Make Room for the New

Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

As we know 2023 has come to an end. Albert Einstein famously said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” I’m sure that it will come as no surprise to any of us that if we want the new year ahead to be new at all, it’s not only impractical and counterproductive, it’s not possible for us to do the same things in 2024 as we did in 2023 if we want different results. If we repeat the same old thoughts that didn’t bring as much peace to our mind or joy to our experiences as we wanted this past, then we’d be crazy to think we’ll get different results in 2024 by thinking the same things again.

We know, or at least suspect, the thinking that likely got in our way last year and in past years—those habits of thought we knew required our attention in order to change them that we ignored anyway; and those undisciplined thoughts that caused sloppy thinking that made us wishy-washy in creating the life we want to live. Perhaps our intention to think good feeling thoughts, and our attention to that intention, fell by the wayside.

Maybe we let our mind get distracted by the news media, or bored with our own repetitious thinking, or tired of the same way of living. So we let our mind wander off, willy-nilly, in some direction that was counterproductive to our desire to feel good as we live this life. We focused more often on what we didn’t want than we did on remaining dedicated to a focus on the good life we wanted (and still want).

It’s a brand new year, a brand new month, a brand new day, and a brand new moment. And, the wonder of it all is that we’re here, right now, teetering on the edge of something new, alive with a boundless potential within us for creating that which has yet to be experienced by us.

There is a knowing Self within us that we often refer to as our Inner Being. It always calls us to express a more expansive version of our self on Earth. It tells us “It’s time to create something new in your life.” Nothing could be more symbolic of the time to create something new in our life than the arrival of a fresh new year?

But we have to make room for the new in our mind if we want to experience it in our life. It’s like our wanting new furniture in our house but not getting rid of the old furniture so that there’s no place to put the new. We have to let go of whatever old thoughts have been cluttering our mind and manifesting in our life, so that we’re able to manifest something new.

The good news is that we don’t have to be an Einstein to release the same old thoughts we’ve been thinking over and over again, and to allow new thoughts to bring us different results. We just need to be ready and excited for something new and more expansive to come into our experience. Then we need to be willing to pay attention to the thoughts in our mind that feel the best when we focus on them so the new can get through. It’s our mind and we’re the Master of it.

The question we might want to ask our self, while our life pulsates with the creative energy of the new year ahead, is found in The Way of Transformation: “Finding myself here in this moment, can I remember that I am free to see things differently; that I am free to look lovingly upon the world?” We’re able to see things differently when our mind is free from the clutter of thoughts, opinions and judgements that keep the world we see from changing.

A loving view of the world comes into our view through a mind that’s been cleared first of self-judgment, and then freed from fearful thoughts of “what if,” so that it is aglow with the lightness of “why not.” A loving view comes through eyes that look out at the world from a mind no longer convinced it knows what others should or shouldn’t do.

Today is an opportunity for us to catch a glimpse of a brand new world and to become aware of the new self-expression we want to bring into the new year by making room in our mind for that expansiveness. Our Burning Bowl Ceremony, or as Dennis Merritt Jones often calls it, “the burning bull ceremony,” will begin in just a few minutes. It offers us a good place to start un-cluttering our mind by burning the bull—those deceptive, distorted and false ideas we’ve been holding onto (for who knows how long?) that have been getting in the way and spoiling our view of our self and the world. Rumi wrote, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Any lasting change to our habits of thought must feel real within us before that change expresses as something truly new in our outer experiences. We’ve heard it said that we see world not as it is, but as we are. Are we ready to burn a little bull by releasing our excuses for recreating the same ol’ experiences again in this coming year? Are we ready to release at least one belief that has been keeping us so focused on “what has been” that there isn’t enough room for “what can be” in our mind? Are we ready to seek and find at least one barrier and let it go so that our mind is open to more clarity about who we are and what life is for?

If not now, when? We read in the Book of 2 Corinthians, “Behold, now is the acceptable time; and behold now is the day of salvation.” Are we ready to save our self from a new year that’s a repeat of the old one?

The Sound of Silence

Image by Ralf Kunze from Pixabay

Dr Marcus Bach, ordained Unity minister and prolific writer, wrote in one of his many books, Because of Christmas, “Because of Christmas we feel the fellowship of kindred spirits, of something deeper than the gift that is been given. And, we know instinctively that beyond the frenzy of it all, a hopeful quiet lies ahead gift-wrapped in a day of peace when the world is strangely still and we are conscious of our deepest self.” Does that sound like the Christmas Day you’re expecting to experience tomorrow?

It’s not too late to set your intention on a day of Peace tomorrow by being that Peace today. As the saying goes “Now is a gift. That’s why we call it ‘The Present.’” By now most of the hustle and bustle leading up to Christmas Day is behind us. Only the preparation of Christmas dinner (perhaps) or the partaking of it lies ahead. We can choose to unwrap the gift of a day of peace by allowing our mind to be naturally still, so that we’re conscious of our deepest self.

There is a Spirit of Christmas, a Spirit of Joy to the world, a Spirit of Peace on Earth that brings goodwill to our self-expression. The Spirit of Christmas calls to us from our deepest self. If we stay open to that call, no matter what we’re doing and no matter what’s going on around us, we’ll savor every moment of Christmas Day rather than wishing It away and finishing the day with a sigh of “Well that’s done for another year!”

Author, Dennis Merritt Jones, wrote in one of his many articles, “What if we could celebrate Christmas all year long because It seems to bring out the best in most of us.” He said that he wished the seasonal good cheer that is here this time of year could be a daily experience for all us, between strangers, neighbors, family, friends, and coworkers all year long.

Along with deciding what ingredients we’ll put into the dishes we serve Christmas Day, we get to decide what qualities of our deeper self we’ll add to the ingredients as we’re preparing it. What is the secret ingredient that makes Christmas such an honored celebration around much of the world? Dennis wrote: The answer is clearly Love. The gift giving, bright lights, great food, and festive music may help stimulate good feelings, but it’s the Love that ascends from that quiet place within our deepest self that brings out the best in us.

Dennis suggested that when we enter the Christmas of the heart we discover a transformational doorway that leads to a deeper experience of our self. Love seems to rise up from the deep within us and live closer to the surface of our life. Our sense of humanity, based on our belief that we’re only a separate human, dissolves into an awareness of our divinity. We experience our unity and spiritual harmony with others, and we become more clearly aware of our oneness with God and all of Creation. In this way Christmas becomes a sacred remembrance of who we are and what’s truly important. “We” becomes far more important than “me.”

If we let It, the Spirit of Christmas will bring a stillness to our mind in the midst of a noisy Christmas Day celebration, and an inner peace beyond our human understanding. Rumi wrote, “You have more Love inside you than you could ever understand.” True knowledge is in the Silence beyond words or human understanding. Silence is a resting place for our mind and the forever home of our heart. To even try to understand It or define It interrupts the Sound of It. When our mind tells us what Silence is, Silence is lost in the noise of our thinking. Silence isn’t a concept, It’s an experience.

However, though It may be wordless, Silence isn’t empty. It’s full of the Pure Energy of Love and a Peace that passes all human understanding. It’s been said, “Silence has never once had a single opinion about anything and yet remains eternally at peace.” Silence is ready to be unwrapped in any moment we decide to quiet our human thoughts about who we and others are because we’ve judged who we’ve all been. It’s experienced whenever we let go of our opinions about what life is for because of how it’s been so far. We can only be conscious of our deepest self when our surface self isn’t making waves or troubling the waters.

There is a story about the daughter of a King who asked for only one thing her birthday, which was to hear the loudest sound in the Kingdom. So her father, who loved her very much, searched and searched. And, after considering many loud and noisy things, he decided that the thing that made the loudest noise was the human voice. So he commanded all the Kingdom to shout at precisely noon on the day of his daughter’s birthday.

When the hour came, the daughter stood on the balcony of the castle so that she could fully hear the loudest sound. But she wasn’t the only one who wanted hear that sound. Many of the people of the kingdom wanted to hear it too. So they individually, and secretly, decided not to shout but to listen so they could hear it. In fact, everyone, everywhere in the kingdom, made the same secret decision. So, when the time came no one uttered a word or made a sound. And, the Sound of Silence filled air with such profound Peace that all the kingdom experienced It together.

It’s easy to be fooled into thinking that Silence is empty and that It can’t be felt. But we’ve only to experience It once to know It’s full of Peace we undeniably feel. It is a Peace that pulsates with Life and Existence in harmony with Itself. It is a Peace that carries a vibration full of unlimited potential for the creation of beauty and goodness that has not yet been thought of before. In other words, It is full of the vibration of unthought thoughts ready to be translated by us and fill our mind with new thoughts, and a new awareness that causes new words and becomes new actions that transform our life and the world in which we live.

Silence carries a powerfully potent Flow of Wisdom that is much greater than the power of words. Whenever we are able to fade out the noise in our mind if only for a moment, we find that we’re immersed in an endless ocean of knowledge. Yet It flows with a Peace that passes our understanding and a Love beyond reason; a Love that has no opinion about who deserves Love; a Love that quietly IS—unresisted, unrestricted and unconditional. The Silence of Love gives shape to our self-expression and our every thought, word and action in any moment we choose Its quiet peace over our noisy mind.

Marcus Bach wrote, “Someday a special genius will come along with a plan, a system, and a technique for extending the supernormal magic of Christmas Day into weeks and months and eventually into a year, bridging the gap from Christmas to Christmas until we say, ‘Why didn’t someone think of this a long time ago?’” It could be that we’re trying to think of It rather than to listen for It in our deepest self. It could be that the plan is so simple and the system so uncomplicated that there are no words to conceive of It or convey It once It’s been conceived.

Talking about Spirit of Christmas as if It’s something outside of us, or merely a seasonal Presence that only comes once a year, won’t get us anywhere. We’re created to feel It within us and to be It on Earth in every season. Unconditional Love is the gift wrapped inside of us. It’s up to us to open up our deepest self and give It away every day. But, we can only do that one moment at a time by listening within us to the Sound of Silence.


Fulfilling the Prophecy

Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

Did you know that the ancient birth of Christ Jesus on Earth is celebrated today by more than two billion people in more than 160 countries around the world? Many consider Christmas to be the most important holiday of the year. In fact, here in the US nine out of ten people celebrate Christmas even if they’re not of the Christian Faith.

Talk about the power of intention! Jesus focused his heart, soul and mind only on seeing Christ in himself and all others, and so he saw no separation between God and humankind. With no other intention but to see Christ everywhere, he became the Presence of Christ on Earth wherever he was because he beheld Christ on Earth wherever he was.

We read in A Course in Miracles, “The name of Jesus is the name of one who was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God. So he became identified with Christ, a man no longer but at one with God.” To “re-member” is to bring all members together as one, which in this case is to see all that exists as members of God’s One Creation. The holy vibration of Christ Awareness that confirms the Oneness of all existence has never left the Earth.

As we become aware of the Christ in us and everyone else (no matter who, no matter what) the same Vibration of Christ Consciousness, the Son of God aware of his Sonship with God, heals today as It did in the time of Jesus. Such awareness reveals to us the Love, Joy and Peace that lives in us as us and is Present all around us. We read in The Way of Transformation, “Let that be the foundation from which your life expresses itself, so that you begin to think with Christ, so that you begin to breathe with Christ, so that you begin to envision with Christ.” When we do, as we do, whenever we do, in those moments we become aware there is no separation between the human forms and personalities expressed on Earth and the God of Creation, the Pure Source Energy of Love that is always Present as one Self within all.

Such an awareness heals us physically, mentally and emotionally because it reveals our True Self that is already perfect and whole. The Power of Christ present as Jesus is the very same Power that will guide us to the inevitable fulfillment of our purpose for being our Self on Earth. Thich Nhat Hanh wrote, “I think God is on Earth, inside every living being. What we call “the divine” is none other than the energy of awakening, of peace, of understanding, and of love, which is to be found not only in every human being, but in every species on Earth.”

The life of Christ Jesus fulfilled his own self-prophecy to live as one with God on Earth. Yet, at same time, his intention was so powerful that it fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament, some written more than 700 years before his birth. What does that have to do with us today? Will our birth on Earth be celebrated by more than two billion people 2,000 years from now? It doesn’t matter because our birth on Earth is already celebrated by God (and all the angels). We are God’s Happiness in form and expression. There’s power in our intention, too, and the power of fulfillment in our own self-prophecies.

We’ve likely all heard the term ‘self-fulfilling prophecy,’ but we may not know how it works, or think of it as having to do with us or it’s something that happens all time in our life even without our awareness. Though self-fulling prophecies have been happening as all the experiences of humankind since humankind began, the term “self-fulfilling prophecy” originated in social psychology in 1948. Today we call it “setting our intention.”

A self-fulfilling prophecy, as defined by psychologists, “occurs when a prediction brings about its own fulfillment.” What does that mean? It means that our expectations of how life goes for us impacts our behavior and our behavior impacts our life experiences, i.e., what goes around, comes around. The simplest example, offered by psychologist, Dr. Susan Albers, is one we’re all familiar with: that gut feeling we’re going to have a bad day. If we predict that we’re going to have bad day, we might start out in the morning dragging our feet. We’re not in the mood to get started on such a day. We’re already in a bad mood because just the gut feeling that it’s not going to be a good day puts us in one.

So if we stub our toe on the way to the bathroom or to get a cup of coffee, we see that as confirmation: “Yep, it’s definitely going to be a bad day.” Then maybe as we’re walking down the street, and it’s a nice day outside, and one or two people smile at us, and even though right then and there we have an opportunity to change our mood and attitude, we don’t. So, as we walk into a Starbucks and a third person bumps into us and spills their coffee on our clothes, we see it as a sign. According to Dr. Albers, this could cause us to discount the pleasant experiences we’ve had in order to confirm the negative expectation we’ve been building for the day.

A Course in Miracles asks us, “Do you prefer that you be right or happy?” Sometimes it seems we’d rather be right! A bad mood, if we don’t change it, impacts how we act toward our self and others in the moments of our day. It causes our prediction for the day to manifest simply because we’re aligned with our beliefs about the day. Other people react to us in a negative way because they’re ready (because of their own mood) to react to the negativity we’re putting out. What we put out, we get back!

Our experiences are done unto us through us as we believe because when we believe something to be true about the day or anything else, we act as if it were true and our actions double down on our predictions about how life goes for us. This isn’t anything new to us. We know that it’s what we focus on and don’t discount or let go of in our day that creates our experiences of the day. Our mood and attitude affects what we see and what we don’t see. A bad mood, or a good mood, is looking for a way to express, and we become the way it does just that.

But what if bad mood is based on feeling it’s not the day that’s bad, it’s us. How we see our self in life affects our attitude about life, and our self-fulfilling prophecies confirm it for us because that’s what we expect from life. How often do we think of our self in negative, limited ways? How often do we compare our self to others? How often do we not see own beauty and preciousness? How often do we predict our own failures with our beliefs that we’re not capable enough, good enough, smart enough, and definitely not worthy enough? Then when something seems to go wrong, it seems to confirm for us that it’s true about us. How often do we discount our successes as nothing, as too small and meaningless, in order to confirm the negative expectation we’ve been building for our self with all the evidence we’ve collected in our life to prove it’s true?

The good news is our gut goes both ways! It also tells us that it’s going to be a good day, a great day, whenever we’re feeling good about our self in life. When we begin our day we’re already in good mood because just the gut feeling that it’s going to be a good day puts us in one. We start out in the morning eager to begin our day, filled with positive expectations that will become self-fulfilling prophecies throughout our day. If we stub toe we don’t let that discount our good feeling. We continue to affirm: “Yep, it’s going to be a good day in every way.”

If we’re walking down the street, whether or not it’s a nice day outside, when one or two people smile at us we see them reflecting back to us the goodness of the day. If we walk into a Starbucks and someone bumps into us and spills coffee on our clothes, we do our best to help that person not to feel so bad that it happened. We make a friend, or at least not an enemy, and we feel good that we still feel good.

We read in the Book of Job, “You will declare a thing and it will be established for you, and light will shine on your ways.” And, in that light we will see every positive or negative self-fulfilling prophecy as it manifests for us. So the question is: “What are we declaring as our self, for our self, this day so that this day is a declaration for the days to come? What prophecies are we making right now about how things will go for us that will be fulfilled, if not today then before long? It doesn’t even matter if we started out this day in bad mood. If we’re ready to think up a better mood, it’ll bring about a better day.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “If you knew your potential to feel good, you would ask no one to be different so that you can feel good. You would free yourself of all of that cumbersome impossibility of needing to control the world, or control your mate, or control your child. You are the only one who creates your reality. For no one else can think for you, no one else can do it. It is only you, every bit of it you.” No one can make a self-fulfilling prophesy for us. We’re the self that does it all.

If our life is reflecting a visible or visceral improvement this year, if we’re manifesting what we want or feeling the good energy of its being on the way, then it’s likely we’ve been seeing our true Self in the Light. The Divine Energy of good feeling thoughts always goes before us filling our days with the good we want to experience.

If we’ve been practicing thinking, saying and doing those things that feel good, we’ve been embracing our true Nature, the Self in us that always knows how beautiful, precious and loved we are, just as we are. That Self always predicts a good day and is right where we, ready to fulfill the prophecy of Christ on Earth through us. We read in A Course in Miracles, “The journey to God is merely the reawakening of the knowledge of where you are always and what you are forever.”

On My Father’s Side

I was curios the other day about where the saying “under the weather” came from and what it originally meant. So as they say, when in doubt “google it.” This is what I found: “When a sailor became ill or seasick, often because of violent weather conditions, that sailor was sent below deck to the most stable part of the ship, which was under the weather rail. It was the below-deck area on the side of boat that faces the wind. The original phrase ‘under the weather rail’ was shortened to the idiom ‘under the weather’.”

Today its part of our communication with each other, like the simile, “He’s like a bull in a china” (which means he rushes around too fast, doesn’t watch what he’s doing, and is clumsy). Or the metaphors, “You’re a peach” (which doesn’t mean someone’s a piece of fruit), or “time is money” (which means don’t waste it). Since we all know what we mean when we say these things, the original meaning doesn’t matter, unless we’re simply curious.

But sometimes the original meaning of something does matter (whether we’re curious or not) because some things mean something different than we think they do. And, they become much more clear, and mean so much more to us, when we understand the intention behind the words we hear.

Over the centuries, right up to the present day, inaccurate translations and interpretations of many things have caused confusion, and misunderstandings of customs and concepts here in our country and around world have led to conflict. And, it would seem that no mistranslations, misinterpretation and misunderstandings are more divisive than where the Bible is concerned.

The Bible is filled with idioms, metaphors and similes. They were intended to make complex spiritual Truths more simple to understand by the people for whom the Bible was written. Just as Shakespeare or Browning spoke and wrote in the vernacular of English-speaking people, Moses, the prophets, and the apostles spoke and wrote for their own communities in the vernacular of the Aramaic language, which included plenty of idioms, and over 250 of them are in the Bible. These sayings were used because they were familiar to the people of that time. In that way, even the unlearned and unschooled might understand.

When it came to the teachings of Jesus, he rocked at using parables (allegorical stories), similes (this is “like” that), and metaphors (this is that in Nature), to help to explain deep Truths that were beyond words, by using words people of that day could recognize and hopefully be led to deeper spiritual understanding.

Most of the people Jesus spoke to were farmers, fishermen, and simple country people, so he told them “The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure which is hidden in a field, which a man discovered and hid, and because of his joy, he sold everything he had and bought that field.” He told them, “The kingdom of heaven is like a net which was thrown into sea and it gathered fish of every kind.”

When speaking of God and God’s One Creation, Jesus used metaphors, i.e., this is that in Nature. He said “God is our Father and Christ is the Son of God.” His followers understood God as a Father from whom they could receive something good because back in those days a man received whatever he had, or would ever have, from his earthly father’s lineage. Why not inherit from God, the Heavenly Father, once they got to heaven! Jesus used the idea of father because in those times no one received anything from there mother because women didn’t own anything to give.

But the word “Father”—meant to convey the Heavenly Source from which all that exists comes or will ever come; meant to convey the Pure Positive Energy of Love from which all that live inherit All that Is—the word “Father” left many then (and now) with a concept of God as a masculine Being, even a Big Guy in the Sky, separate from themselves, rather than the Nonphysical Source Energy of Life that is neither male or female, but both just the same, and gives to all alike.

So rather than an experiential sense of their oneness with the Pure Vibration of Love that created them, the Love that would love them and All that Is eternally, and rather than understanding that all Earthly beings are Spiritual Beings born of God, and merely having a human experience while still remaining inseparable from the Life of God because everything Is the Life of God expressing, because of their own separate human self-identification, many still believed they, themselves, were separate from the world around them and separate from God. And, therefore, God was only the Father of Jesus.

When Jesus talked about the Christ, the one Son of God, he was talking not only about the Life within him, but the Life within All. He was talking about Christ as the Eternal Ever-expanding Creation that originated in God before time. He said of Christ, “Timeless truth I speak to you, before Abraham was, I AM.” He was speaking of the birth of the One Son of God, the One Creation that existed even before birth of Earth. Jesus was so clear about Christ as the One Creation, as the Infinite Universal I AM that is everywhere Life is)-expressing Itself forever even as himself, that he said “I AM light, I AM the vine, I AM the way, the Truth and the Life.”

We read in A Course in Miracles, “In his complete identification with the Christ, the perfect Son of God, His one creation and His happiness, forever like Himself and One with Him, Jesus became what all of you must be.” But when Jesus said I AM (without ego), fully aware that all life must be the Christ, because no one else thought of themselves in the same way Jesus did, most misunderstood then and many believe now that Jesus was talking only about himself.

We all have physical traits that we attribute to our earthly father. For example, I attribute my brown eyes and olive skin to my dad because my mom had gray eyes and fair skin. If someone were to tell me that I got my brown eyes from the neighbor down street and my olive skin from my first grade teacher, of course I wouldn’t believe them! We all know it’s not possible to inherit any physical traits from anyone other than our parents and family lineage.

But do we know that it’s not possible for us to inherit anything in reality, not even the “use” of our physical form, from anywhere other than our Father’s side, the non-physical Energy of Love that created us? How often do we speak of our self in negative and limited ways? How often do we not see our own beauty and preciousness? How often do we say, “I’m not capable enough, good enough, smart enough, wealthy enough, worthy enough, and besides there’s not time enough for me to live the Life I want to live?”

When we believe that who we are is limited to this Earth life and to our past experiences, we’re “under the weather.” We’re feeling a little “off” from our Natural state of feeling good. We’re not experiencing the Well-Being that belongs to us as the expression of God’s Creation on Earth. It’s not a permanent condition. In fact it’s an illusion. But it will stay with us until we feel better about our self and accept who we truly are: God’s one Creation. His happiness, forever like Himself and One with Him.

On our Father’s Side we’re the non-physical Energy of Love, Joy and Peace, inseparable from our Origin forever. We’ve come here, on the physical side of things, to express the Love of God in form, the Joy of Creation in manifestation, and the Presence of Peace on Earth. On our Father’s Side is the most stable part of the Earth ship we’re on. When we take refuge there, in the Truth beneath what appears to be, we’re far less disturbed by the happenings around us no matter how rocky they may get. When we’re aware of who we truly are, if only for a moment, that awareness allows the Truth about us to express as us, and as It does, there’s no mistaking Who we take after.

Paulo Coelho wrote, “We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” We have inherited the Earth, along with the rest of All that Is, as an amazing time-space environment in which we get to express more and more of the Life we are together—the One Self on a cosmic journey forever, born of God before Time began.

If we don’t accept that we’re born of God, and live as that holy One and see that One in everyone, then this Christmas truly will be only about Jesus. And, though his was a miraculous Earth life expression and worthy of a singular celebration, if we are to live our Truth as the Son of God on Earth, then we need to know that our life on Earth is worthy of celebration, too!

Do You Talk to Yourself?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It’s December, the last month in the year 2023. Our theme this year is “It’s 2023, I’m Free Free Free!” It’s true every year, but did we remember it’s true this year? Whether we did or didn’t remember, still we’ve all been using our freedom, one way or another, to create our life experiences this past year, and year after year right on up to this moment.

As Abraham Hicks reminds us, “The basis of your life is absolute freedom. You are so free, you can choose bondage,” which is to say, we are free to choose fear, limited self-expression, and to judge the world, and every person, event and condition within it, according to appearances. It’s easy thing to do. All we need to do is look around us and point (even if we’re pointing at our own body), then give whatever we see the status of concrete reality, and react to it. Living in bondage causes us to limit our life to what the world offers us as experience, and to live as a victim, vulnerable to a world we believe is outside of our perception.

Thank God we are also free to see the world differently, which is to say, from an unlimited spiritual perspective that doesn’t rely on what’s already here to see, but on what can be revealed to us spiritually. There’s nothing in this world that is concrete or written in stone that can’t change if we change our mind. Living in freedom causes us to live as a deliberate chooser of our experiences and a conscious creator of our life because we are aware that what we see comes from within us. We’re not limited to what this world offers us as experience because we know we’re offered unlimited choices as a spiritual being, even as we live in this world.

We read in The Way of Transformation, “You have been anointed with the ability to choose what you would wish to see. And thereby imbued with the power to create, you abide freely in each moment. This freedom is completely unobstructed and unchangeable forever. It is in your freedom that you think what you think, you see what you see, you feel what you feel—even in your third-dimensional reality.” Freedom is natural to us as Spiritual Beings. Having a human experience allows us to practice our freedom of choice in time and space, and see our choices in 3d! Time and Space is an excellent place for us to see our thoughts become things. In this way we realize that all that we think, all that we see, and all that we do is not the result of that which comes to us, but the result of that which comes from us.

We can still go out with a bang as 2023 comes to an end. It’s never too late, no matter the date, to embrace the freedom that belongs us and to choose something new even before the new year begins. The Way of Transformation tells us, “You are in the holiest of temples – your Self. You abide in the perfect moment for your transformation. Nothing limits you at all, or at any time.” Every moment is that perfect moment. Every moment is an opportunity for us to be the One, the Self, we are created to be.

Do you talk to yourself? It’s been said, “You’re not crazy if you talk to yourself or if you answer yourself-You’re only crazy if you interrupt your own conversation.” But, if we don’t like the way a conversation is going in our head, we are free to interrupt it by changing the subject! Most of us talk to our self, but have we ever stopped to wonder who we’re talking to when we’re the only one there? In this world of duality it may sometimes seem that there’s two of us where only one of us appears to be. But, perhaps, we talk to our self because we have an innate sense that there is more to our Self than meets the eye.

Sacred texts, and current spiritual thought, remind us that the greater part of us remains nonphysical—formless Energy, Spirit, Soul—that is still present within us as us even in this 3-dimensional world. We came here to demonstrate our Oneness with that “Greater Part”—to express our true Self as the Love of God in form, the Joy of Creation in manifestation, and the Presence of Peace on Earth. We only get into trouble only when we mistake that Self for a self we believe is separate from the God of Creation.

We’re all familiar with that self—the one who believes it’s us against world and that nobody understands us, the one that’s been around the block a few times, the one who is self-protective, defensive, judgmental, arrogant, competitive, with a need to be right so we’ll feel better about that self for a hot minute. But what good does it do us to talk to that self when the only answers and guidance we’ll get is based on our past experiences and the appearances of this world? How can such a self guide us to new awareness of what’s possible for us, and lead us to a more expanded experience of the good life created for us to live more of, when it only knows this life so far?

We know we’re talking to that self when the answers we get, and the thoughts that come to us, don’t feel good even though we agree with them. George Carlin said, “The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.” That’s true for all of us. If something good is said to us, or about our self and life, that doesn’t feel true to us from our human point of view, we don’t accept it, even though what we’re accepting and experiencing instead doesn’t feel good.

That’s when faith comes in (often a huge leap of faith) in the Unseen but not un-present Spiritual Reality that allows us to accept the Truth about our Self without physical proof: We are a child of God, the offspring of Love, an unlimited Spark of Divine Light and Cosmic Consciousness, here to play like children in this 3-dimensional reality. Our Inner Being, the holiest temple of Love, always wants us to have a good time, and looks out for us not because we could be a victim of the world that needs protecting, but because we are a Spiritual Being that needs expressing.

Our Inner Being, that greater part of us, exists now and forever as us in the Light of Truth and the Love of God. Every time we think, we’re talking to that Self. But our true Self exists in a vibration where our negative thoughts can’t enter. Our Inner Being is never going to agree with our negative thoughts, or guide us to think, say or do anything that isn’t good for us and good for all. The good news is that our Inner Being always knows what we really want, even when we’re angry, frustrated or afraid. It knows our heart’s desire, and the desire of our heart is always for something good because it’s always based on Love.

When we talk to our Self, and a thought comes that feels good, or a feeling comes without a thought, we know we’re talking to the right Self—our Christ Self, the One our outer self can choose to live as on Earth. We read in The Way of Transformation, “The power of the freedom of choice is the essence of Christ. This is why it is always true that freedom is closer to you than your own breath. That freedom is the reality of your being.”

Abraham-Hicks calls our living consciously aware that we are one with our Inner Being, a “Blended Self.” It is the fullness of who we are, the Inner shining through the outer, not a loss but an eternal gain. It is the Self that knows that all Life is One Life and that there is no separate self anywhere. It’s the Christ in us that recognizes the Christ in all that lives even in this 3-dimensional reality.

When we live as a Blended Self, we live from the inside out, full of our Self in all our Glory! There’s no need to defend our self, prove our self, or to define our self with stories because we know how precious we are, just as we are. We’re able to appreciate good everywhere—all expressions of abundance, creativity and beauty without worrying about whether its ours or someone else’s. We graciously make room for another’s viewpoint as well as our own, and the more room we make in our mind, the more spacious and expansive we feel

We are created to expand and extend the Universe of Love through our unique expression of the One Self of Creation. We are now, and forever, in the holiest of temples, the One Self expressing as our Self. There will never be another self we can, in Truth, call our Self because Its our true Being. That must have been what Dr Seuss was thinking about when he wrote, “Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You-er Than YOU.”

How Big is Your Allowance?

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual. It is surprising how contented one can be with nothing definite – only a sense of existence.” Thanksgiving Day may be behind us, but our existence isn’t, and when we’re grateful we exist, when we’re grateful we’re alive, our thanksgiving becomes perpetual while we live it—a continuous “thank you” fills the moments of our life.

When we appreciate our life, whether we’re thinking about certain people or particular things around us, and when we look around us and appreciate particular people and things we see, it’s easy to feel grateful. In fact, it’s easier to feel grateful in particular than it is to feel grateful in perpetuity, i.e., to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in general, grateful for nothing definite but our own sense of existence.

A perpetual attitude of gratitude includes our being grateful even before we see something or someone to be grateful for; it’s living in ungrounded positivity; it’s being miracle-minded; it’s seeing Life Itself, and our self in Life, as the miracle It is. We are Loved perpetually by a Universe that is loving everything within It, and everything within It is Love, including you and me.

Eckhart Tolle wrote: “You are not IN the Universe, you ARE the Universe, an intrinsic part of It. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the Universe is becoming conscious of Itself. What an amazing miracle.” In any moment that we become aware of our true Nature, in any moment we become conscious of our Self as a Being of Love, in that moment we experience our Oneness with the Universe of Love, and that moment is miraculous. Healings occur in such a miraculous moment, forgiveness occurs in such a miraculous moment, the abundant good that’s always Present is revealed to us in such a miraculous moment.

Miracles are everywhere, all the time. We read in A Course in Miracles, “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.” But to live each moment aware that it’s miraculous might feel overwhelming to us. We may wonder how much good we can allow our self to experience in this life without feeling like a spiritual Farmer in the Dell: With a miracle miracle here, and a miracle miracle there, here a miracle, there a miracle, everywhere a miracle miracle. How can we live a normal human life with that kind of thinking in a world that often seems mundane at best, and so very unmiraculous with its contrasts, conflicts and opposites?!

But miracles only seem unnatural and overwhelming to us if we’ve gotten out of the habit of naturally feeling good about Life, and our self in Life, all the time, no matter what—grateful for what we are, grateful for what we have, grateful for what was, grateful for what is, and grateful for what’s next. Perpetual thanksgiving is feeling good about life as we live it. It’s feeling happy we’re alive to experience existence at all.

But if we’re waiting for something in particular to show up that hasn’t shown up yet or if we’re having a personal challenge, and with all the things going on in the world, how can we be content with nothing definite but our own sense of existence? How can we remain positive until what we’re wanting to show up, shows up, in our individual life or the world around us? If we walk around feeling good, and expressing happiness and positivity perpetually, we’d not only be irritating to many, but appear crazy to most! Friedrich Nietzsche wrote: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

The Pure Positive Energy of Life, the Holy Vibration of Joy that fills Universe of which we’re all intrinsic part, is always emanating dance music, meditation music, a love song, but we have to allow our self to have ears to hear it. When our head is filled with noise caused by our focus on negative conditions and events, there’s discord in our mind. Gratitude for what we are and have, and contentment with nothing definite, opens our inner ears to the Sound Track of the Universe.

There’s no danger to our sanity for us to live in perpetual thanksgiving, with a mind aware of constant miracles, because that is our true Nature. Joy is a gift of our Spirit, an attribute of the Energy of the Universe. Joy naturally flows to us every moment, and as us when we allow It to. The danger to our sanity isn’t too much Joy, it’s too much judgment, too many opinions, and too much unworthiness that doesn’t allow us to accept the miracle Life is and the miracle we are within It.

When we’re underwhelmed by Life, and when we’re underwhelmed being our self, we don’t allow our True Nature to enter our awareness. And, such unawareness of the goodness Life affects our experience of health and well-being, our relationships with others, and our encounters with everything we call Life. Without appreciation and gratitude for what we are and what we see around us, life holds no meaning.

In the Aramaic Bible, in the Book of Mark, we read: “For how is a man benefited if he should gain the whole world and he should lose his own soul.” What good does it do us for others to appreciate us if we don’t appreciate being our self? What does it matter what position we hold in the world or in our family, or how many possessions we have, if we’re not happy and content living Life?

There is more than enough Love living in us to meet our desire to perpetually live as the loving Being we’re created to be. There is more than enough Joy in our soul to lighten every step in this human experience. Eckhart Tolle wrote, “The joy of Being, which is the only true happiness, cannot come to you through some form, possession, accomplishment, person, or event, through something that happens. This joy cannot come to you ever. It emanates from the formless dimension within you, from your own consciousness, and therefore is one with who you are.”

We experience the Good Life by discovering we’re an intrinsic part of the Good Life, and by living as who we are no matter how “unrealistic” others may think we are. The Good Life, the God Life, is the only living Reality within all Life—no exceptions regardless of circumstances or behaviors. Perpetual thanksgiving is the cure for Divine Dementia, i.e., we remember that Life is good (and so are we) after all! We’re happy and content with a sense of our own existence, grateful we’re alive! We realize Life is a Joyful Miracle because we feel that Joy within us for no reason at all except we exist to feel It!

Our gratefulness allows the Joy that is, the same Joy that burst forth from God as Creation, to burst forth in us. Ever feel so happy you felt like you were bursting at the seams, so to speak? In that moment you were feeling the Joy of God expanding you so that more of YOU could come through! We are here to have the time of our life—to enjoy health and well-being, loving relationships, and financial abundance. We’re here to dance, to sing, and to live a life that feels good to live.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “If you know that all is well, you know all you need to know. And if you know life is supposed to be fun, you know more than almost anybody else knows. And, if you know that the way you feel is your indicator of how connected you are to Source, then you know that which only a handful of Deliberate Creators, respective to the total population, really know.”

When we remember that’s true, when we remember we are One with an Unlimited Source that is loving us every moment, and wanting the good for us that we want for our self, we’re able to live as Rumi said, “As if the Universe is rigged in our favor.” We’re content being who we are, wherever we are, because we know we’re connected to the Whole Universe even if we’re just sitting in our living room. We affect the world not through counter action or perceptual friction, but through our vibration.

If we want to affect the world in a good way, we need to vibe high. The vibration of gratitude and Joy we feel (anytime) travels everywhere—like a burst of light from the center of our heart out in every direction into world around us. It not only touches everything in front of us, but behind us as well. We could say that Joy heals the past even as It creates a joyous future.

We’re not overwhelmed by moment-to-moment miracles when we’re miracle-minded because we expect nothing less. We read in A Course in Miracles, “All miracles mean life, and God is the Giver of life.” How many miracles can occur in our life in one day? As many as we allow our self to receive. So the question for all of us is this: “How big is your allowance?