Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

September has come and is almost gone, and it all seems to have happened in the blink of an eye! If we’re concerned that time is going way to fast, if we’re looking forward to happy events in the future, the good news is those events will be here before we know it! And, if we’re living a life we’re not enjoying, and the future looks like it’s going to hold more of the same, if we want to make positive changes in our thinking that will change what’s next, we can begin with this one affirmative thought: “Life is all good even when it appears to be otherwise, and my good will appear before I know it.”

We read in The Science of Mind, “God is Good and surely does not need that any man should suffer for Him or sacrifice himself to please Him. Man’s whole trouble is that he believes himself to be separated from the Source of Life.” The Source of all life is Good because God is the Source of all life. We are immersed in that Source right now. We are swimming in a sea of Pure Positive Energy that has no opposition to Goodness anywhere within It. The only opposition we’ will ever run into that could prevent us from living a life we enjoy living is us. It is our resistance to being happy as we are in the moments of our life, whether we like what’s going on in any moment or not. It is our insistence that something or someone must change first before we are happy that darkens our mind, saddens our heart, and keeps our good away.

If it seems we are experiencing the same negative events over and over again, repetitive experience can teach us that we need to change our thinking, try a more positive view of life that will give us different results. We’ve all heard the sayings: “Experience is the best teacher, Live and learn, When we win we win and when we lose we learn. But, experience teaches only the teachable. We must remain teachable if we are to learn something new from any experience. Otherwise, the future will continue to look just like the past.

Are You Teachable? Mooji tells us, “All these challenges that come to you are to get you to exercise and discern by using your natural power of consciousness.” If we don’t discern and learn, experience can’t teach us. We won’t see beyond the surface of things to the lesson of love just beneath it.

When we were kids we didn’t go to school to learn limiting things about the world, but sometimes we did. Some things were obsolete even before we learned them. We didn’t go to school to learn limiting things about our self, but sometimes we did. All of those things were untrue even before we learned them. Today we can easily see how much the world has changed in almost every way since we were in school learning about science, biology, medicine, and gender roles way back then. We’re not surprised the world has progressed and expanded in possibilities. And yet we may still insist that we have not.

Even though we’ve grown older, we may still be keeping the same old beliefs active in our mind like a old dog that doesn’t seem to be able to learn new tricks. All these years later are we still talking about what our parents and teachers did to us or didn’t do for us? All these years later are we still telling our self what we’re not able to accomplish and blaming others that we are not more than we are? How many limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs do we insist are so, how often do we argue for our limitations so that we won’t have to let them go?

Even though we may read books, and listen to teachers, who tell us that we are free to choose any good thought we want to and focus on it, and that it is our focus on a new thought that can change our life. How often do we refuse to focus on positive thoughts in the face of negative events that would change the outcome? We’re not meant to settle into a mindset, to stand still and make do with a negative view. We’re not “copers,” we’re creators!

Right above the stairway at The Life Enrichment Center is written “It’s all Good,” and no matter what may have happened in our life in the past or may be happening today in our life or the world, that still remains the Truth. It’s all Good because God is good and God is all there is—deep within us and right on the surface because even the surface could not exist without God. Our whole trouble is that we believe self to be separated from the Source of Life. Without the Pure Positive Energy of Life running through us, our physical form could not be. Without our Source we couldn’t think or feel, no matter what we’re thinking or feeling, even if we’re thinking we are separate from our Source and feeling alone. Even when we’re not feeling our Oneness with Goodness, the Allness of Goodness is still right there for us to feel, within us and around us.

Suffering in this world is possible, but its not mandatory because suffering isn’t mandated by the God of Love. We are all destined to live happily-ever-after eventually. But, the good news is, we can start living happily anytime we decide to. We don’t need to wait for “the hereafter.” We can trade in our complaining about life for an appreciation of life. We can create happy events to look forward to out of today’s happy thoughts and satisfied feelings. Appreciation for our existence as it is right now allows us to feel the happy now that will create a happy manifestation in the future, no matter what is happening now. But even if whole Universe backs our happiness and moves the heavens to bring about every good thing we ask for, if we’re not willing to receive our good, we won’t.

There is no reason on Earth for unhappiness except our refusal to feel happy. Happiness begins with us and flows out, so it’s not dependent on what is already out there. If we were to decide to trust that every step we’ve made since we came into this human experience has been the perfect one for us, we would be happy with our life rather than regretting what looks to us like past missteps of long ago or yesterday. Rumi wrote, “If God said, ‘Rumi, pay homage to everything that helped you into my arms,’ there would not be one experience in my life, not a thought, not a feeling, and not an act that I would not bow to.”

All we need to do is look at our life right now to see what we’ve concluded about life so far, at how the disposition of our thoughts, feelings and actions have manifested as our life—as the quality of our health, the nature of our relationships, the flow of our finances, and as everything else that appears to us as our life. So often we live, but rather than learn something new as we do, something helpful and more uplifting, something filled with greater possibilities for self-expression and positive life experience, we reinforce what we’ve already learned that hasn’t been so helpful, uplifting, or that has expanded to our view of our self in positive ways.

We can learn through experience that Life is Good and good to us, that we can do anything, create anything, overcome anything,  remain happy as we do. But if we haven’t learned that yet, our mind may be filled with much we need to unlearn before we can experience the positive Power within us. Antisthenes wrote, “The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue.” To be teachable, we must be willing to unlearn that which is limiting, but seems true about our self and life, so that we can experience the Truth of a Self that has no limits.

Whether we been off-roading along our Earth path, and find our self in tangled bushes of confusion, or we’ve been tip-toeing through the tulips wondering what all the fuss it about, every step we’ve made has been in the right direction and we can pay homage to it all. Mooji said, “You are never going to become I Am. You are never going to become the Divine Self. You are going to just keep on UN-becoming what you are not.” If we’re not willing to release and of what we’re not, if we insist on the legitimacy of a self that is separated from the Source of Life, if we persist in telling the same old stories about our limitations to our self and others, we’ll never un-become in our mind what we’re not, and we won’t experience our Divine Power while we’re still living in this human experience. We won’t be able to accept who we already are because it will feel like too big a leap to take in our mind from the limited one we been insisting we are for so long, the one struggling to become spiritual, to the Powerful Being we already are, the One created to create a life that is fun and satisfying to live, a life that is beautiful, happy, healthy, and always growing and expanding no matter our age.

Until we accept that life is good and good to us, we human adults will continue teaching the children of this world—through our conflicts with each other, our judging, blaming and resenting one another that fills the media and perhaps our household as well—that which is untrue about themselves and life that they will have to unlearn on their own one day. Unless we can unlearn it first and become teachers of peace, compassion, tolerance, and love. Mooji said, “The greatest healing would be to wake up from what we are NOT.”

No matter what the condition or situation may be, one of the most powerful questions we can ask our self is “What can I unlearn from this?” If past experience has seemed to confirm for us that life is meant to be a drama-filled struggle, and that happiness isn’t the Universal plan for the living, then it’s time for us to “beg to differ” with that conclusion so that what comes next for us, and the children of this world, will be different, and far happier, than anything that has come before.