Our overall theme and focus this year at The Life Enrichment Center is “2022 is Up to You.” If we want to deliberately direct our life in positive ways throughout the year, it’s important for us to be aware of our mental-emotional trending. We tend to that trending by noticing how the thoughts we’re thinking, in any moment, are causing us to feel (good or not-so-good). How we’re trending is reflected by our mood and attitude in general, as well as in any moment.

If our mood and attitude is generally positive, it’s easier for us to notice if (when) what we’re thinking about is causing our mood to “dip,” and taking our life in a downward trend away from experiences we want. If we’re usually feeling good about life, it’s easier for us to shift our thinking to a place that lifts us right back up into our joy and happiness. On the other hand, if our mood and attitude is generally a downer, because we’re used to feeling not-so-good about our self and life, it’s difficult for us to recognize if what we’re thinking in a particular moment is increasing the momentum of our general downward trend and taking us more quickly towards experiences we don’t want.

How you experience this year, and all the days within it, is up to you because only YOU can direct your mental and emotional trending by choosing what thoughts you want to focus on. Mooji tells us, “You have the power to take a chaotic mind and bring it back into a peaceful state.” No one in heaven or on earth can bring our mind back for us because only we have power over our mind. When we realize that no one and no thing has the power to make us think or feel anything we don’t agree to think or feel, we understand how important it is for us to stop blaming people, situations and conditions that come into our life for our mood and attitude about life. We realize that if we want to deliberately influence our experiences in 2022, rather than living by default or claiming our life situation is someone else’s fault, we must take ownership of the thoughts we allow to visit our mind, as well as those we allow to take up residency there. Thoughts that feel at home in our mind create our mood and attitude.

The good news is all we have to do is focus on thoughts that cause us feel good about our self and life, thoughts that cause us to feel enthusiastic about the new possibilities that lie ahead, and 2022 will be a good year for us. But no year, month, day, or moment has the power to make us feel positive in any way if we don’t choose to. No matter what new year’s ritual we may have participated in to try to clear the way for the new year, every day in 2022 will require our full positive participation for anything to be new for us. The time it takes for positive change in our life doesn’t have to do with the time on a clock or a date on a calendar. A “happy new year” is a moment to moment choice to be happy.

Whether the craziness of 2021 has left us feeling invincible or vulnerable, hopeful that things will get better this year or fearful that things may get worse, it’s important for us to remember we have power over our mind. We are the one who decides what thoughts we focus on in each moment. Nothing has the power to uplift our mood unless we’re willing to rise. If we insist on staying seated on our pity pot because of some condition or situation, there is no one outside of us that can lift us off of it. Only we can do that. Only we can stand up for our Divinity.

If we’re in the midst of a situation or condition that doesn’t feel uplifting, it’s up to us to lift our self up anyway, in any way we can, if we want things to improve. That doesn’t mean we suddenly jump up and down. Happiness can feel calm. It can simply be a feeling that feels so good we just want to keep feeling it. As we call upon the happiness within us that doesn’t depend on anything around us in order to be present for us, we find we can be happy for no reason at all. Happiness is a choice, not a result. It’s been said that “happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.” A mood and attitude of happiness gives positive momentum to our life journey and eases our travel. Thich Nhat Hanh tells us, “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.” Our happiness doesn’t come to us, it comes from us. A happy new year for us can only unfold out of our own happiness.

If we want to take Divine ownership of our human experiences this year and deliberately create healthy, happy, peaceful, and calm experiences for our self and the world, it is essential for us to get in touch and stay in touch with our Divinity so that we can access our Divine Power over our mind and choose thoughts, words and actions from a peaceful place within us. Discovering our Inner Divine is something only we can do for our self. If we want to feel better and better about who we are, and more enthusiastic about life, we need to realize that all we want and need is already waiting for us in the high vibration of Divine Love within us. Love would never allow us, even for a moment, to go without health, happiness, peace, and well-being. It’s all within us now, but it’s up to us claim It. And that doesn’t take time, it takes willingness, and willingness is a moment to moment decision.

Fifteenth Century Indian mystic poet and saint, Kabir Das, wrote “Wherever you are is your entry point. Be still and find out who you are.” We have to allow the dust of yesterday to settle in our mind and memory if we want to see who we are now. It’s only as we feel our connection with our Inner Being, our true Self that lives only in the now, that we are able to fearlessly move forward in this human experience guided by our Divinity. But, unless we decide to let bygones be bygones, whether it’s a health condition, relationship challenge, or the negative opinions we held in 2021about the opinions others held in 2021, unless we finally say goodbye to days gone by and let old patterns of negative thoughts and conversations be a thing of past, our mind won’t be still enough for us see our Divine reflection. Shunryu Suzuki wrote, “Nothing outside yourself can cause you any trouble. You yourself make the waves in your mind. If you leave your mind as it is, it will become calm.” And, out of that calmness YOU will arise as only YOU can!

We need to get familiar with the One within us that never judges by appearances and always knows everything is working out for us, and allow the fullness of our Divinity to guide us this year so our experiences can truly be new. We read in A Course in Miracles, “ I am one Self, united with my Creator, at one with every aspect of creation, and limitless in power and in peace.” That one Self is within each of us, and yet none of us experiences that Self in exactly the same way. In our human expression we want others to understand us and see life as we do. But no one can see life exactly as YOU do. You are created to express God as only YOU can, and to experience your oneness with all of creation as you do it.

Each of us is unlimited in power and peace to express the one Self we share uniquely through our self awareness. Wherever we are in any moment is our entry point. But we must use our power over our mind to bring our mind into a peaceful state, a mental stillness that allows us to find our Self, and be our Self, wherever we are. It is a powerful thing to live with the awareness that the Source Energy that creates worlds created us and is supporting us in our unique expression of the one Self. When we know with clarity who we are, we’ll see evidence of that Truth all around us manifesting as every good thing we desire to experience this year and in the years to come. That’s what we came for, to see our Inner Divinity take form and expression in this human environment.

Our Divine Impulse while we are in the world is to express God as Only we can, a diverse human within Divine unity. These words by American poet, Mary Oliver, beautifully reflect a powerful intention to live as the one Self fully and freely on earth until one’s earth days are complete. She wrote, “When it’s over, I want to say: All my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.”