How does March seem to you so far? Did you know that we’re already 1,641,600 seconds into it, and that every second has been a chance to decide what you want to think, and how you want to feel in each moment? Whether March, so far, has seemed more like madness than sanity, and you haven’t taken advantage yet of the million+ chances it’s offered to you to change your thinking and change your experience of it, March is still marching on, minute-by-minute and all the seconds within them. It’s never too late for you to decide to move along with it in a happier way.

If up until this very moment you haven’t been having the time of your life because you’ve forgotten that your life experiences are only as good as you allow them to be, you can start remembering that right now, this very second, and allow more good to flow into your experiences, not only this month, but in the times to come. Eckhart Tolle wrote, “The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment. You create a good future by creating a good present.”

Every present moment is another chance to choose again, to choose a better thought, a more positive thought. We’re never stuck in a bad situation, just a bad mindset. It’s been said, though it’s up to each of us to prove it for our self through experience, that you can rise up from anything. You can completely recreate yourself. Nothing is permanent. You’re not stuck. You have choices.

Have you ever felt like you’d blown it in some situation with someone, and felt stuck in regret? That’s when it’s important for us to remind our self that even though every second is a second chance, time doesn’t go backwards. We can’t rewind, and redo, the past so there’s no point in giving our Energy to it. But we can create better future experiences by creating a good present.

If we feel stuck and we don’t make the mental-emotional changes that will “unstick” us, we’ll attract even more to regret. That’s the way the Law of Attraction works. The good news is we can decide to withdraw our attention from whatever isn’t pleasing to us and doesn’t feel good to us, and put our attention on something that is pleasing and does feel good to. If we do it again and again until we feel pleased within, through the Law of Attraction pleasing things will begin to come our way because we’ve eliminated our negative attraction factor from our vibration.

We have a chance this very second to think of a new, positive thought to focus on. We can practice a new response now that creates a new habit that becomes much more a part of who we are than our old reactive habits ever were. Every second is a second chance to make that decision and practice it. If we want to create a happy future, we don’t have a second to waste being unhappy.

We all love movies where there are scenes in which the actors seem to deliver their lines and convey emotions perfectly and effortlessly. But we know that, more often than not, the finished scene we’re looking at required take-after-take-after-take to get it just right. That’s why the director has a movie prop that allows him or her to say “cut.” Life is a lot like a movie in which we’re the main character. But we also write our own dialogue and direct as well. As the director of our life story, if we’re not happy with our performance, and our interaction with others in a particular moment, we are free to say, “Cut! Let me try that again. I know I can do better.” In this way we can stop the moment of a negative situation while it’s still in its infancy.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “The purpose of your life is Joy. Your objective is to seek joy. Your objective is to find appreciation or pleasure or a positive thought from wherever you stand, no matter how you got there, and when you align with that Energy, you are fulfilling your purpose.” Since it is natural for us to feel good, if we decide not to seek higher ground when we’re feeling low and contracted with emotion, which is to say, if we don’t choose to look for appreciation or pleasure or a positive thought that uplifts us, we’ll feel worse and worse as time goes on. In fact, every second will count.

Sometimes we may think that if we push hard enough against something unwanted—something that makes us feel frustrated, impatient, grumpy, or angry—that it will go away. (“I don’t like this one bit, and I’ll keep saying I don’t like it until it goes away!”) But anything we give our attention to, positive or negative, becomes more and more. Because the Law of Attraction is taking action, the harder we push against what we don’t want in any moment, the more that negative vibration is activated in us about whatever it is, and the less likely it is to get better. The negative vibration we’ve activated in us will attract more and more for us to feel negative about until we decide to create a good present.

A frustrated, impatient, grumpy, or angry mindset will always seek out a way to express itself, and in this world such a mood is never disappointed. There is plenty to look at, if we’re looking for it, and to feel negative emotions about as we focus on it. But even if we feel justified in “snapping” at someone or being rude to them, it never makes us feel better, or makes the situation better. The only thing that will, because it’s the only thing that can, is for us to answer the Call of Joy within us.

That doesn’t mean we’ll immediately jump for joy, but our being able to answer that Call at all begins with a peaceful mind and calm emotions. It’s up to us to seek a positive thought that allows us to rise until we feel like saying “yes” to happiness. Every moment is a chance for us to think a thought that feels better or to respond in a different way that feels better. When we’re willing to let go of a moment ago (or a month ago, or a year ago, or a lifetime ago) it’s like saying, “Cut, I don’t want the way that felt to be included in the story I’m telling now.”

Good actors don’t sit around moping on the set, feeling bad about past performances. They know that every take is a chance for them to do better. No matter how long we’ve been thinking negative thoughts, and feeling their bummer effects in our emotions, the joyful purpose of our life has never changed. Every second is a second chance to align our self with our true nature and feel the amazing Energy of our Divine purpose.

When we find a way to focus on a positive thought in our mind, no matter what’s going on in a particular situation, that good feeling inside us overflows into how we experience that which appears to be outside of us. Ramana Maharshi said, “Whatever you see on the outside is your own reflection. Your mind is creating all of it.” And every second is a second chance for us to create a better reflection of our self, others and life.