Why is it important that we become aware we live in an expanding Universe? Why should we care what the Universe is up to? Being aware we live in a Universe that is expanding by creating more and more of Itself within Itself helps us to understand that because we are part of Creation’s expansion, the “more and more” that is being created everywhere is also being created right where we are, through us. Our awareness that because we are alive in the Universe, and the same Creative Energy alive in It must be alive us, causes us to realize that everything that occurs Universally must also occur within us individually.

We can not only learn to “go with the expanding Universal Flow” by accepting the idea that the growth, evolution and expansion that is happening within the Universe is happening within us, we can choose to get excited about what that means in our life. We have been given the freedom to utilize the expanding Universal Energy in which we live to expand our life, and create more and more of what we want to experience as our life. Awareness awakens us from a life lived on automatic pilot, and allows us to become a conscious creator in our own life.

In his epic work, Leaves of Grass, the mystical poet, Walt Whitman, wrote in the poem, Song of Myself, “I am not contained between my hat and my boots.” If the growth and evolution that is supposed to be happening everywhere doesn’t seem to be happening where we are, it could be that we have been limiting our view of our self to the space between our hat and our boots. And, there’s not much wiggle room in that tiny space!

As we walk around wearing our “earth suit,” it’s easy for us to believe we’re only human, and that what is important for us (humanly) is to focus on getting by—getting whats ours before we get too old to go after it. If we believe that spirituality is an interesting study but has little to do with our day-to-day life, even if we think our spirit is stuffed inside us somewhere, the “spirit-in-us” will appear to have no power to affect our health, happiness, or the prosperous life desire to live. We’ll spend our days trying to work hard enough, save prudently enough, and sacrifice often enough to get by until we die. We won’t take time to try to change our mind from a human position of limited possibilities to the natural spiritual view of unlimited possibilities

In The Science of Mind we read, “The spirit of man in his conscious state of Mental and Spiritual Being is the microcosm within the Macrocosm, which means the little world within the big world.” How is your “little world” doing? How is your part in the expansion of Creation coming along? You may find it helpful to ask yourself a few questions:

“Am I creating more and more of what I want to experience? Is my microcosmic world evolving into greater experiences of happiness, love, peace of mind, ease of financial flow, fulfilling relationships, and satisfying activities? Or does my little world seem to be getting littler, shrinking instead of expanding? And, yet, even while my possibilities for expansion seem to be getting smaller, does it seem that what I want to experience is getting farther away from me?”

If we put our tiny foot down and refuse to evolve and grow with the expanding Universe. If we’ve promised “to have and to hold ’til death do us part” all the ideas, judgments and opinions of our self, others and the world that we’ve learned from the world (and mostly the hard way), our stuck thinking will keep us small because our mind will be too full of itself to move at all, much less expand.

Large or small, expanded or contracted, our world is controlled by our thinking. It is our ignorance of the profound power of our mind that causes us to “humanize” rather than “spiritualize” our relationship to life, and pay no mind to what our thoughts are doing.

There are several ways to ask the question,“Do you mind?” There’s the “Do you mind?” that is often our reaction to things others do that irritate us. It’s our demand that those around us behave in a more pleasing-to-us way so we’ll be happier and have more peace of mind.

It is only when we decide to stop blaming whoever or whatever for how we feel, and own our power to choose to be happy and peaceful no matter what anyone else is doing, that we free our self to create the life we want to experience.

When we are focused on setting our self free from the prison of our own mind, the last thing we want to do is make someone else a prisoner there.
When we feel free to express our self, we offer that same freedom to everyone else. We’re not busy thinking about and talking about what someone else is doing, unless we’re celebrating what they doing!

Which leads to the next “Do you mind?” The timid question that comes with self-doubt—the belief we need permission before we express our self and approval after we do. Fear keeps us from even wondering who we could be if we were only brave enough to be it. Without courage a vital part of our self will die unknown to us and unexpressed in this world.

But the moment we decide to stop staying small and unexpressed to please society, our family and friends, our boss, etc., and take our power back from those we’ve tried to give it to, we discover that our power has been within us all the time because it never belonged to anyone else anyway.

If we want to honor the God of our creation, if we want our microcosmic world to reflect the beauty, goodness and freedom of the Macrocosmic Universe, we must not only decide to stop asking permission to be our self but be willing to become more and more of the One we’re created to be. Then we’ll stop planning to do it (whatever “it” is) and just do it. We’ll stop thinking about doing it and go about doing it. We’ll stop wanting something in our life and begin to create it in our life.

And finally there’s the question “Do you mind?” that refers to our paying attention to our mind and what its doing?” Are we mindful in each moment, aware of what we’re thinking, how we’re feeling about what we’re thinking, and what those thoughts and feelings might be creating?

Unless we mind, i.e., unless we are mindful, we’ll be unaware that we are already there, exactly where we want to be, living in a Universe of overflowing fullness that is constantly creating more and more, including from within us. We have been given freedom to utilize the expanding Universal Energy in which we live to expand our life in whatever direction we choose. That’s the only thing we truly need to keep in mind.