As they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun,” and seems to go so slow when you’re not! Though time happens one minute at a time, either way, it’s our attitude in each minute that determines whether or not our life adds up to a good time on Earth. So, if it seems to you like April has gone by in the twinkling of an eye, you must have been having the time of your life!

Best-selling author, Harvey Mackay, wrote: “Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.” It’s up to each of us to decide how we will use our time on Earth. We can choose to use it to discover the spiritual power within us, and then spend our time allowing that spiritual awareness to fill our mind and inspire our thoughts so that we create a life we enjoy living each day. Or we can decide to waste this gift of time and, in no time, it will seem as if time has passed us by.

Another saying for us to contemplate this day, no matter what today’s date may be or how many days we’ve spent on Earth wondering what life is all about or not wondering at all: “Today is first day of the rest of your life.” It’s never too late for us to live the life we came here to live. In fact, we could say that today is “Day One.” Where there is breath, there is Life, and where there is Life there are unlimited possibilities for expressing It. Trust in the Unseen—trust in God, trust in Spirit, trust in the Universe, and trust in the Holy One that lives within us as the greater part of who we are—is the pathway to Self discovery. If we were to consciously live in partnership with the Holiness Inside of us, It would express on the outside of us as us, and there would be nothing we could not be, do, have, or experience.

If that partnership sounds impossible in a world where we appear separate from everything around us and within us; if a partnership with our Divine Self while we’re living as a human self seems more like a dream than reality; and, if we believe that a partnership with our divinity can be kept separate from our humanity, then we’re missing out on the Presence of joy, peace and love that are within us Now, and ready to express through us minute-by-minute.

It takes deliberate intention to live from the Inside out and to respond to life in a way that feels good to us, when all around us the world is calling to us to react to it, judge those within it, and fight against what we don’t like about it. Are you ready this day to make it your deliberate intention to live from the Inside out minute-by-minute? It takes spiritual determination to choose to feel good in those moments when feeling bad would be so much easier. But if we focus in opposition to the life we want to live, we can’t experience that life steadily unfolding through us while we live.

We can prove to our self that the better we feel in the moments of our life, the better our moments get until the joy within us sings through full time. Henry David Thoreau wrote, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” It’s never too late to let our song out, to sing “I gotta me, what else can I be, the dream that I see makes me what I am.” We all came with an unseen dream within us and apparently it’s a musical!

But we can only live our dream by trusting our Inner guidance to direct us in all our ways, rather than asking others what we should do, or if we’re doing it right, or explaining why we’re doing what we’re doing. When we own our dream as if God gave It to us and the power of the Universe is backing It, when we have no other desire but to live it here and now, then when we leave this Earth life we’ll have no regrets that we left with our song unsung.

Courage to be all we can be in this physical environment comes from the Unseen Forces of life that live in us. The Vibration of the God of our creation, the Energy of Spirit, and the Laws of the Universe are all right where we are. Ever notice most people look up when they say “God,” as if God was somewhere “up there” rather than right here? Even those who believe in a personal interaction with the Universe often look up when they say things like “The Universe is testing me!” Such a concept of “up” makes God seem above the clouds and far away, and the Universe a place outside of us that is doing things to us rather than through us.

“Up” and “down” are concepts when it comes to the unseen vibrations within us and all around us. But, even in the physical world there is no real “up.” We’re living on a round planet suspended in space. If “up” were a real thing, then if we were to jump “up” at the same time someone on the other side of the world jumped, they would have to be jumping “down.” We live on a planet, which is flying through an infinitely expanding Universe, with nothing visible above or beneath us to hold us in place. The Laws of the Universe are unseen. Only Their manifestations are visible to us. There is no “up” in the expanding Universe in which we live. There is only “out.” Often when we talk about raising our vibration, we think it requires an effort on our part to get to someplace else. If a raised vibration actually caused us to elevate, then whenever we felt happy or in love, we’d be walking on air!

We are immersed in an Infinite Endless Spiritual Vibrational Universe that is everywhere all at once, up, down, around, and through everything. The Universe is full of vibrational currents like the ocean is full of currents of seawater that may move differently (fast or slow), and feel different (warm or cold), but still are the ocean. We could say that in this world we’re cared for like fish in the ocean. And, even though we may not allow our self to receive Universal care from within us, we’re never a fish out of water because it’s impossible for us not to be immersed in the loving currents of an Infinite Universe. There can be no place outside of Infinity! We read in the Book of Psalms, “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence? If I ascend to heaven You are there; If I make my bed in Sheol, behold, You are there also.”

Most of the time when we hear the phrase “double up,” we don’t think of “up,” we think of “in.” We think of contraction of our body, of pain or fear of harm that can cause us to double up physically. But pain and fear can cause us to double up, or contract, mentally; to close our self off vibrationally to the warm currents of Love so that we are unable to receive the good we’ve asked for or prayed for, even though that good is there for us vibrationally.

There is another way for us to look at concept of “double up” that is not about contraction. In fact, it’s the opposite of contraction. We can look at it as expansion. We double up on our good by opening up. When a good thought comes into our awareness, or a good feeling moves through us, if we give it the time of day by staying with it and focusing on it, we double up on its potential to expand our life. Staying with a good thought or feeling long enough causes us to unfold our resistance to our good, to open to something better that is ready to express in our life. When we double up on a positive vibration we’re open to receiving our good. We allow our prayer to show in our physical experience because there is nothing within us to stop it.

When our life causes us to ask for something, we may say words, but the language of the Universe is Vibration. The Universe understands and responds only to the vibration we emit. Because the Universe is filled with the givingness of God’s Love, our asking vibration is always answered right away with a “Yes.” But we don’t always trust that the “Yes” is there because the answer is vibrational, spiritual, and purely energetic. And, most of time, most of us are focused on the solid forms of the world. We’re not tuned in to Within. We’re not paying attention to the vibrational reality that has occurred on our behalf. We’re unaware of the synergy that is taking place as the Law of Attraction gathers everything necessary for the fulfillment of what we’re asking for.

In this physical environment it seems to take time for things to appear to us, and therefore the Holy Vibration of “Yes” may seem to take awhile to get to us in our physical life. Often during the gap between the time we have a desire, i.e., when we want something that appears not to be present yet, we think we have to ask again and again, unaware that what we’ve asked for is already ours vibrationally. We stay focused on the situation that caused us to ask for what we want in first place, and so it stays in our view. It is our attention to the physical absence of what we want that gets us more of the same because we’re still contracted. We’re unable to feel the vibrational proximity of the good, which is already in within us, to its physical expression.

If what we’ve got is less than what we want, then we need to tune into the vibration of answered prayer. We must fearlessly unfold so we can become aware of the improved version that is vibrationally present right where we are and paradoxically on its way. There is a process by which our thoughts become things, and that is where trust comes in. Trust allows us to open up to the vibration of “Yes” so it can turn into thoughts within us, and those thoughts can turn into a feeling within us that our good is becoming manifested. There is a vibrational intimacy between the Presence within us of whatever we’ve asked for and its presence in our physical life. When we tune into that intimacy, and feel how good it feels as a desire in our mind is becoming a thing in our life, we double up on our prayer by looking for the appearance of good everywhere.

How we feel is our indicator of the gap (or no gap) between our desire and when it is able to appear to us physically. The most important thing for us as our Earth life unfolds is to open “out” to our good as if it is right where we are, because it is. Ernest Holmes write, “Act as though it is and it shall be.” When a desire, no matter how crazy it may seem, feels good when it comes to mind, we know we’re aligned with our dream and our song. And, all that’s left for us is to have the courage to sing it like nobody’s business!