Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Gratitude, like Love, is an experience that must be felt rather than thought about. Our mind can tell us what Love is “like,” but it can’t give us the experience of Love. Only our heart can do that. In the same way, our thoughts can reflect upon those things we are grateful for, and even inspire feelings of appreciation, but thoughts can’t convey the depth our heart can feel in the moments we are grateful.

Gratitude and Love are co-mingling Energies that when we feel them in any moment, that Energy extends to those around us even without a word. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Ask and it is given.” When we trust that’s true, the ordinary in our life becomes extraordinary as we realize that there are so many ways the given can show up in our life. When our cup of life is overflowing with appreciation, there always seems to be someone in our life who’s in the right place, at the right time, being the answer we’ve asked for.

But sometimes we fool our self into believing that gratitude is a thought in our head rather than an experience of the heart. Just as we can say “love you” and not actually feel the depth of Love in that moment, so we can say “thank you” without experiencing the holy vibration of Gratitude. We may think of Gratitude as “counting our blessings” because we know there are things in our life we should be grateful for. If we have a warm place to be during cold days and colder night, if we’re healthy and financially secure, and if we have people in our life who are good to us and for us, we know in our head that these are blessings Yet, we can have all of these good things in our life without actually experiencing the Gratitude that lives in our soul. Rumi wrote, “Thankfulness brings you to the place where the Beloved lives.”

Thankfulness changes our perception of the moments of our life because the vibration of appreciation is in the same place where Love lives in us. We could say counting our blessings is “foreplay” to the experience of the Bliss of Gratitude. Counting our blessing can raise our vibration to that high Holy Place of true appreciation and, if it does, we’re in that place where the true bliss of being alive comes alive in us. We feel grateful just to be alive, no matter where we are. We feel grateful to be sharing this Earth life with so many beautiful others, no matter where they are. We feel grateful for what is, and for what is yet to come.

Every good thing we experience in our Earth life is a manifestation of the deeper connections we have with each other. We’re in this Love together, one with each other as we live in this world, and one with each other beyond this world even while we’re in it. Nothing seems to prove that more than the holy choreography of shared experience. Abraham-Hicks calls our vibrational partners, “cooperative components.” Cooperative components move into our life on currents of Love that originate far beyond the physical. In the Book of Isaiah we read, “And it shall come to pass that before they call I will answer them; and before they speak I will hear them.” Cooperative components answer the call of their heart as they become the answer to our silent or verbal asking, whether they appear for as a brief encounter or stay for a lifetime.

To feel Gratitude within us is to experience the Divinity in us. As we feel the reality of our true Nature, our awareness of who we truly are, and what we truly are together, changes our experience of our self in the world There is a Divine Presence here and now within each of us that connects us with each other; a living Presence behind our Earth Life that connects us with all Life. It is who we are in reality beyond the personality and preferences we often think of as our self. Gratitude opens us to the experience of the Eternal Beloved that is Present within and beneath all the temporary forms of this world. It’s good for us to feel good about the way things are going in our Earth life, but let’s face it, we are all “going, going,” and will be gone from this physical life experience at some point. We’re here in this human environment for so much more than getting comfortable by getting things.

There’s an old story about a Chinese Master Teacher that goes like this: Hui Hai once went to visit the great Master Ma Tzu. The Master asked him, “Why do you come here?” Hui Hai replied, “I come seeking enlightenment.” The Master said, “Why should you leave your home to wander about and neglect your own precious treasure? There is nothing I can give you. Why do you seek enlightenment from me?” Hui Hai pressed him for the Truth, “But what is my treasure?” The Master answered, “It is the one who has just asked the question; the one that contains everything and lacks nothing. There is no need to seek it outside yourself. Seeking presupposes that your treasure is far away. Seeking takes it for granted that it’s not here and now, that it is not in you, that it is not you. The seeker has started on a wrong journey. The seeker is never going to find God because God is not the sought, but the seeker himself.”

Mooji wrote, “My Love, stay here. Going in search of the Self as a goal is illusion. You are already One Self. You will purchase the map, only to find you are already Here.” There is nowhere we need to go, no time we need to wait, and nothing we need to do to be our True Self, here and now, except to be It here and now. Gratitude raises our vibrational awareness so that we’re able to perceive our treasure: The Kingdom of Heaven manifesting as our Earth Life. Everything good thing we want to manifest in our physical life, because we believe it will make us happy when it does, is already within us as an energetic-vibrational Presence. Rumi wrote, “You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck!”

As we allow Gratitude to elevate our non-physical energy to that place where we experience our spiritual reality, we realize we’ve never left Home. When we are in that place, our mind doesn’t resist the good that is there for us. Then the good things we want to experience in our Earth Life naturally appear to us in physical form because we’re up where we can see them. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You’re not manifesting; you’re creating the environment that allows the manifestation. You create the vibrational atmosphere which equals your vibrational point of attraction, and then the Law of Attraction matches you with things like you.”

All that we want, all that we desire, all that we long for is already ours because we are a Divine Being immersed, here and now, in the Unlimited Creative Power of the Pure Positive Energy of a Universe that wants the same thing for us that we want for self: a life that feels good to live. We’re created to enjoy living, without struggle, effort, or sacrifice. But is struggle, effort, or sacrifice causes us to ask within us what this Life is for, if it causes us to ask for more than this world could ever provide for us, i.e., the knowledge of who we truly are, then whatever experiences we’ve had that up until now we’ve been ungrateful for, it’s time for us to be grateful for it all, every last drop of our Earth experiences so far. Rumi wrote, “Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk.”