I Got You!

Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

Today’s talk isn’t about the old Sonny and Cher song, “I Got You, Babe.” In fact, isn’t about who or what we’ve got in the world—a person, a possession, a title, a position. It’s about where we’ve got the world in our mind. It’s about the opinions we hold that give us the perceptions we’ve got about life and everyone in it. Nisargadatta Maharaj wrote, “Whatever happens, happens to you, for you, and through you. You are the creator, enjoyer, and destroyer of all that you perceive.”

The phrase, “I got you,” may not seem new, but it seems to be suddenly catching on and being used everywhere for everything. “I got you” is often a phrase intended to bring calmness and trust, to ease the apprehension and fear another may be feeling—like a baby learning to walk, a child learning to swim or ride a bike, or an adult trying to learn a new physical activity.

I believe “I got you” is so catchy because the words have a deeper spiritual meaning for us that we’re not always consciously aware of. But even if it’s not a conscious knowing, even if it’s just a subtle feeling, we often sense that there is a Powerful Something that has our back no matter what. However, in those moments when we consciously look for It, and open our mind to It, it’s as if we can almost hear the Universal Source Energy of Love, the Life Force within us, the God of our Creation whispering to us, “Fear not, I got you.”

That promise is spoken of in every sacred text, and it is stated so beautifully in the Book of Isaiah: “Though the mountains move and the hills shake, My love will not be removed from you and My covenant of peace will not be shaken.” In other words, “I got you.” Abraham-Hicks tells us simply, “The truth is, the Universe will always take care of you.”

Here are a few good questions we might want to ask our self: “Do I feel taken care of by the Universe? Am I relaxed and enjoying life? Or do I worry and feel anxious most of the time? Do I trust that, no matter what, there is a Power everywhere, including right where I am, that is greater than any physical challenge—to my health, happiness, experience of abundance, and peace of mind—that Loves me and has got me in Its Embrace? Or do I look to the world to keep me safe and to get what I need, and find it falls short of supply?”

We all talk to our self every time we think. We constantly remind our self of what we think about this and that as if we’d forget if we didn’t think about it. But, more often than not, we talk to our self without wondering who we’re talking to. Since we see only one of us in the mirror, it only makes sense that we must believe there’s a part of us we can’t see.

Unless we’re praying, we usually think we’re talking to a private invisible self that we have no problem believing is part of us. We listen to the feedback we get from that self. We check in with it when we’re weighing the pros and cons of some decision. We check in with it to see how we’re doing in the world (good or bad) and to consider how the world is treating us (fairly or unfairly). We let it automatically decide who we like and why, and who we don’t like and why, and how we feel about our self.

We’re all familiar with that self—the invisible one who’s defensive on our behalf; the one who believes it’s us against the world because it believes we’re separate from the world and what we see. Because it does, it’s got us in a self-protective grip of fear and separation that causes us to believe we’re alone and on our own; that we have to make things happen; that we’re less than who we’d like to be and can’t do the things we’d like to do. And, even though that self agrees with our negative thinking and we agree with it, that agreement never feels good.

We get into trouble when we mistake that self, born of our worldly experiences, as all there is to us when it has no knowledge beyond what has already happened in our life, and no knowledge of where we truly came from or where we’re created to go. It’s in the world and of the world. We know we’re listening to that self when the answers we get, or the thoughts that come to us, are not only limited, but don’t feel satisfying or peaceful (even when we agree with them and we get others to agree with us).

Thank God there is more to us, more within us and more for us than the thoughts we’ve already thought. Our true Self, i.e., the larger invisible spiritual part of us, is the Self we can’t live without—even now, even if we don’t believe It’s there—because It’s the invisible part us that is the Life within us, the Inner us that animates the outer us. It’s in the world but not of the world. It is the Unlimited Self of God’s Creation that knows that our physical self is simply a condensed version of Itself, our Self.

That Cosmic Self, though we can’t see it, is the non-physical part of us that we’re created to be eternally, and to express physically while we’re here. That Self knows us as God created us, and that even in this physical form we’re still a creation of God. As we start living from the Inside out, we’ll know it too, and we’ll know that nothing is impossible for us.

Our Inner Being constantly whispers to us, “I got you,” not because we could be a victim of the world that needs protecting, but because we are an Unlimited Spiritual Being, in a temporary physical form, that requires greater and greater self-expression. Our Inner Self wants us to express outwardly more and more of who we are Inwardly.

Why is it that we have no problem believing in a tiny invisible self that’s separate from everything, and such a hard time accepting an unlimited invisible Self that is One with everything? It is, we are, inseparable from the Love, Joy, Peace, and Power of the Universe. There is no other place to exist in that Allness, no outside of It for anything to be.

Our Inner Being always looks out for us, and always has our best interest in mind because no matter what we think, say or do, It only knows what’s true about us. It never believes the lies we’ve been told about our self, even when we humanly believe them and act upon them. It knows what we want (just as we do), but It never believes anything is impossible for us. It knows what we mean even when we misspeak because It knows our heart’s intention.

Our Spirit, Soul, Inner Being is never going to agree with our negative thought. When we turn to that Self for guidance, It will never guide us to think, say or do anything that isn’t good for us and good for all. It’s got us in an embrace of Unconditional Love, so it’s a good idea for us to listen to Its guidance. When we listen within and a thought comes that feels good or a good feeling comes without a thought, we know we’re in sync with the Self of God’s Creation. Abraham-Hicks reminds us, “You cannot be in sync with Source and thinking about somebody negatively at the same time.”

When we have a negative opinion about someone, we’ve got them in our mind right where we think they belong and, sure enough, they live up to our expectations. Why? Because that’s all we can perceive about them. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You are the vibrational writers of the script of your life, and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part that you have assigned to them.” Our thoughts are powerfully creative things that set the scenes that we play out with each other. If we’ve got someone in a negative place in our mind, our thoughts will continue to write similar scenes for the future.

Ever hear someone saying something nice about someone you don’t get along with, and you tossed around the idea in your head of telling them what you think about that person because you figured they just didn’t know that person all that well? It’s important for us to remember that others simply reflect back to us where we’ve got them in our mind.

When we’ve got someone in a place of Love in our mind, it’s obvious to us that the Love we feel comes from within us. We don’t have any problem owning it. We’re “the lover in Love.” Its origin begins within us. But so often we have a problem owning our negative feelings and accepting we are “the blamer in blame,” and that its origin begins in us. too.

It’s hard to believe (that’s why most people don’t) that we’re never experiencing anything except own thoughts. As we say every Sunday, and still it’s hard for us to remember it’s true: “The world we individually experience is not being done to us, it’s being done by us, and it’s not coming at us, it’s coming from us.” We never experience another person as they are, or the world as it is, we experience others and the world as we are, i.e., where we’ve got them in our mind.

When we’ve got someone in a negative place in our mind, we’re not in sync with the Greater Part of us that Loves no matter what, so we don’t realize that we are free to love no matter what; that whoever we’re judging doesn’t need to change, or be different in any way, for us to let go of our blame.

We can’t take negativity into the High Vibration of Love that lives within us as us. We have to let it go in order for our vibration to RISE. And, it’s only as we rise into the awareness of Love that lives in us, and Loves us no matter what, that we’re able to look at others and say from our heart, no matter what they’re saying or doing: “I got you up where my Inner Being has me, and you are beautiful just as you are.

We read in The Way of the Heart, “Therefore, as I have said unto you many times, never fail to remember that it takes one to know one. For it is your consciousness alone that can reach out and embrace all created things until you literally realize that all things have arisen from within you!”

So This Happened

We’ve all likely noticed that time seems to be speeding up. And if that’s true (and some studies say it is), there’s nothing we can do about that except to let the speed of time be less important to us than how we spend time. In The Way of Transformation we read, “You are free. In this moment, you are as free as you will ever be, right now. How, then, will you use time? What will you construct out of your infinite field of awareness? What world will you look upon? What thoughts will you think? What feelings will you evoke within the cells? Where will you direct the body to be placed on a daily basis?” In other words, we are free mentally, in an unlimited way, to choose who we will be, master or victim, and how we will be, happy or fearful, wherever we are (wherever we place our body).

If we use time with the awareness that time in this human environment is a precious gift of temporary manifestations and changeable creations, we’ll realize that we are never stuck with what we’ve made of our life, or in our life, (even if we’ve made a mess) because we can change our mind and change the forms and expressions that we call “our life.” The world we individually experience is not being done to us, it’s being done by us, and it’s not coming at us, it’s coming from us. There is no greater freedom than to live a life of our own making, and realize we’re making it happen as it does.

We all have that freedom with the unconditional assistance of a Universe that doesn’t judge us and what we create at all. As difficult as it may be to see most of the time, or all of the time, we are one with an Infinite Field of Awareness that is aware of us. But, in those moments when we know that’s true, we flow with the Natural Harmony and Goodness of Life. Joseph Campbell wrote, “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” We get to decide whether we match our nature with the world or with the Nature of Love that created us.

We get to choose what we focus on, what we think about, what we do each day, and how we feel doing it. We get to decide to use time to be happy being alive rather than waste it waiting for something specific to come along to make us happy. We get to use time to decide who and what we prefer around us, and then attract whoever or whatever to us simply by focusing on the good feeling our preferences create within us even before whoever or whatever appears around us. We get to use time to focus on happiness and well-being even when our body feels sick and, if well-being is our focus, naturally evoke well-being within our cells. We get to use time to focus on inner Peace, to think peaceful thoughts that cause us to feel calm and safe no matter what’s being said around us or to us, or by the news media. And, we get to use time to Be Love in a world filled with contrast, differences, opposing views, and strident opinions, where not everyone chooses to express Love with words and actions.

We’re as free as we will ever be, right now, to decide what world we will look upon, and no one can interfere with our view unless we allow them to. We’re so free we can choose to use time to look upon a world we wish were another way, and then resist the newness in our thinking that would allow us to see it another way. We’re so free we can use time to be unhappy with our self and the life we’ve constructed, and to be unhappy with others and how they’re constructing their lives. We’re so free we can use time to regret our past or long for happier, healthier yesterdays that have already been lived. We’re so free we can use time to worry about what life might have in store for us in the future.

So then, how will we use time? Only we, individually, can answer how we will use time, and only time will tell what our choices have been. Thank God we have access to an Infinite Field of Awareness that we’re free to use to construct a human life that isn’t dependent on time going fast or slow. In fact, that Field of Awareness doesn’t depend on time at all because It’s beyond time. It is between the time it takes for us to think and think again. But our awareness of that Timeless Construction Zone depends on what world we decide to look upon and think about because what we’re creating with our thoughts is being created in that world. We can use time looking upon a world of limited possibilities and hardened facts, and limit our possibilities for experiencing more than we’ve already experienced within that world. Or, we can use time aware that what we see depends on how we “Be,” and knowing that what we’re looking at we’re looking with, i.e., it’s coming from us. We can use time looking upon a world of beauty, love, peace, harmony, and well-being just by feeling those things, and then watch them being created for us right before our eyes as we gaze upon that world. If that’s the world we choose, our heartbeat will match the beat of the Universe that is conspiring to bring every good thing to us!

Last Sunday we considered that there is only one time in which our creative power exists or that something new can come from us…and that time is Now. Every moment is Now (Now, Now, Now), and it’s the perfect time for us pay attention to the Timeless Presence in which we live, instead of looking at our watches. Within the Infinite Field of Awareness, which is only available Now, there are no age restrictions or limitations, no too soons or too lates. It is available to us anytime we’re conscious of It as the moment we’re in.

That moment becomes a “fresh start-start fresh” opportunity for us to change our mind about anything…anything. It doesn’t matter if we’ve thought a thought for a minute, a day, a year, or if we’ve been thinking it our whole life. It doesn’t matter how long we may have been stuck in a belief about our self or someone else, or how long we’ve been defending our limitations and our limited opinions of the world. If we choose to change that thought to a better feeling one, and focus on that better feeling thought, it will change the world we look upon for the better.

Mooji wrote, “When you walk into a dark room, it doesn’t matter whether it’s been dark for ten minutes, ten years or ten decades, when you flip the switch, the light still illuminates the room.” Changing a limited thought to a better feeling one, or even if we can’t think of a better feeling thought, then simply not focusing on or arguing with a thought that doesn’t feel good, is like flipping the switch in our mind and illuminating it. How long we experience that illumination depends on what we focus on next.

I’ve been noticing a trend on Facebook where people write “so this happened” above  a picture they’ve posted. Sometimes it’s a picture of a diploma or award, sometimes it’s a picture of a newborn baby, or kittens or puppies. And, sometimes it’s a picture that is less celebratory of “the this” that happened—like a picture of a dented fender, or a picture of a broken leg, or a picture of some other unwanted occurrence that occurred.

It seems to me that often our conversations in our head and with others are a lot like a Facebook post. We focus on, and talk about, this thing that happened and that thing that happened. Some of it’s good news we want to share because we like others to celebrate with us, and some of it’s bad news we want to share because we like others to commiserate with us. But, either way, we’re still talking about yesterday. And, that’s okay if we want more of the same today. These words are attributed to Buddha, “What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow.”

As saying goes, “Today was tomorrow yesterday.” Whatever manifested world we’re looking upon today, whether we like what we see or not, is a “has been,” i.e., a manifestation that has happened as the result of thoughts thought yesterday. If we continue to point out what our past thinking has brought about, or if our conversations with our self and others don’t at least include some new awareness that what happened brought about, nothing new from our Infinite Field of Awareness can come into our view.

If we want newness—whether it’s a new health experience in our body, a new expression of harmony in a relationship, a new manifestation of abundance in our finances, a new friend, a new job, a new whatever—we can’t let what has happened get in the way of what could happen and prevent us from seeing more than we’ve seen before. When was the last time we did something for the first time? When was the last time we did something just for the fun of it, with no goal in mind but fun, and we had even more fun than we expected? When was the last time we spontaneously said “yes” to the moment, without over thinking it or second guessing it, and we had the time of our life?

Every moment is the perfect moment for us to pay attention to the Timeless Presence that offers us more and more of the life we’re created to live. This human environment is s precious gift of temporary manifestations and changeable creations that change as we change our mind. Within that Infinite Field of Awareness—that belongs to all of us because we were created by It before time and It sustains us still—there is nothing to limit us, no age restrictions or limitations, no too lates or too soons. All that’s there for us as we live in this human environment is the Unlimited Answer to our choice to ask: “Now what?”

The Path to Nowhere…

“The Path to Nowhere…” is not only half of the title of today’s talk, it’s only half the story. The full title is “The Path to Nowhere is the Path to Now Here,” and the full story is there is nowhere for us to go, nowhere we can go, to find God. God is everywhere right now including right where we are, and God is Love. God lives in us and we live in God right here, right now.

That space within the word “nowhere” (between the “w” and the “h”) is important to the meaning of the talk, just as space is important on every level of our life experience. For instance, a space between words makes them readable. Space is important to our physical, mental and emotional comfort in this human environment. As far as our body is concerned, none of us likes to feel crowded where we can’t freely move around or to have our personal space invaded. Like a newborn baby, we like to stretch and feel our own free-space. And, mentally and emotionally, we all want and need the space to be who are without the opinions of others, or our own self-doubt, impinging upon our freedom of self-expression.

As spiritual beings, space is vital to our ever-expanding awareness of who we are and what life is. And it is the space between our thoughts that offers us just that—greater and greater awareness of the Love that is Life and the Life that is the Love that we are one with forever. As we talked about last Sunday, there is a space between human thoughts that emanates a Love that is “not of this world.” It also emanates a Peace, a Joy, a Knowing, an Awareness, and a Freedom that is not of this world and not dependent upon It.

Eckhart Tolle wrote, “The joy of Being, which is the only true happiness, cannot come to you through any form, possession, achievement, person, or event—through anything that happens. That joy cannot come to you—ever. It emanates from the formless dimension within you, from Consciousness Itself, and thus is one with who you are.” We become aware of that space of Conscious Joy that is one with who we are (that we are one with) when our mind is quiet. That silent space is like a blue, blue sky. It seems empty because It doesn’t contain the clouds of any thoughts we’ve thought before. Yet, it is infinitely full of the silent possibilities for new thoughts to be thought by us—new thoughts about our self and new thoughts about this life we’re living.

William Butler Yeats wrote, “The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” When we’re not fully focused on, or distracted by, thoughts we’ve thought before (i.e., habits of thought, repetitive thoughts), when we’re not full of our opinions about the world around us, in those moments when we just let our self feel free to Be with no other goal or agenda but to be fully Present and appreciative right where we are, a more expansive beauty within our surroundings shows up, and a greater awareness of the preciousness of life arises in our perception of it. Life appears as the Magical Miracle of Creation that It Is.

That space is the space of “Now” where Unlimited Life is freely and joyously occurring in every realm of Creation, including this Earth Realm and our life in It. Now is where the Yet-to-Be-Known awaits our knowing of It. Now is where our power lies because it’s where All Power Is. Our spiritual power, our power to choose, and our power to experience a life we enjoy living moment-to-moment won’t come along someday. It’s here TODAY.

Sometimes we think of “Now” as a position on the clock, like high noon or midnight, a minute we can point to. But there’s a difference between a minute in time and the moment that is NOW. Now is the immeasurable space between our human thoughts. It’s the space between our last opinion and our next thought. It is where Awareness is always fresh, new and spontaneous. There is only one time that truly exists in our life, and It is beyond time. It is the Present Moment in which we have the opportunity to decide something. Yesterday has already been decided and tomorrow’s decisions can’t be made yet. It’s where we can change our mind just by allowing our self the mental free-space to see things differently than we have before.

All of us can do it. The challenge is that most of us think we’re fully present when we’re actually locked in the recycle mode of old thoughts. We’re thinking about where we’ve been or where we’re going, often regretting what was or worrying about what might happen. Or, we’re thinking about what we’ve said or what we’re going to say when the other person stops talking. When we’re not fully Present where we are, Now (the only space where Life is actually happening) is covered in a fog of thoughts from there to here and here to there. It’s murky with memories of years gone by, and clouded with our need each day to get from morning to night and accomplish what we believe needs to get done in between. We miss the Life that is ours to experience NOW.

Eckhart Tolle wrote, “Your entire life only happens in this moment. The present moment is life itself. Yet people live as if the opposite were true and treat the present moment as a stepping stone to the next moment, a means to an end.” Because we are Eternal Beings there is no end goal to our life journey. There’s no place we need to get to, no place our path stops, so there’s no end for us to need a means for.

We don’t need to do whatever we’re doing at any time in order to get anywhere else spiritually. Even though we see form, and have a form, we’ve never left the formless dimension that creates form (including our own). The Unlimited Consciousness that is one with who we are, because It is the One we are, doesn’t go away even while we’re here in time and space having the time of our life.

We live in a world that thrives on achieving goals, accomplishing tasks, and reaching destinations. We’re taught at an early age that if we’re not striving to get somewhere in our life, if we don’t have goals to reach, if we don’t have a cause we’re fighting for, we’ll never make anything of our self (and some of us may believe we haven’t yet).

But we’re already made, drawn since before time with the ever-lasting Love of our Maker, Whose Power rests in the Eternal Space of Now with all of us. Our true Self hasn’t gone anywhere and isn’t going anywhere. Its here now. We just need to own It, and live It here now. We’re here to express as much of It as we can. We’re not here to effort, strive, struggle, or suffer for any reason. That doesn’t get us anywhere, especially not a better place we’ve earned in heaven!

There’ s no final exam for us to pass, no ultimate accomplishment that’s required, for us to enter the Infinite depth and breadth of the endless expansion of our own Eternal Existence. All we need to do is to stop arguing for our limitations. Ours is a never-ending path of Self-Discovery, and we are perfect just as we are with each step. We don’t have to work at being our Self. We just need to let our Self Be.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You’re not here as inferior beings trying to catch up with this heavenly God–you are this heavenly God in this heavenly body here on planet Earth in this Leading Edge time-space reality.” We’re on a Journey without distance and without end, and we are exactly where we’re meant to be right now. We are perfectly placed along our path to Nowhere. So we might as well enjoy the Journey, and rest here (rather than hereafter) in the Peace of Now.

You might be thinking, “If I don’t worry about the world and try to fix it, who will?” The answer is there are lots of people worrying about the world and trying to fix it, and making it worse with every worried thought and every angry action.

We could choose to look at our Earth Journey like taking a walk along a beautiful path where we have no particular destination in mind and nothing weighing on our mind—no worries about the seriousness of Life; no worries about a time frame for when our walk might end; no concerns that there’s somewhere else we should be or need to be—just enjoying the journey as we look around us with appreciation for where we are and what’s possible to see, and yet still feeling excited about what’s next.

Kahlil Gibran wrote, “The appearance of things changes according to the emotions; and thus we see magic and beauty in things while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.” When we’re happy right where we are, we see magic and beauty everywhere along our path. Happiness allows the timeless presence of Now to arise in our awareness and we are conscious of the fresh, new and spontaneous Nature of Life. We’re able to rest in the Infinite Space of Peace and the indescribable wisdom and goodness of our own mind. Then we are able to look at the world with fresh eyes and hear things with fresh ears.

Emily Dickinson wrote, “Forever is composed of Nows.” If we want to live happily-ever-after, we better do it Now because we can only do it one happy moment at a time.

Me, Myself and I

Image by Philip Barrington from Pixabay

There seems to be a natural rhythm to our awareness of Life that often flows easily in threes. For example, when we speak of the Nature of God, we speak of that Nature as “triune”—Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, i.e., God Is Infinite Power, Unlimited Knowledge or Consciousness, and Present everywhere at the same time. When we speak of the Universe we often speak of Its triune Nature of space, time and matter. Triune literally means three in one

In Christianity the Holy Trinity is thought of as Three in One: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Some theologians say that the Holy Spirit of Trinity is the “Atmosphere” of Love eternally produced between the Father and the Son (between the Creator of All and all of Creation). There’s nothing going on anywhere but God, and God is Love. Therefore, there’s nothing going on anywhere, no matter how it seems, but Love loving Love.

We might say that the Holy Spirit is the Creative Atmosphere of Love, or the Law of Attraction, that is the Field of Holy Energy that governs the Universe. That Atmosphere within the Three-in-One is the One that responds to the vibration of our thoughts by turning thought energy into thing energy (matter).

There is a triune nature to our individual expression of the One God that is All there Is to all we are. We are the Creator within Creation that is created to create with God in an Atmosphere of Love and like God who is Love. We are three-in-one: me, myself and I, body, mind and spirit.

There is the “me”—our creation, the one we see as the one we be, the one we see in the mirror, the physical form that represents us wherever we are: “This is me, the one I’ve made within the Atmosphere of Love.” There’s no other place for us to be even though we appear to exist separately. Some think, in fact many think, that who we are in this limited edition is all there is to us right now.

But there is “myself”—what we think of that me; and what we think about that me, our self-talk, affects the health of that me physically, emotionally and mentally.

Thank God we are a Being that is “three in One” because no matter what, there is the “I” of us—our Inner Being, our Spirit, the “I Am” of our Existence. It knows who we are because we are One with It. In moments that we become aware of our Self as that “I,” we realize the profound Nature of who we truly are.

In the Bhagavad Gita, the Quoran, and in ancient Biblical scriptures, mystics offered a metaphysical version of Creation. For example, in the Bible, in the first chapter, third verse, of Genesis we read: “In the beginning God said ‘Let there be light; and there was light.’” Light is the Awareness of Being, the Consciousness of Existence, the Eternal Radiance of Love. That Light lives in us. That Light is the Life of us.

In The Science of Mind we read, “It is impossible, perhaps, to put into words or into print what a mystic sometimes sees. And it is as hard to believe it as it is to put it into words. But there is a certain inner sense which, at times, sees Reality in a flash which illuminates the whole being with a great flood of light.” We’re all capable of seeing that Light because we came forth riding on Its Holy Beam. When our mind is quiet, perhaps when we’re meditating, we can get a flash of It. It’s sustaining our identification with It as the “I” of our self (Self) that is often a challenge in this world.

The mind of Jesus, as well as the minds of those mystics before him and after him, were so illuminated by that Light that they sustained there identification with It while they walked the Earth.They could see the perfect Reality of  the Trinity, within themselves and the world, wherever they were. That is why Jesus said “I am the light of the world.” While he was in his physical form (his me), Jesus saw no separation from his I. He said “I and the Father are one.” In the Book of Philippians we read, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” In his illuminated mind, Jesus knew that the expansion of Love’s Creation was his only purpose for Being. And he said, in so many words, that it is our purpose too.

Before “the beginning” is a mystery. Hindi poet and philosopher, Rabindranath Tagore, wrote: “Love is an endless mystery, for It has nothing else to explain It.” We’re not here to explain how we got here. We’re here to love everything within this Mystery of Love. The Way of Transformation reminds us that the world in which we live has but one purpose, and that it’s the same purpose that all dimensions of creation have: to be the extension of our Creator’s Love. We’re here to be a confirmation of Love’s Existence; to say, just by being alive as our Self, “Love Is.” If we’re not doing that, we’re not doing jack, no matter what we accomplish in this world. We read in the Book of Mark, “For how does it benefit a man if he should gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”

As a love-based community here at LEC, we are coming to know, together, that it doesn’t matter how many books we read about spirituality, it doesn’t matter how many quotes we quote about Love, and it doesn’t matter how many material things we attract to us and possess; the only thing that matters is what we think of our self, and what we believe our self (Self) to be. Our “myself” thinking affects our physical body, our relationships, our experiences of abundance, and how we perceive the world around us.

Sai Baba wrote, “Never think that God is somewhere far away or only present in a particular place and not in another. He is present everywhere and permeates every atom of the universe.” Because God is Love, Love is present everywhere and permeates every atom of the Universe, including the “me” we see even though we may not believe that’s true. Love permeates every atom of our being even when we’re not feeling loved or loving. But in those moments when we’re not fully identified with the form we call “me,” a greater awareness of the Love that we are, our “I Am” in the Universe of Love, is freed to arise in our awareness and to momentary dissolve the limitation of our human thinking.

There is space between our human thoughts that emanates a Love that is not “of this world.” It belongs to all of us because we only exist within It. This is the Love of God. This is the God of Love. Love permeates every atom of every being in the entire world, even when human behaviors seem to affirm otherwise. In those moments when we consciously choose to BE LOVE, we are knowing God as the Love that lives in us. We’re feeling our inseparable Oneness and unchangeable Identity as the Creation of Love Itself. In those moments, Love doesn’t even seem to be a choice—we’re just feeling It, and expressing It, and receiving It. It flows so naturally that we don’t have to remind our self that Love is what we are.

But this world (that each of us willingly chose to enter) offers us plenty of opportunities to practice choosing to Be Love, especially when things don’t seem to flow; especially when others around us, or in the news, may not appear to be making the same choice for Love. That’s why it’s essential for us never to think that Love is only present in a particular place and not in another, because when we focus on unloving behaviors in others, we not only think that Love is somewhere far away from them, we experience that distance within us.

We are the way Love appears in this world. There is no other way. We’re the presence of It, even when we’re pretending not to be. But when we are Being our True Self, Love heals, Love multiplies in abundant good, Love lends a gentle hand, Love offers a kind word, and Love forgives by Being Unconditional. Love is a Powerful Thing, and Its Power lives in us.

Rumi so beautifully wrote: “I want that love that moved the mountains. I want that love that split the ocean. I want that love that made the winds tremble. I want that love that roared like thunder. I want that love that will raise the dead. I want that love that lifts us to ecstasy. I want that love that is the silence of eternity.” When Love is all we want to Be, Love will fill the “me” we see, and we will create the good, beautiful and true, together, with no effort at all.

Born of Love

Djero from Pixabay

Mother Teresa said, “We know that if we really want to love we must learn to forgive.” Forgiveness isn’t about our forgiving anyone else. It’s a gift of healing and freedom we give to our self that frees our mind so that we no longer take satisfaction in someone being wrong, and it frees our heart so we’re able to love more and more of the world we see. Rumi wrote, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Many us may not have experienced any “mama-drama” as we were growing up, but if we’re still blaming anyone, or any set of circumstances, or any past situation or event for our not being, doing, feeling, having, and expressing all those wonderful things we intended to when we decided to come into this human environment—if we’re still beating the drum of our poor poor pitiful me stories, no matter how compelling they may be or how much sympathy they may bring from others, they will never bring us what we truly want. In fact, those stories will keep us from fully experiencing what we truly want: to know the powerful Love that we are and to express a unique version of Love through a life we enjoy living.

In The Way of Transformation we read, “For you see, the world in which you live has but one purpose. It is the same purpose that all dimensions of creation have: to be the extension of your Creator’s Love.” We can choose to hold onto our sorry stories our whole life, and we’ll attract to us plenty of life experiences to give them even more color. Or, we can let today be the perfect day for us to practice what we know, i.e., that Love is all there is to all that is…and just let the rest go.

Love is the Self-Givingness of Spirit, the Eternal “Yes” of the Pure Source Energy of Life. It never fails to say “Yes” to all Its Creation, every Beloved Child everywhere, including right where we are right now. As Rumi wrote, “We are born of love; Love is our mother.” Right now the Love of the Universe wants for us everything we want for our self, and It’s ready to bring whatever it is to us. If there’s a barrier, we’ve built it and we can take it down.

In the Book of Malachi we read, “I will open the windows of heaven for you and pour out blessings for you until you shall say, It is enough.” Are we really going to say “enough” to that Powerful Love?—“You know, I’d really like to take You up on Your most generous offer to give me all I desire, but I can’t because I don’t feel worthy to receive it. I didn’t have a nurturing relationship with my earth mother; I was a middle child; I didn’t do well in school; I wasn’t taught what I needed to know, especially by my cranky second grade teacher; my first employer didn’t like me; my first lover dumped me; etc., etc., etc…It’s my story and I’m sticking to it. So thanks but no thanks.”

We can have it our way; that’s how free we are! We can sit on our pity pot and tell our stories. We can say “It’s enough”and keep our self from experiencing the fullness of the love, joy, peace, and prosperity that is ours for the receiving. We’ll get no argument from the Universe; just a confirmation of our decision. And all the while we are Loved beyond our wildest imagination because we are loved by the Infinite Eternal Heart of God, our true birth Mother.

God is Love and Love is Grace. No matter what we’ve chosen so far, because of Grace, we get to choose again forever. We get to choose at any time to focus on the good, beautiful and holy, and through that focus create a life we enjoy living. Because of Grace our sorry stories never stuck to us or anyone else. Grace flows on the breath of the Maternal Energy that gave birth to us. That Energy knows us. It knows our good intentions even when they seem to backfire. It knows our innocence even when we’ve forgotten. Mooji refers to Grace as the breath of the Self that calls us away from the chaos and noise of the world.

We come to know that Grace as we recognize our own innocence and allow It to embrace us, surround us and envelope us with Its powerful Maternal Energy. It is by Grace that we have always been kept safe no matter what worldly experiences may have come our way in the past or may be on the way in the future. We read in A Course in Miracles, “For in grace you see a light that covers all the world in love, and you watch as fear disappears from every face as hearts rise up and claim the light as their own.” When Grace fills us up with the awareness that Love has kept us innocent since before time began, we’re able to see the same innocence in all others. Then we’re willing to just know what we know, i.e., that Love is all there Is to all that Is, and let the rest go.


Get Out of the Way

Our affirmative statement in April was an affirmation of our conviction that God is all there Is to all that Is. And, of course, that remains true now and forever. We could also say, without changing the meaning of that Allness at all, “Love is all there is to all that Is.” And that remains true now and forever, no matter what appears be.

To know Love within us, even for a moment, is to Be the Love that created us. To Be Love is to know who we are. We read in the Book of 1 John: “The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” We could also say that the one who does not love does not know who they are. It is our Nature to love, and that’s why when we don’t feel Love for our self or someone else, we don’t feel good like a lover should. To Be the Love that we are is to feel freedom to live our life without needing to control our self and without trying to control anyone else.

Eckhart Tolle wrote: “To know yourself as the Being under the thinker, the silence under the mental noise, the love and joy under pain is freedom, salvation and enlightenment.” When we don’t let our human judgments and opinions get in the way, we feel our Oneness with all that Is, with all of Creation. It feels natural to us to feel unconditionally compassionate, understanding and forgiving. We want only to uplift and not to judge or put down anything or anyone. We affirmed this morning in our opening affirmative statement that we are born of Love and that we live in a Universe created by Love. So what’s not to Love?

We read in The Science of Mind: “Love is the Self-Givingness of Spirit, manifested in and through all that is visible and invisible.” Love, the Self-Givingness of Spirit, never fails to say “Yes” to all Its Creation—“Yes” to all Its offspring, which includes all us. Right now Love wants for us everything we want for our self, even the smallest detail. Love says Yes to all that we desire, Yes to health and well-being, Yes to loving relationships, Yes to abundance and ease, Yes to joy and happiness…always Yes, eternally Yes.

If we were to look at our visible life right now, and if we were to check in within to feel how we’re feeling about our life right now, could we say that today our life reflects the Yes of Love’s Love for us, through us, and as us. If not, why not? Sometimes we get really good at being disciplined about what we say out loud because we’ve learned that sometimes when we say something it results in a backlash or unpleasantness from someone else. So we’ve trained our self to say what sounds good to others, even if we don’t feel it, and even if we don’t mean it. For most of us, our parents taught us what to say out loud and what not to say out loud. “I love you” usually went well. “I hate you,” not-so-much.

Often times, even today, we mistake good manners for good creation. But spoken aloud or thought to our self, as far as the Universe is concerned, our microphone is always on. Our thoughts are always emitting energy, and if what we’re thinking doesn’t feel good as an energy within us, it’s not going to bring us anything good. Abraham-Hicks tells us “The Law of Attraction is most understood when you see yourself as a magnet getting more and more of the way you FEEL.” Why don’t we intentionally think thoughts that feel good then, or at least change the thoughts that don’t feel good?

Often it’s because whatever we’re feeling is so natural to us because we’ve been practicing it for such a long time that we don’t notice; or else we consider our sensitivity to negativity our burden to bear. But since how we feel is what we get, it’s essential for us to care more about what goes on within us than what’s going on around us. It’s the only way we can intentionally choose what we want to vibrationally say to a Universe that feels us and is forever willing to bring to us a match to that feeling.

Our living this life has given us a lot of questions about who we are and what this life is for. And because we ask those questions, and only because we ask, we receive an answer immediately, a Yes with no hesitation on the part of the Self-Givingness of the All-Knowing. Our living this life has also caused us to ask for what we want, much of time as a result of our experiencing what we don’t want. And, because we get to decide what we prefer, and there’s Power in every choice we make, we receive whatever we’ve asked for with no hesitation on the part of Pure Source Energy, and with no questions asked by the Law of Attraction.

Everything we’ve ever asked to know about, everything we’ve ever prayed for, and everything we’ve ever desired to experience has been given to us by the Self-Givingness of Spirit—the clarity we’ve wanted, the financial ease we’ve asked for, the healing we’ve prayed for, the loving relationship we’ve been desiring to experience. As the lyrics to a song Marcia used to sing beautifully reflect: It’s already there/What you’re looking for/It’s already there/Don’t have to search anymore/Open your eyes/Believe that it’s true/It’s already there/Inside of you.

So how does that work? Do you remember the old Cream of Wheat commercial when a child or adult ate a bowl of Cream of Wheat for breakfast, and then that bowl (all steamy and full of goodness) followed them around all day? We could say that all of the “Yes Answers” to our individual unique requests of Life are like that. They go with us, like an infinitely big bowl of Cream of Wheat, full of goodness for us wherever we are.

We might be wondering, “Then how do I get the money, my health, that loving relationship, my creative success, or my whatever, from where It is, i.e., invisibly in the “Bowl,” to where it is visible in my life where I can see, taste, smell, hear, touch and spend it?” We’ve got to believe that it’s true already. We’ve got to feel the real of it vibrationally, invisibly, nonphysically, spiritually…and then get out of the way.

Our life is vibrationally/spiritually is in constant motion even when our body isn’t moving. Our thoughts create a vibrational momentum that is either taking us closer or farther away from the life we want. Whenever our mental focus creates momentum toward what we’re wanting, and we’re up to speed with whatever it is by feeling good already about the Inner Trueness and Reality of it, we’re not in the way, we become the way in which the invisible within us becomes visible in the outer life we live. In other words, we’re allowing our thoughts that are already inner things to turn into outer things.

Whenever we’re not resisting the good we’re wanting, those are good times because it seems that new, wonderful and satisfying experiences—that often don’t even seem related to what we’ve asked for— pop up in our life on a regular basis. Our life becomes full of happy surprises! But if we have a desire and we’re contradicting that desire by focusing on the absence of it in our life: “I want this, but I’ve got that,” that focus sets up a resistance stream that hinders the thought of it from turning into the thing of it, which is to say: Our but gets in the way, “I want this but…”

The Law of Attraction can’t buck our current if we keep being the reason we leave our self out of the life we’re sure we’d enjoy living. We get in our way of experiencing the life we want by not seeing our self as worthy of having it; or by believing it’s too late for us to have it (“I should have known about this stuff years ago!”).

We get in our way of the greater financial abundance we want when we believe we have to struggle and effort to earn it in order to prove we deserve it; and by thinking about and talking about how some people have more than their share and how that’s unfair.

We get in our way of experiencing that loving, harmonious relationship we desire by not loving our self. If we don’t love our self, we won’t recognize or trust love for us in another.

We get in our way of experiencing the health and well-being we’ve been praying for by believing it’s not possible, e.g., we’re too old to be fully healthy; by continuing to think about and talk about how bad we feel; and by focusing on this disease and that health danger.

If we shout YES at something, it’s coming. And, if we shout NO at something, it’s also coming because it’s our attention to whatever it is that causes it to be active in us, and if it’s active in us, it’s our point of attraction. It may seem like the right thing to do to push against what we don’t want. But when we do, we’re in the way of getting what we do want; it can’t flow to us.

The Shanto Cristo Foundation tells us: “For when you have chosen to release the last vestige of the habit of mind with which you have identified, you will be overwhelmed by the Truth and Reality of that unconditional Love that has surrounded you, enveloped you, sustained you, created you, and kept you safe since before time is. And you will feel it full force, and it is that Light and that Love that will vanquish all shadows—and then you will know how much you are loved.” Is that not what we all want? Is that not what we’ve all prayed for?

There’s not one thing required of any of us to have the life we’re sure we’d enjoy living. It’s already there, the life we’re looking for. It’s already there,  we don’t have to search anymore. All we need to do is open our eyes and believe that it’s true…and then get out of the way so that it can come through.