In the Flint vicinity, many mothers and grandmothers who raise children suffer financial hardships due to national and local economic issues, and personal circumstances. Founded in 2002, the St. Luke N.E.W. (North End Women’s) Life Center was created by co-founders Sister Carol Weber and Sister Judy Blake and inspired by the real life events of a Flint mother who gave birth in an abandoned home.

Sister Carol Weber and Sister Judy Blake are co-founders for this ministry

The Center also offers job training for women caregivers through N.E.W. Life Enterprises, Inc. N.E.W. Life Enterprises has combined two older businesses (Scrubs 4 You and MI Gowns 2 Kover) to provide quality patient hospital gowns, scrubs for medical personnel, and embroidery. Teaching women sewing skills empowers them to provide for their children, which in turn provides positive ripples through our community, both economically and socially. Product purchases enable reinvestment to reach more local caregivers in need of help.

Our scrubs, gowns, and other merchandise are custom crafted, unique, comfortable, and durable, and they are made with exceptional quality by women in Flint.

We also know caring for our community includes green efforts to reduce our footprint by reducing our waste. Material scraps are used to make smaller items such as tote bags and cell phone covers. We even use smaller material scraps and extra thread to make doggie beds which are donated to the Genesee Animal Shelter.

N.E.W. Life Enterprises is partially funded by a grant from the Congregation of St. Joseph Generous Promises Grant Fund. Please help us help others by making a purchase, offering a donation, or volunteering.