May 8, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
2512 S. Dye Rd.
MI 48532

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Are you ready for a life of more FULFILLMENT, FREEDOM, and FUN?
Would you like to learn a proven method to quickly unlock new financial
energy and resources, you didn’t know you have?

If you answered YES, then you’re ready for:

PROSPERITY PLUS … A 10-Week Experiment In More Abundant Living. This is a video prosperity course taught “virtually” by globally renowned spiritual teacher, Mary Morrissey, right here at LEC. This program offers a proven path to increasing prosperity in your life and it begins soon, starting on May 8 and going through July 10, from 6-8pm.

Together as a community of partners in believing we will support you in creating a crystal clear VISION for the life you would love living. A vision that improves every area of your life, including transforming your finances. How about a vision that permanently improves your relationships, and your ability to manifest greater health?

Invest in yourself, act now, and register for the course. (Registration closes April 24):

Call LEC at 810-733-1600
Come to church on Sunday and sign up at the table in the foyer.

What we have seen (as well as numerous other churches who participate in this program) is that the Prosperity Plus course offers the fastest path to prosperity in your life. Even if you have experienced much struggle in the past, that doesn’t matter. You can literally re-envision your life and experience big breakthroughs during this 10-week course.

You have incredible potential within you just waiting to emerge!
This course will ignite your potential and give you the exact map for living your best life now.
We look forward to supporting you in increasing your experience of abundance!

P.S. Invest in yourself by discovering the truth of your own prosperity and abundance today. Act now and register for the course:

The course is free. All you need are the course materials. You can choose to purchase the entire set, which includes CD audio recordings of every lesson (highly recommended) plus a workbook for $55, or you can choose the workbook only for $18.

You can purchase your materials via PayPal
Come to church on Sunday and visit our wonderful bookstore.

Don’t forget, registration closes on April 24!