Transitional Living

Homelessness affects people of all ages, in every community across the nation. For those individuals, each day is filled with uncertainty for food, shelter, medical care or safety. In the greater Flint area, this means several hundred adults, youth, and children are without the support necessary to live healthy and productive lives. Therefore, it is essential that the community provide an opportunity for homeless people to feel safe, to gain additional skills, and to become positive functioning members of society. And this is where we can help …

TRAVERSE PLACE exists to empower young adults to take control of their lives in positive and purposeful ways. It encourages them to become more self-supportive. The program’s principal goals are to:

Provide safe and stable living accommodations
Assist youth in developing skills and personal characteristics to enable them to live independently.
Provide education, information and/or counseling to reduce substance abuse.
Provide referrals and access to medical and mental health treatment.
Provide opportunity for preparation and obtaining employment.
Provide opportunity for education advancement or vocational training.
Provide assistance or referral service to assist pregnant or parenting homeless youth to become more effective as parents and live independently.
Provide assistance in obtaining safe housing and moving to independent living and self-sufficiency.