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“Cool your jets” is a term that Abraham-Hicks uses often in different ways. When I chose it as the title for this Sunday talk so that we might have a conversation about the importance of patience in our life. The humorist, Arnold Henry Glasow, wrote: “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.” But how do we learn patience in a “don’t wait, get it now (with free overnight shipping included)” world? How do learn not to smash the egg when the world seems to offer so much so quickly, except for peace and unity, no matter how many opportunities we’ve had as a human race to change everything in “the blink of an eye”?

If getting things from the world is important to us, then there’s lots of stuff to get quickly, but a change in the behavior of others isn’t one of them. However, if gaining spiritual awareness that will change us and the way we experience life is important us, then there are plenty of opportunities in this world to help us expand and grow spiritually as quickly as we allow them to. The unspeakable violence that occurred last week in Texas, that many are speaking of, anyway, in angry accusatory ways is a call for each of us to choose to live each day, no matter what occurs in the world each day, with the spiritual intention of being a place where Love and Peace come into world.

When something horrific happens, especially to children, our first reaction is naturally shock, deep sadness, and even rage. What happens within us after that first reaction is up to us. We can continue to focus on those same thoughts and feelings, but such continued focus only serves to perpetuate the pain and darkness. Or we can look within our self, instead, for the Light of Truth about our self and the world, so that we can help to uplift it.

Rumi wrote, “In a night full of pain and darkness, be a candle spreading light until dawn.” Our world is calling for Love, Compassion, Peace, and Joy. When we’re willing to let go of outrage, sadness, and blame, it doesn’t mean we don’t care anymore or that we lack compassion. It means we are allowing the God of all Creation to answer the call for Love through us. We are One Life, One Love, together.

The innocence of children always touches our heart. We love to hear them laugh and giggle about things only they know why are funny. We love the straight-forward questions they ask that come from the unsullied innocence of their minds. Children (for awhile) see things differently than we, adults, do, and so they experience the Joy that is the true nature of every living being. That’s why it is easy for us to see the sweetness of a child, and so much harder for us to see the sweetness that lives within all of us.

Adults “in-charge” of laws and policies in our country, and in most countries, demonstrate everyday through their interactions with each other the belief that anger, conflict, blame, and fighting against one another is the way to solve problems. Movies, TV shows and video games often tell the same story. Why wouldn’t the youth of today believe that’s true? Children learn that there is someone to blame for their pain, someone responsible for their anger about whatever they’re angry about, and that some outer action is needed to take the pain away. Many of us have learned that, too. How often when things happen in our life that cause us to be mad or sad do we blame someone else for how we feel?

Some of us may be looking for someone to be accountable for last week’s tragic manifestation. But each of us is accountable. We are each responsible for our own mind and what we offer the world through our thinking. We are accountable for the thoughts we claim as our own, and then focus on and talk about. The Persian poet, Shams Tabrizi, wrote: “Do not seek Heaven or fear Hell in the future. Both are already here present. Whenever we learn to love without expectation, without bargaining or negotiation, we are already in Heaven. Whenever we let hate rule us, and put barriers between our hearts, we are already in Hell.”

Almost immediately after last week’s violence against children (by children) came the adult anger, blame and conflict that served to add more negative energy to a negative situation and to dominate the atmosphere in which our children are learning and growing. Helen Keller said, “We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.” At this point along our journey together in this human environment, we’d all likely agree there is not only joy in the world.

This world with its darkness and light, with its duality, opposites, and contrast gives us so many opportunities to learn, if we choose to learn from what happens in our life, in our county, and in the world. There is so much for us to choose between, so much to ask for that we want to see and experience. Haven’t we seen enough contrast to know that Peace and Unity is what we want? And, isn’t it time for us focus on that, and only that, in our mind and conversations?

No matter what negative thoughts we may choose to focus on in our human mind, there is not one of us anywhere in the world that isn’t asking for peace, love, joy, and safety from a deep spiritual place within us that is eternally centered beyond the human mind; a place that knows all things are possible because God is all there Is. As we ask for the good we want, individually and collectively, it is given by a Universe of Love that responds to us, by the Pure Positive Energy of the Source of Life that creates for us, by the Power of God that Loves us unconditionally.

It may seem there are so many roadblocks and so much road rage along our human journey these days that to learn be brave and patient, hopeful and kind, and loving and nonjudgmental isn’t possible. But, Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You’ve got to find a way to focus on things that don’t put your shield up. And you can do it, but you’ve got to cool your jets.” It’s been said that all things are difficult before they become easy. Patience is not simply the ability to wait; it’s how we behave while we’re waiting. When we “cool our jets” and wait peacefully and patiently for outer change to come, we reflect our deep conviction that Love is all there is no matter what momentarily appears to be.

There would be no answers for us to want to receive, or for us to wait to receive, if there were no spiritual questions in our mind. There could be no expansion in awareness of the unlimited Love, Peace and Joy that we are individually, and together, if there were no challenges that caused us to ask for more Love, Peace and Joy. From what appears to be that we don’t want to see and experience we learn what we do want to see and experience. Through our thoughts, and every thought is a prayer, we ask for what we want and it is given.The Universe always says, “Yes.”

Abraham-Hicks calls asking “Step 1.” Step 1 isn’t hard. There is plenty of the unwanted to inspire our prayers. “Step 2” is the Step that belongs to the Universe, the Source Energy of Life, the Power of God that answers prayer. Our part in this human experience of creation and expansion isn’t to make things happen through human effort, no matter how sincere our efforts may be. It is to ask and receive. We receive by letting in what we’ve asked for, by allowing our self to feel the goodness of it even before it appears. This is what Abraham-Hicks calls “Step 3.”

We’re all good at Step 1, but what changes our life and the world is Step 3. It’s not simply our ability to wait, but how good we feel while we’re waiting. Throughout the ages war, and harmful, hurtful, violent behavior, has offered us an opportunity to learn what we’re made of. Through our deepest sadness and sorrows, we have had opportunity after opportunity to learn that Unity and Peace is what we want. Yet war, violence, conflict, blame, and division continue. Why? Because we’ve forgotten Step 3! We haven’t allowed Unity and Peace to come into our indiviudal awareness so It can come through us and into the world.

We read in A Course in Miracles, “The first obstacle that peace must flow across is your desire to get rid of it. For it cannot extend unless you keep it. You are the center from which it radiates outward to call the others in. You are its home, its tranquil dwelling place from which it gently reaches out, but never leaving you. If you would make it homeless, how can it abide within the Son of God? If it would spread across the whole creation, it must begin with you and, from you, reach to everyone who calls and bring him rest by joining you.” Each of us is either building more roadblocks, and adding to the road rage along our Earth journey, or we’re being a candle spreading light until dawn.

Love and judgment and blame can’t live together at the same time. They are opposites that live on opposite sides of town.Will we choose to allow our mind, our city, our country, and our world to be a home where Love abides? Our world is calling for the Love, Compassion, Peace, and Joy that we can offer by allowing the God of all Creation to answer that call through us. We can tell by the way we feel how much we are allowing our self to receive from the Universe that always answers, “Yes.” It’s up to each of us to be a place where Love and Peace enter the world. It’s a choice that only we can make for our self. But as we do, we make a choice for the world as well.


I prayed for change, so I changed my mind.
I prayed for guidance and learned to trust myself.
I prayed for happiness and realized I am not my ego.
I prayed for peace and learned to accept others unconditionally.
I prayed for abundance and realized my doubt kept it out.
I prayed for wealth and realized it is my health.
I prayed for a miracle and realized I am the miracle.
I prayed for a soul mate and realized I am the One.
I prayed for love and realized it is always knocking, but I have to allow it in.