Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Mother’s Day is a wonderful occasion for us to celebrate our human experience of motherhood. Whether our celebration includes our self as a mother, the celebration of a daughter, sister, or friend as a mother, or the celebration of Mother Earth, Herself, it is definitely a day for us to celebrate our individual birth mother, the woman who brought us into this physical world. She is the one who was willing to go the distance with us to get us here. And, that is cause for celebration because, let’s face it, not one of us would here in human form without her!

From the moment she felt our heartbeat within her (or at least felt a little nauseous) she said “yes” to our physical arrival on earth through her physical body. Because she agreed our earth life was important, we were able to come forth in our particular human form to learn the spiritual lessons, and gain the spiritual awareness, that only living a human life can offer.

Before we developed a body we could use on our own for such lessons, we spent a lot time (9 months more or less) sharing a body with our mother. She began to teach us, as she carried us within her womb, what earth life was about. Her womb was our first universe and our first classroom. We didn’t need words to teach us because we absorbed every emotional reaction our mother had to the world around her, and we took in those lessons without question or resistance. For example, in that “class womb,” while we were preparing to emerge into the world, we may have learned from the emotions that washed over us that earth life is a happy place, peaceful and calm. Or, we may have spent our prenatal time wishing we’d brought a hardhat and other protective gear to our human adventure. Good, bad, happy, sad, calm, or angry, we began our earth life feeling about the world pretty much the same way our mother did. In the words of Mormon Leader, James E. Faust: “The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.” That is why when we think of our mother, even if she’s left this earth plane, or when we interact with our mother if she’s still here, no one can invoke from us or provoke within us the depth and range of emotions that our mother can.

Once we came out and were placed in her arms, she may have looked at us and seen a lovable, innocent, perfect being. Or we may have appeared to her to be a project she needed to work on before we turned into anything pleasing. So some us learned lessons from our mother that were given with gentle nurturing and sweet-tempered support. And, some of us learned those lessons through tough love. Either way, our mother was for us exactly what we needed her to be…and that’s love. It doesn’t matter whether we learned to love our self through our mother’s eyes, or learned to look within our self for that love instead. If we’re loving our self now, she did a great job! We received exactly what we needed from that one-of-a-kind mother-child relationship to step into the world and discover our self for our self.

No matter how it was expressed on the surface, the sacred maternal energy our mother felt at the deepest level of her soul is the same Sacred Maternal Energy of the Universe that brings forth all creation into being. Through that same energy we create what we experience in the moments of our life. That’s why it is important for us to focus on what we want to experience. It is essential that we pay attention to our intention for self-expression, and focus on what want we want to experience within our self. It’s up to us to consciously choose thoughts about our self that feel good to think. When we feel good about who we are, we can’t help but to feel good right where we are, no matter who we are with or what’s going on. But if think of our self as a project that needs work before we are pleasing, we won’t focus on self-affirming thoughts that cause us to feel worthy to live a life that feels good. Just as our birth mother was willing say to say “yes” to us (sight unseen), we must be willing to say “yes” to the good life we came here to live. And, to say it even before anything resembling that life is visible to us, and even if our being worthy of such a life seems miraculous to us.

The Persian poet, Rumi, wrote, “We are born of love. Love is our Mother.” Every living being has been born of Love into a Universe of Love that loves everything within It. Love is everyone’s Mother because Love is all there is to life. Love is the original and only source of all life. Love is not only a powerfully creative thing, It is the only thing that creates anything eternal. Love is that Sacred Maternal Energy that not only makes the world go round, but creates all that is good, beautiful and joyful within it. Our birth mother was a Love Child long before she became our mother. And “gentle or tough,” she could not give us anything lasting but Love, and that is all we can give to our self or the world around us.

The continuation of creation within this Universe of Love is through us, Love’s Children. Our only purpose here on earth is to extend the Love we are. We are created to uniquely give birth to new forms and expressions of Love. Every relationship, every encounter, and every situation is an opportunity for us to say “yes” to Love’s Presence in us, and to let It Be who we are in the moments of our life. When we allow Love to inspire our thoughts, our thoughts feel good to think!

What we create, and how we create it, is all about the nature of nurture—whether we nurture seeds within the soil, an embryo within the womb, or ideas in the mind that, through the creative power of our focus and attention, bring forth into visible form, expression and experience whatever thoughts we nurture. We can choose to nurture a grudge our whole life, and bring forth plenty of experiences to feel resentful about. Or we can choose to nurture forgiveness that frees us to bring forth plenty of life experiences to love.

We’ve never left our Sacred Mother’s Presence. We live within Her still. Her Creative Energy is everywhere. It beats our heart and energizes everything about us, including our thoughts. We exist in an Ocean of Love that says “yes” to our individual expression of life on earth. That is why it is important for us to be aware of what we are thinking into Its creative energy so we can extend the good, the beautiful, and the joyful within It.

No matter what’s occurred in our earth life since our earth birth, if our thoughts “Be Focused” on Love, Love will inspire wisdom that can turn even the most painful experience into a beautiful lesson of forgiveness. It will give us the sacred artistry to weave even the most fearful moments of self-doubt into a golden tapestry of self-love to decorate our spiritual path. And It will give us conviction that we are worthy to live a life that feels good to live.

As we celebrate our earth birth mother, it’s important for us to keep in mind that long before we arrived here on earth, we (and she) were born of Love. Love has always been our Mother, and as She holds us in Her Everlasting Arms, She is eternally pleased with what She sees because She knows us as we truly are—lovable, innocent and perfect just as we are. No work required!