All we need to do is to look at animals to see that Joy is a natural quality of life. Animals are instinctively joyous. They play, jump, leap, dance, and some even smile. Animals appear as if they don’t have care in the world, and that is because they don’t. They innately trust that Life is for them and will provide all they need. It is through the conscious choice we make to respond to life situations with the Joy of Being (no matter what may be occurring) that we demonstrate that we, too, trust that Life is for us and will provide all we need.

The Joy of Being isn’t about our feeling happy when we are experiencing a health problem, as if we enjoy being sick. It isn’t about our feeling happy when we’re having a relationship challenge, as if we enjoy conflict. And, it isn’t about feeling happy when we’re having a financial problem, as if we enjoy struggle. In fact, the Joy of Being isn’t about being happy about worldly conditions at all. The Joy that lives in us has nothing to do with the world or what occurs in it. The Joy that lives within us is the Peace of God. It is the Ever-Presence of Life beneath the life situations that come and go in our life. And, it is this inner state of Peace that gets us through those situations with healing and lesson learned, and without added mental, emotional and physical suffering.

Joy is already happening as the natural state of all Life, including own. But must choose to join the happening that’s already in Progress. Our trust in Life gives us access to the Joy of Life, and entry into the celebration that is already going on in our soul. There is a party going on in the Universe, and every living being has been invited, but it is up to us to accept the invitation to the celebration.

Joy, the Peace of God, is already ours, it isn’t something we need to work hard for or struggle to attain. Yet, the explosions of fireworks on the 4th July celebrating independence in this country can give the impression that Peace is not of God, but rather something we must fight for in the world, struggle to attain, and then strive to maintain by force. But the Joy that is the Peace of God comes not through struggle, but through nonresistance to our natural state of union with God. That Joy and Peace aren’t dependent upon the state of the union of any country in the world because not only do such unions come and go, but before they go there is often disunity within the union.

We are taught in this world that for every happiness there lurks, just around corner, the inevitable sorrow we must learn to rage against. The world certainly appears to be filled with fearful conditions, sorrowful events, and horrific situations that seem to call to us to be in mental and emotional resistance and outrage. But frantic, fearful thoughts cause us to speak and act in frantic, fearful ways. Raging against anything, no matter what appears to merit our outrage and wrath, only adds fuel to the fire, and often makes it bigger because our rage is like pouring gasoline on a fire to try to put it out. No good idea, healing thought, or helpful action has ever come from anger and rage. What we resist, we give power to.

Nonresistance is hard to concept, but choosing Peace is not passive. Peace is the Presence of God and It is All Powerful. When we choose Peace, it doesn’t mean we sit back do nothing…unless it does. But we won’t know what to do (or not to do) that will help unless we give Peace chance in us.

We must go beyond fearful hopes that things will get better, and frantic prayers for God to make them better, to a trust that this Life is Joy because this Life is God. That trust brings an inner  Joy and Peace so complete nothing can disturb It. The Peace of God doesn’t come and go because It doesn’t depend on anyone or anything to be Present. It is only from Inner Peace that any good and helpful thought can arise in us, and through us heal the world.