While we’re waiting for a “particular good” to appear in our life, it’s important for us to take time to appreciate and feel gratitude for all the good already present around us—to feel gratitude for the courtesy of a driver, to appreciate a smile from a stranger, to be thankful for a warm place to be on a cold night, feel the joy of a hot shower or warm bubble bath, to acknowledge the calm beat of own heart.

Waiting for a particular good to come without looking for and appreciating the good that is already present right where we are, keeps us looking ahead for good to come from somewhere we’re not (yet). And such focus takes us out of the Present Moment where Good is always happening. If we ‘re looking to the future for our good to arrive, we move our awareness away from the only place we’re able to feel good or experience the happiness we think we’ll feel when better future conditions arrive—whether it’s better health, an improved relationship, or greater financial freedom.

All the happiness we think we’ll feel through better future conditions is Present now. Happiness doesn’t depend on anything to happen first, or some condition change, for us to choose to feel It because It lives unconditionally in us now. In fact, we’ve been free to feel “unconditionally good” 1,209,600 moments in the past two weeks alone! If we chose to feel good in those moments, simply because we were grateful to be alive, the high vibration we were emitting was creating the very good we’ve been waiting for.

If we want life to feel good today, it’s important for us to stop looking behind us at yesterday’s unresolved problems or unhealed conditions, and live today as if those problems have already been resolved and those conditions have already been healed. Does that sound unrealistic? Does it feel unreal? Then it’s important to notice that feeling because we can only create out of what feels real to us. We can’t feel yesterday’s pain, guilt or anger unless we feel it “real now.” We can’t live a healthy, happy life now if we’re waiting until tomorrow to feel good.

The Present Moment is powerful because It already contains our Good, all the joy and happiness we could ever desire to feel. Each day offers us 86,400 “moments of now” to feel It, to create with It, and to express our self in a new way. All we need to do is let go of the old way. But so often we bring the old way into the new day, and the burden we feel brings us down before the new day has chance to be different than yesterday. And nothing good can come when we’re emitting such a low vibration, not the health, happiness, harmony and abundant good we’re waiting for.

If we spend the new day trying fix yesterday’s problems and talking about yesterday’s pain, they can’t disappear from our experience because we’re still focused on them. Yet, so often we stay focused on them because we believe we can’t let them go unfixed and unhealed. But we can. In fact, it is only as we let go, and let our Spirit walk us into a new experience of our Self, that problems can resolve and conditions can heal.

If we want to greet each sunrise thankful for the gift of awakening to a new day in which to express our Self new way, we can learn by deliberately and consciously choosing to cultivate, with our every thought and breath throughout the day and as go to bed each night, a willingness to let go of those thoughts and beliefs that will not, because they cannot, bring about the health, happiness and abundant good we’re waiting for.

There’s nothing wrong with our choosing to squeeze every last drop of juicy goodness from every single life lesson that comes along before we let it go. But it isn’t necessary. We can spend a lifetime trying to figure out why something happened in our life, and what the lesson is, when often letting go is the lesson. Pure Spirit (Source Energy; the Creative Vibration of the Universe) doesn’t ever give us what we don’t want simply because we’re focusing on what we don’t want. It is our focus that blocks our awareness of the Good we want that is always there.

Sometimes things we’ve let go of may still come to mind from time-to-time because the currents of thought haven’t yet moved them away completely and caused them to disappear from our sight. But if know we’ve truly let go, we can wait patiently with confidence that those thoughts are farther away from us today than they were yesterday. If we don’t grab the string that would connect yesterday’s thoughts to us today, if we don’t spend our day bummed with our self because a negative thought momentarily crossed our mind, if we will simply focus on what we want without giving further attention to thoughts we don’t want—without our attention unwanted thoughts will disappear without further effort from us.

If we want what we want when we want it, we need to let what we don’t want disappear from our mind. Abracadabra…And so It is!