God is a Four-Letter Word

If we don’t give full attention to the moments of our life—if we are distracted by the demands each day seems to make upon us, and if we are busy thinking about what’s just ahead us and don’t take time to enjoy where are—our days can pass by in a blur, with moments that are unnoticed, unappreciated and unexperienced.

Defend or Extend

Because there is only One Power in the Universe in which live, that Power lives in us right now. And, because It is Universally unopposed and always has our happiness Mind, there can be no opposition to our happiness except our own resistance to it. We get to choose whether we will react with fear or respond with love in the world. We have Divine authority within us to decide how we will look at life—What we will see, the meaning we will give it, and what we will create for our self out of that meaning. (Read more…)

Frustrations are Expectations

If we are alive right now, no matter how we are seeing and experiencing this life, and no matter what we are doing with our life, we are on a spiritual path. There is no other path, no human path taking us anywhere, even if some of our detours and “off-road” explorations along our path have caused us to lose sight of why we are here and where we want to go. (Read more…)

It Takes One to Know One

Teachers of God have chosen a curriculum of Love that causes them to see the good, beautiful and holy in all things, including themselves. They recognize that life happens through them, and they trust that the Universe in which they live has only their happiness in mind. They demonstrate Love through forgiveness of themselves and the world. They feel no need to defend themselves against the world, or the accusations of others, because they know that what they see within themselves is the same view with which they see the world. They live a life of choice by deciding how they will experience any person, condition, situation, or event in their life. They emit a calm, peaceful energy even in the midst of chaos. The vibrational tone they set wherever they are is uplifting even as they face the ever-changing, unpredictable situations that come into their individual life.