Image by Merio from Pixabay

June is such a wonderful month with its graduations and weddings celebrating the next step many are taking in their life. Graduates stepping forward with new knowledge to share as they interact with the world, and newlyweds stepping forward with the hopefulness and trust in love that comes with joining in union with another. And, of course, June always brings us to the mid-point of each year. Right now we are midway through 2021. January of this year didn’t seem to hold much promise for a positive next step for the world, and for a while we may have all been wondering if and when we’d be free again. With all the fearful confusion and conflict in our country, alone, as the year began, it didn’t seem to foretell the positive changes that are taking place right now as we’re suddenly experiencing increased freedom to interact with one another.

In fact, even at the beginning of last month, the changes that are unfolding so rapidly now seemed to be much farther away than they apparently were. That is one of the characteristics of change. It can happen in an instant, or it can often seem to take more time than we have patience for. When change takes time, it’s important for us to decide to keep a happy attitude while we’re waiting, keeping in mind that our mental and emotional anticipation that something good is on way creates the vibrational path for its physical arrival. If we lose hope before what we want comes about, discouragement and resignation often find a welcome mat at the door of our mind, and can become a habit of thought that becomes a way of looking at life. Pessimism is a mental repellent that emits a toxic energy that prevents our good from coming into our life.

Though it may be true that the only constant is change, it’s easy for us to forget that’s true when things appear to be going nowhere in our life. Perhaps our health hasn’t improved, that situation is still unresolved, that relationship is still disturbing, or we’re still have problems making ends meet. If physical change seems slow in coming it’s because it must happen first invisibly within us before it can appear in physical form in our life. It’s been said that we must learn to trust in the greater good that is being fulfilled in the midst of every change. Whatever change we’re looking for in any area of our physical world, it’s important for us to constantly remind our self that our greater good is being fulfilled in the invisible spiritual-vibrational energy within us. As we change the focus of our thinking in positive ways, we’re allowing visible positive change to occur for us.

We postpone any healing when we insist upon thinking about and talking about the pain of a problem. Whether it’s pain in our body, pain in a relationship, or pain anywhere in our life, the more we focus on the pain through our thoughts, words and actions, the more painful our pain becomes. What we focus on feels real to us. What we feel in any moment is our experience of life. We can’t separate what we’re thinking about Life from the life we’re living. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling, every single time.” Happy anticipation of healing is an affirmation. Complaining it hasn’t happened yet is an affirmation too. A positive affirmative shift in our thinking allows positive change entry into our physical world. When stop focusing on a problem, and start anticipating a solution, we make room in our mind for the acceptance of something new that creates space for something new to come into view.

As the saying goes “Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it,” which is, of course, because we can’t. All we can do is adjust our attitude. The same can be said about our problems. Many of us talk about our problems, but few of us do anything about them, even though we can by adjusting our attitude. If we’re not happy with something in our life, we can decide to simply be happy we’re alive to be experiencing life at all, and then start building happy momentum from there so that we become a happy match to something better. Our life is going to change, one way or another, because nothing in this world stays the same. How it changes is up to us and our creative point of view, i.e., the attitude we’re look from and what we looking for. It’s been said that change is inevitable, but growth is optional. If things change in our life before we do what we need to do spiritually, which is to say, mentally and vibrationally, to grow within us into the changes we want around us, our life may change in ways we don’t want.

The word, “Lollygag,” means to spend time idly or to loaf. Are you a spiritual lollygagger or are you consciously and intentionally living a spiritual life? Living spiritually isn’t about keeping our nose to a religious grindstone. We don’t need to spend hours reading a stack of sacred texts unless it brings us joy to do it! Living spiritually is about living powerfully. It’s about extending the love that we are, living in the joy that is ours, and choosing the peace that is Present within us no matter what is going on around us. How often do we waste moments of love through our judgments, as if we have no choice but to be disturbed and offended by others? How often do we waste moments of joy by complaining about problems, as if we’re powerless to do anything about them? How often do we waste moments of peace by joining in the drama around us?

The belief we’re humans searching for a spiritual connection causes us to put off living as the spiritual being we already are. It causes us to be powerless in a life in which we’ve been created by God to be a Master. To believe life happens to us without our participation and direction (whether our participation and direction is intentional or not) is like running into a stationary object barefoot, banging toe, and then blaming the stationary object for running into us!  We can swear at it, but it had nothing to do with our experience of running into it, or the pain we felt when we did. In the same way, even though others we meet may be not be stationary, no one else is responsible for our experience of them or the pain we may feel from any encounter.

To practice being spiritual is to live with the awareness that our life happens through us, and that we create our experiences through the thoughts we choose to focus on in our mind. To practice being spiritual is to know, without a doubt, that no matter what may come our way we have the spiritual power to move through it any way we choose. In A Course of Love we read, “It is about moment-to-moment knowing exactly who you are, and acting out of that loving identity. It is about knowing that, as you do so, you are in accord with and enjoying the full cooperation of the entire universe.” We live in a spiritual-vibrational Universe of Pure Positive Energy that responds to us, and would arrange for every good thing to come to us if we’d simply mentally and vibrationally cooperate with our good! We must become a cooperative component in the life we desire to live.

To ignore the Powerful Truth of who we are, and base our self-perception on separation from the very Source of our life, is to live at the mercy of the world. And we all know that this world can often appear to be merciless, uncaring and unkind. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “The more connected to Source you become, the more STABLE you are, and the more able you are to roll with things, and what others are doing or thinking or feeling becomes a non-issue.” Our attitude may be self-adjusting, but it isn’t automatic. It doesn’t adjust itself! An attitude is nothing more than a habit of thought, and no one can break a habit for us. Just as drinking can be a habit, so can “stinking thinking.”

Are we ready to break the habit of blame and take responsibility for our life? If we’re not ready now to make the positive changes in our mind and attitude that will bring about positive changes in our life, then what’s it going to take for us to get a round to it? What are we waiting for our life to show us before we get motivated and dedicated to living our life based on the powerful spiritual Truth of who we are so that we can create a life we enjoy living?

When we decide to focus on good-feeling thoughts, the energy of thoughts that don’t feel good dissipates. We feel better about life in general. And, when we feel better about life we don’t feel like thinking about and talking about what’s wrong with our life or the world around us. When we’re anticipating positive change, even if a physical situation hasn’t seemed to budge an inch, the positive energy we emit takes on so much vibrational speed and momentum that physical change, when it comes, can seem instantaneous, even miraculous. Henry David Thoreau, “All change is a miracle to contemplate; but it is a miracle which is taking place every instant.”

We’re about to graduate, to take the next step forward into a world that, even if it may look the same to us as it did before the pandemic, will never be the same as it was and neither will we. There is no going back to normal (whatever that was) because life doesn’t move backwards even though sometimes we may wish it would go back to a time when we felt happier and healthier. But we’re not spiritually designed to become less today than we were yesterday. Becoming less is a choice, not a Divine life sentence. We’re created to become more and more of who we already are, the Self of God in form and expression on Earth, forever One with a Universe of Love that loves us.

Bernard Berenson wrote, “A complete life may be one ending in so full an identification with the One Self that there is no self left to die.” Are we ready to be fully alive before we die? If we are, then we need to choose to start living as the powerful spiritual being we are already. Then we can start calling to us a life so filled with joy that when we leave this world, we’ll leave with peace in our mind, love in our heart, and a smile on our face.