Wish Upon a Star

Love is our focus every Sunday, not only in February, but every month. To speak of Spirit or Source Energy at all, to speak of God as all, is to speak of Love. As we said last Sunday, “Love is Love,” and that’s true no matter what name we give It when we speak of It. As Shakespeare famously wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” The sweetness of Love, by any other name, is the fragrance that fills the air we breathe with Life Itself.

Valentine’s Day may be behind us now, but Love is still in the air and we can still feel it, and see it everywhere, if we choose to. The 14th C Persian Poet, Hafiz, wrote: “This sky where we live is no place to lose your wings, so love, love, love.” Love is the wind beneath our wings, the movement of Pure Positive Energy that lifts us up where we belong, into the high holy Conscious Vibration of our perfect Creation. As we soar in the freedom of that Clear Sacred Sky, we become aware of the unlimited possibilities for living our life fully and loving our life completely as we do.

A Course of Love tells us that the human spirit that knows Love knows that Love is not in need of restriction but rather in need of being unrestrained. If we want to live happily-ever-after, we can begin right now by letting go and letting Love flow above, beneath, and within us. Whatever the question, whatever problem is in our life or the world, the answer is unrestrained Love. Everyone loves a lover, and everyone loves being a lover. That’s why we’re unhappy when we restrict Love through us for any reason.

The human spirit that knows Love, and chooses It as its self-expression no matter what the circumstances becomes an extraordinary vibrational free-space where Unconditional Love flows into the world. When we’re in love with being Love in this life (more than we like being right), and when we love living our life, and allow others to live theirs without attaching our opinion to it, we feel our wings and soar in the Sky of Spirit where we know that there is nothing impossible to us.

Jiminy Cricket sang “When You Wish Upon a Star” in the animated film Pinocchio. A wish is a desire. We could say that when we wish upon a star, our desire rises higher into a space of awareness where answered prayer dwells. The words to the song can inspire us to desire higher in our life: “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are/Anything your heart desires will come to you/If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme/When you wish upon a star as dreamers do.”

Are we a dreamer or a realist? In other words, do we feel the power of our spiritual wings and let our imagination soar so that it can enrich our life, or do we focus on the world and just wish our problems would go away while believing there are a whole lot of reasons why many of them are here to stay? Do we believe that anything our heart desires will come to us, or do we believe that some of our requests are too extreme, too unrealistic to come true at this point in our life?

Michelangelo wrote, “The greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” If we don’t desire higher than what we see physically, if we don’t dream up more than has already manifested in this world, and if we don’t desire for something greater for our individual life because we think we can’t have it or don’t deserve it, then we’re stuck with what is because we’re not dreaming up anything greater in our mind that can manifest in our life.

The Way of the Heart tells us that the nature of a being of love is to extend, to bring love into form. When our heart is in our dream, we’re in love with our dream—we love the idea of it, we love the feeling of it, and we live with the happy anticipation of its arrival in form. When our heart is in our dream we’re actually loving our dream into manifestation. There is no Power like the Power of Love to make our dreams come true.

When there is nothing within us to restrict our dream from coming into physical form, as Jiminy Cricket would say: “Like a bolt out of the blue, fate steps in to see it through.” Fate is just another name for the Law of Attraction. We are spiritual beings of Love, living in a spiritual Universe of Love, that is governed by the Spiritual Law of Love, which says: “It is done as you believe. You are free to dream any dream and it will be made manifest for you.” In the Book of Matthew we read, “For amen, I say to you, that if you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you may say to this mountain, ‘Move from here’, and it will move, and nothing will be difficult for you.”

As spiritual beings we are one with the Source Energy that creates worlds upon worlds, universes and multiverses. That same Source Energy creates in our individual world whether we aim high or low. If we’re wondering how high we’re aiming, all we need to do is look at our life and notice how we feel about our physical body and everything else we see that we call “our life.” The Science of Mind tells us, “Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.”

We can spend our vibrational thought coins wishing the pain in our body would go away, or wishing a family member, friend, other drivers on the road, or someone in the government would behave in a different way. But, when we don’t wish upon a star, i.e., when our thoughts are not uplifted by Love in our heart, we’ll spend our time experiencing sameness,—whether it’s continued pain in our body or the continuation of a metaphorical pain in the neck—and then we complain that nothing changes. Complaining doesn’t change anything because it disallows and prevents any higher experience for us than our focus on the physical world allows to manifest.

We read in The Science of Mind, “Pure Spirit is at the center of everything and is always responding to our thought. There is no limit to Its manifestation for us except the limitations that we set.” Do we still dare to dream or do we believe it’s too late? The only difference between us and Don Quixote is that nothing we dream is impossible. We can move mountains and it won’t be difficult! It will be miraculously easy, “like a bolt out of the blue.” We are free to desire higher, to wish upon a star that shines in the High Holy Realm of Spirit, “as dreamers do,” as do those who trust that there is so much more to life and our self than meets the eye.

Pure Spirit, the Pure Source Energy that rocks the Universe, is at the center of everything because It is the Power of Love that creates everything and brings it into form. It’s in a butterfly or an elephant, a flower or a tree, a molehill or a mountain, and it’s in us or else we couldn’t be here. If we’re still here in this human environment, no matter what our age we still have a whole lot of dreaming to do. There’s no limit to what we can be, do, have, or experience right now if we don’t set limits for our self.

We don’t have to struggle or effort in this life. We’re already spiritual beings free to dream a dream. If we have faith “like a grain of mustard seed,” and allow our desires to rise beyond this world of appearances, we’ll become aware that no request is too extreme. We’ll know that it makes no difference who we are, we’re loved by Love Itself. When our heart is in our dream, we’re in love with our dream—with the idea of it and the feeling of it. And, when our dream feels true within us, there’s nothing to prevent it from coming true in physical form.

Love is Love

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It’s February and Love is in the air! The saying “love is in the air” isn’t just a metaphor because Love is the very air we breathe every moment. Love is the Source Energy of Life in which all that live exist. In The Science of Mind we read, “We live, move, and have our being in God.” And God is Love, so how could Love not be in the air all the time.

We all know that there could be no Life without breath, but do we know there can be no Life without Love? Love is everywhere Life is, throughout all of Existence including here on Earth. Love is present in every living being as the Awareness of “I Am; I Exist.” Love is the holy connective vibration of Awareness or Consciousness that connects everything in the Universe with everything else. Love is the heartbeat of Life, Itself. Without that Love there would be no connection. Without that Love there would be nothing to connect. Love is the Creator, and Love being Love is the Creation.

We don’t need to try to find Love because It is within us and around us all the time. There is a saying, “There is no spot where God is not.” If you’re alive right now, you’re that spot where God Is. Right where you are right now, not someday but right now, is the very Presence of the Love that is God. That Love beats your heart. Close your eyes, put your hand over your heart. Whether you feel Love or not, you can still feel Life beating your heart. If your heart is beating God’s Love is causing it to beat.

Rumi wrote, “Close your eyes, fall in Love, stay there. When Love Itself comes to kiss you, don’t hold back.” When we fall in love with being Love, when we become a lover of Life, a lover of Creation, our heart beats in perfect rhythm with the Heart of God.

“Love is Love” is just like saying “Life is Life” because just as we can only know Life by being alive and living, we can only know Love by being Love and loving. We can look around us and see expressions of Life everywhere, but we can’t know what Life is for our self unless we feel alive. In the same way, we can look around us and see expressions of Love everywhere, but we can’t know what Love is unless we feel Love alive within us. We read in A Course of Love, “God’s love is your love. Your love is the love of God. God is Love.” How then could anyone alive not be Love in Truth.

Even in human form no one can be spot where Love is not because when we were given Life by God, we were given Love by God. It’s a complete package! We brought that Vibration of Love with us, as us, when we arrived on Earth, or else we couldn’t have arrived. The Vibration of Love allowed us, and continues to allow us, to appear in physical form. It’s important for us to remember that we didn’t get here alone or on our own.

OSHO wrote, “Love is born with you; it is your intrinsic quality. All that is needed is to give It a way, to make a passage for It, to let It flow.” We make a passage for Love by consciously choosing It as our Self. We let It flow by not believing there’s a reason for It not to flow. And, we give It a way by loving.

We were born loving Life, everyone and everything in It. But once we got here with all that Love, and began experiencing this human environment, certain events, conditions and situations may have caused us to forget who we truly are and to hold back when Love Itself came to kiss us. We didn’t start this Earth life holding back on Love. In fact, the Presence of Unconditional Love in newborn’s has been documented in a study by sociologists.

Sociologists say Love is evident at every birth in the hand of every newborn baby, no matter where in the world the baby is born and no matter under what circumstances. They discovered that it doesn’t matter whose finger is placed in a newborn baby’s hand—no matter the age, education, religion, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation—a newborn will gently clasp that finger in what sociologists refer to as a primal “finger-hug” that unconditionally honors whoever has placed it there. Yet a newborn holds that finger without holding on tightly so that it just as easily and gently yields to the visiting finger’s departure at the instant its taken away.

Sociologists believe this universally offered finger-hug reveals the primal absence of interpersonal friction among humans at birth—no judgments, no holding back, no possessiveness, no unwillingness to let go. They say the finger-hug is far more than a meaningless reflex; that it is an instinctive greeting that demonstrates how free we all felt in beginning to join with each other without barriers or resistance. Rumi wrote, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

How soon we forgot how easy Love Is, and learned to build barriers of resistance, depends on what happened next in our life. Perhaps we learned that there was not only something unloving around us, but something unlovable about us. Maybe we were told we weren’t planned or wanted, so we learned early that our arrival on earth wasn’t a miracle, but a mistake. Maybe we were told we weren’t smart enough, quick enough, talented enough, physically attractive enough, or valuable enough (by people who seemed to know about us), so we learned it wasn’t safe to give or receive love freely.

The good news is that because barriers to Unconditional Love are learned, they can be unlearned. Our mind is full of materials to build barriers, i.e., our thoughts, and we turn those thoughts into words and actions. When we focus on where we believe Love is not, in our self or the world, we define our “not there” observation in so so many words; often far more words than we offer to define the Presence of Love when we talk to self or to others. But, as we all know, our mind is all talk, and often full of bothersome chatter.

Eckhart Tolle wrote, “When you no longer believe everything you think, you become aware and realize the thinker is not who you are.” We are the observer of our thoughts. If we can observe our thoughts, we must be more than our thoughts. We’re the changer of thoughts, and if we can change our thoughts, they can’t be wholly true because Truth is Unchangeable. We are the Unchangeable Love behind our mind. We live, move and have our being in Love, even now.

We can’t experience Love in our head no matter what our head says about Love because Love lives in our heart, and we can only experience It when we feel It alive in our heart. Eckhart Tolle wrote, “If you have a bad thought, a repetitive thought, a thought that makes you unhappy, all you have say yourself is “next thought please,” and your mind will be immediately cleared for several minutes or longer. It’s a very pleasant way to change the narrative in one’s head.”

Unconditional Love isn’t something we can give to others or the world unless we give It passage through us, unconstrained by barriers and unrestricted by judgment, so It can freely flow. Unconditional Love may not seem easy, or even possible, but we’ll start to believe that it is possible and it will become easier when we remember we knew how to do It before we knew anything else.

When we give Love a way to express as us without judging why we should, when we make a passage for It to extend equally to all, and when we let It flow through us into the world around us without reservation or preference, we know what Love is because we’re being Love. When Love is alive in us, we give solutions a way to solve problems, we make a passage for the good, beautiful and holy to appear in the world, and Love flows freely. We are aware of our connection with the One Life we share and we breathe together in peace.

Did You Do It on Purpose?

Image by Tumisu, from Pixabay

We read in The Way of the Heart, “Your Creator’s only creation is you, the truth of you. For you are Love and God creates only that which is like unto Himself. And God is only Love.” Though every moment of every day in every month of every year is the perfect time for us to focus on the Love that we are, February (with a whole day dedicated to Love) seems to be a month when Love is in the air everywhere on purpose.

It’s important for us to quietly ponder and accept that we are created by Love to be only Love. In fact, that’s the only place to start if we want to become more and more aware of the Love we are and our purpose for expanding that Love forever. But Valentine’s Day seems to call our attention to the expectation of our expressing the Love we are in a more obvious way by showing that Love to those we love. We could say that Valentine’s Day is a call to action to express our love in a more tangible (and, perhaps, commercial) way by giving cards, flowers, gifts, or candy to those we love.

In a world that often appears so unloving, its easy for us to feel unloving along with it, to root against parts of it and rage against other parts that seem to lack Love. But when we do, when we root against and rage against, we become an expression of that lack of Love. We may think that we have reasons because, more often than not, we do. But we’re created to Love unreasonably and to be only Love no matter what.

What does that mean as we live in this human environment? We read in The Way of the Heart, “For Love is, indeed, patient and kind. Love is not deluded, and Love does not allow delusion. Love embraces all things, trusts all things, and allows all things. It knows perfectly well where it is going, and never ceases in that journey until every blade of grass is released from casting shadows, and the whole of creation is returned to the Heart of God.” Love never forgets Its purpose and It’s always on purpose.

If we weren’t created by Love to Love unconditionally, then when we weren’t feeling Love. we’d still feel good. But we all know there isn’t an unloving thought, word or action of ours that causes us to feel good. The Love we are doesn’t depend on the behavior of others, or on our being loved in return, in order to express. And, since we are created only to Love, when we don’t love, it’s painful!

All we need to express the Love that we are, the Love that heals world, is to give up all our reasons not to love. Reasoning is the action of the mind, and the mind can be, and often is, deluded and believes what isn’t true. Loving is the action of the heart, and the heart knows only Love. The mystical poet, Rumi, wrote: “Our greatest strength lies in the gentleness and tenderness of our heart.”

Ours is to Love unconditionally, to Be Love no matter what. For us to try to love anyone we’ve reasoned is unlovable is like our trying to be someone other than our self. Ours is to love on purpose; to be an expression of Love alone loving our self, or in a crowd loving those around us. When we allow Love to be the most active part of our awareness, that Love extends out into the world. It sees the world through our heart, and sees whoever is before us (in person or on the news) as Love’s creation in a fleshy disguise.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Nobody else knows your reason for being, but you do and your bliss guides you to it. When you follow your bliss, when you follow your path of joy, you’re right on the path of that which you intended when you came forth into this physical body.” When we were growing up, we may have wanted to be all sorts of things. Maybe we were even told what we should be when we grew up. But there is a difference between growing up and growing within. We grow within by following our path of Joy. It’s the GPS that has been placed in our heart.

If our desire is to fulfill our reason for being here; if our desire is to live a life we enjoy in a world we enjoy living it in; and, if our desire is to have a whole lot of fun, and experience vitality, prosperity, wellness, friendship, loving relationships, and all the things that make up the life we’ve come into the world to live, then we need to make loving life and loving our self in it our top priority.

Swami Sivananda wrote, “There is no virtue higher than love; there is no treasure higher than love; there is no knowledge higher than love (and there is no purpose higher than Love). Love is Truth. Love is God.” Love makes the world go round on purpose (with us on it!) Love makes the Universe expand (with us in It!). Our being an individual awareness or consciousness that expands along with the Universe, and our being a place and space through which the Love of God and the Joy of Creation unfolds and manifests on Earth is an amazing purpose for being alive.

We don’t need to “do” anything to find our purpose. The more we open to the question, “Why am I here? What is mine to do?,” the more our purpose flows into our awareness. Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones wrote, “Purpose is a living, breathing thing which finds us when we allow it to. The greatest part of the mystery of living in a human skin lies in the fact that as we deeply and emotionally evolve, so too does our sense of purpose.”

We all came here on purpose, and as we follow our path of joy, we live that purpose on purpose. Our bliss, whatever it is that causes Joy to arise in us, will guide us along the path that we intended to follow when we came into this physical world. Our birth was no accident. We came in as we did, when we did, with the intention of expanding our awareness of the Allness of Love within us. This world, at this time, with all its contrast and all the media outlets that allow us to see it whenever we choose to, is the perfect place for us to discover that we can choose to “Be Love” no matter what is going on around us.

Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones wrote, “One’s purpose is not a singular point at which we arrive after we’ve finally grabbed that brass ring. Being ‘on purpose’ is always a present moment experience.” Every moment we choose Love we are living on purpose, and whenever we don’t choose Love we’re not doing anything on purpose. Our purpose is expressed not so much by what we do, but by the awareness with which we do it. We either do what we do intentionally for the purpose of expressing the Love that we are, or we live by default with thoughts we think, words we speak and actions we take that we don’t do on purpose and often regret.

Whatever we’re curious about, whatever we’re passionate about, guides us to the moment-to-moment fulfillment of loving life on purpose. Passion and curiosity are Energies, and we’re all Energy conductors. We consciously direct our Energy by watching our mind and the thoughts that arise within it, so that we can change the thoughts that don’t serve us in being who we came here to be.

How we go about living on purpose in this physical environment is found in the opportunities we call to our self, some pleasant and some unpleasant—people, conditions, connections, and situations that, like it or not, open our awareness to Love in a deeper, less conditional, more expansive way.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “This is how you know you’re living on purpose: You’re happy. You’re balanced. You have vitality. You’re coordinated. You have clarity. You have humor. You have interest in life. You feel love. You want more. You feel eager. You feel ready, and you are willing and you are able of accomplishing anything that comes to you. Let that be what you show yourself first, and once you’ve tuned in to those feelings that feel like that, then move around your world.” And, then we’ll have no doubt that whatever we’re doing, we’re doing it on purpose.

It’s a Wrap!

Does this year feel as alive with boundless possibilities for creating something beautiful and new in our life, and for greater possibilities for positive change in the world, as it felt on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day? Can we recall right now how hopeful and excited we felt then? The promise of something new, the promise of something better, carries a High Vibrational Energy that may have been easier for us feel when the whole world was feeling it, too, as we teetered on the edge of symbolic newness together.

We don’t have to keep that Energy going because It’s always going. It is perpetual, eternal, without beginning or end. All that’s required of us is to stop pinching It off from our life experiences by thinking of reasons not to feel It. But because we often have our reasons, we checked in with our self on the first Sunday in January when we were already seven days into 2024 to see if we were still feeling fresh and frisky about the new or if we were feeling stale and tired already.

We might want to check in with our self again, right now, to see we’re doing with our renewing. It’s always good for us to be aware at all times of how we’re feeling about life, and our self in life, because if we’re not noticing who we think we are and how our being that one causes us to feel in the moments we’re living our life, then to paraphrase John Lennon, “Life will be what happens to us while we’re busy making other plans.”

Often we focus on the business of our day—appointments to keep, obligations to fulfill, stuff we think we’ve got to do or at least stuff we think we’ve got to think about doing—and we get going on all of that without first intentionally connecting with the Life within us that has given us a life to live and filled us with beautiful, loving, peaceful Energetic possibilities for our living It every moment of every day. What does it matter if we get through a day and get everything on our to-do list done if we weren’t paying attention throughout the day to the story we were telling to self and others about our self and life and noticing if we were enjoying the storyline as we were telling it.

We asked our self on January seventh if we were feeling happy about who we are in life and how life goes for us, or if we were still trying to improve on who we are, and trying to become more spiritual so that we feel worthy of life going better for us. It’s a good question for us to ask our self today: Do we know how precious and miraculous we are right now? Do we feel blessed just to be alive as our self? Or are we still trying to improve on God’s Handy Work so that we feel worthy to tell a greater story about our self?

All of that work, all of that effort and struggle to understand It all is so unnecessary when each of us already has the greatest story ever told within us. It’s Sacred Title is “I AM.” Mooji wrote, “You never have to prove your own worth for you are already complete within as the beloved child of the Divine. Be happy.” Happiness is our Divine nature. Happiness is who we are.

If our story so far this year has been one we enjoyed most of time, or at least some of time, and we’ve been sharing our happy life- affirming stories with family and friends—if we’ve been thinking about and talking about healing, happiness, positive aspects of others, and the positive outcomes for our self then our story moving forward this year can only get better and better, with no effort on our part.

But even if our story so far has been one we haven’t enjoyed most of the time or any of the time, and we’ve been sharing that story with family and friends—and in the process not only not helping the situation, but making it worse through repetition and affirmation—then even if it wasn’t a great story, for better or wose, there’s one thing we can know for sure, we can’t go back and tell another story about January 2024. But we can turn the page and ask our self how we want to tell our story of life now.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You have to begin telling your story in a new way. You have to tell it as you want it to be.” If the thought comes to mind, “Well thats not realistic,” then we might want to ask our self what it is we believe is real. Ever have an unwanted experience. Perhaps it was a health challenge or injury, and unexpected negative encounter with someone, or something happened that seemed to us so unfair, and found yourself saying “That’s the story of my life!”

It’s easy for us to think that way and stay with the story of the past that seems like the only story of our life. We like to think that after all this time, and after all those experiences we struggled through, that we have a handle on this human life, even if we’d rather let go of the handle. We keep pointing at the obvious, at what appears in front us that keeps affirming for us that things in our life can’t change. And, that will seem to be reality because what’s in front of us can’t change until we start telling story in new way, in the way we want it to be, in the way we imagine it could be for our self and the world.

That’s why Jesus and so many spiritual teachers advise us not to judge according to appearances. If we would just stop “tellin’ it like it is” and start talking about how it could be, then how it could be would start feeling real to us. And, that would manifest before our eyes because we’d have started by looking beyond physical evidence to the Powerful Energy that creates everything.

Abraham-Hicks tells us that looking at what’s unwanted that has already manifested is like driving a car with the windshield on the floorboard so that all we can see is where we’ve been as it passes by. We need to decide to put our mental windshield up where it belongs, within us where the view is so much more expansive and spiritual possibilities abound. Then we can see the possibilities ahead even before we get there, and decide where we want to go next.

We could say it’s time for us to say “It’s a wrap” to our old stories. If we’ve been “telling it like it is” and we haven’t been happy in the telling, then it’s time for us to tell our story in a new way. However, it’s way too early for us to say “Its a wrap” on the whole story of our life because we haven’t lived it all yet. As long as we’re participating in this Earth experience, our story teeters on edge of something new and better every moment.

We’re not stuck with any story about our self, no matter how long we’ve been telling it—stories about our negative upbringing or stories about our lack of well-being today—because that High Vibrational Energy of newness is still present right now, and It will continue to be present in every moment of every day as this year moves along, and we move along with it into the positive possibilities of what’s next.

In fact, the only thing that could keep us from experiencing out self and our life in a new way that expresses more peace and love in 2024 than ever before is if we say “It’s a wrap” to our life story because we believe there’s not going to be anything new or different to it. Ever wonder how those “B Movies” ever got made; so much time, money and effort put into poor scripts and poor acting? It could be that the director gave up too soon, and that he or she said “It’s a wrap!” when there was still an inspired story left to tell.

None of us was created to tell a life story that looks like a B Movie because everyone of us is on Spirit’s A list, and no matter how the story has gone so far, there is still an inspired story left within us to tell. We read in The Way of the Heart, “I cannot find a concept, a word, an idea, a philosophy, or dogma that can contain the mystery that is closer to you than your own breath and awaits your discovery.” God saw everything that He had made, including all of us, and behold it was very good, and He said “It’s a Wrap! No matter what happens next, this that I have made will never change.”

We are all pure Spirit now and forever, and nothing is impossible to us. We’re here on a journey of discovery, not for repairs or improvement. It’s our desire to Be the great stuff that allows us to live the great stuff and attract more of it to us so that our Earth story becomes a Universal classic! Betty White, when asked what she attributed to her longevity and obvious joy in life, said: “I know it sounds corny, but I try to see the funny side, the upside, not the downside. I get bored with people who complain about this and that. It’s such a waste of time. Enjoy life. Accentuate the positive, not the negative. It sounds so trite, but a lot of people will pick out something to complain about, rather than say, ‘Hey, that was great!’ It’s not hard to find great stuff if you look.”

The good news is our life as we live it is still ongoing right now in the very presence of the High Vibrational Energy of Creation. That Energy is perpetual, eternal, without beginning or end, and so are we. We get to create our self anew every moment if we want to. Our Earth story ain’t over ’til it’s over. So let’s not say “It’s a wrap” on our story until then.

Behind the Scenes

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

This month we’re considering our self as the storyteller of our life—life as we see it; life as we experience it. The thoughts we focus on in our mind write our story, and our life experiences, as they unfold visibly, are like a movie we’re making from the story in our mind.

How could we tell any other story about life other than the one we perceive from our own point of view and believe to be true? There isn’t anyone else, anywhere else, who can decide how we’ll perceive anything in this life. What we see, individually, is our thoughts manifesting physically as people, events and conditions in our life.

Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes It So!” It’s not what we look at, it’s what we think we see as we look. It’s our Earth story, good or bad. We could say it is both an autobiography and fiction because nothing that happens in this three-dimensional human experience changes the Truth of who we are spiritually. If we weren’t already a Spiritual Being made manifest, we wouldn’t be here to tell a story.

We alone decide how our story goes, with the power of the whole Universe backing us up and the Law of Attraction bringing us characters, events and conditions that match the storyline we’re telling. Our story of the world we see, and how we see our self in the world, is ours to maintain, sustain or change. It’s up to us. No one can tell our story for us because we’re the only living it from the Inside out.

It doesn’t matter how anyone else sees our life or lives their life. What we (and they) are experiencing is individual. Someone’s life may look to us like a Hallmark movie, but if that’s not how they’re perceiving it, it’s not how they’re experiencing it. Our life, on the other hand, may look like it belongs on the Sci-Fi channel, but we may be having the time of our life!

It’s our story and we can cry if we want to, laugh when we want to, be positive if we choose to, and feel good because that’s what we want to do. But when we realize that our thoughts influence how our story goes, we get a bit more particular and intentional with our thinking. We start to want to catch a thought that doesn’t feel good as soon as we can so we’re not a bad influence on our self!

In The Science of Mind we read, “Man’s personality is not a thing to be lightly spoken of or denounced as ineffective. Within and behind it are boundless possibilities.” Our practiced choices, i.e., the choices we make on a daily basis to feel good or not-so-good, and to be filled with positivity or oozing with negativity, become our personality—a human self that appears either to be relying on some invisible Source within and behind us, or a human self that appears to be separate and fearfully acting alone, vulnerable to a world outside of us. Both personalities have boundless possibilities for a storyline and everyone of us is telling ours.

It’s not always easy to stay positive in a manifested world where we can experience it all with our physical senses. But the contrast and duality we see is just what we need to tell our stories. Otherwise there would be no story to tell. Otherwise there would be no awareness of our individual freedom. Otherwise there would be no awakening within us to the power behind our choices, and no discovery that we can decide for our self how we want to experience the happenings that come with living in a human environment.

Those of us who know Grateful Jim know that he’s an extraordinarily positive individual. How could he not be when his life mantra is “There’s God and nothing else.” I asked him if I could share with you the second part of that mantra that he added just before he recently went in for knee surgery. He said to me, “There’s God and nothing else, and stuff happens.” And I thought that pretty much describes this human environment we live in…stuff happens.

It’s how we choose to deal with the stuff that happens that makes all the difference in the outcome physically, and in our spiritual growth as well. Our being happy and positive doesn’t prevent unwanted stuff from happening. It isn’t a defense mechanism! It’s true that we call the good times to us by being in the vibrational neighborhood where good times roll, but that doesn’t mean that what is unwanted and unexpected won’t roll into our experience from time to time.

It’s our practiced positive choices every day that create the vibrational environment behind the scenes that affects our Earth story when stuff happens. We read in The Science of Mind, “Everything in the so-called material universe is an effect and exists only by virtue of some mental image behind it.” We don’t always know all the things we believe until stuff comes along and gives us an opportunity to take a look, and then to choose how we’ll deal with the effect of some mental image once it has appeared physically.

Whether it’s stuff that seems big or small or somewhere in-between, it’s the same Truth that gets us through it all. For example, last Sunday night’s temperatures were forecast to be in the minuses, especially with the windchill (not unlike the forecast for the week to follow). When I got out of bed Monday morning I noticed that the carpet was cold, and I couldn’t seem to feel warm even after putting on my robe and slippers. That’s when I checked the thermostat and saw that it was 54 degrees in the house, and my furnace wasn’t trying to make it warmer because it wasn’t on.

Now when something unexpected and unwanted occurs, no matter how happy we may naturally be, we’re not going to say “whoopee!” And, I didn’t. But I did ask myself is my reaction was something I wanted to perpetuate. And, it wasn’t. The week wasn’t going to get any warmer and my furnace needed to be fixed. I knew I could deal with the situation in a positive mood (or not).

Ken Wilber wrote, “There is nothing but God, nothing but the Spirit in every direction, and not a grain of sand nor a grain of dust is more or less Spirit than any other.” I figured that included my dusty furnace, and an awareness of Spirit within everything, including my furnace, was the response I wanted to perpetuate.

If we want commiseration for whatever fearful position we’ve taken, we don’t need to be choosy about who we call to share our situation with. Anyone can point out the obvious: “You’ll never find a furnace repairman today. They’ll be extra busy with this cold weather probably all week!” In fact, I called two furnace companies that confirmed that very thing as the thermostat dropped to 48 degrees.

On the other hand, if we want spiritual collaboration to support our positive position, then it’s good to be choosy about who we call to share our situation with, like a friend who hangs out in high vibrational places that will join us in knowing that all things work out for good when we expect them to. So that’s what I did, and the first thing my friend said was, “We’ll find someone,” and together we did. Buzzing through plenty of “no we can’t make it” calls, we stayed positive knowing that the Universe always says “yes.”

Then my friend found Alex of Adams Mechanical who was on road, and ignoring the numerous phone calls he was getting because everyone who left a message was angry. He told me later that he wasn’t sure why he’d answered his cell phone, but after talking to my good-vibing friend, he said he could be at my house by 2pm that day! My friend told me before he arrived, “He sounded very nice on the phone, good vibes.” And I knew that must be true. But as a Universal confirmation, when Alex arrived 15 minutes early and pulled into my driveway, even though the day had been dark and dreary, the sun suddenly came out and just for a moment shined directly on his truck!

It was a hallelujah moment! Alex was my angel and I told him so. After checking my furnace, he said I needed a new motor (the smaller and less expensive one), and he was sure he could find one. And he did! The Universal icing on the cake was that the cost turned out to be several hundred dollars less than the original estimate.

“There’s God and nothing else and stuff happens.” And when it does—whether something happens to affect our health, our home, our finances, or our relationships—we can choose to look for the good in every situation because it’s always there behind the scenes. In the Book of Hebrews we read, “For by faith we understand that the worlds were fashioned by the word of God, and that these things that are seen now came into being out of those things which are unseen.”

The stuff that happens in this world gives us the opportunity to check in and ask our self: “Do I believe that God is all there is even in the midst of stuff like this (whatever that ‘this’ is)? Do I believe that the Love that creates worlds upon worlds created me, and is all there is, all the time, everywhere, and therefore within every condition and situation of this human experience?”

If we find that we do believe that’’s So, then we will feel loved, cared for and guided no matter what may appear in our life. Our Divinity doesn’t come and go according to the situations and conditions in our life because there’s nothing but God in every direction in our life.

Accepting what comes, with the awareness that what happens in our human experience doesn’t define us spiritually or interfere with our connection to the Divine within, empowers us not only to get through any situation or condition, but to grow in awareness and inner peace because of it. Acceptance of what’s happening, without resistance, or fighting against it, or questioning why it happening to us, opens us to the flow of Love. And, when we are open to that Divine Flow, we have no doubt that It’s all good right where we are. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Everything is unfolding perfectly, and as you relax and find ease in your attitude of trust knowing that well-being is your birth-right, amazing things will happen. Things the likes of which you have not seen before.”

Raw Footage

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Eckhart Tolle wrote, “It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.” We asked our self last Sunday how we were feeling about our life in this new year. It’s a question we might want to ask our self every day, all year long, even after this year is no longer new (time-wise). “Am I feeling happy right now about myself( and life, or am I waiting to see how this year goes before I decide if I’m happy? Am I delighted in this moment, just to be alive in this moment, or am I waiting for the next moment, or the one after that, to show me something to be delighted about other than just being alive? Am I filled with positive anticipation about the good experiences this year may hold for me, and the world, all the way through—more peace, love, joy, prosperity, and well-being; more consideration, understanding and compassion—or am I personally waiting to see how the elections go, or how my financial situation goes, or how my relationships go, or how my health goes, or to see if what I want comes and what I don’t want goes before I decide if this year is worth being excited about?”

If we’re waiting for the world to change, or for certain people to change, before we start living the life we want to live, we’re going to have a long wait because, as Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” What we’re waiting for can’t come to us, or at least won’t come to us as soon as we’d like it to, unless we start living as if it’s on its way, just the way we happily anticipate someone we love showing up because we know they’re on their way to be with us. Until we start acting as though it were, feeling happy as if it is, and being grateful for each moment of its becoming manifest, we’re not calling the good times to us because we’re not in the vibrational neighborhood where the good times roll.

One of the first steps to living in unconditional vibrational happiness is deciding we want to be happy for no other reason than it feels good and brings good. And, then noticing how it feels to us when we’re happy and how it feels to us when we’re not, so that we can decide to feel good more often and feel the good times into manifestation. Eckhart Tolle wrote, “Remember that your perception of the world is a reflection of your state of consciousness. You are not separate from it and there is no objective world out there. Every moment your consciousness creates the world that you inhabit.” What we’re conscious of, i.e., what we’re aware of and focus on, creates the world we inhabit.

We’re the storyteller of that world, and when we talk to our self and others we’re revealing the thoughts and images in our mind that make up the world we see. We could say our thoughts write the story and our life experiences, as they unfold visibly and physically, are the movie we’re making from the story in our mind. The movie is up to each of us, whether it looks like a Hallmark movie or one that belongs on the sci-fi channel. When making a movie, the term “raw footage” refers to all of the unprocessed film gathered from a live shoot that comes directly from the camera. It’s completely unedited. It’s not cleaned up or enhanced in any way. Raw footage is simply the camera’s unadulterated sensor data before any image processing occurs that would make it appear differently.

The processing and editing is done by the storyteller so that the final version of what is seen reflects the story the storyteller wants to tell. Such editing occurs in movies, on TV, and even in news stories. In the same way, such editing occurs for all of us as we tell our story of how we believe life goes. Our thinking does the editing, automatically and instantaneously, and that becomes what we perceive in the world. A Course in Miracles tells us that everything in the world of perception is neutral, i.e., it’s raw footage. It’s what the eyes would take in and see of life in the Silence of Pure Awareness, without thoughts to judge it, change it, or alter it in any way.

But our mind thinks and processes images all the time. We read in A Course in Miracles, “Besides your recognizing that thoughts are never idle, it’s important that you recognize that a neutral result is impossible because a neutral thought is impossible. Every thought you have brings either peace or war; either love or fear”… either joy or sadness, either something wanted or unwanted. Why would we choose to see life in a way we don’t want to see it? Because we believe that’s the way it is. We believe what we see because we see only what we believe. Whenever you think or say, “I don’t believe it,” don’t believe that!

The raw footage of this world is done unto our view by what we believe is true, even if we wish it wasn’t true. Some of us may think we’re capable of observing the world around us without influencing what we’re observing, but the influence of our thoughts and beliefs is so quick and automatic, it’s easy for us to be under the false impression that things are happening around us without our mental input—“Those people are bad, mean, crazy, and untrustworthy, whether I think so or not!” But we just declared what we think!

Science has proven that, in a scientific experiment, the observer can’t be separated from what he or she is observing. Awareness of the process influences the visible results. Anthropologists know that they can’t observe remote peoples and cultures without affecting the results in some way. It seems almost magical, and it is certainly miraculous, that we can think a thought, believe that thought and give it power to create for us right before our eyes. Mooji said, “No thought has any power. You have power. And when you identify and believe in the thought, you give it power.” How could life not appear unto us as it does when it’s done unto us with our own creative power of belief?

We all see things uniquely because we’re one-of-a-kind in an Infinite Universe that doesn’t repeat Itself. We perceive life differently in this world according to what we’ve been taught by others about life and through life experiences that validate it. Sometimes people around us perceive life just a little differently than we do, and there are others that perceive life a whole lot differently than we do. Then we argue with them about their point of view because it differs so much from the way we see things. And, naturally we believe our way is the right way; that it’s THE actual raw footage of the only reality. But what we’re all seeing are images being processed in our own mind by our thoughts and then perceived by us in the world.

Everyone’s perception of everything and everyone is done unto them as they believe. No one escapes the results or consequences of their own thoughts. All perception begins in the mind because there’s no other location for our individual awareness to occur. And, though we may agree or disagree with the story of life someone else is telling, or they may agree or disagree with our story, we all believe our point of view is true because that’s the way we see things. It’s our version of “what is.”

That’s why it’s important for us to keep in mind that our happy vibration, or our unhappy vibration, influences our version of “what is” wherever we are. Our mood and attitude influences how we choose to see what’s going on and how we choose to interact with others. In every moment we attract people, events and conditions that validate how we’re feeling, and we get to choose what we focus on, and what ends up on the cutting room floor.

There is a phrase Hawaiians use when they sit down to have a conversation with someone. They say, “Let’s talk story.” When we “talk story” we’re sharing the contents of our mind and the story of life as we see it. What story do we tell about self and others when we “talk story” to our self? What story do we tell others when we “talk story” with them? What story do we give power to manifest in our life?

If we want this year to bring us something new, we need to influence our own point of view in a positive way. We have to begin to tell the story of our life, and the world, as we want it to be now, and stop telling tales of how it has been or pointing at how it is. We need to decide to stop complaining about the old and start proclaiming the new we want to experience. We can change our narrative and change our life. Just because it’s always been that way doesn’t mean it’s the way it has to stay.

Our thoughts are never idle. This year will be as spectacular as we allow our story about it to be. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Be as happy as you want to be in a world gone mad. Be as safe as you want to be in a world that is afraid of everything. Be as healthy as you want to be in a world that is mostly sick. Don’t let the statistics that someone else has created affect you. You get to choose—you are wise enough, smart enough, deliberate enough.”