Giggling With God

After living in California for 34 years, Rev. Kim Yalda recently moved back to her hometown of Flushing to live with and care for her 95-year young mother. We are blessed at The Life Enrichment Center that this beautiful, deeply spiritual Science of Mind Minister chose to become a member of our Spiritual Family. On Sunday, July 15th, she spoke at the Sunday Service, not as a “guest speaker,” but as a family member. Below is her bio.

Guest Speaker Rev. Ilenya Marrin

Known for her clarity and compassion, guest speaker, Rev. Ilenya Marrin, encouraged those who attended The Life Enrichment Center last Sunday to take important steps in nurturing greater self-compassion, self-forgiveness, resilience, and heart-centered wisdom. In this podcast you can listen to her share her own story of renewal and regeneration, and offer simple strategies to help you refill inner reservoirs of love and peace so you can give without depleting yourself, from the abundance of your loving heart.

Embraced by God

“When you identify with Christ you identify with the one identity. When you realize the oneness of your identity you will be one with Christ. Christ is synonymous with oneness. Who could be left out of the embrace? And who from within the embrace could be separate and alone?” ~ A Course of Love

Have you been feeling left out when it comes to experiencing love, joy, peace, and friendship in life? If so, you are invited to listen to this message by Bill Diedrich, Sunday’s powerful guest speaker at The Life Enrichment Center.

It’s You!

Guest Speaker, Rev. Ray Hollingsworth, completed LEC’s January theme,”Prosperity,” with an excellent talk Sunday morning, “It’s You,” and then offered a hands-on workshop in the afternoon that helped participants to understand how to use Science of Mind Principles to increase Spiritual Prosperity in their lives.

Rev. Hollingsworth earned a Master of Consciousness Studies at Holmes Institute and was ordained in 2009. He was a staff minister at the Center of Spiritual Living Southern Arizona, in Tucson, AZ, before moving back to his home state of Michigan. He lives in Shelby, MI, with his wife, Ro. Rev. Ray enjoys guest speaking and feels that “Science of Mind is a universal teaching that works with any and all religions.”