Can’t Undo What’s True


We can spend a lot of time and energy on misinformation and false assumptions in life, and often find our self wrapped up in fearful certainties that something is going to happen that doesn’t, or something isn’t going to happen that does. The nature of misinformation is that it builds on itself so that it feels “truer and truer,” until what is more true is revealed. We can waste so much of our earth time spinning our wheels in confusion, or going off in the wrong direction, especially if we’re getting our information from someone else.

If we’re relying on those around us to tell us what to think, and not relying on the guidance of the spiritual Truth within us that is Wisdom, Itself, we will find our self heading in a direction we truly don’t want to go and not enjoying the trip! The good news is Truth builds on Itself, too, but the difference between Truth and misinformation is that once a Spiritual Truth feels real within us, It never stops feeling true to us. There is nothing truer than Truth!

There are plenty of opinions in this world offered by experts and influencers. There is a lot of advice (solicited or not) from doctors, lawyers, politicians, media spokespersons, pastors at the podium, family members, friends, and coworkers. Everyone has an idea about life and how it goes, or at least how it should go so it goes our way. But, it is when opinions and advice are offered as irrevocable truth that they build on themselves and become more and more visible in the world. Why does something seem true to us? It’s because something within us resonates with it. That something could be fear or that something could be Love. It’s important for us to make the distinction. Carl Jung said, “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

These can be confusing times because they are conflicting times. That’s why questioning what’s true is so important—but not questioning by pointing our finger at anyone else and not by making oppositional, argumentative statements of our own, but by directing our inquiry of Truth inward, by quieting our mind and asking the Unchanging Divine Truth that lives in us what is true for us, not for everyone else but for us. And then, no matter what others are saying or doing, we can focus our thoughts, words and actions on the Truth within us.

Misinformation is often offered unintentionally by those focused on a world filled with scary images and actions, and simply reporting back what they see. It is exactly what appears to be true when what is true is judged by appearances. That’s why we read in the Book of John, “Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.” How do we know if we’re judging “correctly”? We either feel fearful or peaceful. Misinformation doesn’t feel good within us. It causes confusion, anger, sadness, anxiety, and a sense of separation from others in life. We know we’ve found the Truth that will set us free when we feel good as we focus on It, think about It, speak of It, and take actions that reflect It. We know we’ve touched Divine Truth because It brings clarity, peace of mind, well-being, and a sense of unity with all life.

The book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, published in 1841, is a series of nonfiction essays looking at why sane people believe the nuttiest things. The short answer is given by A Course in Miracles, “The world is insane,” and if we focus solely on it, it will make us crazy and we’re likely to believe the nuttiest things. But if we’re tuned into the Spiritual Guidance that lives in us, if we’re aligned with our Inner Being, which is the Greater part of who we are and the One that can see the life choices before us and knows what we want, It will guide the outer part us in the direction of well-being, peace, joy, love, compassion, and kindness.

Our Inner Being will guide us in all of our decision-making through our intuition and gut feelings. But we have to be willing to allow It to by trusting It and then following Its guidance. When we’re in the habit of “checking in” first, we’ll know the Truth when we see It and we’ll feel the Truth when we hear It. As Dr. Seuss so wisely said: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.”

No one can put Divine Truth within us because It already exists within us. Others can remind us It’s already there and encourage us to tap into It, but no one can make us follow our inner guidance but us, and no one can stop us from following It, but us. No one can make us love our self if we don’t, no matter how much they may love us. No one can make us feel worthy if we don’t, no matter how much they may value us. We’ll never feel spiritually confident about who we are, or safe and secure in the world, simply by relying on someone else’s words, no matter how holy those words may be. It is only through our individual experience of Divine Truth that we are able to feel the Real in us that is us, and then live that Truth as we move through the world.

Ever had dream at night where you argued with someone you love, or were romantically involved with someone you shouldn’t be? Or maybe you were being chased by some bad guys, or your teeth fell out, or some other unpleasant thing happened? Then you woke up to discover it was only a dream and you were okay. Remember how happy you were that you still had your teeth and still had your friend, and that you were still you? What had happened while you were dreaming wasn’t true! Maybe you even wondered what you ate, or what you were thinking about, just before you went to sleep so that you wouldn’t eat whatever it was, or think whatever was, again!

Just as our night dreams reveal to us what’s on our mind by giving form, expression, and a storyline to our thoughts and emotions as we sleep, the forms, expressions, and storylines of daily our life as we live it in this human experience do the same thing. Whatever the condition of our health, whatever the situations are in our relationships, whatever stor line is playing out as our life, is revealing to us what we’ve been thinking and how we’ve been feeling about our self and life. If we knew our everyday life, with its ups and downs, sicknesses and health, and in every other way was just a dream giving us feedback, then if we weren’t enjoying our life we’d likely wonder what we’d been eating or thinking that was causing such unpleasantness and decide we wouldn’t eat or think whatever it was again!

Even though we all prefer sweet dreams, we realize that all our night dreams are just dreams and don’t change who we are. But many of us are convinced that our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions in this world have irrevocably changed who we are for good, and in a not-so-good way. The good news is we can’t undo what’s true about us no matter what we do because who we are in Truth has never depended on anything we’ve ever thought, said or done. There are no prerequisites to our being spiritual and no rules we can break that can cause us not to be. There is only one Law in the Universe, the Law of Love, and It is governed by the Law of Attraction that gives us feedback that lets us know if we are loving our self and others.

That is what spiritual awakening is all about, i.e., the realization that despite any manifestation, we can’t undo what’s Divinely true. That is also what the Gratitude step in Affirmative Prayer is all about. It is thankfulness that Truth is always present beneath any disease, disaster, or disharmony. Healing is revealing that the Truth of who we are forever remains True, unchangeable in us even as our world changes. When we realize we can never undo what’s spiritually true about us, then no matter what is going on in our life we’ll know we’re still okay. Even more than “okay” because we’ll know God has our back and keeps our Truth in Mind no matter what. Then we’re free to row row row our boat gently down the stream of this human experience merrily because we know our life, in all its changing ways, hasn’t changed us. It’s but a dream.

Austrian-British philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein, wrote: “We are asleep. Our Life is a dream. But we wake up sometimes, just enough to know that we are dreaming.” Each time we heal, whether it’s a healing in our body, relationships, or emotions, we wake up just long enough to know we were dreaming and to feel such gratitude that we were. Every healing is an opportunity for us to applaud our Divinity and then to choose whether to go back to sleep and feel vulnerable and powerless in a powerful world, or to stay awake to the Truth of our unchangeable Divine Self and know that we are the Power in this world. We are now and forever the holy, beautiful, powerful Beings of Love we have always been.

Sai Baba said, “You are not the desire, the mind, the intellect, the senses, the emotion, the attachment, the ego, the work, the body, or the result. You are none of that. You are the light of Consciousness that is reflected from the real Self. This light or soul is the reflection of the Universal Truth, and it remains always aware of Himself as being the real Self. Your nature is blessed. Nothing…nothing can ever destroy your true nature. She stays in the Eternal Silence of An Unbroken Peace… This is…You!” And we can’t undo what’s True!

Are You an Uplifter?

With its color change and trees of golden leaves that will soon turn into bare branches revealing more of the autumn and winter skies, October is a wonderful reminder that this world is all about change, and that it is change that facilitates and generates renewal, evolution, restoration, and transformation. If we trust the lesson of change, i.e., that nothing in this world stays the same for good reason, then rather than holding onto thoughts in our mind that tell us life shouldn’t vary or fluctuate, and that it must stay a certain way not just for us but everyone else, we’ll be less resistant to allowing new thoughts to take hold in our mind that will change our perception and experience of life. Nisargadatta Maharaj wrote, “Suffering is due entirely to clinging or resisting. It is a sign of our unwillingness to move on and to flow with life.”

If we are willing, change will grow us and expand us from the inside out by showing us that movement, flexibility and flow are part of God’s Universal Plan. And, that Plan is in place here, there, and everywhere throughout this human experience because God is at the Heart of this human experience, within everything including us. The God in us is the Unchanging Goodness that is forever showing up as the changeable forms, expressions and situations in our life and the world around us. Paramahansa Yogananda wrote, “As moving pictures are sustained by a beam of light coming from the projection booth of a movie house…so we are All sustained by the One Cosmic Beam, the Divine Light pouring from the projection booth of Eternity.”

If you’ve ever watched a Mission Impossible movie, then you know that Ethan Hunt, the main character in those movies, believes and proves that nothing is impossible. No matter what happens in those movies, there is always a perfect outcome in the end. Every situation, every threat, no matter how big it appears or if the whole world is in jeopardy, is not only resolved by the end of the movie, but the resolutions are filled with miraculous twists, turns and stunts that seemed impossible until they happened. In fact, there is no mission that is impossible as long as there is someone, like Ethan Hunt, willing to accept the mission. It is only through acceptance that anything is made possible.

We read in the Book of Matthew, “With God all things are possible.” We’ve all accepted the mission to come into this human experience, and through our acceptance nothing is impossible to us. If we’re willing to let go of our tight grip on how life is supposed to be, Life will show us how Life is created to be and who we are created to be in It. If we let Life flow fearlessly and peacefully between the Wisdom of our mind and the Love of our heart, we’ll naturally rise in awareness that nothing is fixed or immovable and that any change is possible in our life no matter how unalterable any appearance seems to be.

Nothing is impossible to us and through us if we are aware that it is Divine Light pouring through us from “the projection booth of Eternity,” the God in us, that is doing the works. Paramahansa Yogananda said, “I relax and put aside all mental burdens, allowing God to express through me His perfect love and His perfect wisdom and serenity.” No matter what’s going on—whether we find our self hanging from a cliff or lying in a hospital bed; whether we find our self trying to diffuse a bomb or trying to end an argument with someone— when we rely on the Pure Energy of Love, Infinite Possibilities open to us and the seemingly impossible becomes possible through us.

Everything that happens, every situation in our life and in the world, will have a positive outcome eventually. How long it takes, and how resistance-free we experience Life along the way, is up to us-. The Goodness of Life remains here, there and everywhere, and all that is required of us is to be aware It’s there. Sacred texts tell us that with Love all things are possible, with Love all things work together for good. And, we read in the Book of Romans “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” We are all called to a mission of Love, but we must accept the mission.  The mission is to love God’s Creation with all our heart and mind everyday, with all our thoughts, words and actions focused on the Good that Life is.

Creation is a love story, and we are all called by Love to love, and to let Love work things out. Even if we can’t see the solution clearly, if we trust that there is nothing that can’t be changed, moved, or improved by the Presence of Love in us, we’ll become an uplifted Healing Presence in the world and a Holy Helper to those around us. We all want to be an uplifter in life, but sometimes we make matters worse for our self and others because we confuse commiseration with compassion and enabling for love. We get so caught up in the painful experience someone else is having that we can’t see beyond the problem to the healing Light. “I feel your pain” is a compassionate recognition that we understand pain because we’ve felt it too! But suffering because someone else is suffering isn’t uplifting to anyone.

If we want to be an uplifter we must constantly remind our self that every living being, no matter how things appear to be in their life, is sustained by the One Cosmic Beam. And, then look for the healing Divine Light that is Present right there to do the healing works. It’s up to us to choose our focus, on what’s before us or what is within us. We can either lock our eyes and mind on a visible calamity or look beyond it to the Presence of Divinity. We read these words in the Book of John spoken by Jesus: “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”

We’ve all seen pictures or statues of Atlas with the world on his shoulders. He surely doesn’t appear to be able to lift himself up, much less take the world with him into a brighter day! We all want to see a brighter day in this world, but we can’t be lifted up from the earth while we are carrying the weight of all its problems on our shoulders. When we become joined with earthbound problems, we are unable to lift our self up so that we can see the world in the light of change and newness.

When our focus is downward, we’re not an uplifting presence in the world. Rather than drawing others up, we let others pull us down. It is vital that we learn to hold our own vibration, and feel what we choose to feel wherever we are. When we walk into a room feeling good, but no one else in the room seems to be feeling the good we’re feeling, do we lower our energy so others will feel more comfortable around us or relate to us? It isn’t disrespectful for us to feel good when others are not. We are free to be happy no matter what is going on around us. That doesn’t mean we don’t understand someone’s pain. It doesn’t mean we giggle or crack jokes when someone is sad or suffering. It doesn’t mean that we dance in a hospital room. But if we allow an outer situation to affect our inner vibration, we have nothing to give. We lose our Divine ability to be an uplifter. Eckhart Tolle wrote, “The only thing you have to heal is the present thought. Get that right and the whole picture will change into one of harmony and joy.”

All of us, at some time or other, need help. All of us, at some time or other, can become a helper. We can help the world and everyone in it through prayers filled with the positive conviction that all things are working together for Good. We can help the world and everyone in it by focusing on uplifting thoughts, engaging in uplifting conversation, and by helping when we’re called to reach out and touch the hand of another. Then we become a powerful Healer in a world waiting to know its worthiness to be healed.

Mr. Rogers said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” Whether we’re a first responder, a doctor, a nurse, an energy worker, a counselor, a family member, a friend, or a stranger, Love is the uplifting vibration that causes us to want to help each other and actually be effective when we do. Helpfulness is one of the things that connects us with each other. Helpers are all about the solution. If they focused on the problem and panicked, they would become part of the problem and make matters worse!

Mr. Rogers said “The world needs a sense of worth, and it will achieve it only by its people feeling that they are worthwhile.” When we help through positive prayer, through our uplifted presence, through our words and actions, we tell others that they are worthwhile, worth caring about, worth staying positive for. The uplifted positivity we bring with us wherever we are is a powerful thing because we are aligned with the Power of the Cosmic Beam of Eternity that makes all things possible.

The Precision of Timing

Scottish Poet, Alexander Smith, wrote “In the entire circle of the year there are no days so delightful as those of a fine October.” It’s almost as if October is so fine that, without our even trying to enjoy it, most of us find we feel delighted just to be alive to experience the autumn season! October will only be as fine for us as we allow it to be. How welcoming have we been so far this month?

Even when we notice the autumn beauty, there can still be a bittersweet feeling that it’s fleeting and won’t last. And, it won’t. But perhaps that’s one of the most wonderful things about October. Its temporary magnificence seems to make it all the more precious. If we let it, October can remind us of how precious each moment truly is in the entire circle of the year. It can remind us to stay focused right where we are, wherever we are, everyday of the year so we don’t miss one precious thing.

“This too shall pass” isn’t just referring to those things we don’t want to experience anymore. It refers to all experiences of life in this world. It tells us that if we don’t like something, it will eventually pass, but it also tells us that even if we do like something, it too will pass eventually. That is why it’s so important for us to appreciate and celebrate the temporary that is this Earth Life…because we all came to pass eventually.

Essayist, John Burroughs, wrote: “How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.” Along with its unique beauty, October is also a month of change, transition, and letting go. Falling autumn leaves show us the grace of letting go when it’s time let go, no matter what we need to let go of. Leaves don’t make themselves let go. They allow themselves to let go and to flow with the nature of change.

Delia Owens wrote, “Autumn leaves don’t fall, they fly. They take their time and wander on this their only chance to soar.” Autumn leaves show us that life can be an adventure all the way through, from the greenness of our youth to the radiance of our golden years. This Earth life, the very one we are living right now, is our chance to soar in physical form for awhile. We didn’t come into this human experience to hold on to any manifestation in our life—people, possessions, money—or to fall into the stagnation of sameness. We came to soar in ever-evolving newness and become more and more of who we are until we soar into the heavens.

As the Book of Ecclesiastes reminds us, “Every thing has a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.” This image-filled world of vivid contrast under heaven allows us to choose for our self how we want to individually express our version of heaven on Earth. This is our chance to wander with wonder through a world of diversity so that we can make unique life-enriching choices for our self. We didn’t come to argue with the contrast and diversity or change it!

We live within the Energy of Pure Love and It lives in us. This life is our chance to express as much Universal Love through our individual expression of It as we can. We can choose to welcome the unavoidable changes of life with the awareness that all change is essential to our spiritual growth. We’ve always known that our purpose under heaven is to gain deeper soul awareness and extend individual self-expression. We intentionally forgot our purpose just for the joy of remembering it again! And, it’s time to remember!

But in order for us to express more and more of our spiritual identity in this human experience, we have to let go of our resistance to the fluidity of our existence. So often we get stuck right where we are, with immovable thoughts in our head, trying to control the life around us so it will stay just so. We’re afraid to allow our self to be swept away by Life’s plan for us because we fear that the ever-moving Nature of Life doesn’t have our happiness in mind and we won’t like the changes that come. If the leaves of the trees believed that was true, rather than there being peace and excitement in their letting go in autumn, there would be arboreal screams of resistance! It is only as we allow change to come with out resistance that we can live through change with vibrancy and peace.

We used to like change when we were babies, especially when it came to our diaper. But, the changes we need to make in our stinkin’ thinkin’ at this time in the world are far more important to our well-being and the well-being of our planet. With a global pandemic that doesn’t seem to want to move on, with climate change shouting for our attention, with political animosity, racism and separatism, it’s time for all of us to change our thinking about our purpose in this life under heaven.

The precision of timing in our life follows the precision of our allowing. So often we want change to come right now because we’re uncomfortable in some area of our life, but we resist changing the very thing that will bring it about, our letting go of the long-held beliefs we’ve been focusing on. So we say, “I can’t change, change is difficult, change takes time.” But change is only as difficult as we make it, and it only takes as long as our resistance causes it to take. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “As you figure out that blend between what you want and where you’re focused, the timing can be instantaneous.”

When Abraham was asked if the speed of light was the fastest speed in the Universe, the answer was that because light (as we know it) exists in time and space, its speed is measurable and it is the fastest speed in the physical Universe. But a thought is instantaneous, faster than the speed of light, because a thought occurs in the non-physical realm beyond space and time. When a thought occurs, it exists the instant it is thought. We don’t need to send a thought of love (or hate) anywhere. It simply goes everywhere, once we think it, faster than the speed of light!

The good news is we feel the vibration of our thoughts before we see their physical results. It’s a good thing because if a thought feels good, we can feel good even before we see it take form in our life. And, if a thought doesn’t feel good, we have time to change it to one that feels better before it takes form as something we don’t want. We read in The Science of Mind “To hold ones thought steadfastly to the constructive, to that which endures, and to the Truth may not be easy in a rapidly changing world, but to the one who makes the attempt much is guaranteed.” Positive change is guaranteed with every constructive thought—healing of all manner of disease is guaranteed, healing of conflict and injury is guaranteed. It is we who delay positive changes in our life, and the world, through our insistence in focusing on the problem rather than focusing steadfastly on the solution.

We want change to occur, we want something to come or something to go away, but rather than focusing on what we want so that we keep a mental pathway open to a vibration that allows it to come in, we keep it from happening by focusing on what’s not working and how long we’ve been suffering with the problem. We’re often told by those who look solely at the manifestations of the unwanted in this world that we should focus on the unwanted too. But after something has manifested, whether it’s a disease or disaster, there’s nothing that can be done about it by focusing on it except to perpetuate more of the same. Whatever has already come into 3-D view has come from the thoughts we’ve already focused on. It’s only as we hold our thought steadfastly to the constructive, to the spiritual Truth that endures despite appearances, that we can change what comes next.

In The Science of Mind we read, “Healing is not creating a perfect body or a perfect idea; it is revealing an idea which is already perfect. Healing is not a process. It is a revelation. There may be a process in healing, but not a process of healing. The process in healing is the time it takes for the one desiring healing to convince himself of his own perfection.” It’s been said that time is what keeps everything from happening at once. But it is our belief that some things take time, like a healing in the body, that delays and even prevents a healing from taking place. Change can happen instantaneously. Healing in that body can occur so quickly we call it a miracle. Healing of any unwanted appearance in our life can be instantaneous if we allow change to occur in our mind.

Change doesn’t take time, we take time to change. The precision of timing is the precision of our allowing. The moment we ask for a healing, it is done. There is nothing more for us to do except to stand in answered prayer and allow the Truth to be true in our life.

Are You Teachable?

Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

September has come and is almost gone, and it all seems to have happened in the blink of an eye! If we’re concerned that time is going way to fast, if we’re looking forward to happy events in the future, the good news is those events will be here before we know it! And, if we’re living a life we’re not enjoying, and the future looks like it’s going to hold more of the same, if we want to make positive changes in our thinking that will change what’s next, we can begin with this one affirmative thought: “Life is all good even when it appears to be otherwise, and my good will appear before I know it.”

We read in The Science of Mind, “God is Good and surely does not need that any man should suffer for Him or sacrifice himself to please Him. Man’s whole trouble is that he believes himself to be separated from the Source of Life.” The Source of all life is Good because God is the Source of all life. We are immersed in that Source right now. We are swimming in a sea of Pure Positive Energy that has no opposition to Goodness anywhere within It. The only opposition we’ will ever run into that could prevent us from living a life we enjoy living is us. It is our resistance to being happy as we are in the moments of our life, whether we like what’s going on in any moment or not. It is our insistence that something or someone must change first before we are happy that darkens our mind, saddens our heart, and keeps our good away.

If it seems we are experiencing the same negative events over and over again, repetitive experience can teach us that we need to change our thinking, try a more positive view of life that will give us different results. We’ve all heard the sayings: “Experience is the best teacher, Live and learn, When we win we win and when we lose we learn. But, experience teaches only the teachable. We must remain teachable if we are to learn something new from any experience. Otherwise, the future will continue to look just like the past.

Are You Teachable? Mooji tells us, “All these challenges that come to you are to get you to exercise and discern by using your natural power of consciousness.” If we don’t discern and learn, experience can’t teach us. We won’t see beyond the surface of things to the lesson of love just beneath it.

When we were kids we didn’t go to school to learn limiting things about the world, but sometimes we did. Some things were obsolete even before we learned them. We didn’t go to school to learn limiting things about our self, but sometimes we did. All of those things were untrue even before we learned them. Today we can easily see how much the world has changed in almost every way since we were in school learning about science, biology, medicine, and gender roles way back then. We’re not surprised the world has progressed and expanded in possibilities. And yet we may still insist that we have not.

Even though we’ve grown older, we may still be keeping the same old beliefs active in our mind like a old dog that doesn’t seem to be able to learn new tricks. All these years later are we still talking about what our parents and teachers did to us or didn’t do for us? All these years later are we still telling our self what we’re not able to accomplish and blaming others that we are not more than we are? How many limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs do we insist are so, how often do we argue for our limitations so that we won’t have to let them go?

Even though we may read books, and listen to teachers, who tell us that we are free to choose any good thought we want to and focus on it, and that it is our focus on a new thought that can change our life. How often do we refuse to focus on positive thoughts in the face of negative events that would change the outcome? We’re not meant to settle into a mindset, to stand still and make do with a negative view. We’re not “copers,” we’re creators!

Right above the stairway at The Life Enrichment Center is written “It’s all Good,” and no matter what may have happened in our life in the past or may be happening today in our life or the world, that still remains the Truth. It’s all Good because God is good and God is all there is—deep within us and right on the surface because even the surface could not exist without God. Our whole trouble is that we believe self to be separated from the Source of Life. Without the Pure Positive Energy of Life running through us, our physical form could not be. Without our Source we couldn’t think or feel, no matter what we’re thinking or feeling, even if we’re thinking we are separate from our Source and feeling alone. Even when we’re not feeling our Oneness with Goodness, the Allness of Goodness is still right there for us to feel, within us and around us.

Suffering in this world is possible, but its not mandatory because suffering isn’t mandated by the God of Love. We are all destined to live happily-ever-after eventually. But, the good news is, we can start living happily anytime we decide to. We don’t need to wait for “the hereafter.” We can trade in our complaining about life for an appreciation of life. We can create happy events to look forward to out of today’s happy thoughts and satisfied feelings. Appreciation for our existence as it is right now allows us to feel the happy now that will create a happy manifestation in the future, no matter what is happening now. But even if whole Universe backs our happiness and moves the heavens to bring about every good thing we ask for, if we’re not willing to receive our good, we won’t.

There is no reason on Earth for unhappiness except our refusal to feel happy. Happiness begins with us and flows out, so it’s not dependent on what is already out there. If we were to decide to trust that every step we’ve made since we came into this human experience has been the perfect one for us, we would be happy with our life rather than regretting what looks to us like past missteps of long ago or yesterday. Rumi wrote, “If God said, ‘Rumi, pay homage to everything that helped you into my arms,’ there would not be one experience in my life, not a thought, not a feeling, and not an act that I would not bow to.”

All we need to do is look at our life right now to see what we’ve concluded about life so far, at how the disposition of our thoughts, feelings and actions have manifested as our life—as the quality of our health, the nature of our relationships, the flow of our finances, and as everything else that appears to us as our life. So often we live, but rather than learn something new as we do, something helpful and more uplifting, something filled with greater possibilities for self-expression and positive life experience, we reinforce what we’ve already learned that hasn’t been so helpful, uplifting, or that has expanded to our view of our self in positive ways.

We can learn through experience that Life is Good and good to us, that we can do anything, create anything, overcome anything,  remain happy as we do. But if we haven’t learned that yet, our mind may be filled with much we need to unlearn before we can experience the positive Power within us. Antisthenes wrote, “The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue.” To be teachable, we must be willing to unlearn that which is limiting, but seems true about our self and life, so that we can experience the Truth of a Self that has no limits.

Whether we been off-roading along our Earth path, and find our self in tangled bushes of confusion, or we’ve been tip-toeing through the tulips wondering what all the fuss it about, every step we’ve made has been in the right direction and we can pay homage to it all. Mooji said, “You are never going to become I Am. You are never going to become the Divine Self. You are going to just keep on UN-becoming what you are not.” If we’re not willing to release and of what we’re not, if we insist on the legitimacy of a self that is separated from the Source of Life, if we persist in telling the same old stories about our limitations to our self and others, we’ll never un-become in our mind what we’re not, and we won’t experience our Divine Power while we’re still living in this human experience. We won’t be able to accept who we already are because it will feel like too big a leap to take in our mind from the limited one we been insisting we are for so long, the one struggling to become spiritual, to the Powerful Being we already are, the One created to create a life that is fun and satisfying to live, a life that is beautiful, happy, healthy, and always growing and expanding no matter our age.

Until we accept that life is good and good to us, we human adults will continue teaching the children of this world—through our conflicts with each other, our judging, blaming and resenting one another that fills the media and perhaps our household as well—that which is untrue about themselves and life that they will have to unlearn on their own one day. Unless we can unlearn it first and become teachers of peace, compassion, tolerance, and love. Mooji said, “The greatest healing would be to wake up from what we are NOT.”

No matter what the condition or situation may be, one of the most powerful questions we can ask our self is “What can I unlearn from this?” If past experience has seemed to confirm for us that life is meant to be a drama-filled struggle, and that happiness isn’t the Universal plan for the living, then it’s time for us to “beg to differ” with that conclusion so that what comes next for us, and the children of this world, will be different, and far happier, than anything that has come before.




Silence is Golden

Mark Twain wrote, “The difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between lightning and lightning bug.” The “right” word can be powerful, so can silence. No matter what the situation may be in our life, no matter what the conversation we’re having may be about, and whether we’re talking with one other person, a group, or even to our self, if find we’re feeling disturbed by the spoken words or the thoughts in our head, if we choose to we can become aware of a powerful Holy Silence in the gap between our words and thoughts that connects us with our heart.

A deep breath before we speak that is filled with an intention to feel peace slows the knee-jerk reactions in our mind that want to come out of our mouth, so that we are more able to respond from our heart. No matter where we are, or what’s going on, a deep breath with peaceful intention can bring stillness to our mind. And, when peace comes to our mind, then the right word can come in if it needs to be heard. If a thought flows to our mind from our heart, if a word forms for us to speak, we can trust it is the needed word, the healing word, the peaceful word because it is a word that is being translated by us from the vibration of Love within us.

We’ve all heard the saying “Silence is Golden.” It is an ancient one that has made its way through the ages to modern times. If fact, the Torah tells us in a proverb, “If a word is worth one shekel, silence is worth two.” But silence means different things to different people. Silence can be valuable, often more valuable than words, depending on the intention behind the silence.The Silence that is Golden not only requires us to keep our mouth closed, but our mind quiet as well.

In this world, as the saying goes, “all that glitters isn’t gold.” Just because we’re silent doesn’t mean our mind is quiet or our intention is peace. Sometimes when we’re silent we may be filled with agitation, anger, or fear that brings about anything but peace to our mind and calm to our emotions. Sometimes closed lips have a closed mind behind them. That silence is often a tool to control others, not a means to find peace within. Have you ever been given “the silent treatment” by someone? Or, have you been the one to stop speaking to someone else because they said or did something you didn’t like, and you wanted your silence to show them just what you thought of their behavior?

The silent treatment is a purposeful rejection of the very presence of another human being even though we’re well aware that they’re there because we’re actively ignoring them! It is an emotional distancing that is meant to be punishing to someone else, but when we withhold the very Life Force of Love within us that is meant to flow unrestricted through us to everyone around us, we punish our self. If we’ve ever stopped speaking to someone if only briefly, we know how bad it feels to us to resist our Divine Nature to Love. It’s exhausting to withhold the love, joy, peace, and grace that is always shining in our heart because to do so, in order for us to withhold the Love of our heart, we have to continuously block It with the judgements of our mind. We have to keep reminding our self that we’re angry with that person. And, every reminder keeps us farther away from peace of mind.

Still, the silent treatment is a popular tool of control in this world. That’s why “shunning” is used in some religions to try to get members to follow a particular set of rules. When silence is used as a means to control the behavior of someone else because we want them to follow our rules, it is a silence that’s not worth even one shekel. We could say that the silent treatment is “fool’s gold” because even though we may believe our silence is getting us exactly what we want, even though we’re silent we continue to emit a wordless negative vibration that is not only felt by those around us, but responded to by the Law of Attraction that governs the Universe in which we live. The Law of Attraction responds to vibration, not words. What we emit vibrationally is the creative Language of the Universe, and the Law of Attraction delivers to us people, conditions and situations to match it.

There is another silence that won’t bring to us what we truly want to experience. It is a silence backed by our fear of what others think about us. Have you ever not said something to someone, or in a group, not because you were feeling peaceful, compassionate or loving, but because you couldn’t come up with a good answer on the spot to prove your point and win the argument? But later on, once you were alone but still upset, your mind seemed to be filled with all sorts of witty comebacks that you coulda, shoulda, and wished you woulda said? When silence isn’t intended to bring peace within us, we won’t find it simply by biting our tongue and not moving our lips.

When we’re blinded by our thoughts, we’re easily confused and peace is hidden in the confusion. When we’re pulled by our emotions, our words can easily go in a direction that is harmful rather than helpful. So often we’re obsessed with the words we’ve spoken. We think about them over and over again after we’ve said them, regretting them or worrying if we were misunderstood or sounded foolish. When our mind and emotions are in control of us, a deep breath helps us begin to take back our power, even if we have to temporarily bite our tongue as well!

Behind the noise of the critical mind is a realm of unconditional Love and unchanging Peace. If peace is what we looking for, once we begin to quiet our mind, we’re more able to find our way there. Not speaking when we’re hurt or angry is a good start if peace is what we want to feel instead. We can become a master of the words we choose to speak and choose not to speak by taking a deep breath before we speak. When we do, we may remain silent and say nothing at all. We’ll still emit a vibration of peace that is helpful to us and those around us. But, if a thought comes to mind, if a word forms for us to speak, we can trust it’s the right word. We won’t need to worry about it or regret it because it will have been our translation of vibration of Love within us.

If the world seems to be driving us crazy and our mind is steering the way, there is a Silence that is Golden deep within us, a space beyond the surface of things, beyond the world of noise and appearances, beyond our human personality and our relationships with other human personalities. It is an empty space beyond words and thoughts that is full of answers. But we must be quiet enough to hear. The mystical poet, Rumi, wrote, “The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.”

The Silence that is Golden is a silent energy infused with wisdom. It is the pure positive energy that fuels the birth of all things. All that exists, including all of us, has come forth as the Holy Word from that Powerful Silent Place of Wordless Grace. And, we are free to return to that Silence anytime we choose because we’ve never truly left It and It has never left us. It is beneath the surface of every “thing” including this human thing we call our self. The spiritual teacher, Mooji, said “The wise leave aside the incessant murmurings of the mind and merge themselves here in the infinite stillness of Being.”

Surrender is Winning

Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

In this relative world of duality and opposites, winning not only creates winners, it creates losers. We can’t have one without the other because winning is a competitive thing. We define it as beating someone else. Whether it’s in business, sports, or any other contest, the winner triumphs over the competition, charges ahead of the opposition, or out-thinks the challenger.

When we win in this world we feel good about our self, and we may even brag a little. When we lose we often feel bad about our self, and may complain a lot! Feeling like a winner creates confidence that Life is on our side. Feeling like a loser creates self-doubt, and often self-pity, because we’re convinced that Life is against us.

We read in the Book of Romans, “What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” How we respond to people, conditions, situations, and events in our life is our choice, and it is the choice we make that works for us or against us. We can choose to respond with trust that if God is for us we have all we need in every moment to get us through with flying colors. Or we can choose to respond with fear convinced that there is some power that is opposing our good and keeping what we need from us.

If we were to judge our self, and what we are capable of accomplishing in life, by the fluctuating situational facts of this world that can go either way in any moment, it might seem to us the problems in our life are beyond our ability to respond with confidence and positivity. The challenges that seem to keep coming our way may seem to have the power to stop us from succeeding and living a life in which we feel healthy, happy, peaceful, and free. In this world of contrast and opposites we’d all be winners if there were no losers. But, as A Course in Miracles reminds us “The world is insane, and what can be expected from insane premises but insane conclusions.”

It is important for us to remind our self every day, and often throughout the day, that we do not live at the whimsy of this world. We live by the Authority of God, and God is always for us because God is Love. There are not winners and losers in a Universe without opposition or separation. Because we are One with a Pure Positive Energy of Love that created us to win by supplying everything we need to succeed at being the Being we are, only God has boasting rights to our successful self-expression here…and hereafter.

The spiritual teacher, Osho, said, “Love is the first step toward the Divine, surrender is the last, and two steps is the whole journey.” We win, not by charging ahead of each other but by surrendering to the Love that embraces us all. We make our Earth Journey hard, long and tiresome, repeating the same steps over and over again, getting nowhere. Whereas, as a Divine Spark of Holy Light in human form, we are here not to keep tripping over our own feet, and not to compete with the world and each other, but through our self-expression to extend and expand the Love that created us, and share it each other. We came to live in Joy that adds Joy to the world, and to live in Peace that adds to Peace on Earth.

Deepak Chopra wrote, “Surrender is faith that the power of love can accomplish anything even when you cannot for-see the outcome.” We came into this human experience to learn through the unique way this diverse and contrasting environment can teach us, to trust the Universe by surrendering to the Love that created It and us in It. When we learn to trust that Life is for us, we gain greater awareness of our Divine Identity as the Thought of Universal Love in form.

Earth Life as a borderless classroom designed for the learning we came to learn. Everyday this living classroom gives us an opportunity to gain greater inner knowledge about who we already are and what our relationship to each other already is. Everyday, if we choose to take them, we can learn powerful lessons of Love. We feel it within when we’re ready to learn those lessons, and we feel it within us when we’re not. One is a feeling of excitement and possibilities, while the other is often a feeling of self-doubt and even dread.

It’s not like like the days in school when we often felt forced to learn things we weren’t interested in. We’re here in this Earth Class to learn lessons that we, alone, call to us along our Earth Journey. Every relationship, condition, situation, and event, no matter what it is, is there to help us to win greater freedom to express more and more of the Being within us that desires to express as us. Buddha said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” But sometimes it seems our lessons come to us whether we’re ready or not. Sometimes we don’t feel like learning from a particular challenge, we feel more like blaming the world and those in it for challenging us. When we do, it’s like being in school and blaming our teacher or the other students for our poor grades.

When we resist learning the very lesson we’re asking to learn through the vibration of our thinking, life becomes a struggle. And, as we struggle against life, we miss the higher lessons that the challenges in our life are there to teach us. When we look at things that go well in our life as a matter of good luck, and the things that don’t go well as a matter of bad luck, we cheat our self out of experiencing a greater awareness of the Divine Love that is always for us.

Osho said, “If you trust, everything that happens will help you grow. Life will provide you with everything. Whatever you need at a given moment, you will be given fair at that moment. This is the beauty of trusting. Little by little you’ll see how existence gives to you, that it takes care of you. You are not indifferent to existence. You are not ignored by her.” Everything that happens will help us grow, if we let it. When we trust life is for us and takes care of us, everything that happens teaches us exactly that. If we want to feel a sense of well-being, peace and ease in our mind, if we’ve been longing to feel Love and Joy in our heart, every life situation has a lesson of Love within it designed especially with us in mind.

The Persian Poet, Rumi, wrote: “There comes a time when nothing is meaningful except surrendering to love.” If we can remember that everyone in this human experience with us is here to live and learn just like us, we can learn what we desire to learn from everyone around us. And, then we can demonstrate what we’ve learned of Love by expressing the compassion, forgiveness, kindness, reverence, humility, peace, and happiness that flows naturally from the Love within us into the world around us.

The Dutch Priest, Henri Nouwen, wrote: “Every time you feel hurt, offended, or rejected, you have to dare to say to yourself: “These feelings, strong as they may be, are not telling me the truth about myself. The truth, even though I may not feel it right now, is that I am the chosen child of God, precious in God’s eyes, called the Beloved from all eternity.” We’ve never been hurt by trusting Love. We’ve only been hurt by those who could not offer It to us. It takes trust to surrender pain when what we want to do is blame. But we hurt our self when we withhold Love. It takes trust to surrender to Love when we can’t for-see the outcome. But when we surrender to Love in any given moment we win because we learn the lesson of Love we came here to learn.