The Light of Love

The spiritual qualities represented by Advent—Hope, Peace, Love, Joy—belong to us already. If we invite them to be actively present in our awareness, we’ll discover that during the Holiday hustle and bustle we are free to choose how we feel and we will express our self (whether we choose to be naught or nice!). Open-Mindedness, our focus during December, is a spiritual practice that will increase the momentum of our awakening to these qualities within us like nothing else. (Read more…)

The Light of Peace

We would all like to be more open-minded in our life, wouldn’t we? To be more tolerant of the passing situations in the world, less bothered by the behavior of others, and more accepting of new ideas about our self and life. There is an ease to living with no resistance to the world around us, and with the peaceful awareness that we (alone) are responsible for what we think and how we feel. Open-mindedness, according to A Course in Miracles, can best be understood as it relates to forgiveness and acquired through the practice of lack of judgment. The practice of forgiveness and non-judgment gives us more mental clarity, more emotional calm, and even more physical energy. (Read more…)

The Light of Hope

When we think of someone as open-minded, we often think of them as being more accepting, tolerant, unbiased, and more receptive to new ideas. Open-mindedness, according to A Course in Miracles, is a quality that can best be understood as it relates to forgiveness; an attribute acquired through lack of judgment. The Dalai Lama said that “Love is the absence of judgement.” To be open-minded, then, is to be open to Love, and a willingness to extend Love without judging who or what deserves our expression of Love. (Read more…)