Image by buuke.j rom from Pixabay

When we’re feeling good about our self and life, we’re able to be a catalyst for good in the world. In fact, it’s only when we’re feeling good about our self and life that we are able to be an uplifting presence in the world around us. We can’t be an instrument through which Good flows unless we’re tuned to Its Presence in us. When we’re playing a happy tune we’re tuned in, and the vibrations of joy, peace and love make their presence known through our presence. In the same way, if we live out-of-tune with life, playing the sour notes of our “everything seems to go wrong” song, the vibrations of disharmony and discord make their presence known through our presence.

Every thought we have activates a particular vibration within us. “Fake it ’til you make it” is a good temporary choice if it helps us to feel a bit better about our life. But it’s not an effective lifelong energy for creating a life we enjoy living because the Law of Attraction that responds to our thoughts and feelings isn’t fooled by a false smile or empty words. We can’t fake the energy we emit, and that energy creates our life. That is why we can’t create a life we enjoy living with thoughts we don’t enjoy thinking. We can’t clear up confusion, solve problems, or heal anxiety with the same thoughts and feelings that created them. Fighting against anything, a thought in our mind or some behavior around us, is a vote in its favor because we energize whatever we focus on.

Problems disappear when we allow our mind to rise above fray, which is defined as “to not be directly involved in a difficult struggle or disagreement” (even if it’s in our own mind). When we mentally rise above the fray of worry and concern, in that rarefied and clarified vibrational space of unopposed Good, we become a catalyst for a good outcome for our self and the world.

Sri Ramana Maharshi said, “If one’s mind has peace, the whole world will appear peaceful.” In the same way, if our mind has love, the whole world will appear loving. If our mind has joy, the whole world will appear joyful. Ernest Holmes put it this way, “What you’re looking for you’re looking with.” If we’re looking for a world to love and appreciate, we’ll find it wherever we are. If we trust that everything works out for good, everything works out for good wherever we are. We see what we expect to see, and because our point of view is in view, we use it to confirm we’re right about how things turn out. Whether we’re convinced that life is basically good or not-so-good, it is.

Flying is such a beautiful example of the peaceful ease that comes with rising above the clouds and hectic confusion of travel. As the plane goes higher and higher, there’s nothing left for us to do but fly! As the plane takes off and soars above the clouds, even on a dark, stormy day the clouds disappear, and we’re greeted by the beautiful sunshine that is always there, just above the clouds. In the same way, the beautiful sunshine of our Inner Being, the Christ Light of our existence, is always there. Our trust-filled thoughts that this is true allows us to rise higher and higher in awareness, and as we do, worry and concern disappear. No matter how worrisome any situation may seem, no matter how cloudy any decision appears to be, there is an Inner Light that is always shining with calm clarity.

When life feels good to us, our heart is soft and filled with love, joy and appreciation for the goodness in our self, others, and the situations in our life. When life feels not-so-good to us because we can’t see beyond our worry, our heart is hardened against life, and we see the not-so-good in our self, others, and the situations in our life. We see what we expect to see. It’s the way life works. If we choose to live as often as we can with the mantra, “Everything always works out perfectly for me, always for the best,” our mind is filled with calm trust, and our thoughts naturally rise to a place of peace. Panic, worry and anxiety don’t take hold as quickly or stay as long if they do.

In the clarity above the fray our awareness of our oneness with the All Good keeps us calm no matter what situations and events occur in our life, and we trust the clouds to disappear without a battle, worry, panic or blame. Above the clouds of confusion that come with our trying to make something happen, we feel good no matter what. Good feeling thoughts create a good vibration and that vibration creates our experience. We can’t help playing a happy tune, and joy, peace and love naturally make their presence known through our presence. In this way, we become a catalyst for good wherever we are.