Image by ThePixelman from Pixabay

A “prosperous life” is any life that, to us, is a joy to live each day. Are we onboard with new joy-filled experiences? Or have we somehow become bored with this amazing thing called “our life”?
Without Joy in our heart there is no way for us to enjoy our life. Misery may love company, but the party’s a drag! If we want to enjoy our life as we live it, it is essential for us to be conscious of the thoughts we choose to focus on in our mind because our thoughts are creative. It is vital for us to be aware of how those thoughts cause us to feel because how we feel causes us to think more and more thoughts that match those feelings. And, it is important for us to be responsible for the way we choose to respond to others, no matter how they may be reacting to us, because our response to life creates our experiences in the moments of our life.

We create or make our experiences because we one with the Universal Law of Attraction that responds to the vibrations of our thoughts, and hands them back us “on a golden plate” as the forms, events, conditions, circumstances, and experiences we call “our” life. No thought vibration goes unfelt, or not responded to, by the living, thinking, feeling Universe in which we live and move, and into which we think and feel every moment of our life. When we realize that all our experiences are the result of the thoughts we choose to focus on, we realize we are free to create any life we choose to think about.

What power we have been given! How amazing is our freedom of choice! How do you feel about your limitless freedom to create your life experiences? Do you believe that you do? Or do you think, speak, and act as if you are a powerless victim of a world filled with diseases that are contagious, events that are disastrous, and circumstances that are downright disappointing? Is it exciting to realize you are free to create a life you enjoy? Or, does the thought that you are responsible for your happiness frighten you because it seems like such a big job? The good news is that we are never alone in creating a joyful life. We’ve got a whole lot of help. In fact, we have an unlimited Source that is always Present to assist us.

Joy is an option in this world. We can choose to be bored and joyless, and refuse to celebrate the gift of life. But, why would we make such a choice when each moment, despite our age or current circumstances, we are being presented with “jewels of Joy” to choose from? Joy is the vibration of our Soul, the Energy of our Spirit, and the Jewel of our Heart. Joy is essential for the health of our body, the peace of our mind, and the balance of our emotions. How awesome to know that when we choose to be happy, and appreciate the moments of our life, the Energetic Power of the Universe opens doors for us and knocks down walls for us, so that we can get a greater glimpse of the amazing being we’re created to be!

What on earth would keep us from finding ecstasy in our freedom? What on earth would prevent us from following our bliss when we have the full support of the Universe?! What stops us is the one thing that always stops us from utilizing our power to create a life we want to live. It’s the one thing that never fails to prevent us from experiencing what we truly desire to experience as our life. Fear and the power we give it to stop us.

Not one of us enjoys living life of fear where we’re afraid to express our self authentically because we’re worried about what others will think us if we do. We pretend to be who we are not because we’ve let our self forget who we are. We’ve become afraid to trust, or even hope, that the Universe would open doors for us to experience greater health, more happiness and peace of mind, and deeper fulfillment in our self-expression.

When we live in fear we give up on fully living because we’re protecting our self from being disappointed by life. But even though fear causes us to expect worst, so we’re never disappointed when it happens, living a life limited by fear, where we play it safe so we won’t feel pain or discomfort, will never create a life we enjoy. It takes courageous to allow the unexpected to happen rather than trying to control every moment. It takes courage to let the unexpected arise in us, and then to let it out through us. It takes courage to uncork our true potential. But unless we do, we’ll never understand the miracle of our life. Instead we’ll live out our earth days as Thoreau said, “In quiet desperation,” bored and joyless, with our song still unsung inside of us.

Fear has no power over us unless we let it. We don’t need to be afraid to feel it. What we need to be afraid of is our willingness to value it and let it stop us. The thoughts we value in our mind, we focus on. The thoughts we focus on create our life experiences, whether we give authority to fear, or to the power of Source Energy within us. Every moment we surrender our experience of our self and life to one or the other.

Our train of power and freedom won’t leave the station for the Kingdom until we’re onboard. Are we courageous enough to get onboard and allow the pure, positive energy of the Universe to break down walls for us and take us where we’ve always wanted to be?