Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

If we allow it to be, this April can be a month of revival for us and a renewal of our relationship with the world around us. The Way of the Heart tells us, “The whole of creation is now experiencing a growing power, a movement, and a momentum that must carry the mind, from which creation springs, to a new level.” Are we ready for a metamorphosis, individually and collectively, that is being propelled by the powerful Universal Energy of Spirit right now? We can choose to rise within It to new level of self-expression that will add our own unique color and beauty to the world.

Humanity has been forever changed by the intense conditions we have called to us and manifested for the past few years. After so many rules and restrictions that caused us to feel as if we were barely living at all, surely we are all ready for greater freedom and interaction with life. We might want to check in with our self and ask: “Am I ready to trust in the goodness of life again? Am I ready to trust those around me again? Am I ready to be at peace wherever I go?” The resolution and revolution we have asked for is ready for us to accept. Are we ready for our mind to be uplifted and carried to a new level of creation together?

Life is ever-moving and becoming new as It extends and expands. As the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said: “You cannot step into the same river twice, for other waters are continually flowing on.” Even if the river looks the same, the waters beneath our second step are different than the waters beneath our first. Life is continually flowing, and like a river, Life doesn’t move backwards. It flows onward, not to a final destination, but as endless currents of Eternity. We are not the same as we were even of moment ago, even if we appear the same. We change in some way every moment of every day through our life experiences. That’s why we’re here. Our next step is always different than the one before it. Even when we appear to be going around in circles, we’re unconsciously spiraling upward.

Wherever Life is, which is everywhere, It is as sacred and meaningful and overflowing as It will ever be with unlimited possibilities for maximal Joy. If we’ve been waiting for the right moment to let our happy out and enjoy life again, now is the perfect time. Another good question to ask our self is: “Am I enjoying this Earth-life journey? Am I like a bunny happily hopping down the bunny trail looking for the good stuff that’s there for me in every moment? Or am I hiding down a dark rabbit hole, afraid that the bunny trail is full of not-so-good stuff waiting to get me? Does it feel difficult to even peek my head out, and give my path a try, because I feel so weighted down by life?” If our tails been dragging, it’s time for us to lighten up and let Joy get us hopping, skipping and jumping down our path again.

If we’re alive, we are part of the endless joyous extension and expansion of Life. There is no resistance or contraction in that expansion because there is no other Power to oppose it. But, even though we are created to move forward and outward with Life, we are free to ignore our own expansion even as it’s happening. When we let fear cause us to be clueless about our own spiritual power to grow and flow, we lose our ability to deliberately create a life we enjoy.

We read in the Book of Romans, “Be transformed by the renewing of your minds, that you may discern what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” When we feel good about life, we are discerning that good and acceptable and perfect will of God in us. And when we don’t feel good about life, we’re not. We may believe we have plenty of valid reasons not to feel good, but none of them is the will of God. God’s will for us is eternal Joy now, and every moment overflows with It.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “It’s not just that your purpose is joy. It’s that you are joy. You are love and joy and freedom and clarity expressing. Energy frolicking and eager.” We’re created to hop down our individual bunny trail, not only to discover the goodies that are there for us, but to share that good with each other. So how do we find the Joy that we are so that we can enjoy each day? Through the renewing, restoration, and holy revival of our mind.

Our mind is renewed as we let each day be fresh, new and innocent, free from the past like a newborn baby, or a bunny or chick, so that we feel as if who we are created to be is in this world for the first time. Author and filmmaker, Nan Raden, wrote: “What if the world becomes new to us every morning? What if this is God’s gift? What if everyone knew they were reborn each day? Imagine what our world would be: One of renewal, delight, freshness, beauty, truth, joy, peace, love, ecstatic states, and more.” Why hold onto the past when ecstasy awaits us in the newness of each day? The past has no power to bring itself up. Its memory depends on our memory. We can let unhappy memories of yesterday make our heart bitter, small, and fearful today. Or we can start to create happy memories right now by letting the momentum of the spiritual Power within us grow and carry our mind, from which all new creation springs, to a new level of self-expression.

We can choose today to begin to freely and joyously live our divinity through our humanity. And, if we do, our hindsight will be healed because we’re no longer using our mind to keep shame, blame, guilt, and regret alive in us today. Abraham-Hicks tells us “Your life is right now. It will always be right now. You might as well decide to start enjoying your life right now because it’s not ever going to get better than right now until it gets better right now.” What if newness is God’s gift to us each day? What if it is God’s good and acceptable and perfect will for us, and we’re ignoring the gift by focusing on yesterday’s thoughts?

When we hold others and our self in a non-changing perception in our mind, newness is impossible for us to see. Our old ideas about our self and life keep us stuck where we are, down a rabbit hole, getting nowhere new in the darkness. Many well-known and well-meaning people have said, “forgive but don’t forget.” Many of us believe that if we forgive and forget we won’t remember the lesson a negative situation taught us. But we don’t forget a lesson we learned in school by reminding our self of where and how we learned it. We’re grateful for what we know now.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean we need to feel warm and fuzzy about everyone we’ve encountered in our life. But it does mean we need to stop bringing offenses to mind. Mooji said, “It is you who determines that you wish to forgive. You wish to forgive something because you don’t want to carry the burden of it. It doesn’t mean that it makes everything right. It just means ‘I make it right in my heart.’ Forgiveness is doing yourself a favor.” We can’t change what happened along our path yesterday, but we can change yesterday’s memories today with new thoughts that outshine them like April sun!

It’s been said that forgiveness should be like a cancelled note, torn in two and burned up so that it can never be shown against anyone. Without the influence of negative hindsight, our foresight is freed to hop along in joy, to look forward to what’s up ahead on our path while still enjoying right where we are along it. We experience greater health and well-being, happier and more peaceful relationships, and greater abundant good along the way. The realization that we’re free to forgive and forget lifts us out of the rabbit hole and onto our path again, the very path we chose with our first step that changes us with every step. When the heavy burden of carrying offenses around in our mind is lifted, we’re ready to trust again in the goodness of life. We’re ready to trust those around us again. And, we’re ready to be at peace wherever we go. Rumi wrote, “Come, let’s fall in love again and turn all the dirt of this world into shiny gold.” Then we’re ready to hop, skip, and dance down our path each day!

More Than Words Can Say

We began the month of March with a focus on clearing our mind of thoughts that are sticky with analysis, thoughts that bounce around in a whirlwind of confusion so that we can’t find a thought we want when we want to find it, and thoughts that keep us small and unadventurous in our self-expression, limited to old stories and self-doubt that cause us to repeat what was without giving what can be a chance. So, here’s a good question we might want to ask our self: “Am I keeping the one I’m created to be tucked away inside the one I’m afraid I’ve become? Am I brave enough now to live the reality of my divinity?” The Science of Mind tells us that we can change our life experiences by changing our thinking, and that we’re free to choose new thoughts, and new stories about our self, if we want to.

Gudrun Rieger wrote, “I started to be free when I discovered that the cage was made of thoughts.” A belief is comprised of thoughts we have thought over and over again. Through repetition those thoughts have been woven into a fabric that veils our perception of our self and life. What we see within us and what we see around us through that veil appears to us to be all there is to see. We worry and stress over the patterns of thought we see woven into our veil without realizing it is our own creation. We’re convinced that every thought we believe is the only truth there is. We argue for limitations that are the result of our own inventions. We make a cage for our self with inflexible, resistant thoughts and then wonder why it is we don’t feel free.

Nisargadatta Maharaj “When the mind is kept away from its worries, it becomes silent. If you do not disturb this silence and remain in it, you will realize that it is surrounded by a light and love you have never known, and yet you immediately recognize it as your own nature.” Our true Self is far more than any thought we’ve ever thought about our self, or ever will think. It is far more than any word can ever describe or convey. When the mind is free from “already thought thoughts,” and free from “yet-to-be thoughts,” in that silence, within the Light and Love that surrounds It, we experience a Self beyond words. We recognize our own nature as Boundless Life experiencing Itself as our life; as Infinite Universal Energy playing with Itself through the vibration of our thoughts; as Unlimited Formless Spirit temporarily taking form as our human form for the joy of being us.

Rupert Spira tells us, “If we want to speak the absolute truth, we must remain silent.” We are absolutely free to be whatever we choose to say we are until we choose to say differently, and
yet all the while we remain more than words can say. Words can often be beautiful, especially when they are carefully chosen and put together in such a way that they come alive with the Divine Energy behind them. In that way, they seem to bounce with Joy, pulsate with Love, or flow with the tranquility of Peace.

Walt Whitman wrote, “I swear to you, there are divine things more beautiful than words can say.” Yet he spent his life trying to convey the beauty of those divine things in words. Words are important to us in our desire to connect with other. In fact, we often feel uncomfortable with someone if we don’t speak. We find it difficult to be with someone and not say anything because we’re so used to placing words in front of us, and listening to the words others place in front of themselves. When we’re alone with someone, and there is only silence, we’re vibrationally naked. Without words to clothe us, we’re more able to experience the pure energy of being alive. Silence allows us to become aware of our self, and the other person, in ways that words often cover up. In those moments, if we allow our mind to be remain silent, rather than trying to think up something to say to fill in the space of silence, we’re able to feel the life within us experiencing the life that is with us. There is nothing more intimate than vibrationally communicating with Life beyond words.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Everything vibrates, and everything is communicating and reacting, responding, and integrating with other things that are vibrating.” All of that vibration goes on behind the scenes, and yet it is far more important to our experiences of life than anything we could say. True communication comes from vibration. That’s why some animals, like dogs, growl at some people and not others. They feel the vibration of unseen intention. We’re all capable of doing that too, but often we don’t give that feeling the time or value it deserves. Most of us want quick answers, and we shut down so fast to anything unspoken. We’re often so hasty about sizing things up right away—quickly deciding whether something is good or bad, right or wrong, wanted or unwanted—that we don’t allow our mind time to be silent so we can focus on the positive energy that is always available beyond thought. There is always some nugget of goodness that, if we’re patient enough, will come to mind and bring a thought that will be satisfying and positive. Abraham-Hicks tells us that “every person is that kind of a nugget and every situation is that kind of a nugget.” But we need to find a way to stay silent and speechless long enough to become aware of the good stuff that is there.

If someone really loves us, they’ll love us no matter what we say because of who we are…someone they love! But there are so many words we say, and others say, that as soon as we or they hear a word, for example “Love” or “God,” we’ve already got ideas about that word that causes us to feel good about It or bad about It, no matter what the speaker meant by it! We make cooing sounds to babies and animals, sounds that are nonsensical as words. But babies and animals completely get it, not because they’re fluent in the “coo” language, but because babies and animals are so aware of their immersion in Love, and so willing to receive Love beyond the words, that we could say anything to them while feeling love and they would know exactly what we mean! They are more open to unconditional Love than adults are so words aren’t necessary to clarify or explain away a misunderstanding.

When we, adults, truly love someone, whether it’s another human or an animal, we think words are necessary to let them know how we feel. But it seems that no matter how many words we use to try to describe the love we feel, it just doesn’t quite do it. Love is a feeling that is more than words can say. Love is an experience, just as God is an experience beyond words (no matter what word we use for God). We can talk about Love and we can talk about God, but we can’t know Love, or the God of Love, until we experience It.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Everything is vibrating and as you give your attention to it and hold your attention upon it for as little as 17 seconds, whatever its vibration is begins to be included in your vibrational mix.” When we allow our mind to be silent, and hold our attention upon the Light and Love that surrounds us, the vibration of that Light and Love begins to be who we are vibrationally. We allow God’s Pure Love to be included in our vibrational mix! And, when God is vibrationally active in us, we feel our true nature as Divine Life living a human life, as Pure Positive Energy playing through the vibration of our thought, as Formless Spirit temporarily taking a human form for the joy of being us…and that Joy will always be more than words can say.

Blossom by Blossom

It’s possible that some of us kept our spirits up, as the winds blew colder and the snow piled higher during the winter months, with the thought that everything changes in this world changes, including the weather. Some things seem to change quickly and completely, and some things seem to vacillate between change and repetition, like March in Michigan. But, no matter how March is unfolding, weather-wise, we’re still on the Spring side of winter, and that’s cause for celebration!

It’s a good thing for us to learn to go with the flow of change because once we accept that nothing in this world stays the same, that change comes with being alive, we can learn to appreciate the good that is happening in the moments of our life, without grasping to hold onto it, and instead allowing its temporary nature to make it all the more precious. Thich Nhat Hanh wrote, “Impermanence does not necessarily lead to suffering. What makes us suffer is wanting things to be permanent when they are not.”

Thank God our happiness isn’t dependent on anything being physically permanent in the world around us, that happiness is unconditionally generated from within us. Happiness is a moment-to-moment choice, and because it is, if our heart has been aching for warm sunshine and blooming flowers, we can let it sing right now, whether there is a change in the weather or not. We can decide to enjoy Spring right now because it’s Spring right now! If our footsteps have been a little heavy this winter, we can let the idea of Spring bloom so beautifully in our heart that it will put a spring in our step every day this month.

We might even want to do a little mental planting while we waiting for the ground to become warmer and softer by visualizing in our mind what we want to plant in our garden when the time is right. In this way we’ll be able to experience the happiness a beautiful garden brings, right now, in our imagination! Every good thing begins in our mind anyway before it manifests in this physical world, so why not our garden? We might want to include in our imagining not only the garden we want to grow in our yard, but the garden we want to grow as our life. In The Science of Mind we read, “Imagination taps the very roots of Being and utilizes the same Power that brought the worlds forth from Chaos.” Imagine that! All that Power gently brings forth a blossom as well.

Our life in this world has been likened to a beautiful garden that is intended to bloom, blossom by blossom, with that same Power. But often we feel so impatient when we want something to manifest in life, such as improved health, relationships or finances, that we don’t patiently wait for the Rhythm of Creation that is working behind the scenes (beneath the soil) in every moment, and we don’t trust in the Divine Timing that will bring about what we want. We rush through our present moments without paying attention, as if the present moment is less important than the one to come. But every moment is essential in preparing us for our life experiences.

Emmet Fox wrote, “The art of life is to live in the present moment.” To live in the present moment is the art of life because it is where our creativity is alive and active. The here and now is the only place the Power of Creation is ours to use. We can’t create anything new with past energy. It has already moved on with the flow of Life. Yesterday won’t change just because we think about it, but our present moment thoughts can create a beautiful future.

Just as every season is important to the flow of creation in Nature, every moment is important to the creative flow in our life. Where our garden is concerned, we don’t try to rush Mother Nature because we trust She knows what She’s doing…blossom by blossom. Horticulturist, Gertrude Jekyll, wrote: “A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; and above all it teaches entire trust.” After we’ve planted seeds in our garden, we don’t expect everything to pop up over night even if we’ve added Miracle Grow! That would spoil the fun because there’s something wonderful about seeing things slowly grow, about seeing them sprout up from seemingly nowhere at all. That’s true miracle grow!

When we plant a seed we don’t worry about how Mother Nature is going to turn that seed into a sprout, then a plant, and then a blossom. We don’t worry about what’s going on beneath the soil. We don’t feel like failure even though we can’t see the physical results of our planting yet. We trust Nature’s creativity and timing. We know if we provide the perfect environment for growth, we can trust that beneath the surface there’s something wonderful going on!

We reap what we sow is a Universal Law that affects us in every area of our life. Osho said, “Your Mind is a Garden; your Thoughts are the Seeds. You can grow Flowers or you can grow weeds.” That’s why it is important for us to notice the thought seeds we offer the Universe, so that we can chose thought seeds we want to see grow in the garden of our life. When we know what we’ve planted, we don’t need to be concerned about how the Universe is going to produce it. We know that if we just provide the perfect mental environment for that growth, we can patiently wait for the Universal Law of Attraction to bring it about. We take care of the sowing by thinking about and talking about, what we want to come about in the garden of our life. The Universe does the rest! Then we can just relax and appreciate our life as it is, aware there is an unseen Power at work on our behalf. We can happily anticipate that we will see things slowly grow more beautiful in our life, good things that sprout up from seemingly nowhere at all.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You can be fully satisfied with where you are, understanding that you are eternally evolving. When you get into that place of feeling appreciation of where you are and of who you are, and you accept that you are a never-ending, always unfolding Being, then you can stand in that delicate balance of being optimistic about what is to come, without being unhappy about where you stand.” No matter where we are in our ever-evolving life, we can feel gratitude we’re anywhere at all! And, that appreciation will create the perfect environment for our good to manifest. Appreciation for our life as it is enriches every moment and prepares us for more joyous experiences. Appreciation for the miracle of the unseen Creative Process of the Spiritual Energy in our life lifts us up to a place where we’re more open to our good and more able to allow our self to experience more of what we want.

Just as we enjoy each blossom when it opens in the physical gardens around us, and just as we appreciate every bud even before it blossoms, we can be fully satisfied with the garden of our life as it is today, understanding that we’re eternally planting, growing, evolving, and creating. Soren Kierkegaard wrote, “Patience is necessary. One cannot reap immediately where one has sown.” Patience allows us to stand in that delicate balance of being satisfied with our life each moment and optimistic about what is to come. Trust in the Universal process of our Divine unfoldment causes us to feel even the most subtle signs of growth within us. It causes us to look for, and celebrate, every sprout of good that appears in the garden of our life. We are a never-ending, always unfolding Being that is created to bloom and grow forever. We’re created to live in the Bliss of Positivity and endless Possibility. How could there be hurry or worry when we know that we are created to express Infinity, blossom by blossom?

Are You Happy Now?!

Image by Fifaliana Joy from Pixabay

We began this year by recognizing the importance of our being aware of what we referred to as our “mental-emotional trending.” We defined trending as the vibrational atmosphere of positivity or negativity that is caused by thoughts that are either life-enriching or life-depleting. We described that atmosphere as an energy we emit while alone or in a crowd, while sitting quietly or speaking aloud, and the power of our emissions to affect our life.

If we want to truly affect our life in positive ways this year and beyond, if we want to have a positive effect on the world, it’s essential that we care about what we’re thinking because no thought is private. No thought stays in our head (no matter how hardheaded we are!). Once we focus on a thought and identify with it, it becomes who we are being in that moment and creates our experience. Mooji said, “Actually, being what you are is the simplest. What is difficult is to stop being what you are not.” It is far easier for us to navigate this human experience with joy and peace if we live in the awareness that we are a Divine Being even while we’re in human form. It is easier to journey through this life adventure as the Being we are, the One created free and intended to feel happiness naturally.

In The Science of Mind we read, God’s plan for man is a perfect one, and when we harmonize with it we will become free from all bondage. The more spiritual the thought, the higher the manifestation. Spiritual thought means an absolute belief in and reliance upon Truth. This is both natural and normal.” Do we trend in a direction that is spiritually natural and normal? If so, it’s likely we don’t seem normal to many people! To walk in this world free of bondage we must choose spiritual Truth over physical appearances, and spiritual responses over human reactions. We must love our self and others no matter what, and choose to be happy for no apparent reason. Happiness is simply natural and normal to our spirit. However, it doesn’t seem natural to anyone who believes that what we see with our physical eyes is all there is to see. It doesn’t seem normal to trust that there is an unseen Source of Life that is all Good and within every living thing, and is taking care of it all.

Do you notice how you’re feeling about life, or is your awareness of how you feel on automatic pilot so that you really couldn’t say how you feel about life most of the time? You may be able to describe in detail how your physical body is doing, but are you aware of your spirit and how you are trending? Trending is the general mood and attitude we offer Life that attracts our life experiences. It’s our temperament and tendency as we express our self. It’s the disposition and frame of mind with which we greet our Earth days that causes us to offer thoughtful responses to people, events and conditions, or knee-jerk reactions.

Rupert Spira wrote, “It is not necessary to get rid of thoughts, images and ideas; just cease deriving your sense of identity from them.” It is essential for us to notice the thoughts we are identifying with because every time we think about anything, and believe that thought, the energy of our belief moves us into alignment with either positive or negative possibilities for experiencing the moment. And when a current thought follows the trend of our previous thoughts—“life is good” or “this world is a crazy, scary place”—because we’ve identified with the previous thoughts that have created our mood and attitude, we easily trend in that habitual direction. Which is to say, we either feel more up or more down, happier or more depressed, more peaceful or more disturbed, more loving or more judgmental.

Sometimes that feeling of “more” is obvious because it’s unfamiliar. We’ve all felt a sudden burst of happiness that caused us to want to sing and dance for no reason at all. And, it’s likely that we’ve all felt a bad mood that seemed to be waiting to express itself through us. We might have wondered where either feeling came from. However, if we usually feel good about life, a happy thought feels so familiar and natural that we don’t stop to wonder where it came from, we just enjoy it. If something happens that causes us to be feel momentarily unhappy, we notice that too. But because we’re in the habit of feeling good, it’s easier for us to get back on a positive track. Positive thoughts come to us that naturally shift our mood and lift us right back up into positivity and trust. Mooji said, “It’s natural that things go wrong sometimes—they go wrong so that they can go right.”

On the other hand, and there’s always “an other hand” within us to choose because we live in a world of contrast and opposites in which we’re intended to feel every human emotion for the sole purpose of choosing our Divinity over human reaction. So, if on the other hand, we feel uneasy about life most of the time, if more often than not we feel worried about what’s happening or what’s going to happen, and if we’re not used to trusting that beneath it all, and despite it all, things are going to be okay for us personally and the world, then when something happens that causes us to feel unhappy, disturbed or frustrated we don’t attempt to rise in our spirit. We may not even notice any downward movement within us because doom and gloom is such a habitual way to think. We’re not motivated to make a mental shift because life just seems to go that way and there’s nothing we can do about it.

A good question to ask our self is: Is my general mood and attitude optimistic or pessimistic? Do I see the glass as half-full or half-empty? Do I expect things to go well or to go wrong? Harry Truman famously said, “A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.” We can draw a line in the sand when things seem to keep going from bad to worse in our life, but it will be meaningless unless we make the decision to take the helm and direct our life journey. If we want to experience a life with less difficulties and more ease, if we’re truly ready to give up struggle and drama, we can become very good at deliberately directing our life in positive ways. We become the captain of our Earth Ship by choosing our mood and attitude as we move through each moment of this human experience, and by welcoming the gifts of choice it offers us.

Are you happy now, in this moment? It’s a good question because no matter what we’ve experienced before, happy or sad, all we have is now and what we choose now. Some of us may have been asked that question when we were children, and often during times that made the answer confusing for us. For example, when I was a child and broke something because I was clumsy or wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing, if I fell off of something I wasn’t supposed to be on in first place, and if I went crying to my mom, she would ask me: “Are you happy now?!” And, of course, I knew in that moment that I wasn’t happy at all, and it made me wonder how sad I needed be, or how hard I needed to cry, before I could feel the happy my mom was talking about.

Some of us may still wonder how sad is sad enough, how sorry is sorry enough, or how guilty is guilty enough to make amends for our mistakes, to fulfill our karmic debt, or to absolve us of our sins. But there’s no measure for that because unhappiness, regret and guilt can continue indefinitely with no Divine purpose for that continuance. The energy simply stays alive within us as long as we give our attention to thoughts that cause us to trend in that direction. We can never be sad enough, sorry enough, or guilty enough to make us happy now. But we can say “enough is enough” and choose ti be happy now.

Rumi wrote, “There is a morning inside you waiting to burst open into light!” We’re already aglow within us because It is who we are. We the One that came forth into being when our Creator commanded, “Let there be Light.” But, we must rise to meet that morning light. We may wonder how we can rise into the unconditional happiness that dances in that Light. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Look in the direction of where you want to be, and speak in the direction of where you want to be, and never again look back over your shoulder about where you have come from.” When we’re ready to forgive the past through the process of letting our self and everyone else off the hook that drags yesterday into today, when we’re ready to look straight ahead with trust, instead of over our shoulder with regret, we’re ready to be happy now.

Clearing Clutter for Clarity

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We can choose to appreciate all the ways Mother Nature expresses Herself in Spring, or any other season, when we realize that Her Nature is our Nature, too. But, we need to get real with how we feel if we want to get to know our true Nature. If we’re honest about who we are and how we’re feeling in the moments of our life, then like Mother Nature in March, we’re aware that sometimes we feel peaceful and playful like a lamb, and sometimes we feel like roaring like a lion! Either way, it’s okay. We’re created to feel every human emotion while we’re here. Mooji said, “Life cannot be against you, for you are life, itself.”  The same Creative Force that created the Universe created us within It as part of It. We live in the Universe and It lives in us because all Life is One Life.

There is no right way or wrong way for us to express life, for us to be who we are being in each moment, unless we judge our self and feel bad when we don’t say or do what we think we should. Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi, wrote: “Don’t worry about being good. Aspire to be authentic.” Being authentic, being real about how feel, is the only measure we have to let us know if the thoughts we’re focusing on in our mind are taking us in a direction in life we want to go. Happy feelings are caused by happy thoughts. When we’re focused on a happy thought, it is our focus that gives that thought power to attract happy experiences into our life.

Mooji said, “No thought has power. You have the power. But when you identify and believe the thought, you give it power.” So, it only makes sense that when we give our attention to guilty, angry, unhappy thoughts, when we identify with them and believe them, we give them power. Our focus on them causes us feel bad, and that’s bad news if we don’t want to attract more guilt, anger and unhappiness into our life. As the saying goes, “You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought,” not because it’s wrong, but because we’ll get negative results.

Because thoughts become powerful things when we focus on them, it’s important for us to notice what thoughts we’re spending time with in our mind, and notice how those thoughts are causing us to feel. Being authentic with our self is an act of courage because sometimes we don’t feel like being positive, and we feel bad about that! But to be as truthful as we can be in each moment, without judging our self, is the only way we can experience our power over our mind. To own all of who we are without excuses, or without pretending to be someone we’re not so others will be pleased with us, is freedom. And, unless we exercise our freedom, our spiritual authority to be whatever we choose to be, we won’t be free to be the one we’re created to be, and in that freedom discover the Truth about us that pleases the God of our creation. In the Book of Genesis we read, And God saw everything that He had made and behold it was very good.” You and I were included in that Holy View!

If we want to be pleased with what we attract into our life this year, we need to focus on thoughts that cause our heart to sing. Our heart always wants to sing, and springtime is such a lovely time to do it because we get sing along with the birds! When spring fills the air, there seems to be a new energy all around us that desires expression through us as well, which is probably how the idea of spring cleaning came about, i.e., using that energy to get things done!

There is a quick and easy process called “Clearing Clutter for Clarity” that is included in the book, Ask and It is Given, by Jerry and Esther Hicks. If you’re interested in doing some spring cleaning in your house or office this year, you may want to take a look at it. It is a process that can help us to get rid of not just the manifested clutter, the clutter we can see, but the vibrational clutter, the thought clutter, the mess of active vibration that often gets in our way and prevents us from creating the life we really want.

Everything in physical form has energy. For example, a painting holds the energy the artist held when painting it; books hold energy, songs we play and often sing to have energy, letters that come to us in our outdoor mailbox, as well as emails and texts on our computer and phone, hold energy, those tax records and other papers strewn across our desk or dining room table hold energy; and, unseen thoughts have energy too! Manifested clutter is obvious, especially when we can’t find the surface of our desk or dining room table because of it. But energy within our mind gets cluttered too, and it’s not so obvious if we’re not looking for a positive thought to focus on in our mind.

As we give our attention to the clutter we can see, and as we focus on certain thoughts in our mind, it all becomes part of our active vibration. The good news is we can use the same process for clearing manifested clutter to clear our mind of clutter as well. The vibration of every thought we’ve been focusing on in our mind— thoughts about our self, family, friends, coworkers, and what’s happening in the world—are currently active in our life. If we’re not feeling as happy, healthy, or peaceful as we’d like to feel, then we can choose to sit down, take a look around within our mind, and mentally unclutter our inner space of unsettling vibrations.

Let’s say that as you sit there, some person or situation comes to mind and the thought doesn’t feel good. Maybe you haven’t been thinking about that person or situation for awhile, but there they are adding to the unpleasant vibration of the current thoughts in your mind. Ask yourself: “Is this thought about that person or situation something I currently want to be active in my life? Is it a thought that is a positive addition to my experience? Is it something beneficial or wanted? Is it important to me here and now?” If the answer is “no,” then you can mentally drop that thought into an imaginary box in your mind knowing that if we ever want to, you can retrieve that thought and gnaw on it like a dog on a bone! As you put each negative thought in a mental box, say “I release you from my current experience with appreciation. I release this thought because I no longer want its vibration to affect my current life.”

When we’ve finished such a process, it’s likely our mind will feel more clear, and we’ll be able to focus on thoughts that feel good.  New ideas may pop into our mind because there is room for them, and some may bring clarity and resolution to a current situation in our life.


The Guru in You

Image by Okan Caliskan

It’s been said that “Love makes the world go round.” Love is the Energy within all Life. Love takes care of us even when we’re unaware Love is there. Its Wisdom brings harmony and balance to the Cosmos. Its Power keeps us safely on the planet while it orbits through space. Every time we love, we are in harmony with the Love that is loving the Universe. Does Love make your world go round?

Matt Kahn wrote in Whatever Arises, Love That: “In every breath you take, love is always here. Throughout any personal encounter, love is always here. No matter what comes together or whatever is pulled apart, love is always here.” If we allow Love to be momentarily, or “extendedly,” dormant within us by choosing not to love, Love is always here to choose just the same. If Love isn’t the motivation for our thoughts, words and actions, Love is always here to motivate us if we let It. Love is always here because Love is all there is to everything that is, here, there and everywhere, including right where we are.

Without expressing Love we can’t live a life we’ll enjoy living even when we think can, even when not feeling Love feels like who we are and what this life is about. We can’t live at all without God, Who is Love, even when we think we are, even when not feeling the Divine within us feels like who we are and what this life is about. If we’ve been thinking that we can live our life in this world without the participation of our Divinity, without the Power within us that can do all the “heavy lifting” for us, then it’s likely our life feels like a struggle a lot of the time, and we’re conflicted and confused about what Life is for. We may wonder how we can live happily in the world when there seems to be a power opposed to our happiness, and the happiness of others, with its constant threat of sickness, sadness, conflict, and war. We stress in our mind, and labor with our body, trying to make a life that gives us more happiness than misery. Yet all the while we’re convinced that the power of “unLove” will get us anyway.

That’s when it’s vital for us remember the words of Jesus, who was a Master of his life: “I of myself can do nothing. It is the Father within that does the works.” The Father is Love. We are born of Love. And, since God is all there Is, there is nothing else doing anything else. Even when what we are doing is done without spiritual awareness, we’re not doing it on our own. Even if we believe that we were separated at birth from the God of our creation, we couldn’t even have a bad day without God sustaining our life while we’re having it! We read in the Book of Psalms, “Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I shall ascend to Heaven, there you are, and if I would descend to hell, you are there also.” We can’t lose our Oneness with the Spiritual World because that is where the greater part of us exists right now. The physical world, and our human form in it, couldn’t appear without spiritual backing. If God were to separate from us, for any reason, we wouldn’t know about it because we wouldn’t be.

Thank God there is more to us than meets the physical eye! Thank God there is a non-physical, invisible aspect of us that is the greater part of who we are, the inside to our outside that is the Boundless Divinity of us and always here for us. Our Inner Being is the One that holds the awareness that we are now and forever an Eternal Part of Eternity. It contains the memory of your Divinity. We could say that the Guru in You never forgets who you are, where you came from, where you are now, and why you’re here. Isn’t that extraordinary? In an Unlimited Universe we can never be lost if we look within us for directions!

Our Spirit, our True Self, is always invisibly present. We can’t leave home without it and we can’t live at home without it. It never forgets us even if we forget It. It always knows where we are because It is there, too, being the non-physical part of who we are in our physical form. Only the Divine within us consistently has our happiness in mind. But it’s up us to know who to call. It’s up to us to decide to tune into the Holy Presence within us and look for Wisdom and guidance there. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “This is the most important thing for you to know. And as you hear these things, these very few things, you’ll be all set. There is a physical world—you live in it, you can see it—that is an extension of a nonphysical world. The nonphysical world is the basis of the physical world and it is all good. Teach yourself in whatever way you can, to be based first in the nonphysical world.” Even though we are capable of focusing on our self as a solely physical being, and we are able to forget there is more to life than meets our physical eyes, the Guru within us never forgets our Divinity and inseparability from the Creator of all that Is.

Our Inner Being is the Love that is always here. It is behind every loving thought that comes to our mind. When things don’t go our way, when those we’ve tried to love don’t love us in return, when people around us don’t say or do what we want them to, when the world seems to be in chaos, the Guru in me and you knows what to do. It communicates Its Wisdom and guidance through a Holy Vibration that often feels to us like intuition. But just as often we translate that Holy Vibration as a thought that feels good to think. When we think something unlovable about our self, the Guru in us calls to us to give more Love to our self, to open our heart so we can feel beyond thoughts of unlovability. When we welcome Love right where we are, loving thoughts about our self come to mind. Thoughts don’t create Love. Love creates thoughts that feel good.In the same way, when someone appears to us to be unlovable, the Guru in us calls to us to extend Love to that person, to open our heart and welcome Love right where we are. And, when we do, no matter who is there, loving thoughts come to mind.

In The Way of Mastery we read, “For remember always that nothing can come to you unless you have called it from within yourself in order to grow more deeply in forgiveness, in wisdom, in love, and in the power of Christ.” The Guru within us always calls us to Love more because It knows we are Love. It has a more expansive view of all Life and our Life within It. To the Guru in you, you are the center of the Universe, gifted with Infinite Possibilities, at all times, for expressing Life in beautiful, loving, grace-filled ways. We read in The Science of Mind, “All of the Universe is present at any and every point within It,” i.e., there isn’t more of the Universe over here than there is over there. This means that at the very point where we are, wherever we are, all the possibilities within the Universe are there too! That’s the point the Guru in You is focused on!

All that’s required of us to live a life of love, joy and freedom that blesses us and the world is our willingness to ask the Divine within us to show us the way. Are we ready to look to our Guru, to the Son of God within us that is alive with Love and nothing but Love? It is an All-Powerful Presence that can heal our mind of sad, sorrowful, sick images of life by revealing the Truth of Life to us. No matter what may be going on in our life or the world), the Love within us isn’t going anywhere. Its always here. It’s not going to turn away from us even when we turn away from It. But when we turn to It, Love heals all that appears to us unlovable and unhealable. Nisargadatta Maharaj said, “Instead of searching for what you do not have, find out what it is that you have never lost.” We will never lose the Guru within us. That Lover of Life, that Lover of us, knows that Love is Eternal and so are we. You were created to create the good, the beautiful, and the true. Just ask the Guru in you!