I Am at Ease

We are exploring the power of the declaration, “I AM,” as the Creative Power of God that lives in us as our creative power. The Science of Mind tells us, “I AM is another way of saying God,” and that the I AM in us is the Life in us, and without this I AM we could not be. But, here we are! So the question is: “What are we going to do about?” Who are we going to declare our self to be? What are we going to say about our individual existence after we say those powerfully creative words, I AM?

Though we may forget the obvious sometimes, we are the only one who gets to decide which words come after I AM. There may be those around us who are more than happy to tell us what should come next, but there is no one who can say words, I AM, for us and cause us to believe the words that come next, but us. We are who we are, and there is no one like us because there is no reason to repeat us. The only way we can improve upon our self is to discover more and more of who we already are. In fact, Emerson wrote, “Imitation is suicide. Insist on yourself. Never imitate.” So, what say you? Who do you insist you are? It is essential for us to be able to answer that question because we not only create our life experiences out of the answer, as we perceive our self to be, we perceive the world we see. That’s why it is important for us to declare wisely when we say, “I am” out loud or in our head. We believe what we tell our self, and what we believe shapes our reality (believe it or not).

We might want to ask our self, “Do I believe I’m in charge of me? Do I believe that I am filled with unlimited creativity? If not, who do I believe is in charge of me. Am I living an I AM declaration of vulnerability and letting the world decide who I am? If we’re not living as a deliberate creator of our own experiences, by deciding what we want to focus on in our mind because we understand that what we see there is what we see everywhere, then we’re living by default, which is to say, our declarations are something like this: “Who I am is default of someone else or something else.”

There is a whole lot of I AM declarations being made these days that may seem powerful on the surface, especially when joined with the YOU ARE statements that are going on. For example,“I am right, you are wrong” is rampant in this country right now, and it’s spreading more quickly than any virus ever could. Yet, disease, contamination and contagion ride on the waves of fear and conflict.

Abraham Hicks tells us, “Well-Being is the basis of this Universe. Well-Being is the basis of All-That-Is. It flows to you and through you. If you will relax and find a way to allow it, it will be your experience.” In the past few months we’ve had a beautiful opportunity to relax at home and find a way to allow well-being to be our experience. How is that going for you? Do you feel Well-Being flowing to you and through you? We’ve had a lot time to reflect on who we want to be in the world, and how we want to interact with the world. We’ve had an abundance of time to embrace our unity while viewing our human diversity from a distance. We’ve had the time to reflect on how we can live in harmony with others with ease and acceptance.

It may be helpful in our acceptance of our differences, to look at our diverse existence together in this way: We are all “incubated” every moment by the warmth of the same Universal Love. Yet, we’re all different eggs that are meant to hatch at different times into a rainbow of colors, abilities, and expressions of Life. It’s our wanting everyone to hatch at the same time, and come out looking like us and behaving like we do, that gets in our way. Just as a baby bird dies if it’s forced out its shell from the outside (even a little) not only by frustrated hands, but even by well-meaning hands, so it is with each of us. We all must crack our own shell from the inside so we can discover the strength of our own wings and soar as our unique self-expression in the world. When we realize we’re all in this together, different eggs laid by the same Source so to speak, we won’t be so frustrated with each other. We won’t think anyone is “stupid or foolish” because they’re not imitating us. And, we won’t need to force anyone out of their shell before we take flight.

A few months ago as it appeared the whole world was being forced into a timeout, we considered that because we weren’t as distracted by the busy-ness of our worldly activities, it was an excellent time for us to meditate and contemplate upon how we could do better, individually, in bringing more love, peace, joy, and tolerance into the world. We considered the loving thoughts, compassionate words, and acts of kindness we could choose to offer when the time came for us to come out and play with each other again. We considered we’d been given an opportunity to decide for our self whether we’d come out fighting like we did before or loving like we’d never done before. We considered that the world will change as we do, for better or not, through our choice to the be the change we want see (or not). We realized we couldn’t walk into a new day dragging yesterday’s conflicts with us. And, we seemed to understand we can’t change the world by raising our fists against one another. And, yet, so many of us still can’t seem to put our fists down. If we are ever to live a life of well-being filled with the joy, love, peace, and freedom our hearts long for, we must declare those things through our own I AM declarations, for as we see our self, we see the world.

Right now it is vital for our every thought to be infused with the hope we haven’t tossed away the amazing opportunity we’ve had these past few months. Because, if we were to judge according to appearances, it surely appears the “I am right, you are wrong” declarations of conflict are still going on and continuing to shape our individual and collective reality in ways that contradict what we all truly want in our heart. We, spiritual beings, having this human experience often find we do our best when our backs are against the wall, probably because there is nowhere else to go but forward, if we move at all. But, if we were to assess our progress forward, so far, in the expansion, extension and expression of Love by what’s currently going on, it appears as we collectively took our first steps into physical interaction with each other again, we took one step forward and two steps back. It seems to be human business as usual. The same old angry finger pointing accompanied by the same declarations of “I am right, you are wrong” that possibly got us into trouble in first place. The conflict over wearing a mask or not has not only become a health debate, but a political issue! It’s become just another heated issue in our “I am right, you are wrong” worldly ways.

There is One Life from which all life comes forth, and One Law of Attraction that responds with perfect correspondence to the vibration of any thought anyone is focused on. There is no “out of sight, out of mind” even when we’re home alone because we live in the same spiritual-vibrational Universe. The vibration of our thoughts of well-being or fear join with the vibration of the thoughts of well-being of fear of others, and like attracts like. How many people are we angry with right now, for whatever reason? How many people do we feel threatened by we’ve never met? There is no getting away from one another no matter how long we stay quarantined because the vibration of our thoughts can’t be separated or made inactive or powerless through isolation.We are all one with The One. Unless we learn to get along, and to differ without anger, we’ll miss out in our lifetime on what it feels like to freely love each other.

If the virus appears to be getting worse, could it be we’ve become even more afraid of each other? Whatever we declare is true, “you’re afraid of me and I am afraid of you” increases because we are evolving, expansive, creative beings. If we don’t take a deep breath and be easier with each other and our self, we’re in danger of having to shelter at home once again, where the only conflict that will have ended is whether to wear a mask or not because we’ll be alone again! Like misbehaved children, even the little freedom we’ve had to come out and “play nice” with each other may be taken away again until we’ve learned our lesson. We have got to learn to get along even when we disagree, to be kind in our conversations with each other, and about each other. We have got to put our fists down, stop pointing fingers, and look for solutions instead of blame. Abraham Hicks tells us, “You cannot stop negative momentum. So what’s your only option? To start and perpetuate and allow positive momentum, which means you gotta let go of issues.” If we don’t let go of our issues of who’s right and who’s wrong before we feel positive, safe and unthreatened, we might as well stay sheltered for a lifetime because controlling others is not possible!

Each of us must find a way to relax and allow the Well-Being that is the basis of All-That-Is to flow to us and through us. We must find a way to be at ease in this world if we want to see it change before our eyes. We must find a way to come out of our own shell of resistance without poking at anyone else’s shell in process. We need to start behaving like the spiritual-vibrational beings of Love we are so that we can experience the peace, love, joy, and harmony we are created to be together. The thoughts we choose to think now, the feelings we feel now, the words we speak now, and the actions we take now, matter now because they are shaping our reality now and giving shape to our future experiences together. When we declare we are safe because we live in a Universe of Love and Well-being, our thoughts, words and actions are uncontaminated by fear, and we naturally attract to us the people, situations, and experiences that are a vibrational match to our fearlessness.

We are children of God and God is only Love. We are children of a Universe created by Love. In Truth we can’t give anything to each other but Love because Love is all there is that is real to give and receive. We can begin to declare “I am at ease wherever I am because I am a blessed being who deserves well-being and so does every living being.” Laughter is contagious. A smile is contagious. Let us open our mind and “unfold our heart,” and spread the Lightness of Love wherever we go. In this way we won’t miss out on even one more moment of experiencing what it feels like to freely love one another.

I Am an Original

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

This Father’s Day message, “I Am an Original,” is in honor of our earthly fathers without whom, at least in part, we wouldn’t be so physically original! But, it is primarily an exploration of the true Source of our Life and our true Identity as Sons and Daughters of God. The Science of Mind tells us, “God is not external, but at the very center of our Life.” We could say, in this way, we all share the same Divine DNA. Yet, we are each a unique variation of Creation, an original expression of Divinity, rooted in that which is identical: Love. In The Way of the Heart we read, “For you are Love. God creates only that which is like unto Himself. And God is only Love.”

Though at times in this world it is difficult for us to see that Love is in every aspect of our vast Diversity, and to recognize that even with the vivid contrast expressed by individual thoughts, words and actions, the Life within every life originated and continues to exist in Love. The more we know who we are looking at despite appearances, the more aware of what we are looking for beyond the obvious, whether we are looking in the mirror or at a world filled with seeming others, the Christ in us will show to us the Christ within every aspect of Life, and we will be “purely in love with the whole thing.”

Sometimes we may think, or even say out loud in so many words, “The Christ in me sees the Christ in you, but not in you, and especially not in you. And, if you want me to see the Christ in you, this is what you need to do.” But, The Way of the Heart reminds us, “For Christ is the sons and daughters of God, the offspring of God is God’s only creation. Your Creator’s only creation is you, the truth of you.” We could say, paradoxically, we are each an Only Child with infinite brothers and sisters! When we feel free to be the original we are in the One Creation, we feel free to let others be the original they are without trying to make them conform to our way. The Christ, God’s only creation, cannot see anyone who isn’t related to Itself by Holy Birth. And since God creates only that which is like unto Himself, and God is only Love, the Christ sees only that which can be seen through the eyes of Love.

When we’re not seeing what the Christ in us is seeing, it doesn’t feel good within us because we are pinching our self off from the very Love that would shine Its Healing Light through us and change what we see. This is what is meant by “I am responsible for what I see,” found in A Course in Miracles. It is powerful, not passive, to take a stand for Love, no matter what. When we feel the Love that lives in us, the Love that causes us to live, we’re able to get our opinions out of the way and live harmoniously with others. We’re able to see “the inside as it really is, and not as our mind projects it to be.” Then we are able to declare with heart-filled conviction, “The Christ in me, sees the Christ in you, no matter what you do.” In this way we become part of the solution rather than an additional part of the problem.

There is Power in our declarations that can change the world. It may be helpful for our greater understanding of that Power to revisit the full passage from A Course in Miracles referred to above: “I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for and receive as I have asked.” This perfectly reflects our authority to choose a thing, or declare a thing, and have that thing established for us. It is a powerful affirmation of our pure creative spiritual-vibrational nature and purpose. It is a reminder of our ability to make a conscious choice about what want to focus on in life, and our freedom to take responsibility for what we believe to be true above, beneath, within, and beyond the physical appearance of anything in any moment. It is a confirmation of our capacity to choose how we want to feel, the emotional energy we want to come alive in us no matter what is happening around us.

It is through the Power of those two choices, taking responsibility for what we see and choosing how we feel, that we achieve our goal to Love, or not, in any moment. Everything that seems to happen to us happens through us and unfolds for us as we’ve asked through our choices. It seems like such a wonderful way to live life knowing we have spiritual authority to create our life however we choose. But because the above quote, and many like it, are mistaken for words of shame and blame, that misunderstanding causes us to feel bad about our self, like a spiritual screw up not worthy to be called a son or daughter of God. And when we feel unworthy and bad about our self, sometimes we use the concept of personal responsibility as a means of making others feel bad about themselves, too. Not always intentionally. When I was a little girl I was a climber. I climbed on fences, trees, and on the top of the garage roof. When I fell and ran crying to my mom, she’d say “Well, you brought it on yourself!” After awhile I stopped climbing on anything high. Even standing on the edge of something high made me nervous because if I was someone who brought falling on myself, I wasn’t going to take any chances!

When “You are responsible” is heard without spiritual understanding, and said with words not flowing on currents of Love, they can be harmful. A friend shared with me that when her loved one developed cancer a few years ago, someone said to her loved one, “You know you brought this all on yourself!” The words didn’t convey the speaker’s recognition that we are all powerful creators of our life experiences. Instead, they reflected the foolish assumption that someone would intentionally, willingly or deliberately call pain and suffering into their life. Though all us may experience health challenges or body pain sometimes; anger and conflict in our relationships occasionally; confusion and lack of peace in mind every once in awhile; or financial problems that seem to come and then go—none of it is the result of our asking for something “bad” to happen us!

In our hearts, and in our prayers, we always ask for something good, and something good is always given to us the moment we ask. When something occurs in our life that appears to be what we don’t want, it can serve us in getting more clear about what we do want. And, it’s good to be clear about what we truly want to create in our life and discover that we have the Power to do it.
But once we’re clear, once we know what it is we do want, in order for it to take form and expression for us, we need to stop staring at what we don’t want!

We can only create from that which belongs to us, and there is nothing we can truly claim as ours except our thoughts and feelings. We can choose to live in joyous expectation of our good, and the happy vibration of expectation will allow our good to appear to us. But, if we believe what seems to happen to us, happens to us from a power outside and separate from us, rather than through us from the Power within us, we won’t see what we want when it arrives because we won’t be looking for it. In the Book of Mark we read, “Therefore I say to you that everything you pray and ask for, believe you are receiving it and you shall have it.” We can only stand joyously in answered prayer if we believe our prayers are answered.

The key to receiving our good is to look away from what we don’t want and toward what we do want. Jesus said “Turn the other cheek! Look this way! Here it is! Look up for the fields are already ripe for harvest.” Where our mental energy goes, so our life experience flows. We are the only one who can see what we see. We can describe what we see, but no one will ever see anything quite the way we do. No one will truly feel our pain or our happiness quite the way we do. That is what makes us unique, original, and important to the extension and expansion of the Universe. Only we are responsible for what we see and how we feel. By deliberately directing our thoughts, we have the Power to control the way we feel and positively affect the things that come into our life experience. But we’ve got to stick with our mental focus and not get wobbly in our thinking just because others doubt we can have what we want. We can decide to walk through our day, not focusing on what the world has to say, but instead seeing and feeling what the Christ in us is revealing to us.

We don’t look the same on the outside and thank goodness for that! Otherwise, we’d get bored. But the holy blood within each of us flows with the same Love. On this Father’s Day, let us remember our Divine Father and claim our relationship to one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. Then we’ll be purely in love with the whole thing! A Course of Love reminds us, “The Christ in you is the real you.” No one expresses the Christ quite like you, or me, or anyone else we see. But, we must believe that is true before we can authentically declare, “The Christ in me sees the Christ in you.”

I Can Do It!

Though there may be some of us who have felt isolated and separated from others most our life and may have been practicing social distancing for years, it’s likely six months ago not one of us would have imagined or welcomed a scenario where everyone in the world would be mandated to stay away from one another! Despite the masks that hide our smiles, and beyond the fears that we may be harmful to one another, we long to be together, to freely interact with each other with clear minds, open hearts, and no worries. It is spiritually natural for us to want to be together in every way because we are One Life together; One living infinite Something born of the Love that is in Everything. We are created to exist in happy relationship with each other, to create together in Joy, to easily laugh, play, dance, and sing together, along with the rest of Nature and the Earth, Itself.

In The Science of Mind we read, “Each individual is a unique variation in the Universe; no two people are alike and yet all people are rooted in that which is identical.” That which is identical is Love. And, for Love to be Love, It must shared; expressed freely so It can extend, expand and create forever. The rules and restrictions of the world today have affected all of us in some way, mentally and emotionally, as well as physically. Someone other than our self, someone who doesn’t even know us, is telling us what to do and when to do it. As spiritually free beings, we don’t even like people who do know to us tell us what to do! We are created to freely express our self with no rules to follow. There is only One Law in the Entire Universe, the Law of Love. One Law is simple enough to follow, but it isn’t always easy. However, it is easy to know when we’ve broken that Law because our thoughts aren’t happy, we don’t feel good, and through the Law of Attraction, we attract fearful encounters and unpleasant situations.

Our country, along with the rest of the world, is having a “coming out” party. We are slowly venturing out into a world of human interaction once again. Much has changed since the last time we were all free to be together. And, though some people are hoping things will eventually return to “normal,” perhaps it was our “normal” human conflicts, name-calling, class distinctions, and disrespect for each other that created the habit of being together that got us into this situation in first place. We can create a new normal together based on that which is spiritually normal for us: Loving the Love we are together, and sharing that Love no matter what, without fear or judgement.

While Michigan is entering Phase 5 of reopening, it is important for us to remember that just as we all are in different places along our life path and it’s all good wherever we are, we will likely be in different “phases” of our individual reopening to the world and it’s all good wherever we are. If we keep in mind that all people are rooted in Love, and we practice that Love, our coming out party will be a great success! We might want to ask our self, “Am I ready to let Love freely flow through me as I make my reentry into the world?” Love can only go where It is free to flow. As we begin to take first less-restricted steps, it is more important than ever for us to let Love lead us, to listen to our Inner Guidance, and to feel our way into loving physical interactions with each other.

As powerful spiritual-vibrational beings, this human experience we are having is meant to serve the further evolution of our Divine self-expression. Even with all its rules, the world can’t limit who we are. Only we can do that. There is nothing we can’t choose to think and feel right where we are, wherever we are, no matter what anyone else is doing, if we want to think and feel it.

The Way of the Heart suggests we ask our self, “What do I truly want this moment to be for? For as I decree it, so shall it be.” Whatever we decide we want to experience in each moment, we receive from each moment. If we want our moments to be for Joy, Peace, Love, Uplifting, Healing, and Well Being, we need to declare to our self, “I can do it!” Guidance from our Inner Being is always “follow your bliss.” Abraham Hicks tells us, “If it feels good while you’re thinking about it, it means your Inner Being agrees with that thought. If it feels satisfying while you’re doing it, it means it’s good idea.” Forcing our self to do anything we don’t want to do, acting out of obligation, duty, to please others, or to be happy after-the-fact skips right over the place where our power lies to declare what the moment is for, to choose joy in moment is to live a joyful life. Joy is always there for us to choose. We can’t force our self to be joyful. But if we want to be happy, we can do it and nothing can stop us!

None of us truly wants to be sad, but if we wait for the world to give us a reason to be happy, we may wait a lifetime for our Joy. Joy is always Present within us for us to choose first, and when we declare for Its Presence, we attract reasons for It in forms and expressions all around us. We all know when we’re convinced of anything, no one can talk us out of it. If we don’t make up our mind to be happy, no one in the world can make us happy. There is power in all our declarations as long as we continue to believe in them, whether we declare our self to be happy or sad, in Love with life or fearful of the living. Every moment that we are conscious of being alive, every moment that we are aware we exist, we are declaring something. We might as well declare something good. Joy isn’t a future destination. It is the Vibration of positive creation.

Only we possess the power of declaration that can affect our individual life. It doesn’t matter what anyone else declares about us. What is established for us is what we declare our self to be. How much love, peace, joy and freedom are we ready to declare Present within us as we move into the world and back home again? How many loving friends, peaceful encounters, and joyful activities are we ready to have established for us in the new world of our attraction? When we make up our mind to be happy, we don’t react as quickly to unkind words. Other people’s behaviors don’t bug us so much. And, we have a sense of well-being that no one and nothing on earth can take from us.

If we’re not feeling happy and we want to, if we’re not feeling love and we long to, if we’re not feeling peace of mind and we wish to, we can do it! In each moment we have a choice, and there is power in the choice we make. Everything necessary for the most boundless experience, joy and life, everything is now, right where we are now, but we must know it, see it, feel it, and be it. Who do we declare our self to be now, not yesterday? How do we want to feel now, not tomorrow? What do we truly want to experience in this moment? For as we decree it, so shall it be.

I Am I Said

Image by Mihai Paraschiv from Pixabay

In The Bible we read, “You will declare a thing and it will be established for you; so light will shine on your ways.” Sounds good, doesn’t it? And, it is good even though that particular passage comes from the Book of Job, and most of us know what happened to Job. We’re told that he declared a thing. He declared himself to be a fearful man and all that he feared came upon him!

In A Course in Miracles we read, “I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for and receive as I have asked.” Notice how you’re feeling right now about that quote. A little resistant? A lot resistant? There are those who don’t like that quote because to be responsible for what we see sounds like we are to blame for what goes on around us. We’d much rather blame the world for our observations of life!

But, being responsible isn’t about blame. It is about our creative power. It is about our ability to focus in our mind on the life we want to create in the world, rather than accepting our life experiences by default. It is about feeling the reality of what we want alive in us and declaring it present and coming into manifestation, rather than letting the world dictate what we can or cannot have. But, whether we live by intention or default, and whether we feel the joy of anticipation or the emptiness of resignation, we are declaring a thing and it will be established for us.

With all that is going on in the world, it’s easy to focus on what we don’t want in our personal life, and what we don’t want to see on the news and the world around us. When we don’t like what we see, it’s natural, and often momentarily helpful, to react against it. It’s even appropriate to walk in protest against it, if we’re “moved” to do so. But, it’s important for us to keep focused on what we’re for. When we practice peaceful protest, and we feel peace within us, that is our declaration and it will be established for us. But, even if we practice nonviolent action, if we are feeling violent and angry, that is our declaration and it will be established for us.

Sometimes we get so caught up in mass emotions, and because we’re focused only on what we’re against, we don’t think about, or give our passion to, what we’re for. When we declare a thing, even if it’s a thing we don’t want, and we focus on that thing, just like Job it will come upon us. If “I am angry” becomes our habitual declaration of who we are on earth, our creative energy, passion and attention to what we don’t want, even if our intentions are good, will perpetuate, extend and expand the unwanted, and we will find plenty to be angry about, personally and in the world.

We live in a spiritual-vibrational Universe that is perfectly balanced by the unconditional, nonjudgmental Law of Attraction. As hard as it may be for us to accept that the Universe is listening to us and actually paying attention to our vibration, It is. We can never say “I AM” to “no one there.” Whether or not we wish it weren’t necessarily so, our declarations of belief, no matter what we believe to be right or wrong, are backed by a Powerful Creative Energy that brings to us the visible forms and expressions that correspond to the things we declare to be true. The Law of Attraction holds no concept of right or wrong. It simply shines a light “on our ways” that allows us see, feel, and experience physically what we’re focused on in our mind. The Law “It is done unto you as you believe” is still Law.

We see what we see because we believe it’s there and all there is to see. If we didn’t believe it and look for it, we couldn’t see it even though It is there. God is Present, Love is Present, Peace is Present even where It appears to be absent. But, we must believe It to see It. The first step in achieving our goals for good, whether our goals are personal or global, is for us to understand that it is only as we declare a thing we want and focus on it, rather than declaring a thing we don’t want and focus on it, that the wanted can come into our view.

We may be wondering if it’s even possible to only focus on a thing wanted, while not fighting against its opposite, the unwanted. A similar question might be: “Is it possible for us to know who we are without constantly fighting against who we are not?” Repeatedly affirming what we don’t want is the same as repeatedly affirming who we are not. Neither will help us in a clear declaration of who we are and want we want, and allow it to be established for us. The Way of the Heart tells us, “It is about accepting the Truth that is true always, and being determined that Truth be the foundation for which you direct each and every moment of your experience.” There is a lot in this world we are not, and a lot we don’t want. It would take many lifetimes to discard each unwanted thing, one thing at a time. But we can claim the Truth of who we are and what we want right now because the Truth is always true right where we are.

The Holy Vibration of the Divine Words, “I AM” caused all of creation to come forth into a Creative Flow of Infinite Possibilities for Self-Expression that reflect only the Nature of the Creator. In The Science of Mind, we read, “Whatever is true of man, of the reality of his nature, is the Divine Presence within him. It is the Voice of God proclaiming, ‘I am that which thou art; thou art that which I am.’” God is Love. His Word is Law. Sacred Texts tell us that “In beginning” God saw all He’d made and He was very pleased with His Wording. God hasn’t gone back on His word.
“I AM” is still the Only Creative Power in the Universe and in us. Everything that comes upon us begins with those two powerful words of creation.

The Science of Mind tells us, I AM is another way of saying God. The ‘I AM’ in us is the very Life of us. Without this ‘I AM’ we could not exist.” The I AM of God lives in everything and everyone that lives. Is it any wonder, then, why we and every living being wants the “I AM” within to be spoken aloud; for our very existence to be seen and acknowledged, accepted and valued, as the amazing, immeasurable, essential, unique beings we all are, just as we are. Maya Angelou said, “We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.” In the beginning, from the beginning, we have remained One Beautiful Creation of Love together. “I AM” carries the Power of Creation that set all Life in motion and continues to weave a tapestry that has no end.

Walt Whitman wrote in Leaves Grass, in the poem, Song of Myself, “I am not contained between my hat and my boots.” When we’re focused only on what’s between our hat and boots, or between the hat and boots of anyone else, we miss seeing the Holy One standing before us. There is so much more to all of us than meets the eye. There is so much more than the physical body could ever represent. Yet, we can see the beauty of physicality when we look at the world with our heart. It is only as we acknowledge and value every human expression, every color and texture of life, that we are able to see, hear and feel the “I AM Love” that lives in the heart of everyone of us. But, we must know our Self, and who we are, before we can recognize who we are together: One Beautiful Life created by the Word of God. Only then will we recognize that no matter what hat or boots anyone is wearing, we are seeing the Beloved in costume.

Ram Dass said, “When we see the beloved in each person, it is like walking through a garden watching flowers bloom all around us.” A question we might want to ask our self is “How does my garden grow? Do beautiful flowers bloom all around me, or do I constantly see unwanted weeds that I must tend to?” When we declare a thing and focus on it, it will be established for us. If we want the world to change, it is essential for us to live in positive affirmation of who we are and what we want. Only then will we be able to see what matters in the Garden of Life.