In this world (where we look so human) it is easy to forget that we are powerful, creative beings able to create the life we want to live…or to create the life we don’t want to live! Sacred texts tell us that life is “done unto us” as we believe. But, it is important for us to remember that “the doing” is self-inflicted. We are free to decide what thoughts we will focus on in our mind, and what emotions we’ll allow to run the conversations, conditions and situations in our life.

The good news is that if we don’t like what we think about our self life, how we feel about our self in life, or what we are creating as our self as we’re living this life, through spiritual practice we can change our thinking and change our life. As the saying goes, if we keep doing things in the same old way, we’ll continue to get the same old results. But changing our thinking takes practice, and a true desire to want to make those changes. If we’re tired of getting the same old results in our health, relationships or finances, change won’t come through magic, medicine, or luck, and it won’t come merely by talking about the changes we “want” to make. It comes through our practicing change. As Gandhi said, “We must be the change we want to see.”

Generosity, as a practice, is dependent upon our willingness to learn to trust—trust that there is an Unlimited Source of Life; trust in the Unconditional Givingness of the Universe to all alike; and trust in the Unchanging Goodness of God. Because without that trust, we will never be truly generous in this life. The generosity we’re speaking of has nothing to do with our giving from what we believe we personally possess, whether we believe we have a lot or a little to give. It has nothing to do with patting our self on the back for our sacrifice for others or for our selfless altruism. And, it has nothing to do with our giving to get something outside of our self in return.

The beauty of spiritual generosity is that It grows and expands within us as we share the gifts of being our authentic self with the world around us. The desire to be generous already lives in our heart as part of who we are as spiritual beings. Our awareness of our ability to give from the Unlimited Source of Life within us comes through trust that we are not alone in Life, that we share One Life with All Life, so that to give to anyone is the same as giving to our self.

True generosity is the uninhibited, unrestricted sharing of our unique expression of Life with the One Life we share with everyone with no thought as to who is more deserving or less deserving of the fullness of who we are, wherever we are. Only arrogance and egotism, and the belief we are separate from each other would cause us to reserve aspects of our self for those “deserving” of us. We all have unique gifts to give but we can’t give those precious gifts while we are holding back the “only one” who can give them. We can’t give them while we’re waiting for just the right moment to be real about how we feel. And, we can’t fully give them if we’re hiding parts of our self out of shame and guilt because we’re still running old stories in our mind about who we were at one time, rather than reminding our self of who we truly are all the time.

But we won’t come to know who we are created to be eternally, or experience the absolute Joy of Being that Being if we’re letting fear and lack of self-worth cause us to sit on our spiritual assets. Self-judgment interferes with the connection between our head and our heart. Instead of allowing the flow of our Inner Being to freely express wherever we are, we’re busy trying to figure out who we should be, or who we’re expected to be by others. We can’t figure life out in our head and live if from our heart at the same time.

We are all perfect representatives of the Divine idea of Creation. Each one of us, though we may not see how, is essential to the Complete Picture of Creation that is ever growing and expanding through us. Wherever we are in any moment, we are part of the perfect picture that is unfolding. Wherever we are, we are called to be right there. We’re never in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As spiritual beings we represent the beautiful, joyful, peaceful, loving qualities of the Spirit that flow through us as It gives us life even in this world. Everyone of us—no matter what our age, physical constitution, years of education, sexual orientation, or chosen occupation—represents the perfect Idea God had in Mind “in the beginning.” By choosing to go to the deep well of Love within us, we become generous and grateful, and we’re filled with the desire to fully give of self without concern we are not good enough. And, as we choose be the Powerful Being we’re created to be, we’re able to see more clearly the world as its created to be.