buoyant and resilient.

We don’t have to effort to raise our vibration. It naturally rises when we stop focusing on thoughts that hold it down. When we free our mind “and let it swim,” we feel our natural buoyancy, and our vibration effortlessly rises, allowing our cork to bob happily along.

It’s been said “Joy is not in things; it is in us.” If we’re not having the ride of our life this time around, and we’d like to, it’s time for us to change our attitude about what this life is for. As Jimmy Buffet might put it: With changes in latitudes and changes in attitudes, nothing remains quite the same. This fine October is the perfect time for us to change our attitude and uplift our vibrational latitude. It’s time to leave our worries behind us to get lost in the memory of our mind where they have no power to pull us down.

In The Way of Knowing we read, “You were created to create. You were created out of an overflow of Joy and Love. Therefore live joyously, live lovingly of yourself.” Think about it! The sea of adventure, the mysterious ocean of Life, was created out of an overflow of Joy and Love, and we’re created to live joyously and lovingly within It. That’s all there is to it, but we muck it up with our opinions, judgements, worries, and concerns.

If we’re created to create, what are we creating as the life we’re living? Are we allowing Joy to float our cork so that good things flow to us? Then good for us! But if we’re still allowing our self to be bound by commitments, chained to obligations, and indentured to the need to control and fix things, wouldn’t it be lovely to expand our view of life in a more positive way? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see more of the good there is see and feel more of the Joy and Freedom we’re created to feel?

Many of us didn’t learn that life is supposed to be an adventure that feels good. We learned early that there were a lot of things expected of us, and not all of them were intended make us feel good. We learned there were things we should do, even if we didn’t want to, if we wanted to do well in life and get along with those around us. But many of us didn’t know what the right thing was until we got in trouble for doing the wrong thing. In this way we learned our lessons the hard way. When we look to someone else to tell us who to be and how to be, life isn’t easy.

But now that we’re all grown up (humanly), we don’t need to learn life’s lessons the hard way anymore…unless we insist! We can listen within to find out who to be and how to be. And, if we do, we’ll discover the natural buoyancy that allows our cork to float and good things to flow to us that surprise and delight us. All we have to do is free our mind of “what ifs,” and stop playing it safe by submerging the naturally adventurous free Spirit within us.

Helen Keller wrote, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Are we ready to let the breezes of Life move us forward so that we can grow and expand while we’re here. What would we say “yes” to today, that we’ve been saying “no” to, if we knew we just can’t go wrong. What if we decided to trust that a good feeling thought, or just a good feeling, was the Power of our Life Force, the Source of our Creation, reminding us of our natural buoyancy and urging us to rise so that we can create a life we enjoy living on the never-ending Sea of Adventure.

We read in The Way of the Heart, “Until you fully decide to come into life as the presence Love and Joy, and to own each moment of your experience as wholly self-created, for no other reason than that you have chosen it from the perfect and infinite freedom of your unlimited being, life has not yet begun.”

You Had Me at Hello

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

In The Book of Luke we read, “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.” For some of us that’s a “yay,” and for some of us that’s a “yikes!” But, either way, it is essential for us to remember that we are Divine Beacons of Light, Holy Transmitters of Energy constantly communicating with the Spiritual-Vibrational Universe in which we live. We are spiritual-vibrational Beings even as we live in this three-dimensional world. We are Energy in form and expression with a physical body; even our skin emits a detectable vibration. No matter how tired or fatigued we may feel at times, we still feel alive, and the Life we feel is the Presence of the Pure Positive Energy that created us and all that exists.

We read in The Science of Mind, “The Infinite of Itself is Formless, but within It are contained all the forms which give expression to It. Spirit is the Limitless within which is all space. Spirit is Timeless within which is all time. This Universal atmosphere is the medium through which all intercommunication takes place on every plane.” We can feel that formless Energy in others, as well as our self, because there is just One Life Force within all that lives. Sometimes we like the energy we feel from others and sometimes we don’t. But we feel it because it exists in us, too.

What we, as an individual life expression, habitually think about becomes the Energy we give out. It becomes our vibrational personality, so to speak, and extrovert or introvert makes no difference to a Universe that feels us all. Who we believe we are right now is out there in the Energy Field we share with everyone else, and we’re all vibrationally talking up a storm with each other whether we aware of it or not, and we are calling experiences to us whether we want to or not. We are more naked vibrationally than we could ever be physically. We can always wear clothes, but there’s nothing we can do to cover up our vibrational self.

The good news is that, paradoxically, who we truly are as an expression of the Pure Source of our creation is out there too, communing like old times with the Universe we came into existence with, the Universe that was created by the same Love that created all of us. The Universe knows the Truth of who are even when we’ve forgotten. Our True Self and our current expression and suppression of It, the Real Deal of who we are and our made-up version, are living simultaneously as us, right where we are.

And even though the Universe isn’t fooled by our pretense, the Law of Attraction is responding to both versions of us because that’s what It does. It’s the Holy Matchmaker, the Vibrational Atmosphere that brings balance to Life and experiences into our life. Just as the Law of Gravity keeps us here on the planet (rather than flying off into space), yet will just as “willingly” help us fall down a cliff if we jump off, the Law of Attraction doesn’t ask questions. It simply does what It does.

It’s function is to match up vibrations. Its motto is “that which is like unto Itself is drawn, like attracts like, what goes around comes around.” The closer we come to living our Divinity through our humanity, i.e., the closer we come to blending our human thoughts, feelings, words, and actions with the Love, Joy and Peace of our Inner Self, the closer we come to living a Life of health, happiness, peace, and positive interactions and inter-communications with all Life. It’s the Life we were originally created to live. But, because we’ve been given freewill, we’re free to think, say and do whatever we choose to, and so we are free to interfere with, and even resist, such a Life.

The Internet works a bit like the Law of Attraction, only the Internet is not even close to being as elegant or flawless in the perfection of its actions. For instance, if we “window shop” for an item we see online that we think we might like, whether or not we lose interest in that item, it will show up again and again on the top or right hand side of whatever page we’re on, whether we’re checking our email or scrolling down our Facebook page. If we click on a particular news story in our newsfeed, we’ll be offered more and more news stories on the same subject, so that it’s easy to believe that is all that’s going on the world. In fact, it’s not a good idea to even “hover” over something out of curiosity because somehow the Internet knows we’re hovering!

The Internet is a good metaphor to remind us to be more aware of the Spiritual-Vibrational-Energetic atmosphere we live in 24/7, and to be more selective about the thoughts we hover over in our mind and what we“click on” as we focus on the world around us. The Law of Attraction doesn’t miss a thing. It listens more attentively, and is far more accurate, than Alexa. It knows what we’re interested in because it senses the vibrations we emit with the thoughts we’re focusing on in our mind and by what catches our curiosity and attention in the world.

Nothing comes to us as experience that hasn’t been invited through the vibration of our thoughts, beliefs, curiosity, and focus. The Law of Attraction is the Law of Mind in action. Whatever we think, believe in, feel, visualize, imagine, read, or talk about—whatever affects or impresses us at all—is going into the Formless Universe and coming back to us as the experiences we call our life. The Law of Attraction is supremely accurate in bringing every experience to us that is an exact match to our vibrational output. It’s more than willing to reveal our thoughts through our experiences because It can’t do otherwise. And, it will seem to us that our experiences of the world is all that is going on in the world.

We are free to think, say and do whatever we choose to, but it’s important to remember that none of it is a secret to a Universe that is always communing with us vibrationally. We read in The Book of Psalms, “Where shall I go from your Spirit and where shall I hide from before you? If I shall ascend to Heaven, there you are, and if I would descend to hell, you are there also!” Everything is known to the Universe and must come to light eventually in physical form in the world unless we change the vibration of our emission by changing our thinking.

The good news is we live in a Universe created by Love that is loving us every moment. Within us all, and available to us all, is all the Love, Joy and Peace we could ever desire to experience. We can choose what we want to experience in the moments of our life by Being loving, joyful and peaceful in the moments of our life, no matter what’s occurring in this 3-D world. We are promised: “Ask and it is given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened.” Love withholds nothing from us.

A line in the movie “Jerry Maguire” goes “You had me at hello.” In the movie, those words were meant to convey: “You don’t need to do or say anything to earn my love. You had my love even before you recognized it.” However, we can’t realize what we don’t recognize. We have to recognize the Love in which we live, and the Love that lives in us, if we want to have a Real Relationship of Love with the Universe and all that exists within It.

In the teachings of Science of Mind, the “first step” of a spiritual mind treatment, or affirmative prayer, is called Recognition. It’s the Recognition that God, the Great I Am, the Absolute, Spirit, Pure Positive Energy, or Liquid Love is the only Presence and Power. Where, indeed, could we go from a Presence that is Everywhere! There’s nowhere to run and no place go, whether we choose to vibe high or choose to vibe low.

We live, move and have our Being in a spiritual-vibrational Universe that waits to be called into form and expression. Recognition is like saying “Hello” to God, to the Love that is Unconditionally there anytime and everywhere. As we do, that’s “step two,” Unification. It is a conscious knowing of our oneness with That which we have been one with all along. The Love of God doesn’t turn off or go away until we’re ready to pray. It is always there and our every thought is a prayer.

We read in The Way of the Heart, “You have not come forth from some mechanical, unthinking force. You have come forth from pure Intelligence. You have come forth from pure Love. You have come forth from a Source beyond all comprehension. You have come forth from the radiance of a Light so bright that the world cannot see it or contain it. You have come forth from that which alone is eternally real. Because you have come forth from It, you are one with It always.”

Love comes into form and expression through us when we recognize Love is all that’s true about us. When we say “Hello” to the Love of God, we recognize the One Relationship we’ve had since before the beginning. And, we realize that no matter what may be going on in our life or in the world, Love will never withhold any good thing from us.

Hooked on the Feeling

Image by Shad0wfall from Pixabay

Joy is natural to us as spiritual beings. When we’re feeling the Joy in Life, we’re in our natural environment. In fact, it’s easy to get hooked on the feeling Joy and want to feel it all the time, in every season of our life. Some say that the Cause of the Big Bang was the Heart of God bursting with Joy. We are the Joy of God made manifest. We are the Beloved of Love, Itself. We are everything to the One Who gives everything.

The autumn equinox, when the sun is shining directly on the equator, and evenly on the northern and southern hemispheres of our planet, is a beautiful reminder of the balance and harmony of the natural world we live in. That the sun isn’t going to physically shine directly on the northern hemisphere of Earth for awhile is all the more reason for us to decide to shine our inner light into the world to make up the difference!

Happiness in our heart is like a bright light shining from the center of our soul, which is always full of Light (day and night). When we’re turned on with feelings of Joy and happiness, we’re feeling the vibration of our own Creation. Joy is the holy elixir that brings health to our body and clarity to our mind.

We may have plenty of reasons not to feel good, and to feel something other than Joy and happiness. This world gives us plenty of reasons to choose from. Our freedom to live an individual expression of Life, and choose how we feel as we live it, is so complete that we’re free to feel happy despite circumstances or miserable because of them. Nothing is more exhausting than carrying around a mind full of reasons not to be happy.

Mooji wrote, “Your heart is the light of this world. Don’t cover it with your mind.” The Lightness of Being that Joy ignites in us shines naturally within us and from us when we’re being true to our spiritual nature that doesn’t need a reason to feel happy, peaceful and unburdened. Our human mind, however, wants reasons to feel those things. And, since this world seems to have gone mental, we have plenty of support for not living from our heart.

There seems to be so much going on that we don’t want going on, personally and in the world, that it seems natural to worry, feel fearful, and doubt our decision-making. The lightness of our happy heart is easily covered with a human mind chock full of reasons to feel unhappy, unpeaceful, and stuck in doubt and fear. French philosopher, Blaise Pascal, wrote: “The heart has reasons that reason cannot know.”

The relationship we have with our human mind is a bit like the one we have with our favorite weather forecaster. He or she offers so much information, given with great sincerity, that we believe it even though it often turns out to be wrong. We’re offered stormy forecasts that seem so true they keep us from planning happy outdoor activities even when the sun is shining. Yet no matter how incorrect the weather report or the thoughts in our head might be, we still listen hoping there’s some truth in there somewhere, and we’ll get some reliable facts to live by.

We try to think our way through decision-making with a human mind that gets its information from past experiences and current appearances. We use what we hear in our head to decide how to live today, even though it’s based on yesterday’s news. We’ve been warned by spiritual teachers for centuries not to judge according to appearances because they are the manifestations of yesterday’s thinking. Appearances aren’t reliable resources if we want to experience something new and un-thought-of before.

But we’re obsessed with what is right before our eyes, and we try to figure out our life, and what to do next, based on what we see. If there was an organization, called TA or OTA, for those addicted to Thinking and Over-thinking, most people in the world would belong to it. How often have we said, or heard someone else say: “I just can’t quiet my mind. I can’t get my thinking under control. How can I expect to meditate when I can’t even sleep at night because my thinking won’t let me.” Most of us have had such thoughts and experiences, and felt like a victim of our own mind, at odds with our self. But if it’s true we can be “at odds with our self,” who is the odd man out? Who is it we’re disagreeing with even when we want to agree and feel at peace?

Addiction is a state of being compulsively committed to a habit or practice, or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming. Very few of us are addicted to the feeling of feeling good. But we could be because it’s in spiritual DNA and we come by it naturally. If we let our head lead the way, we’ll lose our way because it doesn’t know the way, no matter how intensely it tries to convince us that it does, and that it can think things through for us if we just keep thinking long enough.

We use human information to try to decide what to do about a situation, condition, relationship, and everything else that requires a decision. Even though our human mind is filled with ideas and concepts about our self that are limited and untrue, and chock full of things we learned from living this human experience, we focus on the frantic, non-stop bouncing around of thoughts in our head as if all that chaos could help us.

We weigh the pros and cons created by human experiences because we’re sure that up, or down, we’ll know what to do. But just when we think we’ve found the right direction to go, just when we’re sure we know the right decision to make, our human mind can talk us out of feeling good about it with the very next thought.

Our human mind doesn’t know how to be at peace without our help because we’re not its victim, we’re its Master. If we’d just stop trying to justify to our self or others why we’re doing what we’re doing, and if we’d just stop mulling things over after a decision felt good, peaceful and right when it first came to mind, we wouldn’t struggle so much in this life. But it seems that the harder we try not to think, the “thoughtier” we get because we’ve learned be subservient to our human mind and forgotten we’re its Master.

How do we master our mind? For starters, Rupert Spira suggests: “See thoughts like a train that enters a station and then leaves. Be like the station, not like a passenger.” Ever sit down to meditate, and then discover that instead of meditating, you were habitually going over your To-Do list in your head? Or maybe you took a situation into meditation for clarification, but instead of letting go of your thoughts about it, you found yourself ruminating rather than meditating, pondering the problem and trying to solve it in your head? We are one with an Infinite Source Wisdom. It is speaking to us always, but we have to quiet our mind long enough to hear it.

In The Way of the Heart we read, “I cannot find a concept, a word, an idea, a philosophy, or a dogma that can contain the mystery that is closer to you than your own breath and awaits your discovery.” When we base what we think, say and do on the pros and cons of the world, we can’t find the peace of mind we’re looking for because in a world of duality and pairs opposites, every pro has con. It’s been said that we can’t think of two opposing thoughts at the same time, but some of us can get really close.

Weighing this and that is a practice that will drive us crazy, and that isn’t the direction we came into the world to go. The good news is that our Spirit, Soul and Heart knows no opposition or otherness. It’s all Pro and no con at all. Our Inner Being knows we one with that One, and that we are full of Light because our Inner Being dwells in the Light. It shines from within us and guides us to the good we’re looking for through how we’re feeling about what we thinking.

If we’re not peaceful about a decision, it’s not the right decision at that time because there’s some thought in our mind that wouldn’t allow it to be a good decision even if it was one! Whenever we’re not feeling peaceful and happy it’s because we’re at odds with our Inner Being, the Self that is always looking out us, and knows what we want and where it’s at. It shines so bright in our Heart that when we turn to it, by tuning into Its Joy and Peace, we can easily see where we’re going.

As It shines in us, and It communicates with us through peaceful feelings of “Yes, that’s it” That feeling is often so subtle we need to recognize that’s what it is. But when we do, and we see the results when we do, we’ll be hooked on that subtle feeling. When we follow Holy Directions, and do the thing that first felt peaceful when it came to mind, there’s nothing else to do; nothing more to think about and certainly nothing to doubt.

God, Spirit, the Life that lives in us as us is beyond pros and cons. It’s all about the Pure Positive Energy of “Yes,” and we can let go and accept It. Who we truly are, in our essence, is beyond every concept, word, idea, philosophy, and dogma that we hold in our human mind. Rupert Spira wrote, “The greatest discovery in life is to discover that our essential nature does not share the limits nor the destiny of the body and mind.”

We simply need to know we’re the Master, not the victim, of our human mind, and decide to become hooked on the feeling of feeling good. If we’re committed to the habit and practice of feeling unreasonably happy, peaceful and light, we’ll find that we are able to live one happy, loving, peaceful day at a time.

Dumb Luck or Divine Inspiration?

Image by Valentin from Pixabay

Eckhart Tolle wrote, “Your inner purpose is to awaken. It’s as simple as that. You share that purpose with everyone else on the planet because it is the purpose of humanity.” We could say, as John Lennon might put it, our Life’s purpose is what happens within us, often us while we’re busy making other plans.

Nothing’s gone wrong. Everything in this world happens according to the Divine Plan for Creation, and that includes our own life happening whether we are aware of it, or even interested that a Divine Plan is in place. The world of form, of this and that, is designed for our awakening so that we can live a unique version of our true Self on Earth. That’s an amazing purpose! And, we get to decide this time around whether or not to let the Divine Purpose for all Life be the individual purpose for our life.

But as always, we’re free to live in the world, which so often seems like a chaotic mess without purpose, waiting to see what happens to us so that we can deal with it as best we can. We’re free to spend our days struggling to get along in life without an inspired awareness of a Divine Purpose guiding us. But as saying the saying goes, “If you snooze you lose.” It does seem a waste of our Earth time to mentally sleep through it when the point of it all is to awaken to It All.

Some of us may wake up from a physical night’s sleep easily with the faint light of dawn or the subtle sounds of nature; while some of us may require a loud alarm clock to get our attention and let us know morning has broken. I had a friend years ago who told me he set three alarm clocks every night, each set to go off several minutes apart. Then he put the clocks out of reach so he’d have to get up to turn each one off as it went off.

That seemed pretty crazy to me, but is it any crazier than for us to wait until the challenges in our life get so alarming that we feel like we’ve been hit on the head with a two-by-four by the Universe? We can wait until the signs and feelings are impossible to ignore—until pain in our body or chronic anger turns into disease or disability, until unhappiness in our relationships turns into sorrow and loss, or until some other manifestation of things unwanted shows up full-blown in our life—before we decide it’s time to wake up and live as the powerful creative Spiritual Being we are. However, at any point, we’re free to decide to awaken more easily from the dream that we’re separate from the Divine Source of our Life.

If we realized the inner purpose of this human experience is to awaken, and that no one gets a pass on that no matter how many incarnations it takes, we’d pay closer attention to the subtle signs and feelings that are always present to guide us in the Divine Plan for us to live as a Spiritual Being on Earth. In the recording, Grace as Reality,  Jeshua tells us: “In this way almost unbeknownst to you miracles come to replace the struggle and strife of life. You become humble because you realize that none of your perceptions have ever been true or accurate, except the ones inspired by the gentleness of Love that is totally inclusive of all of life.”

To awaken to Spirituality as our Reality is to live without struggling to make the things we want happen in that world, and without striving to make things we don’t want go away. To awaken to Spirituality as our Reality isn’t about trying to do anything. It’s about being the Love that we are wherever we are. It’s as simple as that, if we’d let it be.

We are never without Divine Inspiration because no matter what we do, we’re included in the gentleness of Love’s guidance. In those moments when we are aware that Truth, we naturally release our knee-jerk reactions to the world of happenings. It is easier to let go of our judgements and reactions to what people happen to be doing or what events happen to be occurring. When we know that we share the inner purpose of awakening with everyone else on the planet, then who are we to judge how many alarm clocks anyone needs?

We could say that here at LEC we’re right on purpose. You all show up in person, or live-stream, or videos in between for Sunday Services, many of you take the classes we offer, and most of you hangout and participate in sharing your love and support with each other. It’s easy to see that we are sharing a desire to learn to live as awakened Beings as we walk this Earth, and to experience the happy, positive things that come from living such an awakened life.

As we awaken to a greater awareness of the Spiritual Being of Love we’re created to be, through the eyes of Love, awakened in us as we become aware of our true nature, we are more able to see Creation as It is intended to be. Ramana Maharshi said, “Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render to the world.” Through every divinely inspired moment that we’re aware of. whether we’re together, alone, or we’re out in the world doing whatever we are doing, we become more alive and awake in a world we enjoy being alive and awake in.

To live an inspired life, to live an inspiring life, is to live with the awareness that we are One with a Universe alive as Love, and that nothing else is real or lasting, or truly worth talking about no matter how compelling appearances might be. It’s to be aware that this Universe is loving us every moment, caring for us every moment, and conspiring for us every moment because that same Universal Love is alive in us as our very Existence. And, that Love embraces all of life, wherever we are and wherever we’re not.

To live our inner purpose is to live in peaceful anticipation of positive manifestation no matter what is happening anywhere and everywhere. The word “inspire” literally means to inhale the breath of Life. Breathing is nothing to take for granted. It was the first thing we did as we entered this world and it will be the last thing we do as we leave it. And, in between we can practice breathing with the awareness that we can only breathe in the present moment. We can breathe in with an awareness of the Life within us. And, as we do, that breath will enliven a feeling in us or spark a thought in our mind that is rich, deep and Divinely inspired.

Our being conscious of our breathing regulates our emotions. It brings calmness and peace when we’re disturbed by what’s happening around us, and yet it fills us with a joyous sense of being that is elevated with clarity. It allows miracles to come and replace the struggle and strife of life. Thich Nhat Hanh wrote, “If you live in awareness it’s easy to see miracles everywhere. In moments of inspired awareness an answer or solution may suddenly reveal itself to our mind, or a healing may take place in our body or in a situation around us. And, we would easily identify that revelation or healing as the miracle it is if we were living with the awareness of the miracle we are: a powerful Spiritual Being having a human experience and yet living all the while in Oneness with the Pure Divine Source of all Existence that Loves and guides us.

I saw a short video f someone telling how he wasn’t watching where he was going one day, fell head first into a ditch that luckily was grass-lined, where two one-hundred dollar bills greeted his landing. I thought it was intended be inspirational video until he said “I can’t believe that a stupid move like that could lead to such dumb luck.”  Ever found something you’d been looking for that seemed to suddenly reveal itself in an unexpected place? Ever had a brilliant idea that seemed to come out of the blue? Ever been trying to solve a problem, and when finding a solution seemed to reach a dead end you inadvertently stumbled upon that solution? Ever taken a wrong turn and found yourself in the perfect place to assist someone, or maybe through that wrong turn you discovered a market or a shop you didn’t know was there that turned out to be charming and offer wonderful things?

Do we see the Hand of God in our life while we’re living it? Do we see such experiences as the manifested proof of our Oneness with a Universe of Love loving us, caring for us, and conspiring to bring good things to us? Or do we dismiss such experiences as simply “dumb luck”? We miss the miracles that are everywhere whenever we chalk one up any experience as to dumb luck. We replace the miracles that are natural to us with the struggle and strife of life. We forget this Universe is alive as Love everywhere, and that It’s loving us right where we are—answering our every need and conspiring with us to fulfill our purpose to awaken to the deep richness of Creation that has been created for us by Love Itself.

Nisargadatta wrote, “Love tells me I am everything.” We are everything to the God of Love that created us, and our Inner Being knows that’s true every moment. Our Inner Being knows that the God of Love, which is All that Is, knows that we are wherever we are, and cares about every moment of our life as we live it. We’re always safe, no matter where, no matter what. Our Inner Being knows what God has prepared for us, and if we’d turn within and tune in more often to that Divine Inspiration, we would be guided every time to where good happenings are happening.

How difficult does life need to be before we decide to awaken to our spirituality? How loud do the Divine directions need to get before we decide to follow them? We can decide right now, and every moment from now on, to live an inspired life on purpose and let the gentleness and subtleness of the Love that is our very Existence guide us all the way. Rumi wrote of the Love that lives in us and in all that lives:

I am so close, I may look distant.
So completely mixed with you, I may look separate.
So out in the open, I appear hidden.
So silent, because I am constantly talking with you.