We don’t have make abundance happen. It’s the Law of the Universe. All we need to do is allow it to happen for us. When we effort to make things happen, we struggle in our life. But when we allow good, good naturally flows with ease into our life.

Expanded, joyful attitudes allow us to stop worrying and go with the Flow of Life’s Abundance. Such attitudes prosper us in every way because they keep us uplifted and faith-filled, rather than downtrodden and fearful. When we are happy and uplifted we naturally stay connected with the Good Vibrations of the Universe that create a prosperous life.

We are free to choose a whole new attitude about our self and life, anytime we choose to. And, if we continue to choose that attitude over-over again, overtime it will become a habit, a way of Being our self in the world that allows more and more good to Flow to us because we have less and less mental and emotional resistance to our good.

Any belief is only a thought we think over and over again. Our habits of thought created our current belief system. Often a habit is something we are unaware we’re doing. That is why it is important for us to become aware of the thoughts we entertain in our mind, and how those thoughts make us feel. In this way we can begin to exchange a bad feeling thought for a good feeling thought, and think that thought over and over again.

It is through the Creative Power of our mind, and the thoughts we choose to focus on, that we either expand our experience of the Unlimited Giving Nature of Life, or we pinch our self off from the Limitless Good that is naturally ours. Just as the Law of Abundance sources the Universe, the Law of Attraction organizes the Universe. Like attracts like. It’s just that simple and just that elegant.

We attract to our self any and all things that are in sync with our thoughts and feelings. In other words, we get what we think about and talk about. We all know that a thought or conversation about conflict, anger, blame, resentment, or judgment of any kind doesn’t feel good. But when we think about, and talk about, what want to experience—good health, loving relationships, satisfying work, financial freedom—it feels more real to us so that even if what we want isn’t what we’ve got yet, we still feel good. We’ll know if our thoughts and words are emitting vibrations that call our good to us by the way we feel when we think what we think and say what we say.

Creating a prosperous life, a life that feels to us worth living every day, requires our trust that there is an Unlimited Source that sources us every day. It requires our conviction that we live in a Universe that gives to all alike because It loves every living being within It as Its Own.

We live in a Universe that would never withhold our good from us without our decision to live with less good in our life. We might want to ask our self a few questions so that we can become more aware of our current belief system:

Do I think that what I desire for my life is possible because my happiness is backed by a Universe that loves me? Or does my desire seem like just a fantasy that keeps me going but gets me nowhere?

Do I believe in my ability to create a prosperous life by allowing more and more good into my experience through my uplifted thoughts and feelings? Or do I feel stuck in negativity—restricted by age, poor health, lack of opportunity, or even lack of motivation or imagination?

Do I believe all life is created to prosper in every way? Or do I worry if more good comes to me I’m depriving someone else of good in their life because hunger, poverty, scarcity, and insufficiency are proof there’s not enough?

The first step in creating a prosperous life is the realization that the Source of all life is Unlimited. It isn’t that some are given more, while others are given less. It’s just the some allow more, while others allow less. We may believe we have a good reason for doing with less in our life. But a life of sacrifice for any reason may cause us to settle for less health, less love, less kindness, less friendships, less peace of mind, less harmony, less money, less comfort, and less freedom.

Unless we were raised by some version of Joseph and Mary, it’s likely that most us picked up some conflicting ideas about our self along way to adulthood that don’t empower us today in creating a life of more, rather than less. Thoughts about what we deserve and don’t deserve. Beliefs about what is right to have and what is wrong to want. Ideas about what is possible for us and what’s not likely to happen.

Our life, overtime, has taught us what and how to think about things, and what and how to feel about things, so that the way we engage with life today is simply a knee-jerk reaction to whatever we see happening.

We would have been crazy (back then) not to believe what was in front us, and appeared right before eyes. But since we’re not children anymore, perhaps it’s time for us to question what we believe to be true; to stop automatically judging by appearances and question why we see what see and why we feel how we feel. In other words, perhaps it’s time for us to change our rules of engagement with life

In the military the Rules of Engagement (ROE) are, among other things, “the internal directives that define the circumstances and conditions in which actions which might be construed as provocative may be applied.” Our “internal directives,” come to us through our intuition. Our Inner Being knows, even when we’ve forgotten, that we free to choose our thoughts, words and actions always.

In all circumstance, and under all conditions, nothing is more provocative in this world than to live our life in full awareness that we are responsible for our life experiences, and not a victim of a world outside our self. And, to live fearlessly by knowing that we are Sourced with all we need to live the life we want to experience.

We’re not an old dog that can’t learn new tricks! We don’t have to think like our parents thought or live with the rules of engagement we were taught.
Anyone can learn to take conscious control of their thoughts and feelings, and begin to create the life they want to live.

We can all take the provocative action of taking control of our mind rather than letting it control us. We can choose to believe beyond what’s in front of us. If fact, if we want to create something new to see, we must see beyond what’s in front us.

We can change our rules of engagement with life by turning away from the world of appearances, no matter what the circumstances or conditions may be, and no matter who thinks we ought to “face reality” by focusing on the world. We can choose to turn to the Source that lives within us, and keep our eyes on that Reality, and follow the internal directives of our intuition.

Our awareness that all things are possible allows the joy of that Reality (our Reality) to fill us—until It overflows from us and blesses the world around us.