Since time seems to fly by, it is important for us to consciously choose to slowdown within our self so we are able to be Present and enjoy the moments of our life. There are no points in the Afterlife for our just getting through this one as quickly as possible. Earth life was created for our enjoyment and full participation. And, we are Supplied by an Unlimited Source with all we need to live a life that feels, to us, like one we’d enjoy living.

In his book The Art of Abundance, Dennis Merritt Jones defines abundance as “An extremely plentiful or over-sufficient quantity of supply; an overflowing fullness.” In other words, the Universe supplies all that lives within It abundantly (and then some). How much good is available to us individually? As much as we can imagine (and more). But, only as much as we allow (and no more).

In The Science of Mind we read, “As the Universe is run by an Infinite Mind, so man’s life is controlled by his thinking; ignorance of this keeps him in bondage; knowledge will free him.” Our life is controlled by our thinking! Though we couldn’t live without the Unlimited Universe in which we live, we can “unconsciously” decide not to live within It abundantly. We are so powerfully free that through the thoughts we choose, we’re free to live in lack and limitation!

When we believe that what is available for us is limited to what appears to us in the world, it is easy, in fact it takes no insight at all, for us to think there is not enough of the “good stuff” to go around, perhaps especially around us. But why is it we are never concerned there may not enough “bad stuff” to go around (especially around us). We don’t worry the world will run out of negativity and we won’t get our fair share!

Michael Bernard Beckwith refers to the belief that there is not enough good to go around as “a lie that acts like a virus within the mind of humanity.” That age-old lie remains viral today because it is fed and sustained by the fake news that we are separate from the Unlimited Source of our life.

The good news (the real news) is that in truth there is more than enough for us and every living being. Not because anyone of us has done anything to earn it, or needs to, but because we are one with a Universe that has “more than enough” to give and doesn’t play favorites in giving it.

As long as we are live, we’re one with Life. And as long as we’re one with Life, we are one with the original and only source of all abundance. It is through our acceptance of our oneness with a Universe that provides us with the creative power to Be anything we want to be, and to do anything we want to do, that we access that Power.

Everyone of us has the power to heal the lie of separation within our own mind by choosing to Be fully Present with our living environment wherever we are, and then deciding how we’ll Be in it. We can learn to go with the Flow of the Overflowing Fullness of Life by Being consciously alive in It.

Have we become comfortably numb to our power to choose our thoughts and feelings wherever we are? Do we call upon it to create the experiences we want to have? Or do we mentally retreat, emotionally disconnect, and feel powerless in certain circumstances?

In order for us to be intentional creators of our experiences in life. we must become aware of what we’re thinking, and how we’re feeling about what we’re thinking, so we can make changes in our thinking that allow the Flow of Good to flow our way. Otherwise, we ignorantly dam it up or redirect it somewhere besides right where we are, and then live with less than enough health, joy, peace and prosperity.

So often we go through the motions of life without Being fully Present. We live on automatic pilot unaware that our thinking is creating our experiences. Our body is always in the present moment. It’s our mind that gets away from us. We let it drift, and all too often it is everywhere but where our body is!

Our mind wanders in the future the wondering what may or may not happen next, totally disconnected to what’s happening right where we are. Or, as The Art of Abundance, puts it, “Your mind may be dragging the dead corpse called the past behind you, reliving your regrets and resentments, or memories of the good old days.”

When we leave our body in the present moment, without our mind, our body can’t notice a thing. How will we know if the thoughts we are entertaining in our mind are “good feeling” thoughts or “bad feelings” thoughts if our mind isn’t present where our body is? How will we know if our thoughts are creating health or leading to illness if we’re not aware of the subtle feelings of dis-ease our thoughts may be creating in our body?

If we’re not present with the instrument through which our Inner Being guides us, if we’re numb to our intuitive-feeling body, how can we catch a mental misstep before we fall off a cliff into painful illness, intense anger, extreme boredom, or deep depression?

If whatever we are doing we’re doing it just to get it done, we may find we’re done with our whole life without experiencing the overflowing fullness of it.

The good news is that it’s never too late for us to get the most out of our life by choosing to be Present in it. The process of awakening to Life, and our creative power in It involves living mindfully right where we are, wherever we are, no matter what we’re doing. In this way we call our mind back to where our body is, so the two can function as one and we can Be One with Life.

When we live consciously as one mind and body, we live in a whole new way. We intentionally shape our life by consciously choosing thoughts that feel good, and letting those good feeling thoughts call to us all we desire to experience in our life.

Such a spiritual mindset and emotional heart-set causes us to feel more alive, more awake and more enthusiastic about being our self in the world. We emit the good vibrations of “Happy-to-Be-Me” that keep us joyously buoyant in the Flow of Good and cause It to flow our way.

How do we call our mind back to our body so that we are able to experience the overflowing fullness of Life in the moments of our life?

The Way of the Heart gives this practice: “Choose something that you do every day, that you are convinced is so utterly ordinary that it certainly does not hold any power or any spiritual meaning whatsoever. It could be something as simple as having a glass of water, brushing your teeth, or yawning. Pick something that you know you do every day and decide to make that the focus of your worship.”

We worship God through our devotion, appreciation, attention, and participation in Life here and now. If we’re not loving our life, we’re not loving the God of our creation.