Image by RÜŞTÜ BOZKUŞ from Pixabay

If we liked school when we were a child, then it’s likely that the month of September has an exciting feel to it still. Back then it was the start of new classes, seeing old friends and meeting new ones, discovering new things we could do that we didn’t know we could do before, and learning new things about life we didn’t even know existed before. Some of our teachers may have been fun and funny, some may have been wise but more serious, and some may have seemed just plain mean and scary. But, if we loved learning we embraced them all.

This Earth Life is like a borderless classroom. Every day there are new life lessons for us to learn. We often learn them with old friends we’ve been learning with for lifetimes. Sometimes we meet new friends for a particular lesson at a particular time. Either way, every moment is designed for our learning, and everyone is our teacher if we allow them be. Fun, serious or scary, it’s important for us to embrace them all with gratitude because through the life lessons they offer to us we can learn powerful things about our self and what we’re capable of spiritually that we didn’t know we were before, and we can learn more about the Reality of Life, Itself, than we knew existed before.

It’s been said, “The difference between school & life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.” The good news is we choose every lesson before the teacher and learning experience comes along. All our life lessons are electives because we came into this human experience to learn what we wanted to learn about our self, and then express what we learned by being a deliberate creator of a life we enjoy living and then blessing the world with our joy. The beautiful Spiritual Teacher, Mooji, said, “Don’t strive to try to improve this world. First know yourself completely. Then your actions will rise from this spontaneity, this depth, this understanding of the Real, and they will cast a blessing upon this world.”

These are certainly challenging times for we, humans beings. It’s challenging for those who desire to live a life of well-being and happiness through a deep understanding and trust that, despite appearances, it’s All Good because God is Good. It’s even more challenging for those who desire to live a life of well-being and happiness, but live without a deep understanding and trust. Trust is vital because God doesn’t speak to us directly through external means. In fact, if we were left alone to learn about our Divine Power through external means, these would be frightening times, indeed, because it surely seems that there is a power in opposition to Good: a power of disease, disaster, conflict, and war; a power of anger, hatred and separateness; a power that appears to have power over us as we live this human experience.

That is why it’s important for us to remember that we perceive what we believe, and that through the experiences our perception creates, our hidden beliefs are unveiled and revealed to us. We must believe it to see it, whatever “it” is. If we don’t like what we see, we must learn to perceive life differently. We read in The Way of Transformation, “Learning is necessary in the field of perception. You have placed yourself within that field. So why not get on with it and let perception be healed?” September came in with such clear skies and cool crisp breezes, it seemed to say “Why not get on with it? Clear the mind of false perceptions and live in the ease and joy of Life.”

We’re never left alone with the confusion of who to trust in this world when it comes to what is True about our self and life. No matter what appears to be, we have an Inner Connection to Spiritual Reality that reveals Itself through the Power of Spontaneous Revelation. Revelation comes to us through an intuitive feeling that is unquestionable, a mental image that is irresistible, or as a powerful, authoritative thought we can’t disown or oppose. Divine Revelation isn’t just a suggestion. It is the clear, definite, undeniable Voice of Truth, Itself, speaking to us from within us.

In The Way of Transformation we read, “Consciousness is the only place learning can occur and all learning is designed to translate perception so that it becomes more and more and more and more like Reality Itself.” If we want to know “more and more and more and more” about Reality Itself, we can get It first hand from the Holy Consciousness that created us. We can’t learn it from the world because as Book of Ecclesiastes tells us “There is nothing new under the sun.”

It is so vital for us to remember that we perceive in the world around us what we already believe within us. It is already “done unto” the world as we believe. Any doing of anything new “unto the world” we see must first be revealed to us from within us. If we want to learn something new so we can express it “under the sun,” which is to say in this human experience, we need to look within us where newness exists.

We attract to us teachers in this world who will show us, just by being themselves in our life, that if we want to be consistently happy, peaceful and filled with love we must not depend on anyone outside of us because nothing outside of us is unchangeable. Though we’d like to believe that those we love have our happiness in mind, when it comes to happiness in this world, it’s every man for himself. No one can “make” us happy or unhappy. Happiness is an inside job. If we want to feel consistent joy, unshakeable peace, and unconditional love, we must get it, first hand, from the One within us that always wants that for us too. If we want to know the Truth about our self and our relationship to Life, we have eternal Inner access to a Truth that doesn’t change.

We’ve all likely had an ah-ha moment in our life, an Inner Revelation we were somehow open to receiving. It was a moment when everything just seemed so clear about who we are and how precious every living thing is, that in that moment we felt an unexplainable peace, indescribable love, and extraordinary joy.We knew we knew something Spiritual, something Divinely True! Without having a clue as to exactly how we understood It, or even exactly what we understood, we knew It was True because It felt so good to know It! It was such an “OMG That’s It” moment that all we wanted to do was share it with everyone around us. But when we tried to put it into words, our words seemed flat compared to the experience. No matter how many adjectives, verbs, and hand gestures we used, we couldn’t turn our experience into words. We read in A Course in Miracles, “Revelation is intensely personal and cannot be meaningfully translated. That is why any attempt to describe it in words is impossible. Revelation induces only experience. It is literally unspeakable because it is an experience of unspeakable Love.”

A Revelation from the Divine Self of Love within us is a one-on-one communion with God that we must demonstrate with our life rather than talk about with our words. We begin to demonstrate our communion with Love by first learning to love our self from the inside out—not because of what we’ve done or haven’t done, not because of what we’ve said or haven’t said, but because we’ve had an experience of unspeakable Love that we can only communicate to others by loving them. Alan Alda once said, “At times you have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition-What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” As we heal false perceptions about our self, we begin to heal our perception of the world around us because how we feel about the world “out there” is an extension of what we feel about our self within us.

We can inadvertently experience a Revelation “out of the blue.” But if we’d like to experience more ah-has than ho-hums in our life, it’s up to us to prepare the way for Revelation. It is up to us to open up to the Divine Truth within us, to open our mind to what our heart already knows but cannot say because the experience of Love is unspeakable. Revelation is a direct communion with the Love that lives in us, as us. We may not be able to describe It in words, but as Love speaks directly to us, we can’t help but to reveal that Love to everyone around us through the loving life we choose to live.

We’ve placed our self in this Earth classroom, in this field of perception, to clear things up. So why not get on with it and let our perception of our self and other be healed? When we’re ready for Revelation, It’s ready for us! When if comes, the preciousness of life will no longer be hidden from us. We’ll be able to see True beauty in others, and learn lessons of Love from everyone we meet.