Image by Andreas Wohlfahrt from Pixabay

Some of us may feel as if our life is speeding by. The good news is that as we learn to appreciate each moment of our life right now, as we take time to stop and smell the roses so to speak, we won’t feel discouraged by the apparent speed of time, or regret the loss of time. Because where the experience of joy and appreciation of life are concerned, it’s never too late to make up for lost time! Appreciation for our life as we are living it enriches our experience of the present moment, and allows us to have the time of our life anytime. Every moment of every day there is something good going on right where we are. Right under our nose! It’s been said “If you need something to be grateful for, check your pulse and be thankful for the gift of life.”

When we enjoy our life we naturally go with the Flow of Abundant Good that is always flowing, all the time, in every direction in the Universe—round and round, up and down, from the inside out! There is no spot where Good is not, even when it seems (to us) that It isn’t there. The poet, WB Yeats, wrote “The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” We can sharpen our senses by intentionally looking for Good everywhere we are. By opening our heart to Its Presence within us, and opening our mind to Its Presence in the world around us. It is our focus on the blessings of life that allows more blessings to appear to us.

We may want to ask our self this question: “When I look at my life, and when I look at the world around me, what do I see reflected back me?Do I see neediness and an abundance of not enough, or an over-sufficiency and an abundance of more than enough?” We are either looking for, and finding, lack and limitation in our life, and in the world around us, because we’re looking with a mind that believes that this world and everyone in it, including our self, is on our own in a world where there is not enough to go around. Or we are looking for, and finding, an overflow of goodness in our own life, and seeing abundance everywhere, because we’re looking with a consciousness filled with conviction that even in this world everyone, including us, is one with an Unlimited Universe that Sources every living being with more than enough to enjoy living life every moment.

The world teaches us that seeing is believing. But, since we can only see the world through the perception of our own mind, believing is seeing. What we’re looking for we’re looking with because we see what we expect to see. The world can show us nothing that isn’t already within us as our expectation of it. When we believe there is not enough somewhere, we experience a Universe that plays favorites, whether It seems to work in our favor and against someone else, or against us and in favor of someone else.

The world of appearances doesn’t encourage us to look for Good and praise Its abundance everywhere. In fact, some people say we should be grateful for the little bit we have in our life because there are those who have even less. But no one’s blessings are made greater because they are better than someone else’s. No one in the world is more fortunate or less fortunate than anyone else, no matter what may be happening in their life at any particular time.

But the media, which speaks for the world of appearances, seems to focus on what is wrong with most of life, and the unchangeableness of circumstances. It compares today’s events to yesterday’s stories, and tells us whether or not today is better or worse than yesterday. It compares the lives of the rich and famous in ways that cause us to believe their lives are nothing like ours. And, so we watch and wish things were different for us. When we get in the habit of focusing on what’s wrong with our body, our significant other, our children, our neighbor, our job, our financial status, our politicians, our country, and the world—sure enough that’s all we see.

If we don’t practice the spiritually-based point of view that we are blessed every moment with Good, and look to see that Good in every situation, if we become fascinated by what others say, have, and do because their lives seem more intriguing than our own life, we unconsciously become part of the inequality and animosity that is being played out daily in the world, and reported on by the media.

We are all equally blessed. Each of us is beyond compare. We are a one-of-a-kind in a Universe of unlimited creations that is blessing all of it, all the time, and sourcing us with all we need (and then some) to express our unique self. Comparison causes us to overlook the value of our own life, and what’s right with us and the world around us. It keeps us from seeing how blessed we, and the world, truly are. It keeps our senses from growing sharper so that we can perceive the magic things right where we are, wherever we are.

All of us would love to be a blessing to others—to bring a smile to someone’s face, to share joy and laughter even with a stranger, to offer money or service to uplift another, and to bring peace and calm when there is a drama playing out around us. To desire to be a blessing to others is a beautiful thing for us want to be. But, as the saying goes, “You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” We are only able to be a blessing to those around us by first feeling blessed within us.

To “be blessed” is to live with the awareness that not only are our personal needs met, but that there’s more than enough left over to share because the Source of our blessings is unlimited. To “be blessed” is to be aware that there are innumerable blessings, far more than we can count, all around us every moment of every day. To “be blessed” is to be grateful not only for big things, but small things, and everything in between.

To raise our awareness to that high vibrational place, where choices for creating a joy-filled life are unlimited, requires more practice than simply counting a few blessings in our life that manage to catch our attention even though our mind is busy counting what’s wrong and what’s missing in our life and the world around us. TV anchor and novelist, Mike Greenberg, said, “Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them.” When we feel blessed in thousands of tiny ways, our blessings far outnumber any problems that may arise, And, it is only problems, not us, that become small by comparison. We don’t need a calculator to add up our blessings so that we can feel grateful for “something.” We just need a desire to notice the more than enough that is blessing us and all creation, in thousands of tiny ways all the time.