Even though a prosperous life may look different to each of us, we all have a sense of what a life we’d enjoy living would be like. We can create that life for our self, and experience the joy of living it, by focusing on thoughts that support it. By thinking about how good it would feel to live a prosperous life, and by imagining that life until it feels so real inside of us we know without a doubt it’s on its way into form and expression in our life, we create a consciousness of prosperity. Our expanded awareness of Life’s goodness causes us to see evidence of it around us. We begin to notice people who show up in our life and enrich the moments of our life. We begin to notice that fortunate situations and happy events occur more often. And, as we acknowledge that such appearances are evidence of our consciousness of prosperity, rather than coincidences, we own our power to create a life we enjoy living.

A prosperous life isn’t limited to having plenty of money, though financial freedom is an aspect of prosperity. Some of the synonyms listed in the Thesaurus for the word, “prosperous,” that we may not be associating with prosperity, are a life that is “easy, restful, relaxed, enjoyable, delightful, healthy, satisfying, useful, and appreciated.” Here are a few helpful questions we may want to ask our self to determine if we have a consciousness of prosperity: “Do I focus on thoughts that bring peace of mind—easy, restful, relaxed thoughts, rather than thoughts of confusion, struggle and effort? Are my thoughts enjoyable and delightful to think, or do I spend a lot of time complaining to myself (and others) and making myself (and others) miserable? Is my body healthy with positive energy, or do I feel sick and tired (or tried of being sick) most of time? Does my life feel satisfying? Am I filled with appreciation for the days of my life, or am I filled with longing for more, but overlooking the good that is already mine?

If we’re not practicing being the powerful spiritual being we are, if we’re choosing to practice being only human instead, then it is easy to believe we have no choice in the matters of our life. It’s easy to believe that life happens to us, and that the fickle finger of fate is in charge of our fate. Such a choice not only causes us to live in fear of “what’s next,” it causes us to miss out on being the Master of “what’s now.” A regular spiritual practice is a constant reminder that life is so much more than is represented by this three-dimensional world and our three-dimensional body in it. Spiritual practice reminds us that because we can change our thinking and actually experience change in our life, even though this earth life appears to be a solid 3-D fact, we’re reminded there is more to life than what we can see in any moment.

If life were limited to what can be seen, our invisible thoughts wouldn’t affect our life experiences at all. We couldn’t create anything new because we’d be stuck with what’s already in front of us. But, thank God, life is spiritual first, and so are we. We are immersed in an unseen vibrational creative Energy that is unlimited in Its desire and power to create worlds upon worlds, and to create in our individual life. The Universe always says “yes” to us because the Universe was formed “at God’s command” and God is Love. Love would withhold nothing from us. The creative Energy that responds to our thoughts and feelings is Love, Itself.

If we are experiencing a life we don’t want, it’s not because the Universe doesn’t love us, or is saying “yes” to what we don’t want. The Universe knows our heart and always knows what we want. It’s just that we’re mistakenly saying “no” to what we do want by constantly thinking about, and talking about, what we don’t want and keeping the unwanted active in our view. We say “no” to what we want by focusing on a body condition we don’t want, a relationship we don’t want, the empty bank account we don’t want, the behavior of others we don’t want, the economy we don’t want, the government we don’t want, the environment we don’t want. Focusing on what we don’t want can be such habit we don’t even notice we’ve stopped looking for something good to focus on. Our expectations of good for our personal life, and world situations, can be so low we’re not surprised when a good outcome doesn’t come. By thinking about the conditions that need fixing in our life, and talking about the problems we see around us or on the news as if there is no solution in sight (or the solution is limited to our opinion), we fail to see the blessings that are present everywhere.

What we want and what we don’t want are two ends of the same stick. Both ends are present right where we are because one defines the other, just as darkness defines the light. It is what we focus on that calls what we see to our attention. Everyday through the thoughts we choose to focus on, and the feelings those thoughts cause within us, we are create our life experiences. Every moment we’re either creating a life we enjoy living or one we’d rather live without.

If we want a good outcome, we need to look for it and expect its arrival because it is already there as “answered prayer.” If every thought is a prayer and every prayer is answered, if the Source of our life always says “yes” to us, why would we choose to live as a beggar in an Abundant Universe? Why would we choose to feel like hell when heaven is available to us? We could say that creating a life we enjoy living doesn’t come so much from practicing the Art of Abundance as it does by practicing the Art of Allowance, which allows abundance to flow into our life. The more we talk about our blessings, the more they will be active in our vibration. We can decide to think only those thoughts we want to take form in our life, and to speak only words we want to take form in the world around us. Focusing on thoughts that feel good to think, and talking about ideas that feel good to share, causes us to be more aware of the presence of good that is already there.

We can practice gratitude and appreciation by basking in the Universal Yes-ness of Life. When we wake up in the morning until we lay our head to rest, we can say “thank you” to the Universe of Love that knows what we want and is conspiring in each moment to give it to us. A consciousness of openness, trust, expansiveness, and spaciousness allows us to see the good we want even before it arrives in person. In this way, we’re saying “yes” right back to the Universe, and we free our self for the receiving of wonderful things.