How many of us are discovering that a focus on gratitude is causing good things to multiply in this month of Thanksgiving? Rumi wrote, “Watch for all that beauty reflecting from you, and sing a love song to your existence.” When we feel grateful we’re alive, when we appreciate the life within us and the life around us, we’re singing a vibrational love song to our Creator and to all of Creation. And, the vibration of appreciation we’re beaming out in each moment multiplies as it comes back to us. “Oh I like that!” and more to like comes our way. “Isn’t that beautiful!” and more beauty is there for us to see.

When we improve our view of life through appreciation, when we fall in love with the beauty that is everywhere for us to see, including within us, we change the world we live in one “thank you” at a time. Author, Terry Tempest Williams, wrote: “Once upon a time there was the simple understanding that to sing at dawn and to sing at dusk was to heal the world through joy. The birds still remember what we have forgotten.”

In this world of so many possibilities for appreciating and experiencing good, sometimes it seems that it’s our experience of temporarily not having the thing we’re used to having, that made our life seem easier, happier and more peaceful, that causes us to feel exponentially grateful when whatever it was that seemed lost to us appears physically again—grateful when our health appears again; grateful when our peace of mind appears again; grateful when whatever we believe makes our life more enjoyable comes back into our experience.

Mooji wrote, “Sometimes consciousness creates an obstacle in order to experience transcendence.” When we transcend, or rise above, an illness, confusion, disharmony, or anything that appears be an obstacle to our joy, moving through that obstacle causes deep gratitude straight from our heart. We know we’re up where we belong where nothing truly ever goes wrong, and it feels so good! Life is supposed to feel good. It’s natural for us to be happy, healthy, peaceful, and free. Our gratitude that we’re on the other side of whatever that obstacle was may make us wonder why it is we ever forget how good life is.

But if we forget, and we need to remind our self with an obstacle, something or someone will appear as a teaching moment with a gentle or not so gentle reminder. That’s when it’s important for us to remember that Life isn’t doing anything to us. It’s answering our call to remember. There’s nothing and no one, outside of our self, trying to teach us a lesson. We call to us every experience that comes into our life, including the obstacles, because we’re following the innate spiritual urge within us to expand and extend our true Self.

It’s been said by many, including Marcus Aurelius over 2,000 years ago, that the obstacle is the way. He said, “What stands in the way becomes the way.” As spiritual beings we want to discover more and more ways to feel the Divine Energy that lives in us, and to remember that It’s there for us to access anytime, anywhere. When we transcend an obstacle, we become more aware than ever before that we one with the Divine Creative Energy of Love that created us. We’re more conscious that It’s there within us, around us, and always for us.

We are the Creation of God, individually and collectively. Yet, we are also the creator, and what we’re creating is more of our Self. In The Way of Knowing we read, “Because you live in perfect communion, and you are like a grand field of energy in which all webs of relationship are reverberating constantly, you actually have access to the complete entirety of creation.”

As we know, an “all access pass” to an event allows us to go anywhere we want to go—backstage, behind the scenes, even the VIP room! We’re not limited to where we can be if we want to be there and what we can see if we want to see it. In other words, an all access pass gives us experiential freedom to fully enjoy an event we’re attending!

The most important event we’ll ever attend is the one we’re attending now, the event we call our Earth life. As spiritual beings we’ve been given an all access pass so that we can consciously be anywhere we choose to be and see whatever we choose to see. It’s an all access pass that gives us experiential freedom to fully enjoy our life while we’re here!

We’re perfectly dressed for this Earth event because we’re wearing human garments. But beneath our body-clothes, we’re still the spiritual beings we’ve always been and will always be. And, we have access to the complete entirety of creation because we’re one with It. We’re not limited to just a physical view. We have access to the Deep Within—the Silence behind the noise, the Peace behind the chaos, the Love beneath the conflict.

Even though we may look only human, we’re a powerfully creative spiritual-vibrational being, a grand field of energy reverberating constantly with all that exists. When we reverberate, echo or resound vibrations of gratitude and appreciation, the vibration we’re sending out goes everywhere in the Universe. Our love song to Existence touches every realm of Creation and everything that exists.

On the other hand, when we sound off with anger, frustration and fear in any moment, those vibrations only go where they have access to go, which is not everywhere Life is, but only where such limiting vibrations already exist. And, that’s where we are in the moment we’re sounding off, and in that vibrational space there’s plenty of unwanted to attract. Unless we decide to transcend our negative emissions, we’ll experience more to feel negative about!

To stay in a bad mood when as a spiritual being we have an all access pass to every good feeling, is like locking our self in the bathroom stall at an event and missing everything we came to see and experience. The good news is that just because we’re dressed in Earth clothes, we’ve never lost Spiritual Identity or our all access pass, so we can never be stuck for long anywhere that doesn’t feel good (unless we choose to be).

The 15 Century Indian poet, mystic and saint, Kabir Das, wrote “Wherever you are is the entry point.” If we’ve locked our self in a metaphorical bathroom stall, even with that limited view that’s our entry point. It’s in the present moment that we can start to raise our vibration with appreciation that we’re alive and free to rise until we transcend feelings of limitation, unworthiness and fear.

We are a grand field of Energy in which the presence of whatever we want right now is reverberating with a vibration that matches our own. When we quiet our mind we discover there is powerful Spiritual Energy between a desire that’s come to our mind and that desire coming into physical manifestation in our life; a Sacred Gap between wanting and manifesting. Right there is the vibrational Reality and energetic Presence of the One that is All There Is fulfilling all we need with Its Self. We have access to that Self because It is who we truly are. We’ve been created by One Creator that is All That Is in every realm, including this Earth realm.

We read in The Way of Knowing, “You are intimately connected with that very Source from which all things have sprung forth. Because this is the truth, because it is the Truth of your being, this means that for any situation that requires a decision, you have within yourself access to perfect knowledge. As a body and as a mind abiding in space and time on a tiny planet, you are Reality’s decision to manifest Itself in form, for no other reason than to extend Its own nature.”

The joy of having anything manifest in our physical life isn’t about the physical thing we see. It’s about the realization that we have access to the Pure Positive Energy that creates worlds upon worlds, and creates in our world through our decisions. It’s the ecstasy of knowing that whatever comes to us in physical form has originated in the Unlimited Formless Reality of Spirit, in which we’ve been given an all access pass and out of which is created everything we become conscious of and decide upon. We have access to the complete entirety of Creation, the Holiness above, beneath, around, and within all that exists. All that’s required to use that Divine Pass is to show our ID as a spiritual being.