Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

When a specific day, like Valentine’s Day, calls us to think about love we, humans, step up in a big way because we love the idea of love. In fact, Valentine’s Day is a windfall for florists, candy makers and Hallmark stores. Those happy images of hearts and flowers on cards and the giving of red roses and chocolates seem a perfect way to celebrate a day dedicated to love.

But even though the scent of roses has been shown to actually have anti-depressant benefits, and dark chocolate contains flavonoids that can improve our mood by regulating blood flow in the brain, the Divine Love that flows endlessly without change or opposition throughout all of creation, everyday and every moment of the day, has the Power to uplift our spirit far higher than the scent of roses and regulate our mood far better than chocolate. That clear, unwavering Love emanates continuously towards us, without interruption, from the Center of the Universe in which we live. Its dynamic energy and joyous high vibration flows above, beneath, and within all life, including our life, even while we are here in this human experience on Earth. It is the connective tissue that connects everything in the Universe with everything else. Without that Love there would be no connection. Without that Love there would be nothing to connect because God is that Love

Divine Love is the Heartbeat of Life, Itself, on Earth as It is in Heaven. That same Love beats our heart right now. Put your hand over your heart. If your heart is beating, God is loving you right now. If your heart is beating the entire Universe knows exactly where you are! Love is the impulse, catalyst and motivation for true spirituality. To speak of Spirit at all, to speak of God as all, is to speak of Love. We are spiritual beings of Love, living in a spiritual Universe of Love, that is governed by Spiritual Law of Love. And through the Law of Attraction, that Love brings us together for the sole purpose of creating beautiful forms and expressions of Love together. We are the Love of God in person, and every moment we are choosing whether to Be that Love or to merely impersonate that Love.

When we allow Divine Love to flow through us, without opposition from us, we are being Love, and we feel the ecstasy of the unity we share with one another. Our human idea of Love waits for reasons before we allow our self to feel it. The wait causes us to believe that until we feel safe to love, we can fake it ’til we make it, i.e., we can go through the motions of Love without being Love. But words and actions said and done without love are meaningless. Flowers offered without feeling, candy and cards given without heartfelt caring, are merely impersonations of Love. Empty gestures may look good to others who are observing us, but they go nowhere because they lack the authenticity that allows Love to flow unimpeded, which gives meaning to the act of giving and receiving.

Often we mistake what our head tells us is the “right thing” to do for the thing we “should” do. For example, giving out of pity, giving because “there but for the Grace God go I” keeps love a prisoner in a mind. The flow of Love is dammed up with shoulds, ought tos, and ideas of separation from others. Often we worry that if we are happy about life, instead of carrying the world on our shoulders and treating it as the serious “fixer upper” it appears to be, we’ll appear to lack compassion. Our head tells us we shouldn’t be happy when so many in the world are suffering, and that if we care at all, we should join the angst of world. Our mind may have a lot to say about what Love should do, but our mind is all talk and no action because we can’t experience Love in our head. Love lives in our heart. When we believe the Grace of God is bestowed on us, but not on someone else, we keep miracles from happening through us because we lack the healing heart energy that knows the Grace of God is the Love of God that gives equally to all always.

We can’t solve the problems of the world by using the same energy that created them. Lack of love in the world is the cause of all suffering. Suffering can’t be healed by lack of love in us for anyone, for any reason, whether we agree with them or not. Love isn’t something we can give the world unless It flows from our heart unrestricted by judgment. Love isn’t something we can conjure up in our mind or make real through gestures because Love isn’t something we do. It is what we are. The spiritual teacher, Osho, said: “Love is born with you; it is your intrinsic quality. All that is needed is to give it a way, to make a passage for it, to let it flow.” When we give Love a way without judging why we should; when we make a passage for It so we can extend It equally to all; and when we let It flow through us and into the world around us without reservation or preference, we emit an infectious energy of joy, and a calming vibration of peace and well-being that uplifts those around us wherever we are. When we are uplifted by Love, rather than weighted down by efforts to fight against people and problems, we give solutions a way in, we make a passage for something better to occur. And, the Love we let flow connects us with the One Life we share with all beings, and we heal together.

We love being around those who love life and are excited by living because their excitement reminds us there is something to be excited about. We love being around them because they include us in their loving gaze. It’s good to feel good about our life. When we fall in love with Love, when we become a lover of life, we become a Center through which the Heart of God embraces the world. When we feel loved, lovable and loving we include everyone in our loving gaze and we feel that love coming right back to us. We can’t solve problems by using the same energy that created them. Only love can lift us up where we belong. Only Love can heal us, and the world around us. All all that is needed for that lift is for us to fall in love with Love. When we do, we give It a way. We make a passage for It. And, we cannot help but to let It flow.