Image by Marius Mangevicius from Pixabay

The poet, William Wordsworth wrote: Father, to God, Himself, we cannot give a holier name. Father’s Day is a wonderful time for us to honor our earthly father, the one who helped to bring us into this physical world of experience. And, it the perfect time for us to remember our true origin, our Heavenly Father, the one who brought us into existence in the beginning.

Though some dads may feel it is difficult to get it right every time, or even most of time, and some dads may feel they’ve missed the mark altogether, every dad is a father in his heart. A mother may be expected to feel things, and usually has last word on most things, but a father is expected to know things. And if he doesn’t know, he’s expected to find out, whether it’s how to fix a broken appliance, or how to make sure the future of his children is provided for.

How we feel about being “a chip off the old block” likely depends on how we feel about our relationship with our earthly father. Some of us may be thrilled to be just like good old Dad, but some of us may wish the apple had fallen a little farther from the tree. And, as far as the idea of God as Our Father is concerned, our being “a chip off the old block” may seem a bit irreverent depending on what we believe God Is, and how we feel about our relationship to Heavenly Father. But no matter how we may feel about being our earthly father’s child, in order for us to access our power to create the life we want to live, it is essential for us to accept, and live as if, we are sons and daughters of a Powerful Father who knows things.

Our Father, the One and Only Creator of All that Is, pronounced All that Is as “very good.” That goodness includes you and me no matter what we temporarily see because there is only One Creation that is everlasting. Nothing true about us has changed since the beginning. We couldn’t fall from the Holy Tree of Life and live, no matter how close to It or far from It we fell. We are still attached to Its branches, not because we are holding on but because our Heavenly Father is forever holding onto us.

Even within this human experience, even as we express our self as a human being in a human body, our true DNA, our Divine Natural Attributes, of love, joy, peace, compassion, beauty, and goodness are encoded within us in the Vibration of Creation in which we live, move, think, feel, and create our life experiences. But, even though Our Father’s DNA is everywhere because there is no Life without the Father, we can’t discover our resemblance by looking in a worldly mirror because our true colors are only visible in the Light of Christ. And, we can’t see the resemblance in the limited physical forms and expressions around us because there is so much more to see than what appears to be. We can only discover our resemblance to Our Father by looking within us. And when we see It there, we see our Father’s Paternity everywhere.

The DNA within us is transferred to us, moment to moment, through the Ever-Flowing Truth that lives in us. But it is up to us to consciously Be in Flow of Truth by letting go of the idea we could ever be abandoned by Our Father’s Love. We can choose to let that mind be in us that was in Christ Jesus. That mind knew without a doubt that being his Father’s Son was a very good thing because that relationship brought forth miracles.

Those same Miraculous Molecules of Divinity are at root of our thoughts no matter what we are thinking, and give our thoughts power to create no matter what we’re creating. Those same Miraculous Molecules of Divinity are at the center of our heart, and give us the power to love everyone and everything. Those same Miraculous Molecules of Divinity live in every cell of our body, and give us the power to heal. As much as our earthly father may love us, without Our Heavenly Father we couldn’t think, feel or heal.

As we choose to live as Sons and Daughters of God, no matter how ungodly our thoughts, words and behaviors may have been in the past, we begin to trust the changes that come because we know Our Father knows how to fix things in our life. We are open to the Flow of Good because we know Our Father is the Provider of all we need now, and in the future. And, we’re able to say with the same conviction as Jesus, “I and the Father are One.”

The Poet, Rumi, wrote: You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop. I am, you are, not a spark from the Eternal Flame. We are the Eternal Flame in a spark. As miraculous as it may be, each of us has within us the ability to see all Life, the entire Universe, as it is created to be because all Life lives in us. We are an individual perception of All That Is because no one sees through our eyes or thinks in our mind, but we, our self. In this way, we are “alone with everything.”

The world can only be to us what we choose to see in it. How much of Life do you perceive as “very good”?