Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay

In these times we’ve got to do whatever we can to “let our happy out” as often as we can, and keep our vibration of attraction high so that we are the happy we want to see in the world. If we have been letting the news get us down, then it could be time for us to take a happiness break, to spend a whole day away from news we can’t change anyway, and look for good things to praise. If we don’t see something good right away, we can imagine it’s there anyway. We can “feel it” into being even before we see it physically. As we resonate or calibrate to the high vibration of positive imagination, something good will catch our attention. If you’ve tried it, then you know it’s true. When we’re expecting it, something good always comes into view.

We can let the current world conditions affect us, or we can affect the world conditions by cultivating a happy, positive attitude within us that will create a happy, positive atmosphere of well-being around us that is contagious, mask or not! As Individual creative mental-spiritual-vibrational beings, we are free to see life as we choose it to be. We are free to choose see the good, true and beautiful within us and around us. No one can make that choice for us or change that choice, but us. We are free to live as we choose to live, not by demanding others to change for us, but by being the change we want to see around us. In this way we affect the world because we attract to us the good we want to see in the world without blocking our view by fighting against others who are not yet ready to see it. We can’t forcibly change the mind of anyone else. It is our mind alone over which we have power. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “ One in alignment with pure positive energy is more powerful than million who are not.” Being in alignment means being aware of our Oneness with God. When we are in alignment we feel our Spiritual Energy. We live in positive expectation in life and the vibration of our expectation calls the positive to us, no matter what may be going on around us. If that sounds selfish or unrealistic, then we haven’t yet embraced our Divine Permission to fully and freely express our Individuality, and to become more and more of the Joyous Being we’re created to be.

No one can discover us but us because no one can be us but us. Looking to others to tell us who we should be will never help us discover who we are. It is only through self-choice, and the results of our individual choices, that we can make that discovery. In this world misery may love company, but God loves our Individuality because as we use our attribute of freewill, we become aware of the Power of Independence upon which our Individuality is based. And the more we experience the Power that is individualized in us, as us, we realize that all that our eyes can see is who we are Individually. We read in A Course in Miracles, “What is the Will of God? He wills His Son have everything, and this He guaranteed when He created him as everything.” Though we seem separate from the world we see, each of us is the world we see. As Rumi wrote, “We are an ocean in a drop. In the same way, we are the Universe in a Singular Individualized Perception of It.

We can only see what we are aware is there. Not one of us can step outside of our own mind and see anything at all. Everything and everyone that appears outside of us is our experience of them in our mind. And, how someone experiences us is in their mind. That’s what is meant by “I see myself in others.” In order for us to become aware of our ability to love and appreciate all life, we must recognize the obvious: Only we can see with our eyes, hear with our ears, speak with our mouth, think with our mind, and feel with our emotions. Only we can live our life because only our life lives in us. How we see life, how we live life, and how we choose to feel about our life, regardless of outer conditions, is up to us. Only we can decide what to focus on in our mind. If we want to attract life experiences that reflect Joy, it is necessary for us to intentionally focus on joyous thoughts.The world may chant “I made you look, I made you look,” but only we can turn our head toward anything. These days when so much of what catches our attention are things we don’t want to see, situations and conditions we don’t want to experience, and people who seem to be in charge and able to affect us say and do the very things we don’t want them to say and do, our Power of Independence to choose our point of view, and change how we see things, not only seems like a big responsibility, but almost an impossibility.

Others may tell us what we should be focusing on right now, and fault us for not following crowd, but no one can stick their advice or opinions inside our head without our permission. Though we don’t always seem to be, we are spiritually free from any mental or intrusion, obstruction or interception by anyone else. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider what others have to say. It means we need to feel within our self for the Truth of what is said before we call it our own. Even though we may feel angry when someone says, “You can’t make me,” it is spiritually true whether they mean it to be or not. No one can be forced to care. Genuine compassion doesn’t come through coercion. It comes from within us through our discovery that we are Love. Only Love inspires thoughts that include others. Only Love infuses words with kindness. Only Love motivates helpful actions.

If we are ever going to be allowed to go outside and breathe the air without a mask, and if we are ever going to be able to even get close to one another, let alone touch each other, without fear or worry, it is essential for us to fully embrace our Power of Spiritual Sovereignty to see beyond appearances rather than fighting with them, and to become aware of the joyously free Being within us that lives there beyond appearances. Otherwise we’re just shadow boxing with our self. We are free to create an atmosphere around us of well being, and emit an energy of vitality and a high vibration of wholeness that is helpful to world

We’d all like to float buoyantly along on the stream of life, to go with the Flow of Good and experience the true and beautiful that is there for us. We, collectively, tried not long ago to reopen the world so our boats could float on happy new adventures together. But we forgot to say “anchors away” and pull up our anchors so we could move forward. The low vibration and heaviness of division, conflict and blame kept us anchored in place, and we still seem to be stuck because it appears all we’ve done so far with our finger-pointing and need to control others is dig that anchor deeper into the sand.

We can’t individually do anything about the world we see except to see it differently. We can only see it differently by changing our point of view. And we can only change our point of view by focusing on positive, happy, judgment-free thoughts that float our boat and allow us move forward once again. What floats your boat? What frees your cork to bob happily on the dancing waters of life? What is it you love to think about? What thoughts bring you joy? What are you excited to do in this life? We can imagine anything into physical expression by being happy about it within us first. We can be on a natural high if we’ll just say “anchors away” to our reasons not to love, to our resistance to joy, and to our contrariness to peace. Then we can float gently down the stream.