Are we willing to give birth in our mind to the idea, and birth in our heart to the feeling, that the same Christ that lived as Jesus on Earth, the same Christ of Christmas so long ago, is within us right now? If we allow It to, that same Christ that already lives spiritually, energetically and vibrationally as us in the non-physical realm of our Inner Being will shine through our physical form on Earth as well.

The Christ is the Infinite Son of God, God’s One Eternal Creation. It carries within It the Power of God’s Will. God creates everything through the Energy of The Christ. “It’s all in His Hands.” Everything that is created through our life is in the hands of the powerful spiritual energy of our Inner Being. Abraham-Hicks tells us of our relationship with The Christ through which God creates worlds upon worlds, including our world: “You’re not manifesting; you’re creating the environment that allows the manifestation. You create the vibrational atmosphere which equals your vibrational point of attraction and then the Law of Attraction matches you with the things like you.”

Without our awareness of our oneness with the Creative Power of Christ in us, in our ignorance of our need to maintain a positive attitude that creates a vibrational atmosphere that allows our good to manifest in our physical life, we may inadvertently create a mental-emotional environment that keeps our good from coming into our physical view, one that pinches us off from what we want and causes us to see and experience what we don’t want instead. It’s all in our vibrational hands—2022 has been up to you, even when it seemed at times to be up to someone else, because no matter what appears to us physically, as we read in the Book of Hebrews, “Things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

What appears to be (to us) depends on what we’re looking for, and the awareness with which we are looking. Our mood and attitude about our self in life, our feelings about self and life, the way we believe things go for us, and whether or not we trust that things work out for us, all affect how experience of life. We see what we expect to see. It’s not what’s there, but how we feel when we see it that creates our experience of whatever it is; it’s not what we think but how we feel when we think it; and, its not what we do but how we feel when we do it that creates our mental-emotional atmosphere. A good question to ask our self may be: “Do the things ‘like me’ that the Law of Attraction has matched to me, which I perceive and experience as my physical life, reflect a being who is positive or negative?”

Much of what occurs in this world is generated by fear and by the desire to protect “against.” Fear is resistance to the natural Flow of Well-Being that is natural to us. When it comes to experiencing the good we want, trust keeps our mental-emotional pathways clear and flowing, while fear blocks our view and keeps our good from coming through. Optimism and pessimism are habits of thought. Optimism is a habit of intentionally choosing to feel good about our self and life no matter what. It’s a choice to look for the good and praise it, even before we see it. Pessimism, on the other hand, is a knee jerk reaction without concern about, or an awareness of, how our default mood and attitude affects what we experience.

There’s a wonderful Christmas story about the parents of twin boys who set about to prove the point. They’d noticed that the only resemblance between their twins was their looks. Otherwise, they were totally different, even opposites. It seemed that no matter what was going on, one twin was always optimistic and happy, while the other had an attitude of doom and gloom. Nothing the parents said or did seemed to affect either one of boys’ moods, so the dad decided he could at least try to make things interesting: On Christmas Eve while the boys were gone with their mother to a Christmas pageant at church, just to see what would happen, the dad packed the pessimist’s room with all the latest toys and games. Then, he loaded the optimist’s room with horse manure borrowed from a neighbor. (He piled it high on a vinyl drop cloth so his wife wouldn’t object to the experiment!) When the boys got home, the dad told them that Santa had left presents for them in their rooms, and they ran off to discover what Santa had left for them. It wasn’t long before the dad heard unhappy sounds coming from the pessimist’s room. When he walked in he found the boy sitting in the middle of all the new toys and games, crying bitterly. “Why on earth are you crying?” the dad asked. The boy whined, “Because I’ll have to read all these instructions (& he tossed them in the air for effect) before I can do anything with this stuff!” The dad nodded his head, and as he left the room he heard giggles coming from the optimistic twin’s room. When he walked in he found the boy dancing for joy in the pile of manure. The dad shook his head and asked, “What are you so happy about?” The boy said with a smile, “There’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!”

If this year so far has looked more like a pile of manure than all the good things we wanted, the good news is there’s a pony in there somewhere, and it’s not too late for it to show up. God creates everything through the Energy of The Christ, and God is Love. Everything we’ve asked for, everything we’ve prayed for, all we want and desire has been answered with a “Yes” by Love, Itself. We read in the Book of Corinthians, “Love never fails,” but often we fail to see that’s true.

So where is that “Yes” that hasn’t appeared to us in physical form this year? Right where we left It. Right where it’s always been, within us—the perfect vibrational response of Love to us that matches who we truly are. Love never turns us down and never turns away from us. If we haven’t experienced all we wanted this year, we’re the ones that have turned away and spent our precious time focusing on the lack of whatever it is.

In order for us to experience physically what we want, we’ve got to cooperate with the “Yes” of God by creating a vibrational environment that allows it to come into our life. We create that atmosphere by feeling the joy of answered prayer, by feeling the inner presence of what we want, by feeling the fulfillment of our desire, by anticipating its arrival in form and expression, and by looking for it in every moment. Then we are being a vibrational optimist, which is another way of saying that we’re being a cooperative component in our own life. We can’t wait until we see it to believe it’s ours, or we won’t see it because we must believe before we can perceive. We have got to give whatever we want the power of our belief so it can manifest before our eyes. How do  we give what we want that power? We start by believing in its possibility, then by allowing for its probability, and then by opening to its reality. It’s up to us to let our desires through.

The Creative Power of the Universe is generated by Love. All we want is given to us because Love wants for us what we want for our Self. No matter how uncooperative we’ve been with the Truth of who we are, no matter how much we’ve allowed our thoughts to pinch us off from experiencing the Joy that belongs to us as a spiritual-vibrational being, still the Law of Attraction never fails to match up our Inner Being vibrationally with something good. In this very moment our Inner Being holds our gifts. All we want for the rest of this year and into the new year, and in the years to come is there for us in perfect vibrational condition, secured for us by our Inner Being. How much joy, love, peace, creativity, financial abundance, health, laughter, ease, and well-being are we willing to allow to express as us while we’re here?

Next Sunday, January 1st, we’ll be offering a burning bowl ceremony as part of our Service. It’s a beautiful ritual to help us decide what old thoughts and attitudes we want to let go of and symbolically see go up in smoke. It can help us decide what new thoughts and attitudes we want to cultivate and practice in order to create a higher, more free-flowing vibrational atmosphere in which to live. The Way of Transformation gives us a beautiful resolution to consider, powerful affirmation that we can live by: “From this moment forward, I walk and live as one who chooses to use the power of mind, the power of awareness, the power of intention, the power of clarity, the power of being itself, to know the Truth that sets all things free. I choose to be the Truth that allows freedom to be extended to all others. I choose to walk upon this plane, while yet the body lasts for a little while, as that One who has been sent forth as a ray of light to shine light into a world that has feared it.”

2022 is not the only year that will be up to you!