Image by Ander Unibaso Villaverde from Pixabay

Our awareness that we live in an Abundant Universe that is blessing all of creation, all the time, with more than enough to live in joy, empowers us to create a life that to us is a joy to live, and to feel blessed as we live it. We witness how blessed we are by making it our intention to see blessings all around us, and by looking for a blessing in every situation, in every encounter, and under every condition. Our conviction, and affirmation, that “there’s a blessing in this somewhere,” keeps our spirits high and our anticipation positive no matter what is going in our life in any particular moment, and allows the blessing within it to reveal itself to us because a blessing is what we’re looking for.

Eckhart Tolle wrote, “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” Acknowledging the good already in our life makes its presence in our life more obvious to us. It is easier for us to see that good is right where we are, even where something not-so-good appears to be happening. Acknowledging the good we already have causes us to be grateful for what we have. Gratitude is a powerful vibration that causes our good to increase because what we focus on increases in our life. Unfortunately, so many of our blessings are often overlooked by us. They go unnoticed and unacknowledged because their presence is quiet, and seems so natural, that our “every day blessings” may seem routine. We want our blessings to shout at us to get our attention, to come to us with bells and whistles like we’ve won a jackpot in Las Vegas!

As we accentuate the obvious, the routine becomes a holy revelation. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. The mundane becomes miraculous. When we feel blessed to be able to wash our clothes, when we greet the “everyday” with eyes that don’t see it that way, our joy-filled energy brightens all that we do. It can light up a room no matter what was going on in the room before we got there. Our uplifted attitude of gratitude can be so contagious others will feel it, and be uplifted too if they choose, no matter what may be going on in their life. An uplifted feeling can be healing. The powerful, positive energy we emit, even while those around us may be expecting the worst, can positively affect an outcome wherever we are.

But so often we go about doing what we do each day without noticing what we’re doing because it doesn’t seem extraordinary. So, our mind wanders off making other (more important) plans. We’re not present with our body. It goes about getting things done without our mind paying attention, or appreciating every tiny miracle it takes for our body to do whatever it’s doing.

We may shower in the morning and hardly notice the blessing of warm water as it touches our skin, or the fragrant soap as it cleanses our body, because “it’s just shower!” We have more important things to focus on like our to-do list for the day. We might skip breakfast or stop at a drive-thru, and eat whatever it is in the car without noticing the taste of the food or how much of it we’re eating. We might drive to work, or wherever else we’re headed, and arrive without any recollection of how we got there, or what we experienced on the way. If nothing out of the ordinary caught our attention, like another driver who got in our way, our mind was likely somewhere else. It might have been behind us thinking about yesterday, or some other day. Or, it might have been way ahead of us going over what might happen in the rest of our day.

Maybe we have conversation with someone. And afterward, if we give it any thought at all, we can’t remember half of what that person said because we were busy thinking of something else at the same time and were only half listening. Then we blame it on our bad memory rather than on the bad habit of inattentiveness to the moments of our life. Letting our mind wander away can be such a habit that we don’t even notice it’s left the building! In this rush-to-get-it-done world it is important for us to stop and ask our self often throughout the day, “What am I doing right now, and where is the blessing here and now?”

If we want a deeper, richer experience of being our self in life, if we want to come alive each moment, we need to give our full attention to our life as it’s happening. We need to notice what we are experiencing, in the moment we’re experiencing it. We can’t live our life in retrospect. We’re here to experience this earth life to the fullest. If we’re not paying attention, we’ll miss the blessings this earth life has that are meant for us.

Long before the devil got the credit for being in the details, the original idiom was “God is in the details.” Every detail of our life is valuable because God is Present in the details. Every moment is blessed by divinity because we are Divine. We are a living, breathing miracle of creation given the freedom to be all we’re created to be. “Our life is precious! It is extraordinary! It is blessed! And it is given to us of God!”