Image by DUKE NG from Pixabay


We are looking at the number “1” in this designated Year 2021 as a cause to pause. Because it seems to abruptly stop at the end rather than going round and round like those two zeros did last year that as the year progressed began to look more like hamster wheels, the “1” in 2021 seems to say to us as we look at it and write it, “Stop a moment, pause from living life on automatic pilot. Be aware of what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling right now. Snap out of those habitual thought patterns about yourself and life that are keeping you mentally going round and round, repeating the same old thoughts in mind and getting the same old results in life.

Thich Nhat Hahn wrote, “It is only when we stop that we can encounter life. When we stop, body and mind can reunite. Then we can experience their oneness.” Often our body can be doing one thing and our mind can be off thinking about something else as if our body and mind don’t belong to each other and can actually live without each other in this Earth life. When we’re not paying attention to the present moment, when our thoughts are off in past or have taken flight into the future; when we don’t consciously unite our body and mind as one happening, we miss our life as it’s happening. Life can only happen in the moment it is happening, which is always now. It’s our awareness that we are where we are that allows us to experience the power of who we are in the moments of our life.

When we stop for a moment and “encounter life,” we become aware of our self. We realize what we’re thinking in that moment is affecting how we’re feeling about our self in life that moment—confident or doubtful, calm or anxious, peaceful or angry. When we truly encounter our life as it’s happening in present moment we feel more alive, more alert to what’s going on right where we are, and more awake to the fact that we exist. When we encounter now, if only for a brief moment, we realize that it is a miracle we are at all! We notice we can individually think for our self whatever we choose to think for our self, and no one can stop us! Taking a moment to stop and be fully present right where we are is a powerful thing.

That attention-getting “1” in 2021 can remind us to stop and remember “the one” we truly are—an individualized expression of God in form filled with the Creative Power of Divine Energy and the freedom to use It. We read in The Science of Mind, “Individuality cannot be automatically produced. It must be free spirited and unconstrained with the ability to think as it chooses, and backed by a power to produce those choices.” We can use 2021’s call to take a pause to encourage us to check in to see if we are thinking individually, spiritually and powerfully while we’re immersed in this human experience.

Being alive, alert and awake to our moment to moment existence, and being enthusiastic about being our self in life causes us to “rise” spiritually. Enthusiasm is the catalyst that lifts us into that high vibration of creation that draws our good to us—good health, positive encounters with others, happy relationships, abundant financial flow, and all that feels good to us. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, every time you feel good about something, you’re telling the Universe, ‘More of this please. More of this, please.’ ” If we want to draw to us a life we want to experience more of, it’s not enough to say “no more of this please.” In fact, it’s counter-creative to try to wish away what we don’t want. We have to focus with enthusiasm on what we want to experience more often.

When our thoughts go round and round like they’re on a hamster wheel, we’re unaware of what we’re thinking and the power of our thoughts as we think them. And, since we don’t know what we’re thinking, we let old attitudes automatically decide what we think about a current situation. We can be easily influenced by others and what they’re think about the situation. We may adopt certain behaviors and make different decisions than we would if we were alert and awake to our power to think individually. The appearance of mob mentality and the resultant behaviors we witnessed at our nation’s Capitol last week were very much like the episodes of “tarantism” that broke out between the 11th and18th centuries in the province of Taranto in southern Italy. Back then people who believed they’d been bitten by a tarantula began to dance hysterically until they were “cured” by a special type of music featuring a tambourine. But there was no evidence that the people affected had actually been bitten. And, even if they had, the result would not have been a frantic dance or musical cure. While being bitten by a tarantula may cause some pain, it isn’t going to cause the one who’s bitten to go into a dancing frenzy, unless that one believes that it will! In The Science of Mind we read, “Thought is the most subtle of all the forces which we know anything about, but few understand what a tremendous power it has either for good or for ill. To learn how to control one’s thought means knowing how to control one’s body and destiny.” When we don’t pause to consider our individual freedom to choose our thoughts, automatic habits of thought that are often based on fear take over our words and actions as if we have no choice. It’s only as we awaken to our individual spiritual privilege to think for our self, and stay alert to what is influencing our thinking, our holy mind or the world at large, that we begin to experience the powerful spiritual nature of who we truly are.

No matter what may seem to be in this physical world we see, because there is more to us and the world than can be viewed with the physical eye, any moment we choose to we can turn to the non-physical Power of our spirituality, which has no set boundaries or limitations, and with no effort to try to get rid of what we don’t want to see, we can create the good we want to see more of in the world. No matter what anyone else is saying or doing, no matter how anyone else is behaving or reacting to what’s going on, and no matter how anyone else thinks we should react,
we are free to stop and decide for our self how we will view, and respond to, anything that arises in this world. For example, we are free to decide for our self how we will view a disease we can see with our eyes, whether it is in our own body or threatening to invade it. We are free to decide how we’ll meet and greet the chronological number of our years, no matter what anyone tells us we’re too old to do! We are free to choose how we’ll respond to the behaviors of others towards us, or in world, with good choices in alignment with Love or choices completely out of whack with anything close to Love.

If we’re waiting to see punishment take place before we let go of our anger and disgust at the behaviors of others, then while we’re waiting every time we disparage something, every time we depreciate something, and every time we feel mad about something we’re saying to the Universe, “more of this please.” What we’re thinking about in every moment is a conversation we’re having with the Universe. Anita Moorjani wrote, “Take what makes you angry about the world and flip it around and ask, ‘What would I rather see instead?’ ” It is as we realize there is more to us than meets the eye, even while we’re looking at the images our eye meets, that we begin to awaken to the Spiritual Truth that no matter what appears be going on in the world, we can decide what we’d rather see instead, and when we do our choice is backed by a power to produce it.

In The Science of Mind we read, “Say within yourself, ‘As I let fall the forms of my thought they are operated upon by Principles I believe.’ This is the Law of God, the law of man, and the Law of the Universe.” We need to trust the process of sequential spiritual unfoldment rather than trying to push it along with our need to see a certain outcome. Everyone reaps what they sow. There are no exceptions or those who hold “worldly privilege” that allows them to avoid the Law of God, the law of man, or the Law of the Universe. Every living being is a spiritual being out-picturing in this world as a human being. It is vital for us to pause and remember that God is the source of all reality, and is present even within the illusions we see. Not one of us lives as a separate human being even if we’re unaware we are a spiritual being. What we see is not all we get even when we’re unwilling to receive more. Because we are One with all Life, and One Life together, who we choose to be individually in the world, and how we choose to respond and react individually, is a spiritual responsibility. Every moment is an opportunity for us to utilize our freedom to live that moment without fear, blame, drama, or hysteria. Every moment is an opportunity to make good choices in alignment with Love. And, every moment we don’t is a lost opportunity to experience the Holy Divine Being of Love that we are.

Our spiritual awareness rises as we stop as many times as we can just to be in awe of our existence. That we are able to think for our self, and that what we choose to think is backed by a power to produce our choice, is a miracle. That we live in a Universe that responds to us is beyond amazing! It up to each of us to take a stand individually, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally for what we want more of in the world. It’s only in moments of inner reflection and self-wonder that we can live deliberately and intentionally as creators in our life. If we’re going to know the One we are created be, we must choose to live consciously—to be alive without restriction, alert without distraction, awake without limitation, and enthusiastic without condition.