Today is our final Sunday in our December focus on the Power of Christ, though we all know there is no other Power for us to focus on or any other reality for us to see or be anytime. In The Way of the Heart we read, “You are, indeed, sent forth as Christ who holds all power to extend the treasure of Truth. Go you, therefore, into all the world and bless it with the radiance of the Christ within you.” Are we ready to go into the Year 2021 as a blessing? Are we ready to bless the world with the radiance of the Christ within us? No matter how we answer that question, ready or not 2021 will be here on Friday!

No matter what is going on in our life, the idea of a new year is an exciting one, isn’t it? Its symbolism fills us with so much hope for positive change in our life and in the world. A new year represents a fresh start, a clean slate, and an opportunity for us to live in the world in a new way. But so often we bring old stale habits with us into a new year that keep us from experiencing a fresh start. We don’t take time to clean our mental slate of the past year’s negative views. So, rather than coming into a new year mentally clean and fresh, our slate remains graffitied with anger, resentment, blame, regret, and all the other etchings of gloom and pessimism that negativity and fear produce.

There’s a Scottish Proverb that goes, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear,” and we can’t create a beautiful new year out of the negative thoughts we bring with us from the past year. That is why a ritual like the Burning Bowl ceremony can be helpful to us in letting go of the old year, and ringing in a new year that has the possibility of actually being new. It is a symbolic opportunity for us let go of the same old thing and embrace a new thing by being ready for it within our self. But, a ritual of any kind is only as effective as our willingness allows it be. We’ve got to be willing to let go of what we no longer desire to manifest in our life, or else our smudgy mental slate will continue to create the same old thing, and more of it, without any indication that a new year has occurred except on the calendar.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Every thought is vibration, and the Law of Attraction is responding to every thought. Therefore all thought is going to increase. The only quest is: Is this thought one you want to increase?” This past year has given us plenty to think about, and so many worldly reasons to be glad 2020 is coming to an end. That is why, if we want our positive thoughts to increase in the new year ahead, it’s a good idea for us to do a little 2020 Re-Visioning. In this way, we can consciously bring with us into 2021 thoughts with happy, loving and peaceful vibrations that will increase in the new year. As it ends on New Year’s Eve, this year will have contained 365 days—24 hours in each of those days, 60 minutes in each of those hours, and 60 seconds in each of those minutes. We will have lived 86,400 seconds or moments in each day of 2020. And, no matter how bad we may think this year has been, not all of those 86,400 seconds each day were negative. Some were likely wonderful. Some may have been amazing!

In fact, in a year such as this one where we were forced by the extreme conditions of the world to take our life off of automatic pilot and live it in a different way than we ever have before, we’ve been given a compelling opportunity to choose to see life differently by becoming aware of what we think and how we feel about our self and life. We’ve had plenty of time with our self to notice! And, The Way of Knowing goes on to say, “And to look more deeply at your judgments and to see that they can have no value save that which you extend unto them. It has, indeed, required desire for you to want to awaken.” 2020 may have seemed like a bad dream that we all wanted to wake up from, but like everything in this world of vivid contrast, our experience of it depends on what we focus on.

Earlier this year we jokingly said that we’d come out of isolation “a monk, a hunk, a chunk, or a drunk!” With government mandates that kept us from running around in our life focused on outer distractions, we’ve been forced to become “monkish.” Such an opportunity for alone time, anytime, offers radiant gifts to our mind from the depths of our soul and spirit, if we’re open to them. All the world has been given the gift of quiet time alone to discover who we are, and what this life is for, in a deeper way than we have before. We might have been able to discover it in a different way, but a pandemic is the way our world collectively chose to do it, and you’ve got to admit it certainly got everyone’s attention!

If we choose to, we can revision 2020 in our mind’s eye and see it as a year of blessings, as a year of opportunities for deeper self-discovery, and as a year that, if we didn’t want to go crazy, required desire for us to want to awaken. Even with all that has happened in 2020, we may find that it is the same issue as years past that seems to be holding us back even if it presented itself in different way this year. For example, we experienced a new health concern (didn’t everyone) that may still have been based on yesterday’s fearful thoughts. Or, a new relationship challenge based on the same old self-doubt, or a new financial issue based on the same old thoughts of unworthiness. Our experiencing our self and in a new way can’t be found in old stories of yesterday that don’t feel good to remember or repeat.

Paulo Coelho wrote, “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” Discovering new abilities, finding new direction, feeling abundant, and living our dream can’t find room within our mind if we keep writing the same old thoughts on our mental slate. We can decide to be grateful for every moment of 2020, and if we make that one decision, even if we don’t know exactly what we’re grateful for, we’ll become more clear just what we need to release today in order to truly move forward in a positive direction in the new year. We know when we’ve truly let go of something because we feel lighter and our mind is more clear. If we truly release the old, our mental slate will be so clean we’ll experience an amazing lightness of being as we enter the new year.

In the next few days if we decide to focus on letting those 86,400 seconds of each day of 2020 bless us, if we decide to be grateful for it all, we’ll move forward into the new year as if we have been sent forth as Christ and have all power to extend the treasure of Truth. We read these words of Jeshua’s, written in The Way of the Heart: “From the Mind that we share as one, I say again unto you: May peace walk with you. My blessings I give unto you. Not as the world gives give I the voice for Christ that longs to be your voice. For the world gives and takes away, but my Love is with you forever. Let this Love become your very own. Claim it. Own it. Taste it. Drink it. Breathe it. Walk it. Talk it. Incarnate it”

Are we ready to let the Love of Christ become our very own—to claim it, to own it and to live it? Are we ready to embrace our greatness, and to experience the power and pleasure of our spirit as we live our life here on earth? Are we ready to give the Voice for Christ that longs to be our voice, passage and freedom through our words, and to speak forcefully and passionately about what’s going right in our life and the world? If we truly release whatever may be holding our dreams hostage, we will realize who we are, and we will go into all the world and bless it with the radiance of the Christ within us.