We can spend a lot of time and energy on misinformation and false assumptions in life, and often find our self wrapped up in fearful certainties that something is going to happen that doesn’t, or something isn’t going to happen that does. The nature of misinformation is that it builds on itself so that it feels “truer and truer,” until what is more true is revealed. We can waste so much of our earth time spinning our wheels in confusion, or going off in the wrong direction, especially if we’re getting our information from someone else.

If we’re relying on those around us to tell us what to think, and not relying on the guidance of the spiritual Truth within us that is Wisdom, Itself, we will find our self heading in a direction we truly don’t want to go and not enjoying the trip! The good news is Truth builds on Itself, too, but the difference between Truth and misinformation is that once a Spiritual Truth feels real within us, It never stops feeling true to us. There is nothing truer than Truth!

There are plenty of opinions in this world offered by experts and influencers. There is a lot of advice (solicited or not) from doctors, lawyers, politicians, media spokespersons, pastors at the podium, family members, friends, and coworkers. Everyone has an idea about life and how it goes, or at least how it should go so it goes our way. But, it is when opinions and advice are offered as irrevocable truth that they build on themselves and become more and more visible in the world. Why does something seem true to us? It’s because something within us resonates with it. That something could be fear or that something could be Love. It’s important for us to make the distinction. Carl Jung said, “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

These can be confusing times because they are conflicting times. That’s why questioning what’s true is so important—but not questioning by pointing our finger at anyone else and not by making oppositional, argumentative statements of our own, but by directing our inquiry of Truth inward, by quieting our mind and asking the Unchanging Divine Truth that lives in us what is true for us, not for everyone else but for us. And then, no matter what others are saying or doing, we can focus our thoughts, words and actions on the Truth within us.

Misinformation is often offered unintentionally by those focused on a world filled with scary images and actions, and simply reporting back what they see. It is exactly what appears to be true when what is true is judged by appearances. That’s why we read in the Book of John, “Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.” How do we know if we’re judging “correctly”? We either feel fearful or peaceful. Misinformation doesn’t feel good within us. It causes confusion, anger, sadness, anxiety, and a sense of separation from others in life. We know we’ve found the Truth that will set us free when we feel good as we focus on It, think about It, speak of It, and take actions that reflect It. We know we’ve touched Divine Truth because It brings clarity, peace of mind, well-being, and a sense of unity with all life.

The book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, published in 1841, is a series of nonfiction essays looking at why sane people believe the nuttiest things. The short answer is given by A Course in Miracles, “The world is insane,” and if we focus solely on it, it will make us crazy and we’re likely to believe the nuttiest things. But if we’re tuned into the Spiritual Guidance that lives in us, if we’re aligned with our Inner Being, which is the Greater part of who we are and the One that can see the life choices before us and knows what we want, It will guide the outer part us in the direction of well-being, peace, joy, love, compassion, and kindness.

Our Inner Being will guide us in all of our decision-making through our intuition and gut feelings. But we have to be willing to allow It to by trusting It and then following Its guidance. When we’re in the habit of “checking in” first, we’ll know the Truth when we see It and we’ll feel the Truth when we hear It. As Dr. Seuss so wisely said: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.”

No one can put Divine Truth within us because It already exists within us. Others can remind us It’s already there and encourage us to tap into It, but no one can make us follow our inner guidance but us, and no one can stop us from following It, but us. No one can make us love our self if we don’t, no matter how much they may love us. No one can make us feel worthy if we don’t, no matter how much they may value us. We’ll never feel spiritually confident about who we are, or safe and secure in the world, simply by relying on someone else’s words, no matter how holy those words may be. It is only through our individual experience of Divine Truth that we are able to feel the Real in us that is us, and then live that Truth as we move through the world.

Ever had dream at night where you argued with someone you love, or were romantically involved with someone you shouldn’t be? Or maybe you were being chased by some bad guys, or your teeth fell out, or some other unpleasant thing happened? Then you woke up to discover it was only a dream and you were okay. Remember how happy you were that you still had your teeth and still had your friend, and that you were still you? What had happened while you were dreaming wasn’t true! Maybe you even wondered what you ate, or what you were thinking about, just before you went to sleep so that you wouldn’t eat whatever it was, or think whatever was, again!

Just as our night dreams reveal to us what’s on our mind by giving form, expression, and a storyline to our thoughts and emotions as we sleep, the forms, expressions, and storylines of daily our life as we live it in this human experience do the same thing. Whatever the condition of our health, whatever the situations are in our relationships, whatever stor line is playing out as our life, is revealing to us what we’ve been thinking and how we’ve been feeling about our self and life. If we knew our everyday life, with its ups and downs, sicknesses and health, and in every other way was just a dream giving us feedback, then if we weren’t enjoying our life we’d likely wonder what we’d been eating or thinking that was causing such unpleasantness and decide we wouldn’t eat or think whatever it was again!

Even though we all prefer sweet dreams, we realize that all our night dreams are just dreams and don’t change who we are. But many of us are convinced that our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions in this world have irrevocably changed who we are for good, and in a not-so-good way. The good news is we can’t undo what’s true about us no matter what we do because who we are in Truth has never depended on anything we’ve ever thought, said or done. There are no prerequisites to our being spiritual and no rules we can break that can cause us not to be. There is only one Law in the Universe, the Law of Love, and It is governed by the Law of Attraction that gives us feedback that lets us know if we are loving our self and others.

That is what spiritual awakening is all about, i.e., the realization that despite any manifestation, we can’t undo what’s Divinely true. That is also what the Gratitude step in Affirmative Prayer is all about. It is thankfulness that Truth is always present beneath any disease, disaster, or disharmony. Healing is revealing that the Truth of who we are forever remains True, unchangeable in us even as our world changes. When we realize we can never undo what’s spiritually true about us, then no matter what is going on in our life we’ll know we’re still okay. Even more than “okay” because we’ll know God has our back and keeps our Truth in Mind no matter what. Then we’re free to row row row our boat gently down the stream of this human experience merrily because we know our life, in all its changing ways, hasn’t changed us. It’s but a dream.

Austrian-British philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein, wrote: “We are asleep. Our Life is a dream. But we wake up sometimes, just enough to know that we are dreaming.” Each time we heal, whether it’s a healing in our body, relationships, or emotions, we wake up just long enough to know we were dreaming and to feel such gratitude that we were. Every healing is an opportunity for us to applaud our Divinity and then to choose whether to go back to sleep and feel vulnerable and powerless in a powerful world, or to stay awake to the Truth of our unchangeable Divine Self and know that we are the Power in this world. We are now and forever the holy, beautiful, powerful Beings of Love we have always been.

Sai Baba said, “You are not the desire, the mind, the intellect, the senses, the emotion, the attachment, the ego, the work, the body, or the result. You are none of that. You are the light of Consciousness that is reflected from the real Self. This light or soul is the reflection of the Universal Truth, and it remains always aware of Himself as being the real Self. Your nature is blessed. Nothing…nothing can ever destroy your true nature. She stays in the Eternal Silence of An Unbroken Peace… This is…You!” And we can’t undo what’s True!