03-29-2020 Are You Ready to be Ready?

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Posted by Life Enrichment Center on Sunday, March 29, 2020

Image by Pitsch from Pixabay

In this time of ever-changing world conditions a positive attitude has never appeared to be so powerfully needed in the world or more powerfully important for our individual health, happiness and well being. The Science of Mind reminds us that when things look the worst is the best time to practice, the most satisfying time to prove to our self that there are no obstructions to the operation of Truth in us or in the world. We can look at the official mandate to suspend most of our regular outside activities, and to distance our self from most physical encounters, as a satisfying opportunity for us to slowdown, be still, and reflect upon Life because we’ve known for a long time we’ve been far too busy and moving much too fast for our own good.

We could say that we are currently being offered, seemingly by outer circumstances, to take the time we so seldom take to turn within so that we can discover more of the Spiritual Truths that have been there all along like beautiful diamonds hidden deep in the tunnel of a cave, placed there for the joy of our discovery. Even as we practice physical distancing we have a powerful opportunity to prove to our self the everlasting Truth of our inseparable oneness with each other through a Universal Connection of Love that remains in place, in the space between the physical and the physical, and goes nowhere even when our mind is elsewhere.

There are many scientists and medical researchers right now whose holy minds are not disturbed or discouraged by such a global pandemic, but are open to the vast solutions that have already been called forth into energetic perception within them. And they are ready to be ready to bring them into physical manifestation as soon as clear forward movement is apparent. We are thankful for each and every one of them. However, at the same time, every day through a media that is focused constantly on the dramatic and traumatic events of the world; through repetitive 24/7 news that seems to get more and more of our attention as the news appears to get worse and worse, we are being told, over and over again, what the odds are for our health, happiness and well being. We’re being inundated, if we allow our self to be, by a hypnotic chorus of doomsayers that would try to convince us that, if we manage to hang on at all, it will be weeks, months, or longer before we are free to feel happy and safe again. Though there are reasonable guidelines we need to agree to follow, for our self and out of respect for one another, agreeing we are not free to live happily and feel safe right now isn’t one we need to follow.

Maya Angelou wrote, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” There is no greater self-discovery than to discover we are free to change our attitude, and change our experience of life, anytime we choose. Attitude is everything. Our attitude toward life equals our experience of life, no matter what may be happening in any moment of life. It’s been said that when we doubt our power, we give power to our doubt. Doctors say that, more often than not, they can tell by the attitude of their patients which ones will survive an illness or operation, and who will or won’t experience complications. They say they have witnessed over and over again that a calm expectation of a positive outcome brings about a positive outcome.

We can’t afford the luxury of staying down in the vibrational dumps of worry, negativity and fear too long these days because there is scientific evidence and medical proof that a positive attitude not only carries a healthy, healing vibration, but that when facing a health crisis, or a world pandemic, choosing to enhance positive emotions boosts our immune system. We may all have favorite immune system boosters we get from health food store—Vitamin C, Echinacea, Elderberry, Golden Seal—and they all have wonderful vibrational properties. But they can’t boost us any higher than we’re willing go mentally and emotionally. There isn’t a supplement anywhere that can uplift a fearful, negative attitude. Our attitude is truly the power that either boosts or lowers our immune system. It’s been said that it is vital for us to nurture our mind with uplifting thoughts, with great thoughts, for we will never go any higher than we think. Great thoughts, uplifting thoughts, feel good to think. When we feel good, WE FEEL GOOD, and every cell in our body feels the good we feel!

Everyone in the world has a general attitude toward life, and thoughts about what is currently going on in the world. Whether those thoughts are dismal or hopeful, somber or joyful, whether they are thoughts that are angry and looking blame, or thoughts that are filled with unconditional compassion, the attitudes expressed by each of us, in words or silently felt, are either helping or hindering our collective world healing.

But, it is our thoughts, alone, that help or hinder our individual well being. No one’s attitude, positive or negative, can affect our attitude unless we allow it to. Whatever our individual attitude toward life is today, it didn’t suddenly take form because of current events, and it hasn’t suddenly changed because of a few temporarily thoughts that may cross our mind from time-to-time. It is how we’ve habitually looked at life for awhile that has given form to the attitude we have today. Whether we are easily uplifted, or couldn’t be pried off the ground with a crowbar, our attitude has evolved from all we’ve come to believe life to be from living it, and interpreting what has happened in it.

Harry Truman said, “A pessimist is one who makes difficulties out of his opportunities, and an optimist is one who makes opportunities out of his difficulties.” These are a difficult times. If our attitude has been generally positive, we’ll look at this time as a good time to be alive, and to come alive as global transformation takes place and we become an active part of it. We’ll fully expect a happy solution to bring about positive evolution and expansion in our life and the world. If we’ve been a card-carrying pessimist that view might seem to be too vast to see. The good news is we don’t need to reach the mountaintop in one jump. All we have to do is just have to quit digging a hole at the base of it that makes it more difficult for us to get any higher, and harder for us to feel good and others to feel good around us.

The powerful asking of so many in this world for so long—for an end to critical judgments, painful divisiveness, and selfish actions against one another; for an end to the isolation of the heart that has caused harm to the children of the world and to the planet, itself—that asking has called to the world, from the Spirit within us all, such a vivid condensation of positive energy that well being is pouring down upon the world right now! But, we have to make sure our mental umbrella is upside down so we’re ready to receive it. Through the uplifted openness of a positive attitude, we are able to join with the powerful energetic vibration of well being of the Divine, and to become spiritual agents for the change that has been needed for so long.

Positive changes are already flowing from the non-physical Energy of Answered Prayer, and are ready to take physical form and expression through us. But, we must truly be ready for the miracle we claim we’re ready for. That miracle is calling us to meet it, to join it, to be it. An important question we can all ask our self, now that we have so much time to ask it, is this: “Am I preparing for a miracle with the thoughts I entertain today, with the conversations I engage in today, and with the actions I take today?” When this is over, not one us will be the same, even as the world won’t be the same. But, we won’t move forward into a brighter day or experience an individual transformation if we continue to think in the same old way.

If we’re not ready to be ready when change comes, we’ll be walking around with a mental umbrella that will keep the Rain of Goodness off of us. All the good things that have come to pass from this thing that is happening now will bounce right off. We need to be ready right now to change our mood and attitude toward life, so that we’re ready for Something Good to come. We can begin by putting down our pointing finger and stop trying to assign blame. This transformational opportunity is for everyone in the world ready to receive it. In the Book of Matthew we read, “He causes his rain to fall on the just and the unjust.” Who are we to judge the unconditional Love of God?

Are we ready for a world that works for everyone? Are we ready to change the conversation from separation to unification? Are we ready to stop our knee jerk reactions, and take a deep breath so we can choose a respectful response to one another? This world has been calling for r-e-s-p-e-c-t from everyone for everyone. A miracle doesn’t happen to us, it happens through us. Just as peace begins with each of us, so does change and transformation. If we want to be ready for the miracle our world has been praying for, we must be ready to be the answer to our own prayer.