Image by JL G from Pixabay

When a thought doesn’t feel good to think, we are free to choose a new thought that feels better. When we do, we feel better about our life. Through our practice of choosing a better-feeling thought, our life changes for the better. Enjoying life is the point of living! Discovering our freedom to choose to enjoy it is the point of our practice. There are no benefits or rewards for striving, struggling, sacrificing, or being just plain miserable in life. All we get is a life that’s not fun to live. The inspirational author and poet, William A. Ward, wrote: “The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sail.” We could say that our choosing a happy thought is like adjusting our sail.

Happiness, as they say, is an inside job. And, thank God it is because if we had to depend on the world around us to give us a reason for it, with all the blaming, shaming, confusion, and conflict reported by the media everyday, and maybe some it happening in our own life, it’s pretty obvious the world isn’t going to shape up just to make us happy! It is a welcomed and powerful awareness when we realize happiness is a choice we can make, no matter what. We don’t have to wait for anyone to get happy first or for circumstances to change. Freedom to choose what we think, and how we feel, allows us to experience a life we enjoy living every day, if we choose to.

We may wonder sometimes why it matters what we’re thinking, and how we’re feeling. After all, it just happens inside our head and body, right? Though that is where we seem to become aware of our thoughts and feelings, and our thoughts and feelings affect our body in positive and negative ways, thoughts don’t stay “inside” of it. We are spiritual-vibrational beings created out of energy and light. We live in a Spiritual-Vibrational Universe of Energy and Light. Our thoughts emit an energy beyond what appears to be our physical body, and that energy is felt and responded to by the Universe. The Universe is organized and governed by the Law of Attraction, which is “like attracts like.” The vibration of our thoughts attract into our life, in physical form, those things that match our vibration.

Ernest Holmes wrote in The Science of Mind that invisible thoughts become visible things.” Rev. Ike put it this way: “The people in your experience are the incarnations of your thought. Your word is continually becoming flesh.” That is how powerful we are no matter how powerless we may feel! The Law of Attraction doesn’t discriminate. It gives us what we ask for vibrationally and responds to whatever thought we activate through our focus, no questions asked. That is why unless we decide to change our focus from thoughts that don’t feel good, to thoughts that do, we’ll attract a life that doesn’t feel good live. It doesn’t matter what we’re “supposed” to think. It doesn’t matter what we tell others we believe. The energy of what we actually think is true creates an aura of energy around us that attracts to us people, conditions, and events that match our energy whether we want it to or not. There’s nothing we can do about and nothing we can do to hide from it. Our word is spoken silently as the vibration of our beliefs, and becomes flesh as the conditions of our health, relationships, finances, and everything else that we call “our life.” If we want a condition to change, we need to change the thinking that created that condition. Happy thoughts emit a happy vibration, and a happy vibration is a healing vibration.

Are we daydreaming or nightmaring our life into being? Do we let what we want to experience in our life inspire the thoughts we choose to focus on in the moments of our life? Or, do we let fear of what we don’t want scare the hell out of us? When we think about things that make us feel happy, even when they don’t appear to be happening in the moment, that’s daydreaming. Daydreaming allows us to feel the joy that lives in us even before something we want arrives in physical form. When we’re thinking about something pleasant, another thought joins it, and another and another, and pretty soon we’re feeling and emitting a powerful vibration that moves our life in a positive direction. In the same way, when we worry about things we’re afraid might happen, and we feel frightened even before whatever we’re worried about appears in physical form, (“I could get sick, miss work, die!”), that’s nightmaring. When we think about something we don’t want, and we don’t contradict that thought, (“but I really do feel healthy and strong”), then another thought will join that unwanted thought, and another and another, and pretty soon we’re feeling and emitting a powerful vibration of fear that moves our life in a direction we don’t want to go.

When we were children we daydreamed a lot, often when we were supposed to be doing something else, like memorizing lessons in school. Our daydreams weren’t so much about planning our future, but more about some happy adventure we’d rather be on than sitting in school. The thoughts of that adventure made us happy even though we were still sitting behind our desk. But, since we got into trouble by the teacher for not paying attention, and we got grades our parents didn’t like, we stopped letting our self daydream. Instead, we focused on the “reality” written on the chalkboard, and pointed to by the teacher, because we were told daydreaming wasn’t going to get us anywhere. But, it’s been said that “daydreams are never a waste of time, for they are our realities in waiting.” Unless we dream up a happy dream, and our focus on it inspires us to get excited about positive possibilities for our life, the things we don’t want will keep showing up over and over again, like a recurring nightmare, and our dreams will be put on hold.

It’s important for us to be aware of what we are dreaming up, or “nightmaring up,” for our self because whatever it is might affect us for the rest of our day, the rest of the year, or for an entire lifetime. Do you believe you have within you what it takes to dream a happy dream into your physical world so you can live it? Or do you believe it’s too late for you because of your age, or that you never stood a chance because of some limiting circumstance? The well-known motivational speaker, therapist, and author, Sean Stephenson, was born with a rare bone disease and not expected to survive birth. As an adult he stood three feet tall and used a wheelchair. He wrote, “If you have a heartbeat there’s still time for your dreams.” We are never too old, or too frail in spirit, to set a new goal or dream a new dream. If we have a heartbeat there is still time for us to live our dreams. Our hearts beat every moment with the power and potential for happiness. But it’s up to us to choose it. Thank God happiness is a choice we can make, no matter what. And, through the power of our choices, and the vibration of our joy, together we can bring forth into physical form, a happy dream of a world that works for everyone.