Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

As many of us know, Easter began in ancient times as a pagan celebration honoring Nature’s awakening from the slumber of winter and the beginning of the cycle of renewal. In fact, the word “Easter” comes from the names of the pagan goddesses of spring, dawn and fertility, Ēostre and Ostara. But for many Christians around the world today, Easter holds the heart vibration of several thousand years of religious symbols and rituals based on the significance of the crucifixion of Christ Jesus. Our focus is on the significance of the resurrection

In The Way of the Heart we read, “You already know what crucifixion is all about. You have done it to yourself a million times in ways far worse than a mere nail driven through the hand. Hell is nothing more than the state of being rutted or stuck in the process of crucifying one’s true Self, which God has created out of Love.” It was the powerful effects of the resurrection that made possible the brief visible appearance of the full and total Light of Christ on Earth. The Christ Light was so powerful at that moment that even today It shines so brightly that anyone on Earth that chooses to can more easily find It within themselves. The Christ Light then is the same Christ Light now. It is the One and Only Light that can save us from the confusion of false identification by illuminating our true Self, which God has created out of Love. If we follow that Light within our own mind we, like Jesus, can live on Earth as the Divine Being we’re created to be.

Ernest Holmes wrote in The Science of Mind, “Science of Mind does not deny the divinity of Jesus, but it does affirm the divinity of all people. It does not deny that Jesus was the Son of God, but affirms that all beings are children of God. It does not deny that the Kingdom of God was revealed through Jesus, but affirms that the Kingdom of God is also revealed through you and me.” We’ve been trying to change the world for so long we may have forgotten that all change begins with us; that we see the world not as it is, but as we are. We read in A Course in Miracles, “Spirit is in a state of grace forever. Your reality is only spirit. Therefore you are in a state of grace forever.” What a view of the world it must be from a State of Grace. We transform our view of life by transforming our view of our self, not by trying to make a more acceptable and lovable self, but by loving the Self we already are, the Self that is Christ, the Self that remains forever alive in us beyond all created things—beyond our physical body, and beyond every concept we have about the world and everyone in it.

Easter is the perfect time for us to remember our true identity, to remind our self our reality is only Spirit, and that we are in a State of Grace forever. Easter is the perfect day for us to feel our oneness with the Christ in us, to become more aware of our Inner Spirit or Inner Being, to feel the Pure Source Energy in which we live that lives in us, and to feel the Holy Vibration of Creation that is all that is real and true about us. It doesn’t matter what we call the Holiness that is the Creative Power of Love above, beneath and within all that Is. What matters is that we experience that Presence as our Self. The spiritual teacher, Mooji, said, “The Divine lives inside you. If God is infinite, then surely God must also be in you. God cannot be infinite everywhere else except in you!”

Easter can be an opportunity for us to finally decide to stop defending unloving thoughts, words and actions caused by our being stuck in a human cycle of spiritual self-denial, a denial that gets us nowhere we want to go and attracts to us unwanted experiences over-over again. We may feel bad that we let old habits of thought cause us to be unhappy and unloving, and to live without the grace of forgiveness in our life. But feeling bad won’t help us to feel good. We need to stop beating our self up and start loving our Self up, so we can rise within our self to meet the Divine Love that is loving us already. As we rise in our awareness that we are not only easy to love, but that we are Loved by Love, Itself, we can’t fail to discover that Love lives in us as us. We come to understand that there is enough Love within us to love all God’s children of the world—not just the little ones, but the big ones, the grumpy ones, and the mischief-makers of the world. The Nature of the Spirit within us is to rise and shine in new Self-expression through our increased and expanded awareness that no matter what we’ve done in this Earth life, no matter how confused we’ve been, no matter how many times we’ve denied our ability to change, and no matter how long we’ve been crucifying our true Self, still Amazing Grace falls upon us in this very moment like gentle rain and flows to us from within us like an eternal spring.

Mooji said, “Somehow, out of nowhere, unexpectedly, Grace appears and removes the dirt from your eyes and a thorn from your heart.” Amazing Grace saves us and sets us free from the belief loving us isn’t easy. When we don’t love our self, when we don’t love who we are, there is a thorn in our heart that prevents us from truly loving anyone else. As Jesus walked the Earth he felt Divine Love alive in him. He knew he was the Son God, the thought of Love in form. Because he did, Amazing Grace flowed from him to everyone around him and miraculous healings were natural everywhere he went. He wasn’t fooled into believing that anything other than God and God’s Creation were real. The Grace that flowed through him healed every manner of disease, craziness and lack. There is no evidence that he believed there were diseases, mental problems, lack, or poverty that couldn’t be healed. Right up to very end of his Earth life, the Grace within him allowed Jesus to forgive his enemies—not just those who were disappointed he didn’t come to Earth to be their king, not just those who wanted him dead, but even those who did everything they could to try to make that happen.

He said to everyone, without exception, “Truly truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing and even greater things than these”…because I am going back into the purely non-physical. If we have been waiting for the second coming of Christ in the flesh, we don’t need to wait any longer. Christ is already here “in the flesh” as you and me. That Christ, the Christ within us, is the One we must experience if we want to view the world from a State of Grace. The Grace that healed 2,000 years ago, and continues to heal today through anyone who believes in the Presence of the Pure Positive Source Energy of Christ, is Present within you and me. But we have to believe It to see and we must choose It to use It. In The Way of Transformation we read, “Nothing limits you at all, or at any time. The power of the freedom of choice is the essence of Christ. The very power that you have been using to try to convince yourself of your limitations is exactly the same power that I used to overcome death. There is no difference except a wink of an eye, an intention, a commitment, a recognition. That is all. In reality, nothing is impossible to you and nothing is unavailable to you.”

Are we ready to make it our intention to discover the Christ in us? Are we ready to make a commitment to live as Jesus did when he walked the Earth, free, peaceful and unafraid? Are we ready to own our true identity and let the Light of Christ rise and shine through us? Since nothing is unavailable to us, are ready to claim the unlimited possibilities for healing our self and whatever seems to be sickening our world? Are we ready to stop complaining about what isn’t working in our life and in the world, and let Grace remove the dirt from our eyes and the thorn from our heart so that we can see and feel the loveliness within us and around us? Easter Day is the perfect Day, and any day is the perfect Day, for us to rise in our awareness of our true Self, to decide to awaken from the slumber of a long winter of spiritual self-denial, and to let the Amazing Grace of God flow into our mind and heart, and make new everything we see.