The Light of Hope

When we think of someone as open-minded, we often think of them as being more accepting, tolerant, unbiased, and more receptive to new ideas. Open-mindedness, according to A Course in Miracles, is a quality that can best be understood as it relates to forgiveness; an attribute acquired through lack of judgment. The Dalai Lama said that “Love is the absence of judgement.” To be open-minded, then, is to be open to Love, and a willingness to extend Love without judging who or what deserves our expression of Love. (Read more…)

In God We Trust

When we state, “I have faith in positive outcome (of whatever may be going on in our life,” more often than not we mean “I trust in God to take care of things.” The mottoe “In God we trust” was adopted by the United States as a replacement or alternative to the unofficial Latin motto: “E pluribus unum,” which translates, “Out of many, one” or “One out of many.” Both mottoes, combined, can be helpful reminders that it is far easier to trust in God to take care of all things when we realize that nothing is outside of God, and that we “the many” have come forth out of One. God, being all there Is, is everywhere.There is no living being (no matter what the behavior of that being may be) that is not One with God right now and an essential part of the extension of creation.

Thanks for the Memories

As we look deeper into November’s theme, “Faithfulness,” and explore how we can practice being true to our Inner Truth no matter what may be going on in our outer life, let us consider how a thankful life, i.e, a life lived with conscious appreciation and gratitude for Life, Itself, not only changes how we experience the moments of our life, but has the power to create the life we will want to live tomorrow. (Read more…)

Now and Forever

Our world today seems to be dreaming up some pretty scary nightmares. Yet, because Life is ever-expanding, our world (in its contrasting ways) is expanding, too. So at the very same time some beings are expressing more violently as they look at a world of dreams and see only nightmares, many more beings are looking within and awakening to a deeper inner peace, and experiencing more loving encounters and greater coexistence than ever before. (Read more…)

Steady as She Goes

Often during a storm at sea, the command of a ship’s captain to his helmsman is “steady as she goes,” which is to say, “stay the course.” A Course in Miracles tells us that “Faithfulness doesn’t deviate.” In other words, “faithfulness” stays the course no matter what challenges may arise in our life. Our spiritual compass is set in the direction of the Christ within us, and if we consciously move deeper and deeper within we become aware of the Power that lives within us, and creates through us, the life we desire to experience here on Earth. We are the helmsman of our Individual life journey. It’s up to us to stay the course. Nothing—no condition, situation, or challenge—can take us off course unless we let it. It’s been said “Our faith can move mountains. Our doubt can create them.” (Read more…)

The Hungry Ghost

The weird, but wonderful life cycle of the Monarch butterfly offers us a wonderful “ego lesson.” When the caterpillar breaks out of its egg, the first thing it does is turn around and eat its egg. It’s apparently not going back, at least not the way it came! Then the caterpillar eats all the leaves in sight in order to have enough energy for the long journey ahead. It eats and eats and eats until its one hundred times bigger than when it came. When it’s ready it pushes against its outer skin by wiggling its inner body underneath until the outer skin splits. Then the caterpillar sheds that skin and actually digests that part of its former self while building up its inner new self. The goal of the caterpillar isn’t to live its life as fat caterpillar, but to get what it needs from its outer environment to prepare itself for a whole new experience of itself in the world. (Read more…)