I Am a Blessing Expressing

Time seems to be speeding up in this world, doesn’t it? And, along with it, our life may seem to be speeding up as well. That is why it’s important for us to pay attention to the moments of our life, and to look for the blessings in them. Otherwise, we might find that we’re left in the dust of boredom and ingratitude as our earth life goes whizzing by.

If we want to live a life of rich experiences, it’s essential for us to appreciate and value each moment as if we’ll never see anything like it again…because we won’t. Life doesn’t repeat itself in a snowflake, or in any other way. Missing a moment of our life because we weren’t paying attention while it was happening, is like walking through a rose garden in full bloom and not noticing the beauty of the blossoms or inhaling the sweet fragrance of their floral perfume.

“This too shall pass” is the mantra of this world. Nothing stays the same because earth life is about change. Sometimes that may seem like good news. There are certainly plenty of moments we wouldn’t want to sustain or revisit. But, in every moment, no matter what is going on, there is an unlimited supply of “something good” waiting for us to reach in and grab it. Maybe the moment is offering us an opportunity to improve our view of our self or someone else. Maybe it’s offering us a deeper feel of something real within us, something beautiful and more expansive to discover. That “something good” is ours for the asking, and we “ask” by giving it our attention. If we don’t ask to extract the juicy goodness out of every single moment of this life of change, we’ll feel cheated by change when it comes. We’ll be stuck with “If I’d only known I would have paid closer attention.”

We can’t fully enjoy anything in life we don’t give our full attention to, and we can’t improve the quality of our life if we’re not paying attention to our life as it’s happening. That’s why gratitude for each moment is so important. It causes us to pay attention to our life—to feel grateful to be with whomever we’re with, to be grateful to be wherever we are and doing whatever we’re doing.
Even though gratitude may not actually slow down the velocity of time, it will enrich our experiences “in time,” and keep the moments of our earth life from fleeting by unnoticed and taken for granted by us.

The good news is we don’t have to do one thing to be blessed. To “be blessed” is a given. We are blessed automatically and endlessly by the God of our creation without having to meet any requirements first or pass a test of worthiness. Our blessings are present right where we are because God is present right where we are. We were born blessed. Every heartbeat, every breath, every tear, and every smile is worthy of our appreciation.

We are blessed with more than enough to answer every desire we could have. We are blessed with more than enough Love to love our self and everyone else. We are blessed with more than enough Joy to uplift our self and those around us. We are blessed with more than enough Peace to bring peace to our mind and peace to all the earth. We are loved unconditionally, blessed continuously, and created to be a blessing expressing. But, here’s the catch: We must know that we are blessed before we can be an authentic blessing to others. If we feel more stressed or depressed, than blessed, we’re not able to uplift our self, much less anyone else.

We can’t “give from an empty vessel.”  We can’t give what we’re unaware we have to give. Even though our heart may be in the right place, and we truly want to be a blessing, our head may keep us from expressing as the blessing we are. This is occurs especially when we join the drama and trauma of negative energy around us. Whatever we pay attention to grows more important to us. We become part of a problem if we focus on that problem. When we do, we forget that no matter what may be going on, right where we are God is blessing us and everyone else. Then our overstimulated, fearful mental and emotional energy keeps us from expressing a calming presence. We can’t fake it when it comes to what we are actually thinking and feeling. Our words of “stay calm, everything’s going to be fine” don’t ring true if we’re not calm as we utter them. It is the energy we emit that determines what we give to the moment we’re in. To consciously know we are blessed is to be our own miracle—a living, breathing expression of the blessing we’re created to be, able to bless the world with all it appears to need. As Gandhi said, “We must be the change we want to see.” To be our own miracle we must feel blessed within our self, uplifted in our spirit and peaceful in our mind.

How do we become an authentic blessing to others? It’s as if there is a beautiful, peaceful Garden of Eden within us, a heart space where our Inner Being walks with us, and talks with us, and guides us with lovingkindness in every moment, so that wherever we are, we are able to be a blessing. All we need to do to enter our Garden is to acknowledge Its presence within us, and giving our full attention to It. When we are in that heart space, mentally and emotionally, we emit a calm, loving, uplifting, peaceful energy no matter what’s going on. When we choose to be still, even if everything around us is in frenetic motion, we become aware that right where we are God is, and we become the One through which God blesses the world.

The Power of Positive Perspective

The Art of Abundance tells us “When you master the power of positive perspective, you’ll realize that to be blessed and know you are blessed enables you to become an authentic blessing to others, which in part is why you are here.” We master the power of positive perspective by focusing on what is right with our life, rather than on what is wrong wrong with it. We master the power of positive perspective by choosing how we want to feel in the moments of our life, rather than acting as if we have no choice but to react to people, conditions and circumstances. We master the power of positive perspective by knowing we are blessed, and then looking for blessings in our self, others, and every situation. And, finally, we master the power of positive perspective by deciding to talk about why we’re so blessed, rather than talking about why we’re so stressed.

So often we spend time and energy focusing on what we don’t want in our life and in the world around us. We keep it in the forefront of our mind as if we’re worried that if we forgot about what we don’t want, even for a moment, it might get worse. But it isn’t our forgetting about what we don’t want that makes it get worse. It’s our constant conversations in our mind, and with others, about what we don’t want that attracts more of it to us because we energize those thoughts. As the saying goes, “What you resist persists.” Why? Because our struggle to get rid of whatever it is we don’t want, and our fight against it until we do, causes what we don’t want to be all we see. We experience a life we don’t want and doesn’t feel good to live. If we want to create a life that is joy to live, it’s vital for us to keep in mind, all the time, that we give life in our life to what we focus on.

No matter what appears to be doing on, we are free in every moment to choose to perceive things differently. We can change our perspective from “this is too good to be true” to “this is so good it must be true.” We can decide that rather than spending our time waiting for the other shoe to drop, we can spend each moment in anticipation of a dance of celebration. We master the power of a positive perspective by keeping our eyes on the prize of what we want to experience. In this way, we attract it to us because it is what we’re focused and our thoughts cause us to see.

It seems that often we are quick see to see what’s wrong with our self and others, but slow to look for a blessing. We take a situation “as is,” and if it doesn’t look good, we go with the flow of negativity and react to it. Sometimes our curiosity can get the best of us. We follow a negative story, and fill our mind with negative thoughts that bring us down. If we don’t practice a positive perspective, we won’t notice when our mind and emotions have followed a negative vibration down a rabbit hole and joined with a problem rather than a solution. How do we practice a positive perspective in a world that seems hell bent on calling our attention to every negative detail? First of all, we need want to. If we are “heaven-bent” on creating a life that feels good to live, we need to learn to value the power of a positive perspective—in every situation and as an overall attitude in life.

In every moment there are two things going on simultaneously. We see what is right in front us, in physical form, i.e., that which has already happened. At the very same time, right where we are, is the unlimited potential for what comes “next.” What comes next in our experience is determined by our thoughts and intentions. The power of positive perspective calls to us a positive experience next because we’re looking for it and expecting it. When we realize we’re creating our future experiences out of what we choose to focus on in any moment, we realize it’s a good idea to look for the good and praise it as quickly as possible!

A positive perspective is the awareness we are blessed wherever we are—alone or in a crowd, at church or on the expressway, with good friends or total strangers. We expand our positivity capability by noticing and celebrating not only the blessings that shout, “Hey, look at this windfall” or “Look at this piece of good fortune,” but by noticing and celebrating equally the small blessings too, and all the blessings in between. Every blessing, everywhere, in our life and the world around us, is a confirmation that we are one with a Universe that is loving us and blessing us, and all of creation, every moment of every day.

When we decide to celebrate those everyday blessings we have been taking for granted, we begin to appreciate seemingly ordinary things because we realize there are no ordinary things. We come to see that everything in life is miracle. We realize that there isn’t anything or anyone in our life that is ordinary, dispensable or unimportant. We even begin to appreciate those disagreeable rascals in our life as blessings in disguise (even if those disguises appear scary on the surface).

Every moment of our life is worthy of our gratitude and appreciation. Every moment is a precious gift of life to us from the God of all Creation. When we seek to perceive the blessings of holiness between the cracks and crevices of our daily life, we no longer see our self as struggling to become good enough, or spiritual enough, to catch the attention, and earn the benevolence, of a God who is waiting for us to shape up and get it right before we’re blessed. We know we’re blessed. We begin to see with eyes that are able to perceive infinite grace operating in exquisite and subtle ways everywhere. The power of positive perspective reveals blessings beyond what our physical eyes readily see, and we experience something deeper in the moments of our life than the surface of things can offer us. It’s up to us to decide where we’re going to look, and what we’re going to look for. We’re always free, wherever we are, to look for the good and praise it!

Accentuate the Obvious

Image by Ander Unibaso Villaverde from Pixabay

Our awareness that we live in an Abundant Universe that is blessing all of creation, all the time, with more than enough to live in joy, empowers us to create a life that to us is a joy to live, and to feel blessed as we live it. We witness how blessed we are by making it our intention to see blessings all around us, and by looking for a blessing in every situation, in every encounter, and under every condition. Our conviction, and affirmation, that “there’s a blessing in this somewhere,” keeps our spirits high and our anticipation positive no matter what is going in our life in any particular moment, and allows the blessing within it to reveal itself to us because a blessing is what we’re looking for.

Eckhart Tolle wrote, “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” Acknowledging the good already in our life makes its presence in our life more obvious to us. It is easier for us to see that good is right where we are, even where something not-so-good appears to be happening. Acknowledging the good we already have causes us to be grateful for what we have. Gratitude is a powerful vibration that causes our good to increase because what we focus on increases in our life. Unfortunately, so many of our blessings are often overlooked by us. They go unnoticed and unacknowledged because their presence is quiet, and seems so natural, that our “every day blessings” may seem routine. We want our blessings to shout at us to get our attention, to come to us with bells and whistles like we’ve won a jackpot in Las Vegas!

As we accentuate the obvious, the routine becomes a holy revelation. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. The mundane becomes miraculous. When we feel blessed to be able to wash our clothes, when we greet the “everyday” with eyes that don’t see it that way, our joy-filled energy brightens all that we do. It can light up a room no matter what was going on in the room before we got there. Our uplifted attitude of gratitude can be so contagious others will feel it, and be uplifted too if they choose, no matter what may be going on in their life. An uplifted feeling can be healing. The powerful, positive energy we emit, even while those around us may be expecting the worst, can positively affect an outcome wherever we are.

But so often we go about doing what we do each day without noticing what we’re doing because it doesn’t seem extraordinary. So, our mind wanders off making other (more important) plans. We’re not present with our body. It goes about getting things done without our mind paying attention, or appreciating every tiny miracle it takes for our body to do whatever it’s doing.

We may shower in the morning and hardly notice the blessing of warm water as it touches our skin, or the fragrant soap as it cleanses our body, because “it’s just shower!” We have more important things to focus on like our to-do list for the day. We might skip breakfast or stop at a drive-thru, and eat whatever it is in the car without noticing the taste of the food or how much of it we’re eating. We might drive to work, or wherever else we’re headed, and arrive without any recollection of how we got there, or what we experienced on the way. If nothing out of the ordinary caught our attention, like another driver who got in our way, our mind was likely somewhere else. It might have been behind us thinking about yesterday, or some other day. Or, it might have been way ahead of us going over what might happen in the rest of our day.

Maybe we have conversation with someone. And afterward, if we give it any thought at all, we can’t remember half of what that person said because we were busy thinking of something else at the same time and were only half listening. Then we blame it on our bad memory rather than on the bad habit of inattentiveness to the moments of our life. Letting our mind wander away can be such a habit that we don’t even notice it’s left the building! In this rush-to-get-it-done world it is important for us to stop and ask our self often throughout the day, “What am I doing right now, and where is the blessing here and now?”

If we want a deeper, richer experience of being our self in life, if we want to come alive each moment, we need to give our full attention to our life as it’s happening. We need to notice what we are experiencing, in the moment we’re experiencing it. We can’t live our life in retrospect. We’re here to experience this earth life to the fullest. If we’re not paying attention, we’ll miss the blessings this earth life has that are meant for us.

Long before the devil got the credit for being in the details, the original idiom was “God is in the details.” Every detail of our life is valuable because God is Present in the details. Every moment is blessed by divinity because we are Divine. We are a living, breathing miracle of creation given the freedom to be all we’re created to be. “Our life is precious! It is extraordinary! It is blessed! And it is given to us of God!”

Beyond Compare

Image by Andreas Wohlfahrt from Pixabay

Some of us may feel as if our life is speeding by. The good news is that as we learn to appreciate each moment of our life right now, as we take time to stop and smell the roses so to speak, we won’t feel discouraged by the apparent speed of time, or regret the loss of time. Because where the experience of joy and appreciation of life are concerned, it’s never too late to make up for lost time! Appreciation for our life as we are living it enriches our experience of the present moment, and allows us to have the time of our life anytime. Every moment of every day there is something good going on right where we are. Right under our nose! It’s been said “If you need something to be grateful for, check your pulse and be thankful for the gift of life.”

When we enjoy our life we naturally go with the Flow of Abundant Good that is always flowing, all the time, in every direction in the Universe—round and round, up and down, from the inside out! There is no spot where Good is not, even when it seems (to us) that It isn’t there. The poet, WB Yeats, wrote “The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” We can sharpen our senses by intentionally looking for Good everywhere we are. By opening our heart to Its Presence within us, and opening our mind to Its Presence in the world around us. It is our focus on the blessings of life that allows more blessings to appear to us.

We may want to ask our self this question: “When I look at my life, and when I look at the world around me, what do I see reflected back me?Do I see neediness and an abundance of not enough, or an over-sufficiency and an abundance of more than enough?” We are either looking for, and finding, lack and limitation in our life, and in the world around us, because we’re looking with a mind that believes that this world and everyone in it, including our self, is on our own in a world where there is not enough to go around. Or we are looking for, and finding, an overflow of goodness in our own life, and seeing abundance everywhere, because we’re looking with a consciousness filled with conviction that even in this world everyone, including us, is one with an Unlimited Universe that Sources every living being with more than enough to enjoy living life every moment.

The world teaches us that seeing is believing. But, since we can only see the world through the perception of our own mind, believing is seeing. What we’re looking for we’re looking with because we see what we expect to see. The world can show us nothing that isn’t already within us as our expectation of it. When we believe there is not enough somewhere, we experience a Universe that plays favorites, whether It seems to work in our favor and against someone else, or against us and in favor of someone else.

The world of appearances doesn’t encourage us to look for Good and praise Its abundance everywhere. In fact, some people say we should be grateful for the little bit we have in our life because there are those who have even less. But no one’s blessings are made greater because they are better than someone else’s. No one in the world is more fortunate or less fortunate than anyone else, no matter what may be happening in their life at any particular time.

But the media, which speaks for the world of appearances, seems to focus on what is wrong with most of life, and the unchangeableness of circumstances. It compares today’s events to yesterday’s stories, and tells us whether or not today is better or worse than yesterday. It compares the lives of the rich and famous in ways that cause us to believe their lives are nothing like ours. And, so we watch and wish things were different for us. When we get in the habit of focusing on what’s wrong with our body, our significant other, our children, our neighbor, our job, our financial status, our politicians, our country, and the world—sure enough that’s all we see.

If we don’t practice the spiritually-based point of view that we are blessed every moment with Good, and look to see that Good in every situation, if we become fascinated by what others say, have, and do because their lives seem more intriguing than our own life, we unconsciously become part of the inequality and animosity that is being played out daily in the world, and reported on by the media.

We are all equally blessed. Each of us is beyond compare. We are a one-of-a-kind in a Universe of unlimited creations that is blessing all of it, all the time, and sourcing us with all we need (and then some) to express our unique self. Comparison causes us to overlook the value of our own life, and what’s right with us and the world around us. It keeps us from seeing how blessed we, and the world, truly are. It keeps our senses from growing sharper so that we can perceive the magic things right where we are, wherever we are.

All of us would love to be a blessing to others—to bring a smile to someone’s face, to share joy and laughter even with a stranger, to offer money or service to uplift another, and to bring peace and calm when there is a drama playing out around us. To desire to be a blessing to others is a beautiful thing for us want to be. But, as the saying goes, “You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” We are only able to be a blessing to those around us by first feeling blessed within us.

To “be blessed” is to live with the awareness that not only are our personal needs met, but that there’s more than enough left over to share because the Source of our blessings is unlimited. To “be blessed” is to be aware that there are innumerable blessings, far more than we can count, all around us every moment of every day. To “be blessed” is to be grateful not only for big things, but small things, and everything in between.

To raise our awareness to that high vibrational place, where choices for creating a joy-filled life are unlimited, requires more practice than simply counting a few blessings in our life that manage to catch our attention even though our mind is busy counting what’s wrong and what’s missing in our life and the world around us. TV anchor and novelist, Mike Greenberg, said, “Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them.” When we feel blessed in thousands of tiny ways, our blessings far outnumber any problems that may arise, And, it is only problems, not us, that become small by comparison. We don’t need a calculator to add up our blessings so that we can feel grateful for “something.” We just need a desire to notice the more than enough that is blessing us and all creation, in thousands of tiny ways all the time.