If January feels like it’s speeding by, if our life is feeling a lot like “here it comes, there it goes” since the holidays, a good way to mentally slow our life down is by synchronizing with the rhythm of appreciation. We can take the opportunity each moment offers us to be still and notice the richness of life while it’s happening. We probably all remember how time seemed to go so slow when we were children. It seemed to take forever for summer to come or Christmas morning to arrive. Time may seem to move more slowly for children because there is not as much past in their life to distract them from finding joy in the here and now. And, there’s not enough worry and anxiety about the future to keep them from focusing on life right where they are, which is another reason for us to become more like a child.

But, if we want yet another reason to pay more attention to our life as it’s happening, astronomers have empirical evidence that the Universe is expanding at a faster rate than ever before and the Earth is spinning faster than it ever has before within It. The twenty-eight fasted days ever recorded on Earth occurred in 2020. Scientists who measure the speed of the Earth’s rotation think 2021 may be even faster, i.e., that 2021 may not only seem like a very short year, according to the atomic clock it actually will be shorter in time and space! Which is all the more reason for us to pause in the moments of our life, to stop and smell the roses so to speak. Such practice will help us to snap out of a mind that is set on automatic pilot that causes us to live in the world without feeling alive while we’re in it.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “If you are not finding pleasure in the here and now, you’re not doing it right! You are bringing too much of the past or too much of the future into the now and you are messing up your vibration.” Our non-physical spiritual vibration naturally resonates with the dancing, pulsating energies of the Universe that occur in the here and now. We experience our natural state of being when our mind is present right where we are, in the here and now, so that we can feel joy, appreciation and gratitude for life as we’re living it. Each time we are aware we’re alive and appreciate that we are, we bring Positive Energy into the experience we’re having that deepens our awareness of the goodness of life in that moment.

Dennis Merritt Jones wrote, “Minding the Altitude of Your Attitude is a Wise Thing to Do.” Paying attention to our life as it’s happening, as if that moment is the most precious moment there is (and it is), draws into our life more we can enjoy paying attention to because attention and appreciation aligns us with the Universal Source Energy of Love and the Being of Love we are in It. If we want to experience the power we have been given to create a life we enjoy living while we are in the world, we’ve got to wake up to our life as it’s happening. Otherwise we may find our Earth life is over and we’ve been too groggy to enjoy it!

We read in The Science of Mind, “We know that man’s life in reality is spiritual and mental.” We are Spiritual-Vibrational Beings right now. Our being immersed in this human experience hasn’t changed anything true about us. In Truth we’ve never sinned. In Truth we’ve never lost our innocence, though we may wonder from time-to-time where we put it! All that shame is a waste of our greatness. We remain even now a miracle of creation. A Course of Love tells us that we are the “Thought of Love in form.” And, because we remain inseparable from the Spiritual-Vibrational Universe Love Created with us us in Mind, there are no limits to the happiness we can draw to us in form, expression and experience while we’re here in these human forms. There is no shortage of the beauty, joy, peace, health and love we can attract into our life through the vibration of the thoughts we emit. That’s why we don’t want to mess up our vibration!

We read these words of Jesus in the Book of Matthew, “Therefore I tell you, everything you pray and ask for, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.” All that is required of us is to believe with ease in Answered Prayer, to believe we’ve already received permission by the Holy Giver of All Good to receive our good. Many of us may have come to believe that we’re being tested in life with a curriculum that’s hard or impossible to figure out, much less ace. We may have learned from others that trial and tribulation are the Will of God, part of His Divine plan. And that there can be no gain without pain. That belief is so ingrained in the human mind that we build monuments to those who’ve overcome the greatest hardships or died trying. We tell our stories of struggle as if talking about them enough will make them a bestseller! But if the Universe always answer “yes” to whatever we ask for, could it be the only struggle for us is how soon we’ll allow our good into our life.

There’s a term, “bada bing, bada boom” that most of us are familiar with. The Urban Slang Dictionary tells us that it can be used in place of “never mind the details” or “voila.” The New English Dictionary adds that it can also be used to emphasize something regarded as “effortlessly achieved.” Abraham-Hicks tells us, “When you believe something is hard, the universe demonstrates the difficulty. When believe something is easy, the universe demonstrates the ease.” If we want to know what we believe, all we need to do is ask our self: “Does life seem hard or easy to me? Am I struggling with my health, relationships, finances, or any area of my life?” Nothing is too difficult for a Universe of Unlimited Creative Energy to manifest for us. We could say that It always responds to our desires with a “bada bing, bada boom, no problem!”

Shakespeare wrote in his play, Julius Caesar, “The fault, dear Brutus, lies not within the stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.” How often do we walk through our day as the powerful Spiritual Beings we are, confident that the Universe has our back? How often instead do we ask for things we don’t believe we can have? Writer and film producer, Darryl Anka, said, “Everything is energy. That’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” It’s easy for us to believe that no matter how solid something appears to be, that it is actually made up of atoms and subatomic particles we can’t see. But when it comes to the Pure Positive Energy of the Universe that responds to vibrational frequency, we act as if the frequency of what we think doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter.

For example, we may ask through prayer for healing of our physical body or healing for someone else, but believe that the healing will be difficult or impossible. In this way our mental vibration doesn’t match the frequency of reality that would bring about a healing. Doubt messes up our vibration and makes healing appear hard. We read in The Science of Mind, “Never say: This disease is hard to heal while another is easy.” There is no difference in a healing of Covid or a cold. It’s our fearful doubt that changes the frequency of our energy and causes a healing to be hard or impossible. As we know, a belief is a thought we continue think. If we ask for a loving relationship but continue to think we’re unlovable, if we ask for increase in our financial flow but continue to believe we’re unworthy, our energy is split between what we want and what we believe we can have. The vibration of the resistant thoughts we’re emitting doesn’t match what we’re asking for. In the same way a radio tuner must be set to match the frequency of the broadcasting station we want to hear, the vibrational frequency of our thoughts must match the frequency of our desire.

Abraham-Hicks tells us that we’re not responsible for manifesting. Our responsibility is to create the mental-vibrational environment that allows the manifestation to come into our experience. How we look at life creates a vibrational environment that allows what we want to become our reality, or it keeps it away. Life is only as easy as we allow it to be. If we believe God is love and God loves us, if we believe the Universe is always conspiring to bring our good to us, our good will come easily to us. And, if we don’t believe that’s true, we’ll continue to struggle through. We can choose to think only of our good, and want good for others, and the frequency we emit will match the frequency of the reality we want. And then, bada bing, bada boom, it’s ours. It can be no other way.