Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could look at every situation in our life and the world around us—no matter how huge the problem appeared to be or how seemingly impossible the solution—with complete trust that nothing is impossible to us or for us; that everything that happens will have a perfect outcome, even though we can’t see how. If we lived with such trust in Life, we would be able to keep our mind focused on that Realm of Infinite Possibilities that allows the seemingly impossible to become possible to us and thru us.

It is our willingness to quiet our mind, no matter what may be going on around us, and to let our self feel the unshakable Joy of our Inner Being that gives us access to Peace and Power of Life that is here, there, and everywhere because It is alive in everything, including our self. That Joy would arise naturally into our awareness, and we would rise naturally into Its Realm of unlimited possibilities, and easily create all the abundant good we desire, all that is beautiful and satisfying in life, if we didn’t suppress It with our emotional conditions for feeling it and our mental reasoning for not expressing It.

It is the Invisible Creative Vibration of Infinite Possibilities in which we live that allows us to create with It (and within It) all the visible forms, expressions and experiences we think of as “our life” in this world, no matter what we choose create as our life. If we are not happy being our self in life, we won’t get much happiness out of life. It is as if we are made of joyous buoyant helium designed to naturally lift us into the high vibrations of abundant good where every good thing is available to us, but we tether our self to the ground, unhappy with who we are, waiting for conditions in our personal life to be just right, or for the situations in the world to change for the better, so that we feel free enough to let go with a smile and soar in our life.

Our unwillingness to let go and “flow” keeps us and the world grounded in place, suffering with sickness, sadness and poverty that seem impossible to heal. These days, with so much conflict and suffering going on in this country and around world, our feeling Joy in our heart and living with unshakable trust that Life is Good and all is well, even when it looks like hell, may cause us to appear unsympathetic, if not downright crazy! Or maybe the suffering is closer to home where a loved one is ill, aged, troubled, or disabled in some way, and our feeling good about our life not only seems inappropriate, but selfish.

But it is only as we allow the Powerful Energy of Joy to arise in us, to lift our spirit so our own awareness is uplifted to new possibilities for life-expression, that we are able to uplift our view of a world where the mission for healing seems impossible. We have all seen the picture or statue of Atlas with the world on his shoulders. Our trying to help anyone by carrying their burden on our shoulders is like that: exhausting and futile. It is an agreement to agree with the problem and let it weigh us down, too.

We can’t do much or get very far in this world by trying to lift it on our shoulders, but with God all things are possible. It is as we choose to focus only on uplifting thoughts, and open our awareness to greater possibilities for good, that our view becomes more expanded than the world of appearances. Then we are able to see possibilities that only seem impossible to those still tethered to the ground. When we choose to uplift our self, we draw those around us into the lightness of our being, into the weightless vibrational space of healing that belongs to everyone.

If we’re not feeling good all time (no matter what’s happening anytime), it is an indication that what we believe about self and life isn’t keeping up with what we want to experience as life. What we want in life, and from life, we must give to life with the vibrational offerings of our every thought, focusing only on what want, and accepting that it is possible

If we would decide to stop pointing at, and talking about, and thinking about, and even praying about all that appears not be working and needs fixing in our life and the world around us, and we would choose to quiet those “it’s not possible” tapes in our mind, and trust that Life is for us and that all things are possible to God, we would be able to stay focused on that Realm of Infinite Possibilities that allows the seemingly impossible to become possible in our life.