• 17.1% of People in eastern Michigan are Living in Food Insecure Households
  • 251,670 People in eastern Michigan are Food Insecure
  • Michigan Still Struggles to Recover and Neighbors Need Our Help
  • Families are Struggling with Hunger in Every County of the Nation

Mapping the Gap Food Insecurity

Nationally, Feeding America continues work on Mapping the Meal Gap in our Nation. This year’s update to previously released numbers remains groundbreaking in that it analyzes each county’s food insecure child population. The research, supported by ConAgra Foods Foundation, Howard G. Buffett Foundation and Nielsen, provides real numbers to quantify a sobering reality: child food insecurity exists in every county in every state across America.
The estimates of child food insecurity also include household income which is critical information for developing strategies to alleviate child hunger as households living above 185% of the federal poverty line typically are not eligible for federal child nutrition programs like reduced-price school meals. Quite simply, federal child nutrition programs are not currently reaching all food insecure children leaving potential for long-term consequences. Nutrition programs provide a lifeline to struggling families protecting families against hunger when combined with other resources like food banks.