Giggling With God

After living in California for 34 years, Rev. Kim Yalda recently moved back to her hometown of Flushing to live with and care for her 95-year young mother. We are blessed at The Life Enrichment Center that this beautiful, deeply spiritual Science of Mind Minister chose to become a member of our Spiritual Family. On Sunday, July 15th, she spoke at the Sunday Service, not as a “guest speaker,” but as a family member. Below is her bio.

The Facelift of Joy

Just as there is nothing we need to do to make our self exist because we already “are,” there is nothing we need to do to make Joy exist in our life. It already does. Joy is happening everywhere, all the time, because Joy is the creative energy of Life, Itself. We are all a part of the Joy of Life. It already lives in us because Joy is the Nature of the Universe in which we live. We could say that the Joy of Life began in the beginning when God saw all that He had created was very, very good, and then said. “This is so good it calls for celebration!” And from that moment on the Universe has been celebrating the existence of Creation.

Every living thing was created out of God’s Pleasure, and every living thing is able to feel Joy—even the flowers dance in the breeze. Even though we may not feel like dancing at the moment, or believe that our life is worth celebrating at all, there is a party going on in our soul that is celebrating us, just the same. We can choose to join It, or we can choose to be a party pooper. But, either way, the celebration of Life isn’t affected. Joy is ongoing because It is the Infinite, Eternal Nature of the Living Universe. As long as there is Creation, there is Celebration! (Read more…)

Explosion of the Heart

All we need to do is to look at animals to see that Joy is a natural quality of life. Animals are instinctively joyous. They play, jump, leap, dance, and some even smile. Animals appear as if they don’t have care in the world, and that is because they don’t. They innately trust that Life is for them and will provide all they need. It is through the conscious choice we make to respond to life situations with the Joy of Being (no matter what may be occurring) that we demonstrate that we, too, trust that Life is for us and will provide all we need. (Read more…)

It’s Good to Be Spacey!

It is the play of light shining upon the darkness, rather than darkness dimming the light, that gives the contrast that allows us to distinguish forms of any kind in this three-dimensional world. Darkness is an absence, not an action. It is not a thing, but rather the absence of something. That is why when we enter a dark room we don’t have to push the darkness out. We simply turn on the light and the absence of light disappears! (Read more…)

Life as a Namaste

Even though the first definition of “father” in the dictionary is “male parent,” more detailed definitions of “father” include “the founder of a lineage; the originator that serves as a model; the predecessor, precursor, protector, provider.” Jesus called God, “Abba,” (Aramaic for “Father”) and himself “the Son of God.” He knew that he shared the same lineage, the very same Life with God. If fact, he experienced his resemblance to the Father so clearly and completely that he said “I and the Father are One.” Then he proved that Oneness to himself, and those around him, by teaching in so many words, and demonstrating with so many miracles, that the qualities of the Spirit of His Creator were his own.

Even though we may not always see the Holy Resemblance or experience our connection, we are one with the Spirit of the Universe; One with the Father of Life. The Presence of Love (our Father) is everywhere, supplying all that life requires in every dimension because God is the only Life there Is even here on Earth. We are that Life expressing! That is why it is important for us to look for that Holy Resemblance in our self and in everything we see. (Read more…)

The Cosmic Eraser

Most of us would not think of actually doing intentional harm to another, but how gentle and kind are we to our self? How often do get angry and upset with our self, and want to kick our self for something we said or did? How often have we felt stupid and disappointed with our self when we have misunderstood something and acted on that misunderstanding? Our lack of gentleness with our self comes from the fearful belief that we have done permanent harm to someone else, or that we have been permanently harmed.

Everyone at some time in their life wishes that they could re-enact a decision and change the outcome. But retracing yesterday’s illustrations can’t change the past, it can only affect what we teach our self and others about life today. As long as we believe we can harm or be harmed “permanently,” that idea will remain as a self-portrait on our chalkboard of life, and feelings guilt, shame, anger, and blame will re-enforce that image until we offer forgiveness to self and others. Do we believe what we have drawn so far has been drawn with permanent ink that can’t be erased if we want to illustrate a new way of living life—a new way of being our self and seeing the world? (Read more…)