The Hungry Ghost

The weird, but wonderful life cycle of the Monarch butterfly offers us a wonderful “ego lesson.” When the caterpillar breaks out of its egg, the first thing it does is turn around and eat its egg. It’s apparently not going back, at least not the way it came! Then the caterpillar eats all the leaves in sight in order to have enough energy for the long journey ahead. It eats and eats and eats until its one hundred times bigger than when it came. When it’s ready it pushes against its outer skin by wiggling its inner body underneath until the outer skin splits. Then the caterpillar sheds that skin and actually digests that part of its former self while building up its inner new self. The goal of the caterpillar isn’t to live its life as fat caterpillar, but to get what it needs from its outer environment to prepare itself for a whole new experience of itself in the world. (Read more…)

A Disappearing Act

While we’re waiting for a “particular good” to appear in our life, it’s important for us to take time to appreciate and feel gratitude for all the good already present around us—to feel gratitude for the courtesy of a driver, to appreciate a smile from a stranger, to be thankful for a warm place to be on a cold night, feel the joy of a hot shower or warm bubble bath, to acknowledge the calm beat of own heart. (Read more…)

Stuck in Story

Did you know that the dictionary defines Patience as “a willingness to suppress restlessness and annoyance when confronted with delay”? In other words, if we don’t freak out when we don’t get what we want when want it, if instead we hold back expressing the restlessness and annoyance we feel, according to Merriam-Webster we are being patient! (Read more…)

It’s About Time!

Patience (as they say) comes to those who wait. But it is how we wait, and what we’re waiting for, that makes all the difference in how we experience our day-to-day life.

Are you a “patient” or “impatient” waiter? Do you stand with your arms crossed, tapping your foot, impatiently waiting for something better to show in your life than whatever is happening right now? Or do you stand fully in the present moment, patiently trusting that Life is Good right where you are, and that no moment is a waste of your time? Are you convinced that your every thought is heard by a Creative Universe that is always attentive and listening and always has your happiness in mind? Or are you convinced that the Universe didn’t the memo about what you need, that the God of your Being didn’t understand the urgency of request, or that your good has been high-jacked by someone else, somewhere else, and you’ll just have to pray again and wait for another shipment? (Read more…)